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Fortes in Fides by The Mirror of Erised
Chapter 2 : Chapter 2 The Hat Talks!
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Chapter 2: The Hat Talks!

"Has Uncle Charlie had a kid we don't know about?" - Rose Weasley

Wow this place is so big it would make even the Queen green with jealousy. I think my eyes literally popped out of my head. Suddenly, the heavy oak doors that loomed over me creaked open flooding the moonlit stairs I was sat upon with a soft golden light. How romantic. A slightly small chubby man runs towards me. Perhaps not so romantic after all.

“I am so sorry for keeping you waiting miss Williams. I’m Professor Longbottom,” and I thought my name was bad “head of Gryffindor house and Professor of Herbology,” Herby what now? “So if you just leave your bags here someone will collect them for you and follow me.” I shuffle awkwardly behind him as he leads me to God knows where. This place is even more ridiculous on the inside that I feel like I’m vandalising the place by just standing in it and all its magnificence. Everything in this place gives a warm golden glow. The fine polished wood, carved marble arches, polished armour, moving paintings. MOVING PAINTINGS!

“Shhhh…ugar” I scream, trying my best not to swear to yet another teacher. “Did that painting just courtesy to me?!”

“Good evening Ma’am” the faded painting of a small school girl smiled at me.

“Did she just talk!?” I splutter. Professor Longbottom just laughs to himself and continues to walk again. “You really need to stop being so helpful all the time” I mutter apparently a little too loudly because I see Professor Longbottom smirk at my comment. We continue to walk in comfortable silence until this happened.

“Shit was that a fucking ghost!” I scream as a knight on a horse just soared past me and through the window. So much for not swearing. “Sorry” I mutter “I’m just not used to this kind of thing”. I’m certain I’m just going to drop down dead of a heart attack if they continue to spring these things up at me, which would be pretty inconvenient. A girl can only take so much.

We continue to walk a little longer when he suddenly turns around causing me to crash into him. They don’t come smoother than me. I mutter yet another apology whilst looking awkwardly down at my emerald green Doc Martens. I swear to God I have said more apologies today than in my life time. He just laughs again before finally speaking- his voice actually causing me to jump a little after all that time in silence.

“We are about to enter the Great Hall where you will be sorted into your house in front of the entire school…” fantastic. What if I trip or I turn out to be unworthy of this school. Oh gosh I feel sick, if anyone up there has sympathy for me please make sure I don’t throw up. Shit Professor Longbottom has been talking to me all this time. I think he may have just asked me a question. I stare at him blankly “So if you are ready…” I have no idea what I’m meant to be doing so I just nod. Professor Longbottom turned the large hooped handle and pushed the door open.

It’s not until I’m halfway down the room, when I have finally torn my eyes away from the friggen floating candles and starry night sky,  that I suddenly realise that everyone has stopped talking and have started to whisper and stare at me. Fun. I stop at the bottom of the steps, that seem to lead to a large teachers table, where Professor Longbottom is waiting for me. He whispers to me to stay where I am before climbing up the steps towards an old shabby hat that sits pompously on a small wooden stall. Please say I don’t have to put that thing on my head. Professor Longbottom then begins to speak to the whispering crowd.

“We have a new student who has just arrived today named Fides Williams. She will be entering sixth year and I hope you will make her feel welcome.” God bless him for not telling the whole school that I only found out last week that I’m a witch. I could just go up there and kiss that little man’s balding head. But I won’t. Because that would be weird. Professor Longbottom indicated for me to come up and sit on the stall. As I walk up the steps I can feel every pair of eyes in the room bore into me. Jeez there are a lot of people I suddenly realise as I sit on the rickety stall. Damn it, it looks like I have to put that moulding hat on my head. Nice. Is this some form of ritual. Abuse the new kid. Make them look like the biggest freak. Well that’s real – “Good Evening Miss Williams”

“FUCK THE HAT JUST TALKED!” I screamed without thinking. A ripple of laughter spread amongst the tables as I quickly clamped my hand against my mouth. I look up at Professor Longbottom, who seems to be suppressing a smile. Some of the other teacher’s seem less impressed. “Sorry… again” I whisper to Professor Longbottom. Damn my stupid mouth. Maybe I should carry duct tape with me and whenever – “If you are quite ready” the hat begins again and I have to bite my bottom lip to stop myself from screaming again.

“Right so where shall we put you Miss Williams” the hat muses, "Ravenclaw would be the obviouse choice for you. You definitely have the knowledge for it but there is something more." Suddenly I’m filled with the strangest sensation as though I can feel the hat rummaging around my thoughts as if he were looking for a pair of socks at the bottom of a trunk. “Feels strange doesn’t it” the hat says as if he had just read my mind. Oh wait he just did. “Let’s see what we have here” and at once thousands of my memories dance in front of my eyelids. Memories from when I was 5. Memories from 5 minutes ago. Sad Memories. Happy memories. Memories I didn’t even know I had. Then suddenly a memory flashes in my mind cold and raw causing a cold sweat to break on my forehead. The memory begins to play, a memory I have tried to keep locked at the back of my mind.

The car speeds. Please. The car swerves. Don’t. The car crashes. PLEASE STOP IT. “Interesting…” the hat sighs and begins to dig deeper into my nightmares. My entire body begins to shake as the next memory begins to surface and I think I might be sick.

He grabs me violently causing me to fall at his feet on the ice cold concrete. I begin to struggle to sit up but he hits me across the face causing me to fall back down again. I feel the blood drip down the side of my face, crimson flowers bursting on my shirt as he leans in closer. Drip. Drip. Drip….

Please. Please stop.

A small tear slips from eye and I quickly brush it away before anyone can see it- which hopefully they couldn’t under the large floppy brim of the hat or is it Mr hat. My grip begins to loosen from the edges of the stall as the memories stop flashing and I’m suddenly aware that my hands have become sweaty. This is hat is too curious for his own damn good! “Very interesting…” Planning on making a decision anytime soon I’m hungry. The hat gives a sort of snort (which was weird) before yelling:


The room erupts with applause like lightening across a still sky and I am relieved from the pompous Mr Hat. Professor Longbottom gives me small nudge, so I skipped (yes skipped) to the table that was making the most noise- which included several boys dancing on the tables. How nice it is to be praised for your existence. I give an over exaggerated bow to the supposed Gryffindor table (Please say that is the Gryffindor table or else I might die in shame) and the table erupts with more cheers. This is kind of fun. I’m debating on how they would react to an Irish jig, when suddenly I feel several firm hands grab my arms and lift me onto my seat. After several attempts Professor Longbottom manages to silence the Gryffindors, but not before giving me a small nod. I suddenly remember that he is head of Gryffindor and I nod back to him. I’ve decided to like this Longbottom guy.

When the cheers have finally stopped the headmistress, some miserable old women called McGonagall who apparently never smiles (quite the opposite to my dear friend Madge), welcomes me and makes several announcements (which make no sense to me). When she sits down in her thrown like chair the food suddenly appears.

When I say the food appears, I mean the food literally just appeared on the golden platters like…I was going to say magic. I grab the food nearest to me and pile my plate high. It looks like for the first time in months I’m going to sleep with a full belly. I stare at my plate cautiously, expecting another chocolate frog scenario. When I’m certain it’s safe I take my first mouthful of what I can only assume heaven tastes like. I attempt to take another mouthful when the questions begin.

“What’s your name again?”


“Is that your real hair colour?”


“What was your last school?”


“What’s the capital of Switzerland?”

“Buy an Atlas!” It’s Burn if you were wondering.

“Do you like sweet corn with peanut butter?”

At that point I give up answering questions and take another mouthful of food.

“Leave the poor girl alone can’t you see she’s trying to eat” a heroic voice cries and the crowd begins to disperse reluctantly.

“Cheers” I say to my hero through a mouthful of food. Attractive. I look at the boy in front of me and I can’t help thinking I’ve seen him before. Whether I know him or not this guy is hot. This angers me. I find good looking people so frustrating.

He runs his hand through his jet black hair and gives me a smile that should be used in those tooth paste ads (I can literally see his teeth sparkle). “Hi I’m James Potter”

“Hi I’m Sarah Parker”

James’ face crinkles with confusion and I smile inwardly to myself. “I thought your name was Fides Williams”.

I laugh, “I was just messing with you but it’s pronounced as Fee-dez”

“Right” oh well I thought it was funny. James’ face breaks into a smile and he says “so do you like sweet corn with peanut butter?”

“Nah prefer it with marmite” we both laugh awkwardly and I suddenly remember who he reminds me of. “I don’t suppose you’re related to this guy?” I say pulling out the card from the chocolate frog out of my jean pocket.

“Wow that’s my dad. This is so cool! Hey Al come look at this!” James shouts towards the far table causing several people to look up from their meals. A tall boy stands up and comes towards us. Now if I thought James looked like this Harry Potter guy then the boy heading towards us could be the younger him. The boy wore the same circular glasses as the man in the picture, which highlighted his dazzling green eyes. Just like James he has the same jet black hair that sticks in different angles and perfectly chiselled face (and one can only assume body). Great that’s two beautiful people to be frustrated by.

“What is it?” he asks James, giving me an awkward smile.

“Look at this,” James said whilst pressing the card against the boy’s nose.

“Wow this is so cool. Where did you get it from?”

“Fides got it,” James said nodding towards me “We so have to show this to dad. Do you mind if we keep it?”

“Well I was planning on framing it and keeping it by my bed side table but, being the lovely kind hearted person that I am, I’m willing to make the sacrifice” I say solemnly.

“Well I’m willing to compensate you with a signed photo of me” he winked.

“Tempting but it would be nice if I could wake up in the morning without feeling the need to throw up” I smiled sweetly.

The boy gave a deep laugh and leaned over for a high five “I like this girl, nice to see someone dent that large ego of yours. I’m Al by the way James’ brother” he said whilst sitting down at our table.

“Fides,” I reply, deciding not to repeat the whole Sarah Parker thing again- apparently it wasn’t funny. My wit is wasted on these wizards.

“No one can dent my ego” sighed James whilst placing his muddy feet on the table, “It’s physically impossible.”

 The three of us begin to talk avidly with each other (the conversation mainly consisting of Al and James hurling offences at each other) “You won’t want to get too close to Albus here, he’s a Slytherin” James jokes and I laugh in return as if it what he just said made perfect sense. The comment however clearly pissed of Al as he knocked his glass of juice over James as if it were an accident, causing James to curse loudly. James cleared the juice up with a simple flick of his wand (now that was cool) before poising his wand clearly ready to get back at Al, but he interrupts him quickly.

“We so have to show Lils this.” Al says acting oblivious to the scene he had just caused.

“Show me what?” a voice says from behind me, and a small red head girl sits beside me, “I’m Lily Potter by the way” she says to me. What is up with these Potters and frustrating me with their beauty! They’re so insensitive. Al chucks the card towards Lily. “Wow this is so cool” so I’ve been told “hey Hugo, Roxanne check this out.” Two small heads pop out and snatch the card Lily is holding.

“That’s so cool… hey Fred give that back”

“What’s this then…whoa! Oi Dom, look at this.”

In a matter of seconds I’m bombarded with a sea of Ginger’s- it’s like the bloody red sea, if only I could part it…

“Molly you’re standing on my foot!”

“Fred I can’t see!”

“Stop hogging it Lucy!”

“Didn’t we find one with aunt Hermione on once?”

“I didn’t get a chance to look at it properly!”

“Give it back!”

“Hey whose is this?” a tall handsome ginger boy asks who has the statue of a large bear.

“Fides’” Al replies and suddenly all of them turn to look at me. Well this isn’t awkward.

“Hey” I say spraying bits of bread at them- aren’t I just the best at first impressions! Al chuckles at my expression and then suddenly they all begin to introduce themselves. Surprise, surprise they are all related and have famous parents. This Weasley/Potter family must have a seriously good gene pool because they are all jaw droppingly stunning as well as nearly all of them being ginger. Whoever says gingers are becoming extinct clearly never went to Hogwarts. After several attempts I find out each of their individual names and their family clan (yep that’s right there are so many of them that they are defined by clans).

Delacour/ Weasley

Dominique (known as Dom) - sixth year. Gryffindor. Strawberry blonde

Louis - fourth year. Ravenclaw. Blonde

Victoria - has left the school. Strawberry blonde.

Apparently the Declour/ Weasleys are part Vella whatever that is (supposedly makes them more beautiful than the rest) as well as werewolf tendencies. Beautiful and dangerous. Every teenage boy’s fantasy.


Johnson/ Weasley

Fred - seventh year. Gryffindor. Ginger

Roxie - fifth year. Gryffindor. Brunette



Molly- (the only ugly one of the lot but I think she does it on purpose. Don’t ask me why I only just met the girl). Fifth year. Gryffindor. Brunette.  

Lucy-  second year. Ravenclaw. Blonde.


Granger/ Weasley

Rose (who I am yet to meet)- Sixth year. Gryffindor. Ginger.

Hugo- Fourth year. Gryffindor. Brunette.


And then of course there are the Potters

James- seventh year. Gryffindor. Jet black

Al- Sixth year. Slytherin. Jet black

Lily- fourth year. Gryffindor. Ginger

I’m not going to lie but I’m pretty impressed with myself for retaining all this information. The group of us begin to chat and they ask me questions from time to time but I just reply with “Yes” or “No”.

“Oh dear here comes Rose” Fred warns.

“This is not going to be pretty” Dom mutters.

A tall skinny beautiful red head girl storms down the dining hall towards us. Of course she is Rose.

“Get ready” Hugo whispers and everybody visibly cowers as she plonks herself beside Al and opposite me.

“Bloody Professor Chang! I can’t believe she made me polish every bloody suit of armour in the fucking school. My hands have gone numb. NUMB! She is out to get me I swear” she yells waving her red hands dramatically.

“Well what do you expect from hexing Ender during class, in front of Professor Chang”

“I still stand by that Ender hexed himself.”

“So you’re telling us that Ender purposefully grew tusks out of his nostrils?”

“He’s so bloody stupid he probably did.”

“Whatever you say” Hugo mutters to Roxie.

Rose glared at her brother before continuing “And then to top it all off I had do It all with bloody Malfoy!”

“I still don’t get why you hate Scorpius so much” Al sighed.

“Because I just do!” Rose snapped “Just because he’s your best friend doesn’t mean he needs to be mine.”

No one spoke.

“Anyhows now that I’ve got that of my chest what have I missed?”

Lily gives a small cough, and Rose’s eyes suddenly lock onto mine.

“Who the fuck are you?” Charming.

“Fides” they all say in unison.

Further silence.

“Has Uncle Charlie had a kid we don’t know about?” she enquires after scrutinising my auburn hair. James gives a loud snort and Dom starts to choke on her food.

“I’m new. Apparently we are in the same year”

“Right well as long as you don’t snore I’m sure we’ll get along just fine.”

“You don’t need to worry about me snoring, I sing instead”

“What?” Dom cries once she had finally stopped choking.

“Do it all the time. Apparently I once sang the whole of Oliver in a German accent”

“Are you serious” Rose’s face becoming increasingly worried.

“Nope it was actually Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.” I said, my nonchalant face finally breaking. Rose let out a sigh of relief and we all broke into laughter.  We continue to chat happily until we were the last group of people in the dining hall.

“I’m going to go see if I can find Scorpius. Probably recovering from the delightful time spent with you darling Rose.” Al sighs whilst Rose smiles up at him sweetly.

“We should probably head off too. Welcome Fides to the greatest place known to man. Gryffindor tower!”



“Bloody hell there’s a lot of stairs. You’d think being magical and all they would come up with an easier way to get around- and I don’t think stairs that move at their own free will is helpful” I moan for the hundredth time as we reach the top of the stairs.

“Quit your complaining we’re here now!”


“About bloody time” I gasp, pretending to take a puff from an inhaler.


“Password” a proud fat woman enquires from her painting.


“Fuck I keep forgetting you guys talk”


“Children today no manners what so ever.”


“Here we go again” Dom rolls her eyes.


“I remember when I…”


“Dobby’s Socks” Rose interrupts the painting and it reluctantly swings open revealing a large opening in the wall. I climb in behind Rose and Dom whilst they both complain about how they wish they could paint over the Fat Lady’s mouth at night. Suddenly, I’m struck dumb as I take in my surroundings. This place is amazing that words can’t even begin to describe it. I survey the room that feels so warm and happy gazing at everyone in it. Some first or second years are playing a game of chess in the corner (hold on did that knight just smash that bishop?!), a handful of people are studying as a group by the fire, others gossiping by the window and… eww a couple are getting pretty passionate by the bookshelf. What a violation to books. I’m about to go tell the inseparable couple this, but Rose grabs my arms and takes me up a set of spiral stairs.

“And this, my dear friend is your new dorm” Rose says as we stand behind a door saying Sixth Year Girls.


“Figured” I say pointing to the sign.


“Alright no need to get clever with us” Rose said whilst pushing the dorm open. And for about the billionth time today I’m left speechless.


“This is your bed here” Dom interrupts my state of dumbness by running towards an empty Four Poster bed.


“That’s my bed?” I splutter.


“Erm yeah”

I approach the grand bed cautiously, allowing my fingers to stroke the white silk sheets, the patterned bed post, the heavy read velvet curtains, the duck feathered pillows. Well this beats the floor any day. I don’t think I have ever slept on anything as grand as this. My tattered trunk rests at the bottom of my bed and my belongings are laid on top of the sheets.


“ Is that all you brought” Dom says whilst eyeing the content of my trunk; which consists of a couple of toiletries, a handful of clothes and under wear,  my glasses and a much loved book of Shakespeare’s complete works.


“It’s all I have” I reply without thinking.




“Erm nothing” I answer too quickly. I begin to busy myself by placing my book and glasses on my bed side table.


“Didn’t you get any of your school stuff from Diagon Alley?” Rose asks.


“Erm… no” I mutter, unsure as to what they are referring to.


“Didn’t your parents give you some hand-me-downs?”




“Did they get you anything?”




“I’m sure they would have if they were still alive” I mumble in the hope that they won’t hear. Dom and Rose don’t say anything, so I start to put away my few belongings.


“I’m so sorry Fides” Dom hurries by my side.


“Me too” Rose says giving me an awkward pat on the back. Clearly neither of them is good at awkward situations and I’m so grateful for this, otherwise I would probably break down and stain my lovely new silk sheets.


I look up at them both and give the biggest smile I can muster. “So basically I’m going to be really annoying and ask what everything is because I am seriously clueless.”


“So you don’t know anything about magic”




“Nothing at all?”


“Not even Qudditch?”


I shrug my shoulders and then suddenly remember the chocolate frog card.


“By the way what on earth is a Muggle and who the hell is Voldermort?”


“Oh Merlin” sighs Dom and she flings herself dramatically on her bed. Was it something I said?


“Wait here” Rose cries before running out of the dorm. A few moments later Rose crashes through the door with a stack of books probably twice her body weight.


“Trust you to resort to books” Dom laughs whilst rolling her eyes at the ceiling. Rose pushes past her and begins to pile the books beside me.


“Okay we have A History of Magic, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Hogwarts: a History- my mum treasures that book more than me so if you damage it in any possible way she will personally come into your room at night and kill you!”


“Something to look forward to” I sigh. Dom snorts at this but Rose continues to churn out books.


“The Boy Who Lived. My Mum, Dad and Uncle Harry are all in this and so is Voldermort so I suggest you read this first because it is pretty key stuff. I managed to persuaded James to lend you his Qudditch throughout the ages, it’s probably the only book he has actually read. I swear to God he nearly cried when he heard you didn’t know what Qudditch was. And lastly The Standard Book of Spells to help you get started. You do have a wand right?”




“Merlin’s beard!” Dom and Rose both exclaim.


Just then the door swung open and a tall skinny girl with long golden hair waltzes in. She has light blue ribbons and bells tied in her curls and is covered in jewellery that jangles when she walks. She is wearing a simple vest top with a long purple skirt that falls at her ankles. Whilst I was absorbing her ethereal appearance, she began to talk at a rapid pace.


“You must be Fides. I’m Jo Rodgers. I have an older brother called Bertie. He’s in Gryffindor too. Thank God you’ve arrived I thought I would be stuck with the Weasleys for the next two years after Gemma left. She had a nerves break down. Poor girl. She ate her own hair. Wasn’t pretty. By the way Professor Longbottom told me to tell you and Rose that he needs to meet you in his office straight after breakfast.”




“Jo likes to cover as many topics as possible in less than a minute, you’ll get used to it” Rose clarifies.


“Bit harsh” Jo pouts.


“Doesn’t stop it from being true” Jo hurls a plump pillow at Rose’s head.




“Watch it Jo, you don’t want to damage Rose’s face any more than it already is” Dom teases, earning a good beating of the pillow from Rose.


“Alright, alright I take it back” Dom surrendered, her voice muffled under the pillow.


“Doesn’t stop it from being true” mimics Jo, and both Dom and Rose hurl their pillows at Jo.




“OOOUUUCH!”  We all imitate Jo’s pathetic squeal.


“Well if that’s how you’re going to be I believe we ought to initiate dear Fides into the dorm.” Before I’m even able to jump from the bed Jo has pinned me down whilst Rose and Dom attack me from all different sides. After my initiation, we all collapse on my bed, our sides aching with laughter. Eventually we can all breathe again and I turn to look at Dom.


“Shit Dom is your nose bleeding?!” I yelp


“WHAT!” Dom races towards the bathroom setting us on another wave of laughter, Rose actually has tears rolling down her angel like face.


“Oh very funny” cries Dom from the bathroom when she realises I was only joking.


“Fides you’re an absolute legend” gasps Jo between her laughter.


“I’ve never seen Dom Look so scared before, apart from the time we convinced her that Hogwarts was becoming an all-girls school.” This just sets Rose and Jo off again.


“Oh hardy ha” says Dom after Rose actually rolled off the bed with laughter.


“Shit I do actually have a nose bleed” Rose cries from the floor and we all start to roar with laughter again.

Several hours later, when Rose’s nose has stopped bleeding, we finally stop laughing and begin to rearrange the room back to its original state. After the extremely long day I have had, I fall asleep on my bed fully dressed.

My mind drifts to Chocolate frogs, Ginger hair and pillows and I can’t help but smile. And for the first time in a long time I feel happy. For the first time in a long time I feel safe.



A/N Hello!!! Thank you to all who have continued to read this story-my heart belongs to you. Okay so I know this chapter is pretty dull but I needed to get introductions out of the way so I can move on with the story however I did leave some clues in there which are important. Also to anyone who rolled their eyes at the idea of Fides being an orphan take it back. It is not a cliché but a vital part to the plot (yes there is a plot. A plotty plot full of plotty plotfulness. The word plot is starting to sound weird to me). I’m not going to lie but I’m not that happy with this chapter but I really just want to get this story moving because there is some serious Drama and Romance in store! I may edit this chapter later on or something. Anyhows please review!

P.S. I’m trying my best to keep this as accurate to the wonderful amazing Harry Potter books by the Legend J.K Rowling but I failed to find the surname of Audrey (Percy’s wife) so please don’t kill me. Okay you may now go and REVIEW this chapter (God bless anyone who is still reading this X)


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