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A Building Love by weasleytwinlover2011
Chapter 8 : Chapter *
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Alright here's chapter 8 I personally wasn't pleased with the chapter but decided to post it anyway and let you be the judge. So leave a review and tell me what you thought! And on with the story...

Ron woke up around 3:00am to the sound of Harry groaning and tossing and turning in his bed. He was crying out and looked like he was having some sort of fit. Ron leapt out of his bed his tiredness forgotten as he desperately tried to awake his best friend.

“Harry wake up! Harry, please wake up! Come on Harry what’s wrong?” Ron urged the sleeping boy to wake but he wouldn’t far too deep into a nightmare.

 After a while of shaking and shouting at Harry, Ron gave up and grabbed his wand.

“Aguamenti,” Ron said pointing his wand at Harry. As soon as the water hit his overheating, sweating body Harry awoke shaking.

“Harry finally you’re awake, are you feeling alright mate?”Ron asked.

“You’re- you’re D-Dad R-Ron,” Harry stuttered his nightmare sinking in slowly.

“My Dad? What about my Dad? Harry what are you on about?” Ron urged growing more worried by the second.

“He- he’s b-been attacked,” Harry spoke slowly trying to relax himself before continuing, “Dumbledore, we have to tell Dumbledore. Someone has to go find your Dad, Ron.”

“Harry I don’t understand how could you know something like that? I mean are you sure Harry, it was just a nightmare wasn’t it?” Ron asked.

“No Ron it was real, come on let’s go,” Harry told him not waiting for a response as he ran out of their dorm, out of the common room and ran down the corridors Ron quickly catching up. Harry felt weak from the dream, from confusion and from the unknown. The dream had made him sweat and now his usually baggy pyjama top clung to him he felt like he’d collapse any second. To make matters worse his scar was burning like hell the pain spreading throughout his body.

They’re footsteps echoed through the previously silent halls and they didn’t notice a door open ahead but the person had noticed them and had come to investigate the noise.

“Mr. Potter? Mr. Weasley? What on earth are the two of you doing out of bed so late?” McGonagall asked as Harry and Ron stopped in front of her.

“Professor, professor please Arthur Weasley has been attacked!” exclaimed still sweating and out of breath.

“Mr. Potter how do you know this? Are you certain?” McGonagall asked.

“A dream Professor- I saw it in a dream but I know it’s real Professor you must believe me,” Harry begged.

“Potter this is insane! A dream, could it not have been a nightmare?” McGonagall questioned again.

“Professor if you don’t believe me let me talk to someone else because I know that Arthur Weasley is somewhere and is hurt. What I don’t know is how badly and all that means is he could be dy...” Harry did not continue as he glanced at Ron and could already see the distress and concern.

“I believe you, we must speak to Dumbledore though. Follow me boys,” she instructed as she gave the password and lead them to Dumbledore’s office. 

“Albus, Mr. Potter has something urgent and wishes to speak with you,” called McGonagall to the empty office. They heard a door close and Dumbledore entered the room.

“What is it Harry?” Dumbledore asked urgently after seeing the state he was in. 

“What decided to stop ignoring me?” Harry challenged a man he thought greatly of. Harry had been angry, frustrated and disappointed by how Dumbledore had been treating him but deep down knew there must be a reason. Despite this a wave of anger overcame him suddenly his scar burned more furiously and he clutched his head in pain.

“Harry, are you alright? What is it you wish to discuss?” Dumbledore asked ignoring his previous question.

“Sir, Arthur Weasley has been attacked please sir don’t ask questions I know he has because I saw it in my dream but it’s real I know it is. You have to trust me. You have to find him!” Harry pleaded desperately.

Dumbledore sent a Patronus to the Ministry for Kingsley to find Arthur who would be working there. A quick reply game from Kingsley saying he was found and was severely injured and being escorted to St. Mungos and Molly was informed and was to meet them there.

“Oh God, what- what happens now? Is he alright? I- I have to tell Ginny, Fred and George,” Ron said fear and worry audible in his voice and rising into his eyes as he blinked quickly to stop the tears which threatened to fall.

“Go on Mr. Weasley and bring them back here,” McGonagall instructed as Ron left.

“Harry the dream, what was it like?” Dumbledore asked.

“It- it felt so real but like I was part of it I felt like- like I was the one attacking him,” Harry said.

“Dumbledore what’s happening to me?” Harry asked his voice quiet.

“Minerva, get Severus,” Dumbledore said to her.

“Albus, what’s happening?” McGonagall asked as well.

“There appears to be a link between his mind and Voldemort’s, this can be dangerous if Voldemort discovers it as he will use it to see your mind and force you to see what he sees. It is also the cause of any nightmares you’ve been having, Harry,” Dumbledore explained. Upon this McGonagall left to get Snape leaving Harry and Dumbledore in the office alone.

Meanwhile Ron was just arriving back at the common room and decided to get Ginny first. He walked into the girls’ fourth year dorm and stood in front of the door knocking lightly.

A bunch of girls he didn’t know came to the door wands raised in the middle of them was Ginny who put down her wand instructing them to do the same.

“Ron, what are you doing here?” Ginny asked.

“Dad- dad’s been attacked at work,” Ron told her awkwardly.

“What? When? How? Who? Is he okay? How badly injured is he? He isn’t...” she paused not being able to bring herself to say it.

 “He’s had quite severe injuries according to Kingsley he’s being taken to St. Mungos, mum’s meeting him there,” Ron said, “Dumbledore wants us Fred and George to go back to his office.”

 “Ron, I don’t understand why would someone do this? What if- what if dad isn’t alright, what if...” she didn’t continue.

“I-I don’t know Ginny,” Ron said, “But he’s at St. Mungos they must be able to help, I’m sure everything’s going to be just fine.”

“No you’re not, Ron! You’re not sure of anything! No one is anymore! We have no control over this Ron, we can’t do anything!” Ginny yelled at him, her sadness and confusion becoming anger at everything changing around her.

“Ginny please, let’s just get Fred and George,” Ron begged.

“I don’t want to I-I want to go back to bed and wake up and this all to be a dream. I- I’m scared Ron,” she finally admitted tears starting to flow.

“Ginny, it’s okay let’s just get the twins and then we can find out what’s going on,” said being as comforting as he could be.

“It’s not okay!” Ginny exploded again, “It is not! Our Dad has been attacked and you’re trying to tell me it’s okay?”

“Ginny, I know but...” he didn’t know what to say how to comfort her but he knew they had to get the twins but he wasn’t getting anywhere unless he could calm down Ginny.

“Ron? Ginny? What are you... oh Ginny, what’s wrong?” Hermione asked leaving her dorm after hearing the noise and noticing Ginny’s tear stained face.

“Our Dad, he’s been attacked at work,” Ron told her explaining the rest.

“Oh God, this is horrible. I’m so sorry,” she said her frown deepening as Ginny began crying again, “Oh Ginny,” Hermione said pitying the young witch as she gave her a comforting hug.

“We need to tell the twins, can you take Ginny to Dumbledore’s office whilst I get them please?” Ron asked Hermione.

“Of course, I’ve got her don’t worry,” she told him as she took Ginny through and out of the common room.

They were just reaching the statue that lead to Dumbledore’s office when running footsteps came behind them. It was Ron, Fred and George.

“Umm anyone know the password?” Hermione asked.

“Yeah I got it,” Ron said, “Sherbet lemon.”

The stairs appeared they walked up in silence entering the office.

“Ah you’re here please sit,” Dumbledore spoke to them.

“Sir, where’s Harry?” Ron asked looking around.

“Professor Snape is helping him,” Dumbledore told him, Ron didn’t bother asking anymore he’d just speak to Harry.

“You’re father has sustained some very bad injuries and is weak but St. Mungos are taking care of him, they are currently unsure of how long his healing will take and when he’ll be able to leave the hospital,” Dumbledore told them.

Ginny began sobbing again, Fred and George each put an arm around her.

“What happens now sir?” George asked.

“I have arranged for you to leave a day early and have opened the floo network for all of you and Harry to go to St. Mungos and then return to Grimmauld place where I expect you will all be staying,” Dumbledore told them.

“Should we get our trunks?” Fred asked.

“No, I will have your trunks put on the Hogwarts express then sent to you,” Dumbledore told them.

“Thank you Professor,” George said. Harry came in still looking like hell and clearly still in pain.

“Not feeling any better mate?” Ron asked.

“No, I’m fine we should go,” Harry said.

“Miss. Granger I expect you will leave with them?” Dumbledore asked.

“With your permission I will Professor,” Hermione said.

“You have my permission,” Dumbledore nodded to her.

“Thank you sir,” Hermione said.

“Let’s go,” Fred said as they walked towards the fire place.

“I send my best wishes to your entire family and wish Arthur a quick return to health. Merry Christmas,” Dumbledore spoke to them all.

“Thank you sir, Merry Christmas,” they all responded.

Ron went first followed by Harry, then Ginny, then Fred.

“Go on Hermione,” George said.

“It’s fine I want to talk to Dumbledore about something, I’ll catch up soon, “she told him.

“D’you want me to wait?”

“No it’s okay, go your family need you,” she smiled at him and he nodded his response before disappearing in green flames.

“What is it Miss. Granger?” Dumbledore asked.

“What’s going to happen to the school? Can’t you stop her? She’s evil, she’s torturing students you know?”

“Miss. Granger I am aware of the problem but anything I say that crosses the Ministry means I’ll end up in Azkaban where I’ll be even less help to the school,” Dumbledore told her.

“So we can’t do anything, sir we’re not even learning,” Hermione told him.

“Hermione, I know you feel you’re unprepared for the war that’s coming but I’m sure Harry’s doing a great job at teaching you by the end of your meetings I’m certain you’ll be just fine and you have extreme intelligence,” Dumbledore told her.

Hermione’s eyes widened, “Professor you know Harry’s been leading meetings for us?”

“Yes Miss. Granger I know about Dumbledore’s Army, I must say I’m quite flattered and pleased you’ve taken action,” Dumbledore gave a small smile, “Now I believe you should be leaving, Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas, Sir.” She smiled before disappearing in flames.

At St. Mungos Arthur Weasley was asleep as was Molly who was sat beside her husband and everyone else appeared extremely tired. Thankfully Mr. Weasley was feeling better and should be able to leave the hospital by tomorrow evening at the latest.

“Guys, Dumbledore knows about the DA,” Hermione told them after they’d explained to her how Mr. Weasley was doing.

“He does?” Harry asked.

“Is he angry?” Ron asked.

“No he said he was pleased we took action and flattered by the name,” Hermione said, “How are you feeling Harry?”

“Me? Oh I’m fine, why wouldn’t I be? It’s not like I have some freaky connection with the darkest wizard of all time or anything is it?” he asked sarcastic and miserable.

“Oh, Harry,” Hermione sighed a look of pity crossing her face as she went over to him and hugged him. He rested his head on her shoulder and closed his eyes.

‘Oh my god,’ George thought to himself, ‘she told me she didn’t like Ron, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t like Harry. Well he is the chosen one and that if she does like him what chance have I got? Well let’s see dodgy, scrawny git or George Weasley one of the two ultimate pranksters? Oh shut up Harry’s a great guy even I love him! Gay. No I meant like a brother. Then who’s to say she doesn’t love him like a brother? Because he’s Harry Potter what girl wouldn’t? He’s dangerous and famous two things girls seem to love! Does Hermione strike you as the kind of girl who wants to be famous? And heck think about all the danger she’s been in does she really seem like she wants to be in that danger or is she just being a loyal friend? She’s being a loyal friend but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t like Harry. Yeah but it doesn’t mean she does like Harry either.’ George was really starting to get sick of this voice in his head but the thoughts stopped when Hermione pulled away from Harry letting him talk to Ron as she walked over to himself, Fred and Ginny.  

“You alright Ginny?” Hermione asked her in concern.

“Yeah, it was a relief to see him looking more or less well, I guess I just imagined the worst,” Ginny told her.

“I’m glad you’re feeling better and don’t worry our minds always look at the worst outcome rather than focus on any positives it’s inevitable,” she told her glancing at George as it applied to how she acted towards him she would tell him how she felt but in her mind he always rejected her.

“I suppose so,” Ginny nodded clearly someway far away in her thoughts.

“How are you two then?” she asked turning to the twins.

“Happy to get out of hell early,” Fred said.

“He means relieved to see our father’s alright,” George said rolling his eyes.

“How are you?” George asked her.

“Me? I’m fine, I just wasn’t prepared for the beginning of the war to hit so close to home,” Hermione told them.

“None of us were,” George said.

“What do we do now? Should we wake Mum and head back to Grimmauld place?” Ron asked.

“No, she wouldn’t leave him anyway. Let’s just leave a note and we can go to Grimmauld place,” Fred said.

“Alone?” asked Ginny.

“Sirius will be there,” Harry said, “He leaves the floo network open so we can just go.”

“Alright let me right the note then let’s go,” Ginny said scribbling a note and leaving it in plain sight.

They left arriving in Grimmauld place one by one. The beginning of the Christmas Holidays but none of them felt festive at all. Sirius was asleep so they just went to the rooms they’d had during the summer saying quick goodnights they each went separate ways Harry with Ron, Hermione with Ginny and Fred with George.

So like I said at the top I wasn't happy with it but I'm more interested in what you think of it so please leave a review on your way out!

Thanks so much to all my readers and even more to my reviewers because you encourage me to write more! Thanks again and please leave a review! Jenna :)


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