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Alicia Malfoy by potterhead42
Chapter 3 : Chapter 2
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A/N: this chapter is a lot more lengthy in size and more detailed than the first two. I hope the other chapters are this detailed and long. I hope you enjoy Alicia’s take on the goblet of fire. I own none of the characters (apart from Alicia) of places or ideas, that be longs to J.K. i hope you enjoy.





This year we got two big surprises, well one of them was mainly for Draco, which was that the Triwizard tournament will be taking place at Hogwarts this year. The second was for all of us the Malfoy’s have been invited to the final of the four hundredth and twenty second quiditch world cup as the ministers guests because farther made a big donation to ST. Mungos hospital.





I have never seen the point of quiditch or followed it much neither has my mother. But there is no way I was going to miss an opportunity like this!





So on the day of the final we had to take a portkey. I have never taken a portkey before that point and I haven’t since. We each had to place one finger on an old mug and it felt like a hook was pulling me from my navel. When we arrived our campsite was full with prebuilt tents. Farther said smugly to mother “as we r the ministers guests we get a tent with indoor plumbing so we won’t have to go to a tap for water.”Once we got settled in we had lunch I had a bacon roll. It was time to go to a the pitch





We had climbed stairs for what seemed like an eternity. When we got up to the top box a group of people were already up there. It was none other than Harry Potter the mudblood (granger I think her name was) with the whole Weasley clan. My farther shook hands with the minister then farther introduced us. Then I noticed that Potter the weasel and mudblood were staring at me like they didn’t even know Draco had a sister. When it came to sitting down Draco shot the trio contemptuous glares. Once seated i heard they weasel whisper to the other to “who new Malfoy had a younger sister?” the other two just shrugged. It is safe to say that I have never been in a noisier and adrenaline filled environment. I enjoyed the mascots bit at the start the most. It was mystifying and wonderful they way that the veelas danced and the way that the lepricorns made shapes with each other. But I didn’t pick up any of the gold since I knew that it was fake even though I had the urge to.





The match was over. Ireland had one even though Bulgaria caught the snitch. I always thought that the team who caught the snitch had won. Well that quiditch for you the most complex wizarding game out there. Once back into the tent I pulled my pyjamas on. Then all of a sudden my farther rushed in and said “Alicia go with Draco into the woods stay safe and we will find you when it’s over”. Before I even had time to ask why Draco had grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the tent.





Once in the woods we found a nice tree to take refuge by until farther came for us. That was when we saw them. The tension couldn’t off been higher. Potter, weasel and the mudblood was there. Draco said something about weasel’s feet being too big. Then weasel swore. This was Draco’s response “language weasley I don’t want you ruining my sisters mind with your filth”. After that weasel said bluntly “I never even knew you had a sister”. They then left us in piece. About five minutes after they left, I then asked Draco “why didn’t they know about?” his reply was “I didn’t want them to know about you because you might of dragged intone of our arguments”. Well I couldn’t argue with that.





Tiredness was starting to catch up with me. Draco noticed this so he wrapped his arms around me so I could dosed of for a bit on his shoulder. At last mother and father came to fetch us. Draco didn’t want me to say anything about our encounter with potter in the woods. I was too tiered to argue with him.





We didn’t even bother waiting for morning to disaperate home. Mother had packed u with a flourish of her wand then we disaperated home. Me and Draco were sent straight to bed. I was glad to be back home in my own bed.





It was lunch time when I awoke next morning. There was only a week left until Draco had to go back to Hogwarts. After Draco came home from Diagon alley he had to show mother and me his dress robes. I had to try not to giggle because it looked like he was wearing dress.





Christmas was odd this year without Draco. But he sent us a letter which said:





Dear mother, farther and Alicia.





Since the Yule ball was at Hogwarts I decided to stay so I can go. I have successfully found a date her name is Pansy Parkinson. I think I have mentioned her to you before. I hope your Christmas goes well and that it is a good one without me





Love Draco





With this note was Draco’s Christmas presents for us, he got me a box of sugared butterfly wings from honeydukes.





But Draco did come home for Easter though with a honeydukes Easter egg for me ( it had raspberries on the inside just like that ice cream I had several years ago. I enjoyed those two weeks. Draco fully described the t Yule ball I was even more jealous. I can’t wait until Hogwarts.





One summers evening sitting in the lounge I was reading like always. Then all of a sudden farther gasped in pain then said to mother “it’s happened I have to go”. She just nodded. I was so confused. But know I understand I understand fully. I went to bed without farther being home. I was worried for him.





In the following week Draco came home then farther sat us down and explained about how the dark lord has returned.





Back then i dint understand much but know i understand. Know it all makes sense. That night changed our lives forever.





End note: so there it is my longest chapter so far. I hope that you enjoyed it. The next one will be up ASAP. Please rate and review.






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