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Stay With Me by XxJinxxedxX
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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UPDATED VERSION (as of 1/5/13, this story is being rewritten)!

Prologue: *Third Person*

The Beginning of the End


        Tonight would be the night that Alastor Moody died. The old man knew this as a fact and almost felt it would come as a relief. There was very little for him in the world now; everyone he had once cared about was long dead and gone. Alastor had spent more than half of his life fighting evil and righting wrongs, but he was an old man now and he wasn’t the type to want to die peacefully in his sleep. If he was going to go down it was going to be in fight.

        Tom Riddle was no idiot and Alastor knew that better than anyone. Unfortunately for the Dark Lord, his assumptions would be wrong; Harry Potter would not be travelling alongside the highly skilled Auror. While Lord Voldemort went after Moody, the Boy Who Lived would be safely riding with the half giant.

        Taking a swig from his flask Alastor took one last look around his dingy apartment. It wasn’t much, but it was the closest thing he had to a home. At one point in his life he had planned to get out of the place and away from the wretched scent, but that day felt so far away now. Alastor’s gruff hand reached up and pinched the bridge of his nose in an attempt to ward off the headache that he was beginning to feel.

        At the sound of someone knocking at the door, he stood up so quickly that he accidentally knocked a photograph off the table. Growling, the old man bent down and picked it up. He sat back down and smiled, which he had not done in a very, very long time, at the image in his hand. A young couple stood smiling and waving up at Alastor. The picture had been taken when Kaily was still alive and Alastor still had all of his body parts. It must have been near the end of their seventh year at Hogwarts.

Kaily laughed as the image of young Moody whispered something in her ear. Her dark brown, nearly black, curls flew around her face as her bright blue eyes landed on the old man whose good eye, the fake whizzed around the room, hadn’t managed to move from the image. They both looked so happy and alive, which were two things Alastor Moody had not felt in decades.

        Leaning back in his chair, Alastor ran his through his thinning grey hair. He was shaken from his thoughts of the past by the pounding at the door, which had gotten much louder. Slowly Alastor rose back up from his chair and made his way over to door, which looked as though it was about ready to fall down.

        “What is it?” Alastor barked as he allowed Remus Lupin entrance to his home.

        “It’s time, Moody. Everyone will be waiting at the Dursley’s home by now,” Remus replied while his eyes traveled around the small flat.

        Alastor let out a small growl, “Right, right. Just give me a minute to grab my coat.”

        Remus nodded in response and pressed his back against the wall. Alastor stumbled back to his desk and rummaged around, searching for his coat. Finally he managed to find it, along with his wand. He was just about to go back to Lupin, when suddenly he turned around on his heels and looked at his desk. His fingers brushed over the photograph before he snatched it up and stored it in his pocket.

        “I guess it’s time to die now,” Alastor whispered to himself as he kept his hand around the picture in his pocket. Returning to the front door, he found Remus still waiting for him, exactly where he had left him.

        “Are you ready to go now?” Remus asked.

        Alastor nodded briefly and swung the door open. Once Remus was out of the flat, the older man took one last look at his home before closing the door for the final time.


        A/N: So, that was the re-written prologue. Hopefully you enjoyed it; I’m a bit happier with this version than I am with the original. Just so you know, comments and reviews are always appreciated! Thanks!

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Stay With Me: Prologue


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