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Love and War by starkidpottergal16
Chapter 4 : James the Professional Creeper
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  As the Marauders climbed off the train James was getting angrier and angrier at Snape,

"I can't believe it!" he said, "Sour Grapes Snape, trying to ruin my chances with Evans! I mean what kind of person would do that! Dammit, next time I see him he's gonna get a spell to that greasy forehead of his!" he pointed his wand in the air as he pretended to stab Snivellus.

"Prongs," Remus said, "I think you're handling this all wrong, you can't fight fire with fire...”

"Thank you professor Dumbledore..." James retorted, "What do you think Padfoot? Should I pop Snivellus' greasy head off?... Padfoot?... Sirius!!"

"Oh yeah, defiantly." Sirius wasn't listening he saw that girl again. "I'll be right back." he said as he ran off toward the carriages. "Evans! Hey Evans!"

Lily turned around and subconsciously moved her sleeve over her swollen hand. "What Black?"

"What is your friend's name?

"You know who Severus is..."

"No, not Snivellus, the brunette you were sitting with on the train!"

"Oh, that’s Maylea Lavone."

Sirius felt his heart skip a beat. "Okay, thanks Lily!"


***                 ***                 ***

"So Padfoot, what were you doing hitting on my girlfriend?" James asked.

"I wasn't! I was asking her what her beaut- I mean hot friend's name is!" Sirius said. The carriage hit a bump and Sirius' head hit the ceiling.

"mmm hmm," Remus said as he munched on some chocolate "and it is....?

"Moony you weren't even there! You don't know who I'm talking about!"

"Yeah I do," he took another bite of chocolate, "that brunette who almost killed you with the candy lady as a witness." 

"ohh!" James said "you got yourself an out-of-leaguer! High five!"

"Yeah, but..."

"But what, Padfoot? You're the hottest guy I know!... Besides me, but seriously! you wan't have a problem getting her!" his voice got louder, "Dude! You seriously have had more girls chasing after you than me! And thats saying something!"

"But what if she's got a boyfriend?"

"All is fair in love and war." Remus said quietly.

Sirius looked at Remus in shock, he'd never thought he'd hear Remus giving advise on ladies. This is a guy who has turned down the hottest girls ever because of his furry little problem.

"Come on Padfoot,  I don't think she hate hates you."

Sirius looked out the carriage window, letting his thoughts get the better of him.

She hates me, Sirius thought; she knows I'm a player. There is no way she'd go out with me, unless, I can prove to her otherwise. Sirius smiled no more player reputation! He is going to have one girlfriend and one girlfriend only, Maylea Lavone.

***                 ***                ***

"Padfoot! Look!"

It was the middle of dinner and James was studying the map they made two years ago that shows everyone, and every room of Hogwarts. Sirius looked up, chugging pumpkin juice. "Hmmm?" he said

"Lookit where Evans is going!"

Sirius swallowed "The bathroom?"

"Yes, BUT! She went before the feast! And-"




"As I was saying-"

"OI! James!" said a voice from behind Sirius.

"Mischief managed." James whispered "Frank! How you been long time no see!"

"Oh I'm fine, it's just that Evans is crying and- "

"Who made her cry? You know what I don't care," he turned to Frank "YOU'RE GONNA DIE SHLONGBOTTOM!"

"WAIT! Wait James!" Sirius grabbed James' arm "I think I know why she's crying!"


"Well, I'll tell you when we get back to the dorms" Sirius said taking a bite of a cookie. James looked at him angrily and let his head hit the table. 

"Why is the world so cruel!"

"Don't know. Don't care." Sirius said as he reached for James' cookie

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Love and War: James the Professional Creeper


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