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Unprepared by MissIncendio
Chapter 10 : What Passes For Normal
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Chapter Ten

I awoken on a soft bed, in a large room with a woman a little older than my mom waving her wand over me.
“Madame Clearwater?” I asked, slightly confused.
“Ah, you're awake, good.” She smiled at me, and tucked her wand into the apron she wore.
I looked around, I was in the hospital wing laying in a bed while Scorpius lie on the bed next to me. What was I doing here?
“Feeling alright, Miss Weasley?” Madame Clearwater asked, concernedly.
I nodded and hopped out of my bed, noticing my head swam slightly and my body ached a little, but I was fine. “Can I go now?” I asked, stepping towards the doors and looking towards the clock, it was already half nine.
She pursed her lips and looked me over. “I suppose, you seem fine.”
“Great, thanks!” I cried over my shoulder as I made my way out of the doors.
I nearly sprinted out of the hospital wing, eager to get out and find out what the hell happened to me. All I remembered was playing Quidditch and then bam, nothingness.
“Polyjuice.” I said to the Fat Lady, after climbing up several flights of stairs, and she swung open to let me in.
“Rose!” A chorus of worried voices called the moment I had stepped into the room, and I was engulfed by a flurry of arms patting me on the back and hugging me.
“I'm glad you're okay.” Ryan smiled at me at the crowd began to thin, people satisfied now they knew I wasn't dead. “I almost had a heart attack when I saw them carrying you and Scorpius in!”
“What happened to me?” I asked, really confused still and turning from Ryan to Fred. How had Scorpius and I gotten hurt? I vaguely remembered falling off my broom, but where had Scorpius come into it?
“You were going to catch a pass, so your hands were off your broom, and Flint, that bastard, rammed into you from behind. You started falling but Malfoy caught you.” Fred explained. “I guess your weight knocked him off his broom or it was too much for the broom, cause you both started falling again, and you kinda landed on Malfoy. We flew down to see if you were okay, and you were both unconscious but I think Malfoy broke something.”
“Oh.” I said, still confused. Why had Scorpius saved me?
All of a sudden, Fred wrapped his arms around me and gave me a bone crushing bear hug. “Thank Merlin, you're okay.”
“Don't be getting all emotional on me, Freddie.” I laughed, patting him on the back.
“You wish.” Fred grinned at me as he pulled away. “I just don't want to find another Chaser. Oh, and you better go see Al, he was pretty worried about you.” His grin got bigger. “He got into a yelling match with Flint.”
I laughed again. “Oh, Al.” I sighed, and turned around, going back through the portrait hole.

“Rose!” Al launched himself at me the moment I stepped foot into the Slytherin Common Room. “You're okay!”
“Of course I am, Al.” I laughed, stumbling a little at his weight. “Were you really that worried about me?” I asked, a little touched.
“Well, with my best mate and my favourite cousin in the hospital, I'm a little freaked out at the moment.” He said, releasing me.
“Is there something going on with you and Scorpius?” He questioned suddenly, going from goofy to serious in an instant.
“No!” I snapped. “What made you think that?”
“When you fell, Scorpius raced to catch you.” He said, studying me. “When he flew past me, I heard him say 'Not Rose.' It sounded like he was in pain or something.” He raised an eyebrow at me suspiciously.
“Nothing is going on!” I sighed exasperated. “Can I borrow the Cloak?”
“Going to visit Scorpius?” He asked teasingly, but got up and shuffled to his room.
“Here.” He said, after he'd returned. “I need it back by tomorrow though.”
“Thanks, Al.” I gave him a hug, and started walking out the door. “See you in Charms.”

Once out of the doors, I threw the Cloak over myself and walked up the stairs quickly to the Hospital Wing. I opened the doors a crack and peered inside. It was empty, perfect. I slipped inside and cast Muffliato, to make sure Madame Clearwater didn't come running.
“Wake up.” I hissed, poking Scorpius' sleeping form with my wand. “Wake up!” I hiss louder, when he didn't stir.
He rolled over to face me, and shut his eyes tightly before they flew open. “Wha-huh? Rose? What're you doing here? And what time is it?” He said, glancing at me confusedly, then looking at the clock.
“It's after ten and I needed to talk to you.” I replied, dragging over a chair and sitting down.
“Couldn't you have waited until morning?” He said, groaning. Then he saw the look on my face. “What is it?”
“First, how bad are you hurt?” I asked, scanning over him. He seemed fine.
“I broke my leg, but she mended that pretty quickly.” He said, his voice even. “She said I've got a slight concussion, so I can't play Quidditch for the next week. I'm fine though.” He finished, grimacing.
“Okay.” I answered in a quiet voice.
“Why did you save me?” I asked in an even quieter voice.
“I don't know.” He whispered.
“How can you not know?” I cried, frustrated, I was so confused! “You broke your leg to save me, you must have had a reason!”
“I don't know!” He said, louder this time. “All I remember thinking was 'Not you.' And the next thing I knew, I'd caught you but we were still falling. I didn't even realize I did it, I just knew I couldn't let you fall.”
Silence washed over the room, as my mind processed this.
“Why?” I demanded. “Why did you know you couldn't let me fall?”
“Rose, I think we both know why.” He stated, his voice strong but clipped. “I could never stand to see you hurt, for reasons we both won't admit.”
I flushed, so he knew then how I felt about him.
An awkward and weighted silence filled the room as he waited for my reply.
“Well,” I said, starting to get up. “thank you. You know, for saving me.”
“Your welcome.” He replied, his voice filled with some emotion I couldn't place as we stared at each other. I felt frozen under his eyes.
Ripping my eyes from his, I turned around on my heel and sprinted out of the room.
“Rose!” I heard him call after me as I reached the doors but I kept running.
I didn't stop until I had reached my dormitory and I flopped down on my bed covering my face in my empty hands. 'Bugger.'I thought, groaning inwardly. I'd left the Cloak in the hospital wing.
I was beyond caring at this point, as I crawled under the covers and fell fast asleep.

“Thanks for returning my Cloak.” Albus told me sarcastically the next morning as he sat down beside me at the Gryffindor table. Rowan, Dom, Ryan and I had all been eating breakfast when we were interrupter by my cousin.
“Get back to your own table.” I muttered as I shoved a piece of bacon into my mouth.
“No, thanks, I quiet like it here.” He said, shooting a smile at Ryan who blushed scarlet. Much to mine and Dominique's annoyance, the two of them had still not gotten together. The snog fest that they'd had still hung awkwardly in the air as both of them shyly flirted with each other.
Dom and Rowan were now also acting strange around each other, they were flirting a lot more, so much so it was hard to be around them at times. And I knew for a fact, having caught Dom creeping out of the dorm once, that they had been sneaking out of the grounds together. Why they didn't come out and tell us they liked each other was beyond me, because everyone could see the way they looked at each other. Take right now for example, they were fighting over a piece of toast, then giggling madly as Dom fed it to him. The sexual tension was getting ridiculous. I think what stopped them both was the fact they both never had a real relationship and preferred to hook up and serial date. Two players dating each other would make for one hell of a gossip storm.
“So Rose,” Albus started, turning away from Ryan to look at me accusingly. “you snuck into the hospital wing to see Scorpius last night.” He raised an eyebrow at me, daring me to contradict him.
“Yes.” I mumbled into my toast and marmalade. “I was just thanking him for catching me.”
“And just how did you 'thank' him?” Al asked, grinning like mad.
“Shut up, Al!” I exclaimed, throwing my toast at him as Rowan,and Ryan roared with laughter. “You know I hate him!”
“Rose.” Dom looked at me seriously, and some emotion I couldn't quite place flickered in her eyes. Guilt? “Tell the truth. Do you fancy him?”
“Please.” Ryan rolled her eyes. “We all know how you two feel about each other.”
“And how is that?” I asked through gritted teeth.
“You and Scorpius are in love with each other.” Ryan said casually, sipping her pumpkin juice.
“ARE NOT!” I shot up and looked down at them furiously. “Scorpius and I hate each other!”
“Fine.” Dom rolled her eyes, and I sat back down. “But we're all friends, it's weird with you two hating each other. You two need to talk about some things.”
I froze, trying to imagine having that conversation and shuddered inwardly. I chewed once, and looked at my friends innocently. “What things?”
“Feelings, love or hate, whichever.” Ryan responded.
I glowered at her and took a sip of of pumpkin juice.
“Keep on denying it,” Al laughed, “but we all know you two secretly dream of snogging the crap out of each other.”
I spluttered, spraying my juice all over my friends as Scorpius plunked down next to to me and I flinched away.
“What you talking about?” He asked, stealing a piece of my bacon.
“Nothing.” I growled, my face burning scarlet. “And get your own damn bacon, Malfoy.”
Albus opened his mouth to say something, probably terribly inappropriate, but Ryan shot him a look and the conversation turned towards simpler things like Quidditch and Scorpius' release from the hospital.


Days seemed to slip by after that. The days were filled with classes, Quidditch and Ryan insisting Scorpius and I talk to each other, while Dom, thank Merlin, changed the subject every time Ryan brought it up. I dreaded Potions lessons which we filled with narrowed eyes, awkward silences and bickering. Things had become increasingly awkward between Scorpius and I as the unsaid things pressed down on us, and we floated in indecision about our feelings. One minute, we would be at each others throats and threatening each other, the next awkwardly avoiding each others eyes. We ignored each other around our friends, acknowledging each other only when necessary.
Dom and Ryan also had their own boy troubles to deal with. Dom, her heated friends with benefits situation with Rowan, and would for some reason not get serious with him. And Ryan, who was still in the flirting, but making no progress, with Al. Both hoped the upcoming event would fix their situation.

“I can't believe the Halloween ball is only two days away!” Ryan shrieked as we got ready for dinner in our dorm. It was Thursday evening, and we had a Hogsmeade trip tomorrow instead of classes, with the ball the following night. The tradition of having a Halloween ball, and several others through out the year for that matter, had surfaced right after the war. Though the teachers said it was a chance to promote inter-house unity and rubbish like that, we all used it as the chance to get drunk and dance.
“I know!” Dom bounced excitedly on her bed. “We need to get to Hogsmeade early tomorrow, before all the good costumes are gone!”
Ryan nodded brightly but then her expression fell. “Do you think Al will ask me to the ball?”
We'd had this conversation several times, both about Al and Rowan, but still the girls obsessed over it. I never brought dates to balls, preferring to pick someone out when I got there and then snogging him, before moving onto my next victim.
“I don't know.” Dom replied, as her face also fell. “What about Rowan?”
Sighing heavily, I rolled my eyes. Time to take matters into my own hands.
I excused myself quickly, and ran down the stairs to the Common Room. I spotted Rowan talking to some fifth year girls, and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt, dragging him along with me.
“Ow! Bloody hell, Rose!” He protested as I pulled him through the portrait hole and started down the stairs.
He kept up a constant stream of protests as I dragged him down towards the Slytherin Common Room.
“Animagus.” I said at the entrance, and the door swung open.
Examining the Common Room for my cousin, I stalked up towards the dormitories, still dragging Rowan.
I burst through the doors of the sixth year boy's dorm, and looked around to see Scorpius hastily tugging on a shirt. I flushed and looked away. “Where's Al?”
“Right here.” Albus answered as he walked out of the bathroom.
Scorpius turned to me. “Should I leave?”
I shook my head. “No, I need a witness.” I growled, looking at Rowan and Al murderously.
“What did we do?” Rowan yelled exasperated, as he fixed his collar.
“It's what you haven't done.” I growled before morphing my furious expression to one of sweet innocence. I heard Scorpius snort behind me.
“What do you want us to do?” Al asked suspiciously.
“You,” I pointed at him, “are going to ask Ryan to the ball tonight. And you,” I turned on Rowan, “are asking Dominique.”
“Do it, guys.” Scorpius piped up from behind me. “I'm tired of watching you guys flirt. Ask them out already.”
I nodded, finding myself doing the impossible, and agreeing with Scorpius.
“Fine.” Rowan grumbled and stalked out of the room.
Albus rolled his eyes, and mumbled something along the lines of 'you're one to talk.' But he too nodded and walked out of the room, leaving me and Scorpius alone.
“That was nice of you.” Scorpius smirked at me as he pulled on his robe over his shirt.
“Yeah, well, I'm nice.” I replied awkwardly. This was really the only time we'd been totally alone together since that night on the Quidditch pitch and the unsaid things were still hanging heavily over us.
He snorted, and grabbed his wand off the table. “Coming to dinner?” He asked.
Nodding and following him out of the dorm, we made our way silently up to the Great Hall to find our friends sitting in a group all of them beaming.
“So I take it you asked them.” I said as Scorpius and I sat down on opposite sides of the table.
The boys turned red, and Ryan groaned. “Rose,” she scolded, “what did you do?”
“Nothing.” I smiled innocently at her, before tearing into a roll.
Ryan rolled her eyes and turned to Scorpius. “Do you have a date?” She asked, a sneaky grin on her face.
“Nope.” He answered, and I felt the knot in my stomach unclench. Wait, why did I care? “I prefer to go stag.”
“Rose doesn't have a date either.” Ryan announced, that grin getting bigger.
It clicked in my head what they were getting at. “No.” I said forcefully, slamming down my cutlery.
“Scorpius,” Ryan said, looking slyly at me, “why don't you take Rose?”
Rowan and Al burst out laughing while Dom froze in the middle of taking a bit of toast, and Scorpius turned to me, studying my bright red face.
“Sure.” He smirked at me. “Rose Weasley, would you like to go to the ball with me?”
“Fuck off.” I spat at him. There was no way in hell I was going with him, no matter how many butterflies fluttered in my stomach when he asked me.
“Oh, go on, Rose!” Al cried, stuffing a piece of chicken in his mouth.
“Just say yes.” Rowan added.
“Rose.” Dom said softly, and I turned my attention to her. “You don't have to if you don't want to.”
“Thanks, Dom.” I smiled.
“No way!” Ryan exclaimed. “You have to go with him!”
“No, no, no.” Scorpius said. “Everyone stop, if she's going to go, she has to agree out of her own free will.”
“That'll never happen.” I replied scathingly.
“Wanna bet?” He smirked again, and stared at me.
Scorpius looked directly into my eyes, his dark grey eyes capturing mine. I felt his finger brush mine, and trace small circles there. “Please?” He whispered.
That whisper did it. He whispered to me once like that before, when he'd asked pleadingly if I was sure. I felt my resolve crumble, and I blinked, and pulled my hand back, our connection broken.
“Fine.” I sighed angrily.
I knew he'd get his way anyway, I was just saving myself a whole lot of frustration by agreeing now, I told myself.
“What was that, Rose?” Scorpius' smirk widened, turning into a wolfish grin.
I glared murderously at him. “I, Rose Weasley, agree to go to the Halloween Ball with you, Scorpius Malfoy.” I retorted cattily.
“Good.” He winked at me. “Pick you up at seven.”
I turned away in disgust to face my laughing friends. I groaned and pushed my dinner away, getting up from the table, only to be followed by a very giddy Ryan while Dom trailed along behind.
“You have a date with Scorpius!” Ryan squealed.
“Shut up!” I said, groaning.
What had I gotten myself into?

A/N: Hi, everyone! This one was a bit of a filler chapter but I hope you liked it anyways :) Thanks for all the reviews I've been getting, every one makes me smile! And thanks for all the reads!! Seriously, I'm up to 1500 reads *Cue Victory Dance* :) Next chapter will be up soon, but do you guys have any suggestions or complaints or anything? Just let me know, good or bad :) Please review and keep reading!! Love you all xoxo

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