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Sins of the Innocent by CheeringCharm
Chapter 4 : Riddles in the dark
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As she wakes up early the next morning Alyssa reminds herself to pay some extra respects to her mirror, she is after all very decided to be the first girl on the Slytherin team- no matter the cost.

After making sure that her eye-lashes are long enough to flutter flirtingly she walks out for breakfast. The Slytherin common room is empty except for a girl sitting at the far-off table apparently studying some potions. Silly girl, she can’t possibly have gotten that much homework in the past week. But then she notices that it’s the Gobstone Prince. Explains a lot- she’s always been a bit weird.

Alyssa decides to sit in front of the fire for some time, waiting for the boys to come down. She would’ve gone to wake them but she doesn’t wish to be hexed this morning. The fire brings a green glow to the whole common room. The glow would make it all seem like a forest if not for the black and silver, this instead makes it quite comfortingly threatening. The ceiling has always been one of her favourite parts of the common room; not many notice it but it’s full of silver lines drawing up scenes if you only pay enough attention.

As she loses herself in the ceiling the forgotten girl at the table starts turning in her sleep breaking Alyssa enchanted feeling.
“Why, it must be most uncomfortable to be twisting like that, let’s see if I can’t help her” she says out to no-one. Grinning Alyssa brings out her wand.

Aguamenti or Petrificus totalus?

Hmm… after she’s settled and performed the latter she leaves the common room. After all she isn’t foolish enough to stay and watch as people notice. Alyssa sniggers as she steps out through the hole in the wall, what a lovely morning.

She doesn’t have to wait long before she has company in the great hall. Seated in their usual seats she’s easy enough to spot and after a short time in waiting, Tom has joined her. He’s always up early, claims it’s a waste of time to sleep and of course she agrees. It’s a waste of time if you want to make sure that he has a good rating of you.

“So how have you found the first week?” her attempt at small talk is completely ignored by him. That’s nice of you, she thinks somewhat sullen, am I the only one you won’t even try to be nice to? Am I not important enough in your plans? Well you’ll see…

“See what?” his eyes are aimed at her.

Wait? What, did she actually say those last words out loud? No… she couldn’t possibly have…

“See that I am just as much of a pure-blood as You are,” she says answering his question as if she’d actually said the words out loud.

“Oh. How very interesting…” He replies, voice turned cold.

“If you by any chance need someone to help you…” she tries, because she knows that he has great plans for the Wizarding world.

“Help me with? I’m sorry but I seem to have so many things on my mind that I can’t find the one you are referring to” he smiles, a pleasant smile. The one that’s made all the first years scared of him and all the third years fall in love with him.

“I’d help you with anything, my Lord.” She whispers the last words because the hall is nearly empty. Her words make Tom smile again,

“I’ll bear that in mind” becomes his reply. He then makes it obvious to her that he has no desire to speak to her any further by reaching over the table, picking up her copy of The Daily Prophet…

Miranda is surprised when she comes into the common room- what is Eileen doing in the corner? She can’t have slept down here. Eileen never sleeps anywhere else than her bed because she doesn’t like waking up somewhere she’s not used to; especially not after one of the nightmares since waking up is confusing enough. So why is she here?

Miranda crosses the room walking over to the table where Eileen is, apparently, sleeping. She must’ve made an exception… after throwing a quick glance at her watch she decides to wake her. But as Miranda pokes Eileen on the shoulder her best friend just falls of the chair, in the exact same position as she’d been in while on it. It takes a few moments for Miranda to realise what this means but as soon as she’s cast the counter-curse and made sure that Eileen is ok her fury knows no limits.

“WHAT HORRIBLE PERSON PETRIFIES SOMEONE WHO’S ASLEEP?!” she shouts, waking up every Slytherin that has not yet managed to get out of bed. She then looks to Eileen seeing if she has any answer but only finds a puzzled expression.

“Whoever did this will pay” eyes mere slits she gazes around the room, making it obvious to each and everyone that this pay-back will not be pleasant.

Sitting in the far corner of charms class next to Riddle, who in her opinion definitely doesn’t need anymore charm than the one he already possesses, inattentively listening to professor Binns as he explains the vital importance of how you are never allowed to temper with other wizards mind. “Well”, Alyssa thinks, “isn’t that exactly what I want to do? It’d be so easy if only people did as I’d want them to.” Lost in thoughts of whether it might be worth risking prison for using the Imperio curse to get her will across or if her quite extraordinary skills in persuasion and manipulation are enough in the meantime she is interrupted by a whisper.

“You know how you said you’d do anything for me” his dark eyes are full of genius ideas and dark thoughts,

“Yes, it was just the other day I said it, my Lord should know that I sincerely mean what I say”, well it seems that charms class might be a bit more useful today as compared to other days.

“I’ve thought about your offer and it’s actually so that I happen to need help with a… thing” his rasping whisper gives her goosebumps and chills along her spine, finally! He trusts her… she is his ally. Alyssa the ally.

“Anything my Lord, just give me a time and a place and I’ll be there” her voice is sweet yet a bit too eager, she feels that this will be a close game and that she must success by any means. She will never get a chance like this again.

“Meet me out by the boathouse at midnight and I shall tell you of my plans.”

The bell rings for the class to end and just as Alyssa is pondering her reply he is gone through the door.

There’s just one thought that sticks in her head from then on “Midnight it is.” There’s only 14 hours left.

Miranda is furious, she’s fuming, burning, raging. Eileen has tried to tell her to calm down and focus on what they have to accomplish this night but Miranda will not listen. She has come upon one of those tempers that won’t disappear before she has avenged what’s been done. Eileen and Miranda are as close to sisters you can get without sharing blood because they share everything else.

They always have and they’re the perfect team: one is light-hearted and one is deep, one is lively and energetic the other sensibly cautious…

When Miranda had an obsession with a boy and he turned her down, Eileen was the one to comfort her and to “accidentally” lead him into the dark forest as well as cast a charm that made his hearing sharp enough to hear a pin fall to the floor in the midst of a feast in the great hall… He had never been the same after that. Miranda had been able to cast away all her sadness and rejected feelings after that and started running after others and life had been back to normal.

Miranda was the only one that knew about the nightmares and the only one Eileen would trust to help her. Their friendship is stronger than any other that Eileen knows of. That they’ve got a deep friendship and hold each others back does however not mean that they always see things in the same way. When Eileen had decided to join the gobstone-club Miranda had looked at her as if she’d gone insane, but after the first chock had settled Miranda was always there to support her and cheer for her at tournaments.

No-one else can budge them because they’re steady like a rock, nothing can move them because they’re perfectly balanced.

“How can you not want to find out who did this?” Miranda is aghast that Eileen didn’t jump at the thought and at her disinterest. All she does is leaning over star charts and potions. She understands that pouring over antidotes is something that might help, but poisons? Eileen is not poisoned; she is cursed. Add a poison and things would most likely get worse.

“I have not said that I don’t want to find out. I just think it hands a bit more to the effect if we wait with our revenge until the person who did this has lured him or herself into a sense of… safety”

“Well… I guess you’re right. But we should find out who did it now! When the deed is still fresh and we can trace what happened” Miranda is restless, she wont be able to calm down the burning anger until she has gotten it out by action…. By making whoever did this miserable.

“WOULD YOU PLEASE JUST CALM DOWN! We have more important things to worry about! There’s a full moon tonight, which means that we can finish the potion, I’ve just done the calculations, here! See,” Eileen says pointing at the star chart lying right next to her black-book, “Jupiter and Mars are in the perfect positions. We should finish it tonight, because after the moon-light has been added to it it’ll have to brew for three days”

“Ok, you’re right this is a lot more important” Miranda replies but in her mind she has had the genius idea of how to carry out their revenge. Now all she has to do is find out who did this.

It is late. The full moon shines down on her pale skin. She’s on her guard, she knows that this place is prohibited for students, it has to be done quickly; before someone wakes up. Darkness is her friend. It’s there and hides her, yet makes her look so perfect. Darkness is her light, it’s her lover. She opens her mind, releases all of everyday life and just focusing on the surrounding walls. The castle, the students, the rats and animals… and she knows. There’s someone else out there, and she will be the one to know their schemes. Like a shadow she moves, fast and swiftly… The boathouse emerges before her. She carefully sneaks up to the window, there are raised voices in there. They think that they’re alone and that all is safe, but it is not… she knows everything.

“How can you even ask for anything like that? You know it’s a ridiculous favour to ask!” it’s a girls voice, she’s upset, and May ponders, she has reason to be. What the man has asked for is… awfully spectacular, terrifyingly beautiful.

“I thought you’d do anything for me…” says the voice of a young man, he has his back to her but his silhouette and voice tells her that he is calm. Calm but deadly.

“Yes my dark Lord” the girl suddenly covers and stoops to her knees. Looking up at the silhouette before her with a fearful expression in her eyes, “I’m sorry, please forgive me my disbelief in your plans” May can feel her own eyes widening in disbelief at the image that the man just showed… She cannot help but wonder where this man learnt how to use ligilimens with such precision and intensity.

”I will forgive you,” he makes a delicate gesture with his hand and then continues, “when you have done what I ask.”

The girl looks down her eyes locked on the old wooden floor “If you do and none that you know will be harmed.”

“Yes my Lord.” Her voice is so thin that it barely manages to reach Mays ears.

May walks back to the castle unnoticed by everyone, because she is used to being a shadow. The castle hides her footsteps as if she were no more than a ghost. The only sound she makes on the way back is when she is forced to answer the riddle but it’s no trick at all, she manages by pure instinct. Well back in her common room she sits down in one of the most elegant chairs she starts to think about the nights’ events and what she has discovered.

She could use this to her own advantage. She is excited about all the news, she could never have guessed that so much would be going on, that there were others like her. The timing is excellent, plots and schemes are going on and there she will find the perfect victims. No-one will suspect an outsider to go in and meddle. It’s perfect, she couldn’t have planned it better herself.

And now she’s the one in command. No-one will know. She will be the only one. She will be in power.

Her lips form a smile and her eyelids slowly open to expose her greedy dark eyes thirsting for what the future will hold.

Thank you for reading this chapter! I hope you enjoyed it. If there's anything you liked or didn't it'd be lovely if you put it in the little box down there :)


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