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Paint It Black by amymoni
Chapter 5 : Chapter Four
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I already had enough reasons to hate Transfiguration. My natural gift at it being one. My struggle to keep it at bay and keep it secret being another.

Today Professor McGonagall just gave me a couple more.

First she made me pair up with Sirius Black.

I'd never really cared for the fact that Flint didn't qualify for NEWT level Transfiguration until I heard McGonagall's voice across the classroom this morning.

"Bulstrode with Zabini, and Avery with... Black. Black, take your things and go sit by Avery."

Black didn't look any happier about this arrangement than I was. He dropped his books next to mine on the desk and sat down heavily without saying a word.

Then Professor McGonagall went and announced what the class was going to be about.

Human Transfiguration.

As if I didn't hate her class enough already.

Black was supposed to change my hair colour. He was supposed to point his wand at my light brown hair and with a non-verbal spell turn it into a different colour of his choice.

His choice was Gryffindor red and it only took him one try.

I looked at myself in the hand-mirror and then back at him.

He looked so smug about it, I just couldn't let it go. Determined to wipe that smirk off his handsome face, I made a show of pointing my wand at myself, when really what did it was the split second that I closed my eyes in concentration, and then my hair was a deep green colour.

Black frowned at me.

"How did you do that?" he asked.

"Same way you did," I shrugged arrogantly and then turned my wand on him, silently praying that I'd get the same result.

Needless to say, I didn't.

Black's hair remained for the most part as it was, only with a few green highlights here and there.

He inspected his hair in the hand-mirror and then looked back at mine, still flawlessly green, without even a hint of a brown strand. I could almost hear his brain working, at the same time that mine seemed to have stopped thinking altogether.

I needed out of there.

"Try it on me again," he told me.

It didn't even cross my mind to argue. I raised my wand again, although I knew it would be in vain before I even repeated the incantation in my mind.

The highlights in his hair turned a lighter shade of green but the colour did not spread any farther.

Black's eyes were boring into mine.

"You changed yours pretty easily," he said pointedly.

"Luck, I guess," I replied, my mouth suddenly gone dry.

"Luck. Right."

The doubt in his voice was evident.

"What do we have here?"

At the sound of Professor McGonagall's voice, my body relaxed in relief.

"Outstanding work, Black. Avery, is that all you can do?"

I saw Black open his mouth, ready to tell Professor McGonagall that my bright green hair had been a result of my own work.

"I'll practice more," I said hurriedly, looking at him in what I hoped was a clear warning.

Black shut his mouth obediently and Professor McGonagall moved on to the next desk.

I could feel him looking at me as I turned away from him and burried my head in one of my books. I didn't even know which one it was. My eyes couldn't focus on any of the words while his were fixed on my profile.

It must have been the longest class in Hogwarts history.




A/N: Do you enjoy the story? Or do you think I should stop writing? Either way, review and let me know :)

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Paint It Black: Chapter Four


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