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Daydream by Harrypotterbookworm
Chapter 1 : Daydream
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I wasn’t planning on kissing her that day.

I didn’t wake up in the morning and go, ‘I’m going to kiss Molly Weasley today.’

Even only two minutes before, I still didn’t know what I was going to do.

But hell, I was glad I did.

We were in NEWT Level Charms, heads down, reading hard. With only two more days until the exam, tension was high, and all of the students in the class, Molly and I included, were slightly melting down into lumps of exam stress. The sun streamed in the windows, taunting us with its hot glare, and you could even hear the edges of the lake lapping up on the shore. I rocked back on my seat, surveying the class and stretching my arms after a long period of trying to work but not really suceeding. Yes, everyone was working.

Everyone apart from her. Gorgeous, glorious her.

Oh how I could look at her all day. The pale skin, the shiny auburn hair, the way she gazed longingly out the window, studies forgotten for the moment. Molly was lost in a daydream, she always seemed to be somehow, and I fell into a daydream about her.

“Oh William,” she sighed, leaning in my arms in front of the lake, watching the sun go down. “I love you so very much.”

“I love you too Molly. Let’s get married and be together forever. You can wear gorgeous dresses every day and I’ll paint masterpieces. We’ll even have an endless supply of pie always on hand.” We both sighed contentedly at my words, gazing over the sun covered waves.

She turned her head up to see me. “That sounds absolutely wonderful darling.”

I leant my head down, lips about to touch hers in a mould of glorious-

“Practical practice time please class.” My head flopped off my hand and hit the desk with a loud bang causing laughter to ring around the room as Professor Smith broke the silence. A peal of bells caught my attention and I turned back to my darling across the room. She had one hand over her mouth, eyes crinkled up as she giggled along with the rest of them. I winked at her, and she blushed the most glorious shade of pink.

Totally was worth the public humiliation.

Professor Smith rolled her eyes and returned to what she was saying. I sunk lower in my seat, wanting to return to the blessed daydream. I could nearly see the light on the lake again, when my name being said called me abruptly back.

“Mr. Graham could demonstrate it for us. Mr Graham?”

I had no idea what I was meant to be demonstrating. Crap.

“Sure, Professor Smith.” I slowly left the safety of my chair and made my way up to the front, desperately glancing around the room to try and find someone who would help me.

“Whenever you’re ready, Mr Graham.” Professor Smith took a seat behind her desk, and if I was not mistaken a smug smile appeared on her face. No help from that annoying one.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw my friend Stephen gesturing something with his hands.

Idiot, I pffed in his direction, before acually taking a closer look at what he was doing.

Wriggling fingers … falling downwards … RAIN! I grinned at him, silently taking back my calling him an idiot and then glanced quickly at Molly before concentrating on the spell. She had taught it to me, coincidently, in one of our many ‘study’ sessions – A.K.A her teaching me things but me having too much pride to call it tutoring. Well, I never had actually gotten the hang of the spell, but she had taught me very well. Molly did everything very well. Including moving that gorgeous behind of hers in the delicately adjusted length school skirt that she wore …. I snapped myself back to the task at hand rather then floating away again. It was the same in the ‘study’ sessions. I was always a little too busy daydreaming of our lives together to really notice what she was telling me I was doing wrong.

Merlin loves a trier though.

Non infectum pluvia!” I said, pointing my wand up at the ceiling, starting to get the feeling I had been standing up the front too long to be considered normal. Immediately, rain began to fall, drenching everything around, including myself. Chaos reigned as students desperately tried to save study notes and textbooks and run for the door.

Now that wasn’t quite meant to happen. Guess I forgot the last wand flick which caused the rain not to wet anything. My bad.

Covering my head with my arms, I began to head back to my desk to save my own notes when I spotted my darling Molly again. She didn’t seem to be bothering with her notes, stead looking up at the ceiling in wonderment, hands out at her sides, as if to feeling if the rain was real. Then she giggled, then laughed, the peal of bells making a goofy grin appear on my face.

Notes forgotten in pursuit of a much more important goal of reaching her and doing … something, I battled against the tide of people headed towards the door to get to where she was standing in all her radiance. Molly looked away from the ceiling when I arrived in front of her and I was surprised to see she was completely dry.

I seriously did something a little wrong. Blame me.

“You made it rain.” Her incredulous voice was music to my ears, making my grin widen even more and yet again snapping my attention back to what was actually happening in front of me.

“Yet I don’t see you getting wet.” I replied, inching a little closer to her beautiful side as if pulled by a magnet.

“Yes,” Her eyebrows furrowed together in confusion, not seeming to notice my moving to her side at all. “Were you thinking especially of me when you cast the waterproofing bit?”

“Molly,” I took another step forward so there was barely any space between us anymore, directly looking in her eyes. I just couldn’t seem to contain myself any longer. “I’m always thinking of you.”

Molly smiled at this, as goofily as I was. At that point, the urge I had been feeling for months now overpowered me – I didn’t put up much of a fight to be honest with you - and pressed my lips hard to hers, hands moving straight to her flowing auburn hair. After a few glorious moments in which my life was changed forever, I quickly pulled back; stepping away as I did so, scared at my own daring. I dearly hoped she would take it the way I intended, in the ‘I love you so much and I want to have many glorious children with you’ kind of way.

She seemed to think for a moment, as if not sure.

I fiddled anxiously, horrified at myself for maybe embarrassing myself to oblivion and making Molly feel uncomfortable.

Molly giggled. Then laughed.

I stood anxiously, desperately hoping that it was good laughter. She was such a marvellous creature; I’m not sure what I would do if it was bad laughter.

“I quite liked that.” Molly giggled out eventually, still holding her stomach. I let out my breath in a huge gush, feeling the relief flood onto my face and into my heart. My Molly.

“Could we do it again?” She pondered aloud, brown eyes shining with mischief and the goofy grin quickly made its comeback with a vengeance.

“I hope so.” I tried to act suave, for I had been told that my normal goofy way of pleasing people was ‘not cool’ but this only made her giggle again. So I relented and just kissed her again instead, bumping nose a little to begin with but nevertheless making my heart soar.

My Merlin, thank you.


Molly lay in my arms as we watched the sun set over the lake that evening. The golden tipped waves lapped peacefully against the shore as I turned to look at the glowing girl I had somehow managed to get to kiss me. Was I, or was I not the luckiest man alive right now?

No doubt in the matter.

“I like pie.” I sighed contentedly, making my happiness complete and causing Molly to look upwards at me.

“I like pie too.” The peal of bells rang out again, sending my happiness scale into the hundreds as we turned back to the glorious view in front of us.

Daydreams come true. I swear it.

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