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My Gorgeous Boy by Zyii
Chapter 1 : Chapter One
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This is my first try at a James/Hermione story. The basics have been floating around my head for a while now, I just had to get them down on paper. I’m twisting a lot in this story. I know Lily and James are the ‘it’ couple and James/Hermione stories I’ve previously read always end in James returning to Lily and leaving Hermione. This story has been quite hard to write, I knew what I wanted to do but the more I wrote the more I found all these unspoken rules for the Marauder era. I’ve tried to do this story justice. Hopefully I’ve taken a new twist on the James/Hermione line, as you read you’ll see that it’s such a complete alternate universe. Hopefully you’ll like the story twists and romances. If you enjoy the story as much as I have writing it, then I’ll be very happy.

I will try and keep the updates as regular as possible but my dissertation is due in at the end of March (for all that don't know, that's a 10,000 word essay) so I apologise if my posting habits change. 

I might start posting my next Hermione/Draco story as well but I haven't written much of it yet, so I'm starting with this story instead.

The characters and canon situations in the following story belong solely to JK Rowling, Scholastic and WB. I am not making any money from the publishing or writing of this story.

Chapter One

Hermione had grown up far beyond her years. The war had ended, Voldemort was dead. It should have been a happy time. Yet how could it have been happy when so many people had died -Lupin, Tonks, Moody, Fred, Sirius, Dumbledore and many more. What about the previous war, where James, Lily had died and the Longbottom’s were tortured. She should have felt at peace but she didn’t, she had a nagging feeling at the back of her head that something was wrong. That this wasn’t the way the world should have turned out.

She couldn’t pin point exactly when this feeling had started. If she was being brutally honest, she’d admit to having this feeling as long as her first year at Hogwarts. She’d met her two best friends there - Ron Weasley who always hoped for more than she could give him and Harry Potter orphaned at birth and looking for family. That was when it started, the feeling, when she met Harry Potter. She didn’t just feel friendship for him, she felt protective of him. She began acting like a Mother to him though she never realized.

The feeling grew the first time Harry showed her a picture of his Dad. He was a gloriously fit man and Hermione couldn’t help but feel a connection to him. She knew there was something more to him. People always praised James Potter and Lily Evans for giving the world Harry yet somehow Hermione knew there was more than that, she knew that the pairing of James Potter and Lily Evans was wrong.

She started having dreams around the time she met Harry, she didn’t know what they meant and more often than not she didn’t remember them but they always involved James Potter. It was like fate was trying to tell her something, something important.

When people talked of Harry they mentioned all the attributes he got from his Father but the only attribute he seemed to get from Lily was her green eyes and realistically anyone could have given him the green eyes, it needn’t have been Lily.

As Hermione pondered theories from the past, Dumbledore sat restless in his portrait. He too felt that something wasn’t right. He’d been so manipulative in his younger years, throwing people together in matches that somehow didn’t suit them. He’d been so intent of destroying first Grindelwald then Voldemort that he’d lost sight of it all. He believed he’d handled it wrong, he believed the couple in question shouldn’t have been James and Lily rather James and someone else.

He’d had his reservations even as he set the pair up in school. Lily wasn’t like people remembered her, she was manipulative, vindictive and mean. She didn’t have a complete set of straight grades and for many years she played James Potter and Severus Snape off each other. James had been foolish, the image of Lily he’d had in his mind wasn’t the same as who she really was. He’d spent so long pinning for her that he’d created this fictitious image of her and was unable to see her for what she truly was.

Dumbledore remembered a time when a mysterious student had arrived at Hogwarts, she was intent on separating Lily and James but Dumbledore stopped her. He realized now how foolish he’d been. He knew who the mysterious stranger was now and he knew how to change what had already happened, he wouldn’t make the same mistake twice. He’d arranged everything when he’d still been alive, as he realized too late the consequences of his actions. He couldn’t tell her though; she’d have to come to him herself.

Over the years, Hermione’s dreams had gotten progressively out of control. She started with simple dreams of James and the Marauders but over time that changed. She began dreaming of other people from the past. She saw them for what they really were and not how memory remembered them. She saw Lily how others had seen her, she saw the Marauder’s hatred for her and James’s blindness towards her real behavior. She saw what really made Pettigrew a traitor, it wasn’t that he was weak; it was the lack of true friendship that drew him to the darkness.

Her dreams became more complex over time, showing her what had happened in the past and then what should have happened. It was obvious to her that the mystery girl in what should have happened was herself but she couldn’t quite work out if this was all true or if it was merely her mind fantasizing.  She had two dreams some months after the war that convinced her to seek help from Dumbledore’s portrait.

The first one was beautiful and mysterious. It was a Hogwart’s ball, a masquerade ball and there she was dancing in the most amazing gown with the beautiful Head Boy she’d felt a pull to. James Potter looked radiant as he twirled her across the ballroom but what startled her most was the look of pure love reflected in both James’s and her eyes. It was like they belonged together and for a moment she wondered if the pull she felt towards James Potter was more than just her imagination.

The second dream she had was the night Voldemort had come to Godric’s Hollow. Except neither James nor Lily were in sight. The pictures decorating the walls showed a happy family - James, Hermione and little Harry. In this dream she was married to James, not Lily and Harry was her child, not Lily’s. Voldemort came intent on killing Harry and those who stood in his way but none of it happened like it did in the past. Here the Hermione standing in front of Harry protecting him had a determined look on her face, she had no fear as she raised her wand and shouted the two most feared words in the Wizarding World: Avada Kadavra. Voldemort was shot down in an instant, dead on the floor. Harry was alive, Hermione was alive and somewhere James was alive. The reign of Voldemort had ended.

These dreams worried Hermione, she didn’t know what they meant. She felt like she should have told someone of these dreams earlier. She’d raced up to the Headmistresses office knowing she’d let her in immediately to have words with Dumbledore.

Dumbledore didn’t look surprised to see her, he nodded in hello and waited for her to speak.

She practiced for days what she wanted to say to Dumbledore but when it came down to it, it didn’t exactly come out the way she planned.

“James and Lily didn’t belong together” she blurted out then blushed.

“Do go on Miss Granger” he replied.

“James and Lily were totally wrong for each other, they wouldn’t have got together if it weren’t for you. James was everything that was kind and good whereas Lily was a manipulative liar and a bully. If James had married someone other than Lily, Voldemort would have died when he came to kill Harry and he would have died for good. Pettigrew wouldn’t have betrayed anyone and countless of people would have survived” she said heatedly.

“And how do you know all this Miss Granger” replied Dumbledore.

“I’ve seen it. I know the past that did happen but I’ve also seen the past that should have happened. It was me, he was meant to marry me. I suspect this has happened before but you stopped me. I feel a pull to James and I feel Motherly towards Harry” she said.

“You are correct Miss Granger, this has happened before and I was foolish. I didn’t see the bigger picture and I didn’t allow you to succeed. I manipulated those around me just like you say Lily did. I heartedly regret my meddling but there is a way to change what has happened. Miss Granger in the second draw of the desk you will find everything thing you need to return to the past. The letters should be given to my younger self and McGonagall as soon as you can get them too us. The letters will explain everything about your ‘false’ past. There is enough money there for you to live quite happily for many years, oh and don’t lose the adoption certificate, you’ll need to give that to my younger self as well.” He nodded in excitement as Hermione extracted items from the draw he told her too.

“You remember those two spells you created, you’ll need them, especially the Verus Diligo when dealing with Lily Evans, and she can be very sly. Take the time turner; it’s already set for you. Don’t worry about anything else. I’ll deal with it all, goodbye Miss Granger and good luck!”

Hermione smiled at her former Headmaster as she let the time turner whisk her away.

Suddenly not so far away admit the chaos of Hermione’s unknown departure a young man called Harry dropped to the floor in an unconscious mess as the world he remembered started to change around him.

I haven't written much of this story yet, but hopefully I will write enough to keep up with my regular posting! Anyway, tell me what you think :)


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