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Hoqwarts according to Florrie. by Dragonbogies45
Chapter 2 : An interesting Journey
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I think I might have burst an ear drum. My hearing may never be the same again. The cause of my pain is Rose Weasley, best friend and eardrum destroyer extraordinaire. “Florrie!!Oh my gosh you’ve grown when did that happen” she is now holding me at arm’s length looking me over and doing a scarily good impression of my aunty Maria.
“You always sound so surprised. I do grow occasionally you know” I frown at her and she grabs my head in what she thinks is a lovely hug but in reality it is actually crushing me.
“Rose...can’t...breath...Albus help me” I gasp but Al’s attention has turned else were we have now been joined by the rest of our friends and by the looks of their shoes (that is all I can see of them from rose's vice like grip) it is two girls and two boys.

Rose finally releases my head and I can breathe again I look up at my friends and I’m still the shortest. Why are all my friends’ parents really tall it’s extremely irritating? Anyway gene envy over I think I should introduce you to our group.
I’ll start with the girls. First we have Grace O’Neil she has long mousy hair which she will never admit to but we all know has a tinge of la ginge. Next we have Bella Fabrini (or Isabella as people with a death wish call her) she is half Italian, and is extremely proud of this she has short black hair and more often than not has her Gryffindor tie tied round her head. That brings me to Rose or skull crusher, she is the daughter of Ron and Hermione Weasley two thirds of the golden trio (if you don’t know who they are you may have been living under a rock or in a cave which I do not advise as a living space) .she has wavy red hair which I’m extremely jealous of because hers is tameable in the morning. Mind you I’m not jealous of the hoards of over protective male cousins poor rose hasn’t had a boyfriend since third year and that one didn’t end well. But that story is for another time. That brings me to yours truly and you already know about me so onwards fellow traveller to the boys.

First we have Alistair Jameson a boy who, if I didn’t know enough about him to write a short but highly embarrassing biography I would actually find quite attractive (he also has a habit of sticking his feet in my face when I’m asleep so that doesn’t exactly help.)Anyway Alistair or Alice as we affectionately call him (the reaction is always hilarious even after five years) has dark brown hair and crystal blue eyes.
Next we have Scorpius ‘I should have been in Slytherin’ Malfoy. Yes I know potters? Weasleys? Malfoys? In the same room it’s a miracle. It appears that the children are a lot more tolerant than their parents. Anywho he is the spitting image of his darling papa who at first wasn’t too pleased about Scorp being in Gryffindor but he has grown to vaguely tolerate us so it’s all good.
And last but certainly not least (I’m making this sound like an auction) is Ally pally himself he looks so much like his father it’s really quite scary. If you stand him, James and Harry next to each other the differences are extremely small. The main one being that James has the dominant Weasley freckles. Luckily only James inherited Harry’s appalling eyesight but only wears his glasses in class. Wow I’m supposed to be talking about Al aren’t I? I met Al on the train five years ago and we bonded over our ridiculous middle names mine being Victoriana (no seriously it’s an actual name. i checked) And Al’s being Severus (not sure what Mr. and Mrs. Potter were drinking when they thought of that one).right so now you know about our little group of insane people I should probably talk to them.

“So Florrie how was your summer?” oh dear they’ve decided Im first.
“Oh it was fine I spent most of it in France visiting cousins. What about you? I say brightly smiling. I would have got an answer but the train suddenly started to move sending Alistair crashing into me. He got up immediately blushing slightly as the rest of us burst into laughter. Suddenly there was a knock on the door and grace detached her gaze from Al (she thinks I don’t know) and went to open the door. And there stood the bane of my existence. No not James funnily enough but he’s a close second. In the door way stood keegan Masterson the most arrogant boy I have ever had the misfortune to meet. Unfortunately he is the other Gryffindor prefect in my year so I have to suffer his presence on an almost daily basis. I’m not sure why I was made prefect because rose is way better at keeping the rules than me, but then again she has the shortest temper on the planet. So I think I was chosen because I was the least likely to lamp keegan if he annoys me.

“Yes Masterson can I help you?” I ask trying not to laugh at Al who is glaring at him.
“Actually Mcfarlen you can we have a prefects meeting in ten minutes so I came to remind you to get changed into your robes” he answered smirking slightly as he looked Grace up and down. I felt Al stiffen slightly next to me. (They are meant to be together *girly sigh*)
“Ok thanks masterson you may leave now.” I say making to push him out of the door but he didn’t move I think he noticed Al’s reaction as well because he is now looking at him maliciously.
“Oh but I was just about to ask Grace here if she had two minutes to spend in the loo getting better acquainted.” He said leering at Grace. She looked like she was about to be sick.

She didn’t actually get an opportunity to answer because Al had dived at keegan with the intention of knocking some of his teeth out but something stopped him and that something was a scream of “No Al stop! ALBUS stop it now!” grace had turned from white to bright red so fast when we all turned round she went a horrible blotchy pink colour. Even Al had stopped mid punch his fist inches away from Keegan’s. He got up and walked towards Grace who was shaking but now a normal colour. He wrapped his arms around her and whispered “I won’t let anyone hurt you Gracie. Ever.” I want to cry now. Grace looked up at Al tears in her eyes, a small smile forming on her face. What happened next will be in the speech of whoever is Grace’s maid of honour because no one will ever forget it. Al bent down towards Grace and kissed her. She brought her arms around his neck and he lifted her off her feet.

“Is that a no then?”Oh for the love of Morgana le Fay why did he have to ruin that moment. Wait what was that noise? Oh Alistair just punched him its fine.
He has finally left and I think I should go and get changed for the prefect meeting.

I really hate our uniform it could not be any less flattering if it tried. To be fair my jumper is one of my brother’s old ones but still. I am currently rocking the grey pleated skirt and red and gold stripy socks look which is technically allowed because there is nothing about socks in the uniform code. I checked.
Right finally dressed now all I have to do is detach keegan from his latest fling and go to the meeting. Aha there he is oh Merlin is that Mallory Fostrup poor child is in Ravenclaw but isn’t smart enough to avoid Masterson. I think I should rescue her don’t you?
“Oi masterson we have a meeting to go to” I call to him he turns still holding Mallory’s hand oh dear I think they might be going out. Oh no wait Mallory is a prefect as well this is going to be awkward.

Masterson didn’t actually talk to me for the whole meeting which was a plus I spent most of the meeting talking to Al’s cousin Dominique who is in the year above us and in Ravenclaw but not at all snobby about it. She may be blonde but she is definitely a Weasley no doubt about that. But then she changed the subject to boys and I immediately wanted to leave.

“So which one of my cousins are you going to marry then” she asked wiggling her eyebrows suggestively at me. I blushed quite hard at that because Chris had turned to look at us from his conversation with Poppy Francis his partner in the annoying pass time that is being a prefect.
“Yes? Can I help you Mcfarlen? Dominique asked Chris obviously not noticing my 'please stop now!' sign language. Chris raised an eyebrow at her. She mimicked him and then turned to me “some people are so rud- what are you doing?” when she had turned to face me I was in mid throat cutting motion.
“Chris is my brother” I sigh. Dominique looked a little surprised then looked from me to Chris and back again. It was now Chris’ turn to question us.

“Can I help you Weasley” Chris asked trying not to laugh.
Dominique looked between us again then said “nope just wondering how somebody this nice can be your sister.” She looked at me apologetically “I mean don’t get me wrong I bet he’s lovely to you” I snorted in a rather unattractive way “but he was an absolute arsehole to me last year we had rounds together” I grinned at Dominique and we turned to face the new head boy and girl who had been trying and failing to get our attention for a while now.

The meeting was shorter than usual because even if they couldn’t get our attention they spent a lot less time faffing about with the rotas ( they did it house by house instead of year by year).
When I got back to my compartment everyone was changed into their uniforms. Al and Grace were sitting together in the corner, Alistair was playing chess with Scorpius and rose was reading. Bella was nowhere to be seen she’s probably in the loo.

Ah speak of the devil. “Guess who I saw in the corridor?” well it was probably a boy. One she thinks is attractive so he’s probably from the year above and Gryffindor as we aren’t allowed to look at boys from other houses (apparently it is fraternising with the enemy) and our friends make up three fifths of the boys in our part of the house.

Any way back to the conversation. “If it was my brother please refrain from telling me how fit his bum is” Bella looked disappointed.
“How did you do that?” she asked me. I grinned at her and tapped the side of my nose in an annoying way. She stuck her tongue out at me.
“Oh I’ve just realised something” ah rose has put her book down.
“What’s that Rosie” I ask from under the seat looking for my bag to get a book to read.

“Well now that Al and Grace are together I think we should find boyfriends.” Rose said
I brought my head up so fast I hit it on the chair “w-what who said I need a boyfriend and no boy who likes his face the way it is would come anywhere near us because of our body guards” I said gesturing to the boys and rubbing my head at the same time.
“I see your point Florrie but I think it would do us good to get boyfriends” honestly I think rose may have lost the plot I mean I’m still in search of said plot but she had it in the first place so she has no excuse.

“But Rose we all know who you’re going to end up with.” Said Bella smiling at rose in a scarily knowing way.
“And who may I ask would that be” asked rose raising an eyebrow.
“Scorpius” I love Bella’s bluntness but I think it may be the end of her. Rose has just thrown a book at her head and Scorpius is now protesting loudly. Al is laughing because as protective of rose as he is even he knows it’s true.

“Florrie tell them I am not in love with Scorpius!” I would usually come to Rose’s aid but I know that this true and if I say so she might eat me (not literally honestly she’s not a dragon)so instead I become suddenly very interested in my new herbology book (magical plants of Great Britain and Ireland ). Scorpius and rose are now sulking and grace has fallen asleep on Al’s shoulder her hand in his.
Suddenly the door to our compartment opened and in the door way stood James, Chris, my cousin Luke and Eric wood. Why are they all looking at me like that?
“What have I done now?” I ask looking back down at my book.
Chris was first to recover and glared at me “are you or are you not going out with Francis Jacques” I think I might throw something at his head.

I stand up drawing myself to my full height which just about reaches Chris’ nose and glare back at him.
“No I am not but if I was I don’t see really how it’s any of your business at all.” To my satisfaction Chris backed away slightly looking frightened. “And were on earth did you hear that?” I asked placing my hands on my hips all four boys quivered slightly. I’ve spent way too much time with the Weasleys
“Alexandra Yates” said Luke. I sighed and sat back down she’s had it n for me since I gave her a detention last year for turning molly Weasley’s hair blue.

“Ah the school rumour mill. You know she’s the one who spread that rumour about James and Grace snogging in broom cupboards.” James looked at me with shock in his eyes. Whoops I don’t think he knew about that one. “But look on the Brightside we know that one’s not true because we all know Grace only has eyes for Al. Four sets of eyes turned to the far corner and for the second time that train ride Grace turned red

“You’re kidding when did this happen?”James was grinning at Al who was sort of half glaring half grinning at me. The result was quite scary.
We spent the rest of the journey telling the boys how this happy couple came to be, it was quite nice actually apart from when James decided to put his feet in my lap. Boys why were they invented?
The five minute warning sounded and my stomach growled dangerously. This made James chuckle.
“Hungry Flo?” oh no he did not just call me Flo nobody calls me Flo. The last person who called me that lost their eyebrows. I glared at him and he put his hands up in mock surrender “sorry Florrie. Hey that rhymes”
I rolled my eyes and returned to my book but he stuck his head between my face and the book. (His hair smells like ginger bread. Mmm.)

“Your hair smells nice” I tell him this makes him laugh again and Chris is looking between us like he knows something. Hmmm*beard stroke*.
“Thank you Florrie you have pretty eyes” he said looking into my eyes his are very pretty too they are a warm brown colour with a greenish swirl through them. I appear to be staring into his eyes and I can feel a blush creeping across my cheeks.

“Ok enough of that I think” oh for the love of Merlin Chris has come and sat in between us he really is too protective. I roll my eyes at James who grinned at me. It may be my imagination but I think James is blushing. No he doesn’t think about me that way. James doesn’t blush he never has. Well not that I know of. No stop it Florence. Now.
The train is slowing down now and I have a chance to escape roses questioning gaze because I have to guide first years off the train. I take my responsibilities very seriously. The only down side is that I have to patrol the corridors with Chris until he finds something more interesting to do. I have Brian’s cat basket in hand and am now wandering past compartment after compartment. I can hear shouting. Oh no that sounds like Morag. I open the door wand raised (Morag can get nasty).

“everything alright in here?” I ask looking around Morag is breathing heavily her wand pointed firmly in the face of Steven Edgecombe who looks like he is about to wet himself.
“Everything’s just fine Florrie no need for bother” there is something very wrong with the tone of Mo’s voice. Oh dragon bogies she’s started crying. I wrap her in my arms and shoot a questioning look at Iona and lily who were looking as angry as Morag. Finally Lily spoke but her voice shook with anger.

“H-he called your grandmother a whore because she had your uncle when she was eighteen” my heart stopped anger flooded through my body.

“Right, well I don’t think I’ve ever taken points off Hufflepuff this early in the year but there’s a first time for everything.” I say fighting to keep my voice calm. “Twenty points from Hufflepuff” and with that I turn on my heel and leave and by the sounds of it Edgecombe left pretty sharpish as well.

The train finally stopped and I had to help guide first years through the stampede towards Hagrid who grinned at me and waved “a’right Florrie. Ows yer mum”
“fine thanks Hagrid” I yell back. Apart from the golden trio my mum was Hagrid’s favourite pupil she was one of three in her year who took Care of magical creatures. The other two were Charlie Weasley and my dad. She passed her love of animals onto me and I’m taking C.O.M.C for N.E.W.T.
I’m being summoned now by my friends to come to the carriages and I think they may have some questions for me. Questions I have no intention of answering if I can help it.
I spent most of the journey looking out of the window watching for a glimpse of the castle. There it is right between the hills. I’m so glad to be back

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