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Unexpected by Dmlong
Chapter 5 : Chapter 5
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There is seriously something wrong with me. My boyfriend, the boy I’ve been in love with for as long as I’ve known what love is, just said he wanted to marry me one day and have kids and instead of being over the moon excited I feel like running home and hiding under the covers in bed for the rest of my life.


I get that most people might be freaked out by the possibility of marriage when they are my age, but the thing that I don’t understand is that just last month I expected us to get married right after we graduated Hogwarts. What has changed to make me so freaked out now?


I still love Lysander. There is no doubt about that. It was just because he caught me so off guard about the conversation. He just kinda snuck it up on me. Yeah that’s what it is. I’m just in shock. Maybe if I go see my dad he can calm me down. As weird as it may sound, I tell him everything about my life. Besides Lily and Lucy, I feel like my dad is my best friend. I’m not one hundred percent sure if that’s normal or not, but I don’t think it’s traditional for Weasleys to be normal, so I don’t put too much thought into it.


“Let’s go see dad! I’ve been dying to spend some time with him all week!” I exclaim after we finish our lunch and head out of The Three Broomsticks.


“I thought this trip to Hogsmead was just about us Roxanne, not about visiting your dad,” Lysander moans.


“It is about us Lysander,” I protest. “We won’t stay for long. I just want to stop in and say hi, I miss him.”


“You always miss him.”


“Well you miss your parents don’t you?” I retort, starting to get a little annoyed.


“Yes, but we write to each other and that seems to do the trick. You should probably try it sometimes instead of spending every second of your free time sneaking into Hogsmead to see your dad.”


“Well I would spend more of my free time with my boyfriend, but he always seems to be too busy with everything else in his life,” I snap. I’ll admit, I might have said that a little too loud because people are starting to stop and stare at us.


“You shouldn’t get mad at me just because I have my priorities in line and want to focus on school as much as I can instead of goofing off all year with the hopes of inheriting a silly little joke shop to run for the rest of my life!”


I stare at Lysander for a second letting what he says sink in. Silly little joke shop? He knows running the store is my dream. He supports my decision. At least he thought he did.


Noticing he might have said the wrong thing Lysander takes my hand. “I’m sorry Roxanne.  I’ve just been stressed out over my classes and didn’t mean to snap on you. Tell you what. Why don’t you go see your dad and I’ll head over to Scrivenshaft’s Quill Shop. I told Lucy I’d help her pick out a new quill set anyways. That way we can both do what we need but don’t have to drag the other one along with them.”


I didn’t’ realize I was “dragging him along with me” when we went to see my dad. Eager to end the fighting, I fake a smile and say it sounds good. Lysander gives me a kiss on the cheek and takes off across the street.


I get to Weasley Wizard Wheezes without even paying attention to where I was going. After spending so much time in Hogsmead I guess my feet automatically know the path. Like always, the shop is so crowded I can barely maneuver my way towards the checkout line.


“Hey Brittani, have you seen my dad around?” I ask the first employee I see.


“Hello Roxanne!” she exclaims a little too enthusiastically. I hate it when people are overly nice to me just because my dad is their boss. Especially when they are already friends of the family. Brittani graduated from Hogwarts with Freddie and James and is Stephanie’s older sister. Shit. That reminds me that Stephanie didn’t come to Hogsmead today, due to the fact that Lily seriously damaged her face.


“Mr. Weasley just went to the back to get a few more cases of Skiving Snackboxes. I can’t believe they are still one of our most popular products at this shop when they’ve been around since before we were born,” she laughs.


“Ha yeah, crazy,” I say distractedly as I scan the store trying to see if my dad has made it to the snack boxes yet. No such luck. “I’m just going to find him. I’ll see you around,” I tell her.


“Oh okay. Hey wait, have you seen Stephi?”  she asks me. “I figured she would be in here by now. We were going to have lun…”


“DADDY!” I yell, interrupting her mid-sentence. I run off towards him leaving Brittani behind to deal with a customer. It’s not really my place to tell her what happened. I’m not sure if Stephanie plans on letting anyone know, and even though she has been a huge bitch lately, I don’t want to embarrass her any more than she already is. Assuming she is embarrassed that she got her arse kicked by little bitty Lily Potter. I would be anyways.


“Do I know you?” my dad asks as he sits down the boxes and looks me up and down.


“I’m sorry. I must have you confused with someone else. My father is much more handsome and would never wear such a ridiculous jacket,” I reply. I’m joking of course. I love his jacket and have been trying to talk him into getting me one for my birthday in April. How many people do you see with authentic dragon hide jackets? Not very many.


“That’s a shame, because if I were your handsome father, with an incredibly brilliant jacket, I might tell you that I already bought all your favorite sweets from Honeydukes last night for your slumber party and that the fridge is stocked with butterbeer.”


“It’s a sleep over dad. Not a slumber party. Slumber party sounds so childish,” I laugh “But thank you. I love you and your incredibly brilliant jacket.”


“I forget my little Roxy Poxy is getting all grown up on me,” he teases and fakes a tear.


“Dad!” I protest but laugh anyways.


“Where is Lysander?” he asks me. “I haven’t seen him since the beginning of the year.”


“Oh...he went to Scrivenshaft’s. He said it would be better if we could take care of our personal stuff without dragging the other one around with them,” I reply halfheartedly.


He looks at me skeptically. “Give me a minute to put these boxes out and I’ll meet you upstairs,” he says before kissing my head and grabbing the boxes again.


One of the best things about my dad is that he always knows when I want to talk about something without me having to ask. I think he can just sense it, just like I know when he needs to talk to me. Most people are more comfortable with their mums, but she just doesn’t understand me as well. Plus, she would take Lysander’s side and agree I should focus on school and not on the joke shop. At least she would if she knew about my plans to run the shop. I’m thankful that my dad has kept that between the two of us.


When I get upstairs I can’t help but admire my dad’s hard work. The room is squeaky clean aside from the baskets of Honeydukes sweets that are scattered around the room, and as promised, the fridge is completely full. I grab a butterbeer and take a long drink of it as a flop down on the sofa.


As I start to relax I find myself wishing I could just stay here the rest of the night without having to go meet back up with Lysander. I’m still upset with him for basically telling me my future career is stupid. If he wanted to follow in his mother’s footsteps and take over The Quibbler when he is finished with school, I would support him in that decision. Even though I think the magazine is a bit of a joke.


And since when did he not like visiting my father with me? It’s hardly like spending time with a regular adult. Dad likes Lysander too, so it’s never been awkward between them or anything.


Luckily, having a few minutes by myself helps me calm down and stop overthinking the Lysander situation. It doesn’t last very long though.


“So what’s bother you sweetie?” my dad asks as he steps into the room.


“Lysander and I had a fight. Well it wasn’t really a fight, more like a tiny argument. He really upset me though,” I tell him.


“What happened?” he asks, looking concerned.


“Well first off, he mentioned getting married and having kids together and it freaked me out! I’m only sixteen after all. Why would I want to be married?! I mean I have thought about it before, but it was just like a little fantasy, I can’t get married now! Plus, you know how much I don’t like little kids. I don’t ever want children! Then I told him I wanted to come and see you because I knew you could help me calm down. Naturally I didn’t tell him why I wanted to see you, because I don’t want him to think I’m having second thoughts about our relationship, so I just said I missed you. But then he told me that I needed to start focusing on school more instead of coming down here to see you all the time and to stop dreaming of running a silly joke shop  (I used air quotes for that part to emphasis his words). So what am I supposed to just become his house wife and work a boring desk job at the ministry of magic for the rest of my life and pop out a few kids, just to make him happy?”  I said all of this in one breath and by the time it is out I am gasping for air and my voice is several octaves higher than it started out.


After taking a second to digest everything I said my dad starts laughing. Not just a little chuckle, but an I cannot breathe because I am laughing so hard to even think about it, kind of laugh. At first I am taken aback by his sudden outburst, but after a few seconds I join in realizing how incredibly silly I sounded.


“Well you were right about not being a little kid anymore,” he says as he clutches a stitch in his side, “I love you Roxy, but I think you’re overreacting a bit on this one. You were just saying last week how excited you were to spend today with him in Hogsmead, I would have understood if you didn’t come and see me on your date. It just upset him that you didn’t want to give him all your attention when you two have barely seen each other since term started. And as far as the whole marriage/kid thing goes, he was probably just trying to let you know he still sees a future with you in it even if you haven’t felt like it much lately.”


Way to make me look like an idiot dad. “I guess you have a point,” I admit. “Thanks dad, I should probably go find him then huh?”


“That’s probably a good idea. Go have some fun. I’ll see you later tonight before I head home.”


I give him a big hug and thank him again for the advice. It doesn’t take me long to find Lysander. He is sitting outside of Scrivenshaft’s writing what seems to be a long letter. He looks up when he sees me approaching and smiles.


“Hello love, I figured you would be gone for a while so I was replying to a letter from my mum,” he tells me as he rolls up the parchment and sticks it in his cloak pocket.


“No, it was really busy today so I didn’t want to keep dad distracted.”


“It’s always busy in there,” he jokes, “I’m sorry about what I said earlier Roxy, you know I didn’t mean it right?”


“I know, it’s okay. I’m sorry for not really paying attention to you on our date. It’s getting a bit chilly, do you want to get some tea?” I ask.

"I'd love to," he replies.



After spending half an hour in Madam Puddifoot’s Tea Shop, we spend the next few hours wandering around Hogsmead hand in hand, occasionally stopping at shops we were interested in. Lysander had to pull me away from Gladrags Wizardwear before I spent ever last ounce of money I had with me. They were having an amazing sale though, and I got tons of cute stockings and hair pieces I could wear with my Hogwarts uniform.


When the streets started getting relatively empty Lysander decided it was time for him to head back to Hogwarts and walked me back to Weasley Wizard Wheezes. It turns out I was the last one to make it there and Lily, Lucy and Andi already helped themselves to their favorite Honeydukes candies.


“Well thanks for waiting for me to get here,” I remark sarcastically and start rummaging through the baskets myself.


“Gour wel cob,” Andi replies with her mouth full of chocolate.


“Ugh, you’re just like Roxanne. Chew your food and swallow it before you speak, Andi,” Lily jokes.


 “You seem like you’re in a much better mood Lils,” Lucy says cautiously.


“Yes, much better,” Lily replies. “I guess I just needed to get that out of my system.”


“Next time you need to get it out of your system let us know beforehand so we can get a camera,” I joke.


“I’ll make sure to do that, though I think I got my point across,” She laughs.


“I’ll be honest Lily; I didn’t think you had that in you. I mean, I know you can hex someone like nobody’s business, but a physical brawl? I’m impressed,” Lucy says.


“Ditto,” Andi seconds.


“I didn’t think I did either, but she really pissed me off. I guess I should have held my temper though. My parents will be pissed when they find out.”


“I doubt they will. I saw Brittani earlier and she hadn’t even talked to Stephanie all day, so I’m assuming she doesn’t plan on telling anyone,” I reassure her.


“Do you blame her?” Lucy says, making us all laugh.


After we all change into our ridiculously comfy pajamas we slather on face masks and start giving each other pedicures. Typical girls. You can’t have a sleep over without giving each other makeovers, that’s a fact.


“Do you guys want to play a game?” Andi asks.


“Let’s play Never Ever!” Lily exclaims.


“Aren’t you supposed to have alcohol to play though?” I ask.


“Ohh give me a second.” Lucy remarks are starts rummaging through her bag.


She pulls out four shot glasses and a rather large bottle of firewhisky and says she stole it from her dads study when he wasn’t looking. She claims he was never going to drink it, so she didn’t see anything wrong with taking it off his hands.


“You never cease to amaze me Lucy,” I tell her honestly. I’m really starting to think Aunt Audrey had an affair on Uncle Percy because Lucy is to wild to be created by two of the world’s most boring wizards. Then again, having an affair is way too wild for Audrey to even consider, so maybe Lucy was mistakenly given to them and really isn’t a Weasley at all.


“I am pretty amazing aren’t I?” Lucy jokes.


Lily passes out shot glasses to each of us and fills them up with firewhisky. We all gather around in a circle and insist that Lucy goes first because she was clever enough to get the drink in the first place.


“Okay, never ever have I...had a crush on a Hogwarts teacher,” Lucy says.


I laugh and take a shot. I didn’t figure Andi would say yes to this, considering that she has only been at Hogwarts for a month. I didn’t think I’d be the only one though, surely Lily would agree with me on this one.


“Eww Roxy! Who was it?” Lucy asks.


“Ugh, Professor Longbottom,” I tell her and my face becomes as red as my hair.


They all immediately start laughing at me. “You…crush..on..NEVILLE?!” Lily manages to say between breaths, “He is basically our Uncle Roxy, what is wrong with you?”


“Shut it! I don’t anymore. It’s just when I was younger I thought he was kinda handsome and he was always really sweet to me,” I say defensively.


“Yeah that’s how people usually treat their nieces,” Lucy jokes “I can’t believe you said he was handsome.”


“I only said kinda handsome.”


“Whatever, its gross.” Lily says.


“I don’t know. Coming from an outsider’s point of view, who isn’t sort of related to him, I think Professor Longbottom is quite attractive,” Andi remarks.


“Thank you!” I laugh.


“Ugh, can we please move on now,” Lucy says.


“Okay I’ll go.” I tell them. “Never ever have I…kissed a stranger.”


To nobody’s surprise, Lucy is the only one who takes a drink.


“Slag,” Lily whispers causing Lucy to throw a pillow at her.


“Never ever have I kissed one of my male relative’s best friends,” Andi says.


Once again, Lucy takes a shot.


“Who did you kiss?” Lily asks skeptically.


“Holden Sanders,” she replies smugly.


Holden is actually quite gorgeous but he doesn’t have the greatest reputation with girls. He is our Cousin Hugo’s best friend. They are in our grade, but Hugo likes to stick with his own group of friends and we really only talk during holidays.




“Way to go Lucy,” Andi remarks.




“He is such a scumbag though,” Lily tells her.




“It’s not like we are dating, it was just a spontaneous kiss at the back to school party this year,”  




“I hope you at least washed your mouth afterwards,” Lily remarks.




“Oh sod off Lils, he isn’t that bad. It’s your turn by the way.” I say to her.




“Okay whatever you say. Never ever have I gone skinny dipping,” Lily says.


Andi and I take a shot. In my defense, Freddie dared me to last summer and I wasn’t about to back out of a dare. According to Andi, it was the same scenario for her too. Fortunately for her, her brother didn’t steal all her clothes and leave her stranded in the middle of a lake with nothing to cover up with. Obviously Fred deserves the best brother of the year award.


We continue playing well into the night and by the time it is midnight everyone has slurred speech and has gone to the loo at least twenty times. I hardly ever drink, so needless to say it really would have only taken a couple of shots to get me drunk. However the bottle is empty now and we all have one more drink in our glasses.


“Never eber have I, Roxanne April Weasel-ley, had sexual relationships with anyone, ever!” I laugh and hick-up at the same time.


Lucy and Lily both throw back their shots. It takes a second for Lily to realize what she did and starts giggling uncontrollably. Lily has had sex? When the hell did that happen? As far as I am concerned she was a virgin this year when we came back to Hogwarts. Lily and I have always talked about losing our virginity on our wedding nights. To Lysander and Lorcan.


“Ooops,” Lily says.


“Explain. Right. Now!” Lucy says, trying to sound serious but failing miserably seeing how she can’t even focus properly on Lily and starts laughing.


“I shagged Lorcan at our back to Hogwarts party,” Lily tells us, then covers her mouth with her hand.


We all stop laughing and stare at Lily in disbelief. This time it’s her face that matches the color of her bright red hair.








“Ugh, it just kind of happened,” she murmurs.




Did we just figure out the reason they haven’t been talking?




“How…exactly?” Lucy finally chokes out.




“I was upset that Stephanie wouldn’t leave us alone for two seconds, so I snuck into dad’s liquor cabinet and helped myself to a little bit of firewhisky. Okay, a lot of firewhisky. Maybe I should stop drinking this, she laughs and motions to the empty bottle. Anyways, it hit me pretty hard so I went upstairs early to try to sleep it off and Lorcan came in to say goodnight, and well I just sort of jumped him..and..well you know.” Lily finishes dumbly. 




I wondered why Lily had disappeared so early that evening.




“Wow Lily,” Lucy says, “Welcome to the non-virgin club.” She tries to give her a high five and misses terribly.




The sudden realization that Lily seriously had sex with Lorcan Scamander sobers me up pretty quickly.




“So why haven’t you been talking to Lorcan now?” I ask her.




“Because I don’t want to talk to someone who I just shagged. Besides, I don’t want him to think of me as some scarlet woman now. It was just a drunken mistake,” She replies.




“Then at least talk to him, tell him you were too drunk to make good decisions and to just forget about it.”




“I can’t forget it!” Lily snaps, “He sure as hell wasn’t drunk, so why did he go alone with it? And why is he still dating Stephanie. If he cared about me at all, about our friendship at all, he would try to fix it but he just continues to follow her around and forget I even existed!”




Whoa where did the anger come from? Excuse me for trying to help.




“Lily I’m sure that’s not the case, you have been pretty rude to him lately, I’m sure he is just as confused as you,” I explain.




“I am not confused!” Lily protests. She stands up rather quickly and almost falls back down.




“Rox is right Lils, you haven’t even given him the opportunity to talk to you.” Lucy retorts.




“Why bother? So I can hear him say he just wanted to shag and I was the closest things around. Obviously he didn’t do it because he cares about me, or he wouldn’t still be dating someone else!” She says, “This is why I didn’t tell you guys sooner, I knew you would just take his side!”




“We’re not taking sides, and if we were we would take yours, but you’re being kind of unreasonable.”




“I’ll be whatever I feel like being!” Lily cries, “and if you have a problem with it, you can forget talking to me as well. Join the club!”




With that, Lily stomps off (at least she tries to, it didn’t look very graceful though) to one of the bedrooms and slams the door.




Lucy, Andi, and I look at each other in disbelief. Lily is known for her tempter, but she hardly ever directs it at as. Locran must be bothering her more than she was letting on.




“Well that sort of got out of hand,” Lucy says and starts giggling again.




“No kidding.” Andi and I say in unison.




“Let her sleep it off,” I tell Lucy as she gets up and stumbles toward Lily’s room.




“Whatever you say, I guess our slumber party is officially over,” She replies and throws herself down on the couch.




“I guess so. I hope we didn’t ruin these kind of things for you Andi, it’s usually a lot less yelling,” I say apologetically.




“That’s okay, it was so much fun! Besides, I’m pretty tired anyways.” She says as she yawns and stretches.




“We only have two bedrooms here, and looks like Lucy has already claimed the couch,” I motion to Lucy who has already started snoring. “You’re welcome to share my bed with me though.”




“Sounds good to me. Help me walk to the room though?” she asks as she tries to stand up.




I hold out my hand which she grabs ahold of and we stumble into the room together. As soon as we hit the bed we fall into a deep sleep, but subconsciously I can’t help but notice that she never let go of my hand.


A/N: I'm a failure at posting these chapters. I know it takes me way to long. Hopefully at least on of you have stuck with me.  Hope you enjoyed the chapter. Let me know what you think. :))

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