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Rest in Pieces by BrittJade
Chapter 15 : Reflection
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 I had never been to a Weasley feast before, so I was intrigued by the scene before me. Before anyone was allowed to even think about eating there were announcements and speeches.

 First were Ron and Lavender announcing their engagement. I could only assume that they had told everyone about Lavender’s pregnancy, as Molly wanted them to get married as soon as possible.

Next were Hermione and Draco, looking nervous.

       “Everybody, Draco and I would also like to announce that we are moving in together after we are finished Hogwarts.” I was not shocked by this. The pair was inseparable; like a match made in heaven. And of course due to the war, school finished earlier than usual for the seventh years. Instead of finishing in June like the rest of the school, our graduation would be held on March the 15th.

Finally after a few more announcements we were allowed to eat. The table was massively long and filled with delicious food. Everyone was immersed in their own conversations except for George.

He sat there quietly picking at his chicken, his eyes darting to the empty chair next to him. That was the place that Fred was supposed to sit.

I didn’t feel hungry anymore. I sat watching George push his food around his plate absentmindedly. I glanced up for a second to see Molly looking at us with tears in her chocolate brown eyes. I motioned to the house and then to George. She seemed to understand as she nodded and went back to her previous conversation. I squeezed George’s hand and pulled him up, leading him away from the feast up to the house.


George’s P.O.V


Christmas was always my favourite time of year, that was until Fred died. This was my first Christmas without him and there was a gaping space next to me where he should have been.

Just as I thought I couldn’t take it anymore Luna grabbed my hand and gently pulled me away from the table, leading me back to the house.

I wasn’t paying attention to where she was leading me until we stopped in front of a closed door. It was the door to the room I shared with Fred. I looked at Luna startled that she would bring me here of all places. She smiled at me reassuringly and pushed open the door. I took a deep breath and stepped inside.

It was just how I remembered it. Same two beds, same wardrobe, same everything. Even the glass from the mirror I smashed. Of course not everything was the same. Fred was missing, and that was something that couldn’t be replaced.

I slowly walked over to Fred’s bed, running my hand down the dusty sheet. It seemed like no one had come in here since the funeral.

I looked back up at Luna. She was standing in the doorway, a slight smile on her pink lips. She came over and wrapped her arms around my neck. I buried my face in her hair.

       “I’ll give you a minute,” She said, stepping out of the room but leaving the door slightly ajar.

I looked down at Fred’s bed again. His Weasley sweater still lay on the edge. I picked it up, rubbing my finger against the ‘F’. It still smelt like him, the same musky scent. A tear dropped onto the blue fabric. I suddenly felt disappointed in myself. Fred wouldn’t have wanted this. After all we had been through he wouldn’t have wanted me to waste my life away.

I backed out of the room, still clutching Fred’s sweater to my chest. When I backed straight into the door I turned and ran straight into the bathroom, not even pausing when Luna called my name. I reached the basin and stared intently into the mirror. I didn’t recognise the person staring back at me. My hair was long and manky, hanging just short of my shoulders. There were dark circles under my eyes, and my cheekbones stuck out, looking as if they may break through my skin at any moment. And worst of all, were my eyes. Once they were full of laughter, now they just looked dead. I knew things had to change.

       “Luna?” I called, hoping she was still standing outside the door. I had no idea why she was with me, she was gorgeous of course, and I looked like crap. But I wasn’t complaining. I needed her, without her I was nothing.

Luna appeared in the doorway. She smiled at me slightly before coming to stand behind me. I turned to face her and kissed her forehead.

       “Can you pretty please with Merlin’s pants on top cut my hair for me?” I asked wrapping my arms around her waist. She nodded and turned me around, not questioning my sudden change in attitude. I was grateful for this. I didn’t think anyone, not even Luna, could possibly understand.

Luna whipped out her wand and started muttering under her breath. I felt my hair get shorter and shorter until it was the perfect length. I turned around and looked at her again. She simply was breathtaking.

       “Marry me, Luna?” I blurted out, unable to stop myself.  She looked up at me again, her blue eyes glinting with confusion.

       “Not now I mean, of course you will have to finish Hogwarts first, but I just wanted you to know that I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you.” I was rambling now. Luna was smiling at me now, the confusion in her eyes gone.

       “Of course George, I love you too, but I expect a proper proposal.” She said jokingly. I laughed along with her, but of course I was going to take her seriously.

       “Now come on, we have to get back to dinner.” She took my arm and led me back out the door.


Luna’s P.O.V


George and I headed home after finishing dinner and desert. His words kept wringing in my head, and I found it hard to concentrate on anything else. I didn't know what marriage would mean, or how long my forever would last, with my test results. Molly asked if I was all right a few times, and I told her I was just tired. After the fifth time she asked me this I announced that George and I were leaving.

George and I apparated straight home, stopping in the kitchen to say goodnight to Daddy, but he wasn’t there. I checked the rest of the house, but it looked like he hadn’t been there all evening. I went back to the kitchen to check one more time when a note sticking on the fridge caught my eye. I walked over and read it. 

‘My Dearest Luna,

                               So sorry for the late notice, but an old friend of mine is in town with his family and we are catching up tonight so I won’t be home until later tomorrow night. Be safe with George. I trust you.

                Merry Christmas, Love Dad.

I put down the note and turned to see George standing in the doorway. This was it. Tonight would be the night.

       “We’re alone,” I said seductively biting my lip and pushing George up the stairs on impulse.


A/N: Thank you all for reading. Remember to leave a review. They mean the most to me. Thank you! :D                                                                                              

    Next chapter Luna's secret is revealed.

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Rest in Pieces: Reflection


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