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What is love? by megthechef43
Chapter 10 : Reflections
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A/N: Hello all my lovely readers and reviewers. This is a smaller chapter but hopefully you find it enjoyable.





Draco stood in his study and to anyone who might have seen him in that moment would see that he was clearly frustrated. He was mentally cursing Hermione for her blatant disregard for her life at this moment and his sanity. Then he switched tactic and started cursing himself for being so blind to the situation. He couldn’t believe he hadn’t seen her, even looked at her in months. He had become blind to her presence in the house because she had removed herself from normal activities. Sure he had been making sure she had everything she needed so at least he thought he had. After what he had seen this morning he was wrong to think he had proved her anything that she needed. If he had she wouldn’t be in her condition.


She had stopped talking to him and at first he was worried about her and then she became a fixture in the house. He would see her figure move through the halls and he would feel her slip under the covers in his bed at night after she had drank her fill of firewhiskey. He’d watch for a few minutes each day when she sat in the garden on that stone bench but even that was good enough. He hadn’t looked at her till this morning. They had breakfast together every morning and this morning he finally looked at her. She was a blaring sign of desperation. He thought back to the moment this morning.




Draco sat in his normal chair as he read the Daily Prophet. He finally heard the shuffle of slippers on the marble floors in the dining room and was relieved because his stomach was eating itself with hungry. The elves refused to serve breakfast until both the Master and Lady of the Manor where present. They exchanged their customary morning greeting.


“Morning, Hermione.” He mumbled softly but knew that she would hear him. He heard her rap on the table’s smooth surface with her knuckles in response to his verbal proclamation. He didn’t look up from his paper and within second he heard her slip into the chair on the opposite end of the table. He listened to the normal hustle of the morning as the house elves slipped through the door to serve breakfast. He heard the dishes clank together as the tiny hands dipped the spinach and cheese omelet that he ate every morning and was accompanied with a cup of tea and orange juice. Everything seemed normal this morning as he read the Daily Prophet.


“Lady Malfoy, missus must eat something, please.” He heard an elf plead to Hermione. This got his attention. His eyes snapped up to see Sprinkles standing in front of Hermione and Hermione’s eyes were diverted and facing out the window. He noticed Hermione for the first time since Ginny had visited two months ago. She looked like a walking skeleton. Her bony shoulder stuck out at what looked like grotesque angles from underneath the tank she had worn to bed last night.


“Hermione!” Her barked more out of the shock of her appearance. She directed gaze in his direction and the blood drained from his face. He hadn’t seen eyes as lifeless as hers since before the Dark Lord was vanquished by Harry. Her lacked any emotion or desire. He saw a hallow and gaunt ghost of the girl he had married three months ago. What hadn’t Harry said anything when he cam to see her last month. Why had he not seen it? They slept in the same bed for Merlin’s sake.


“When was the last time you ate something?” He questioned in a harsher voice than he wanted. She gave a noncommittal shrug before returning her gaze out the window.


“Eat SOMETHING!” Draco yelled and then realized he was standing in front of the lifeless shape of the Hermione. He was freaked out. This happened because they got married. He was suppose to make sure she made it out of this marriage alive and in the same condition as she was in when she came to him. He grabbed a piece of fruit off the plate sitting on the table in front of her chair.


“Here, eat this!” Draco exclaimed she just looked at the pear in his pale hands and then moved her gaze to rest upon him. “Hermione, I know your life has been hard but you life is worth more than this.” Draco pleaded with the unresponsive young women. Her frail fingers reached for the fruit but hesitated for a few moments before her bony fingers curled around the piece of fruit. Draco let out a sigh of relief when she took a small bite.


“Hermione, you can’t do this to yourself. Life is worth too much too waste away in this way. Please start eating.” She didn’t respond but took another bite of the pear she grasped in her hand.


“For now on you will eat. Even if I have to have forced feed you till you become healthy again. Then you will have to talk to me at some point. I’m going crazy in the silence.” Draco told her and then returned to his seat but even as he ate his eyes never left her frail form.


End of Flashback


Draco cringed at the thought of how Hermione had looked that morning a kicked himself once more. He needed to do something to get her out of her rut. He just kept thinking that he should have done something to help her before now but he just figured she would come out of it herself and she would be alright. Draco wished his mother would come back from France. She wouldn’t have let it get this bad.


Then an idea popped into his mind to hopefully help Hermione wake up again to the world that was moving on without her. Draco pulled a leaf of parchment and quickly wrote a letter before he started making preparations.  







Hermione felt she needed a shower after the intense breakfast she had shared with Draco. Hermione found herself wrapped in a lush cream colored towel as she stood in front of the mirror in the expansive cream colored bathroom she had been using since the wedding. Even though everyone else in the Manor refer to the pristine room as hers but she didn’t feel it was hers. She would be leaving it in a few short months. At least that is what it felt like to her. The time had been rushing by and at the same time it was crawling.


Hermione looked at her limp wet hair that strung down her shoulder it was dark from the moisture the clung to her strands. Life has been too hard for the past 7 years. Fifth year had been the starting point of my pain and most of the world for that matter.


Hermione leaned closer to the reflective surface in to her lusterless honey colored eyes as the lifeless orbs stared back at her with black rings standing out beneath her eyes. These are the same eyes he used to call bright and intelligent. Is this how I really look. The outside is starting to look like the inside. Why would anyone look at me? I’m not sure why he looked at me in the first place.


Hermione’s eye traveled over the paling and dull skin that barely cover her protruding cheekbones and the gaunt hollows that rest underneath them. He used to caress the skin on my cheeks with his big thumbs and tell me how much love he held for me in that big oversized heart he had.


Hermione’s view slid towards the cracked and flaking lips that rested above the dainty chin she had inherited from her mother. In that moment all she could she was her mother’s reflection looking back at her. She could see her soft brown tresses and same honey eyes with the dainty chin resting at the bottom of her oval face. Then Hermione blinked away the tears in her eyes and watched her reflection take on a gaunt and hollow look that was nothing like what her mother looked like when she was still around. Her eyes drifted back to her own flaky and pale lips and her mind drifted to him. His soft lips would capture my lips with urgency that was demanded by the situation of their relationship. He used to say “Your hold my whole in your kisses.”


Hermione’s eyes slipped past the dry cracks of her neglected lips and inched down her neck to the bony expanse of her shoulders. She had never been so thin before in her life. It reminded her of a skeleton. He would tell me that I was perfect in everywhere and it was faith that I became friends with his little brother. She was made for him.


Now the tears flowed down her face freely. Her vision was obscured by the tears that welled up in her eyes. She continued the scrutiny of her face but to get a closer look she slow crawled right onto vanity top to get a closer look and the girl that was wasting away in the mirror.  She hadn’t let herself cry since her meeting with Ron but now as the Draco’s words finally washed over she couldn’t help and she felt the hot pricks of tears assault her eyes. She sat on the counter and pulled her knees to her chest and let the tears fall. Draco had been right, life was far to precious to be living like this.


The tears eventually slowed and Hermione was able to wrangle in her emotion for now. She looked back at her reflection in the mirror and as the bony figure stared back at her she decided it was time. It was time to let Fred’s memory rest in the past and move on. It was time to live so that all the people who died in the war didn’t die in vain. That would be the biggest tragedy of them all. She realized she wasn’t honoring fred memory by being a mute but she was suppressing the best part of him which was his love. His love was for the world and magic and for her. It was time to move on to the future and quit moping around. I would be slow but she didn’t like the person staring back at her in the mirror, that girl was weak.


Draco opened the door to Hermione’s bathroom he was going to leave the garment bag that was in his hands in her bathroom but was stopped short when he looked up and Hermione was sitting on the counter in front of the mirror she was only wrapped in a towel and her face was blotchy like she had been crying recently. Her thin face held a question look.


“Hermione! I’m sorry, I figured you would be in the garden. I was just going to leave this for you.” Draco finished as he held the bag out in front of him. He watched her nod and turn back to look at her own reflection.


“We are going out tonight and I would like you to wear what is in the bag.” He finished a little stronger than he had with his previous statement. Her eyes flickered to his form in the mirror. Again she just gave small nodded as a response.


“Right. Well, be ready in the front foyer at 7 please.” Draco informed as he left the room. As he was closing the door to the bathroom he heard something that elated him for the rest of the day.


“Thank you, Draco.” Hermione whispered softly.


A/N: I'm hesitant to inform you my inspiration. I was riding in my little brother's truck the other day and heard this song that really called out as inspiration for this chapter.

It was .... dun, dun, dun, dunnnnnn ... "Mirror" by Lil Wayne and Bruno Mars... This is so outside my normal realm of music but anyway.... You never know where your next inspiration may come from.

Please put something/anything in that little box below and it would mean the world to me. Maybe my next inspiration. :) Thank you to everyone who has so far reviewed!!!!

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