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The Proposal by potterprincess07
Chapter 2 : Chapter 1 - Harry's Story
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A/N: So here is chapter two. It's kind of short, but I'm hoping to go back and later and add to it a little, as more chapters get finalized and I start piecing them all together. But here you go.



My heart beat deep in my chest as I realized what it was I was going to do. It was like anything, I suppose. I had thought about it for so long that I guess what it really meant hadn’t quite sunk in. 



“I’m going to propose,” I said to myself, taking a good look at the small black box that was sitting on the dresser. 




It was what I wanted to do, wasn’t it? I mean, after all, Ginny and I had been together for quite awhile. It was the next logical step to take. 




I thought back to some of the conversations that we had had before about it. 




Even though we hadn’t had much else to celebrate at the time, I remembered when Bill and Fleur had gotten married. How happy Ginny had seemed and the little remarks she had made. 




“Aren’t weddings beautiful, Harry?” she’d sighed right in my ear. 




Not to mention that I knew I couldn’t ask for anyone better as a wife. 




I looked up at the clock, grabbed the black box and headed out the door. 




I picked her up and we headed to the same restaurant we had dinner at every Friday night, so nothing seemed out of the ordinary, at least yet. 




I kept looking across the table and looking at her. 




That’s my future wife, I kept thinking. As long as she says yes, another voice in my head told me. 




“Harry?” Ginny asked, looking concerned. 




“Hmm?” I said, hoping to disguise the fact I had no idea what she was talking about or what question she had asked me.




She laid her menu down on the table and looked at me. 




“For the past five minutes I’ve been asking you if you knew what you wanted to eat. And for those same five minutes you’ve just had this dreamy expression on your face.” 




I shook my head and blinked my eyes a couple of times. 




“My usual,” I said, without even thinking twice about it. It seemed safe at least. 




She seemed to relax, at least a little. 




The waiter nodded as we rattled off our orders and offered to refill our glasses. 




“So, “ Ginny started, placing her elbows on the table and her head on top of her hands as she looked over at me. 




I just tipped my head to the side as I looked right back at her. 




“So…” I prodded, returning her smile. 




“Where are you,” she asked. At this point, I couldn’t tell if she was concerned or just plain pissed off. Sometimes there was a fine line between the two. 




I realized that I had better go ahead and make my move or else I would end up pissing her off for real, she’d storm out of the restaurant and I could kiss everything I had planned goodbye. 




I reached into my pocked and pulled out the box. 




I slid it in front of me, and slowly opened it as I slid down to one knee in front of her. 




“Ginny Weasley, will you marry me?” 




She let out  a gasp and put a hand up to her heat. 




“I umm,” she hesitated and I thought, oh no. She’s going to say no




“Yes!” she cried. “Yes, yes, yes!” 




I was the happiest man in the world.  Well, that is until….



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