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The Beginning by Mischief_managed18
Chapter 7 : Sorting
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Hey guys! Me again. Hope you enjoy this chapter, I apologize for it being so short...

Thanks to everyone who reviewed the last chapter: DracoM4eva, claudiaandizzy, dramione_Lover225, KxxDxx, Starkidgleek, and of course Gin-gin06. You guys make this possible. S2


So, this is who I had been communicating with all summer. The named seemed fitting. Minerva was the Roman goddess of wisdom. She certainly had shown me more than her fair share of wisdom and guidance over the summer, and for that I was grateful.

She opened the doors wider and I was in awe. The ceiling of the room we stepped into was so high I couldn't make it out. We were standing in the entrance hall and it was breathtaking.

McGonagall walked us to a smaller room off to the side of the entrance hall, and we all crowded in. She began to explain to us how everything went during the sorting ceremony and what it meant. Of course, because of her, I had already read several books that informed me on the workings of the ceremony. The best, of course, being Hogwarts, A History.

Basically, we were sorted into one of the  4 houses by means of a magic hat. The hat could see into our mind and determine where we were best suited. Once in our house, it was a permanent thing and the houses were like our own little family. We earned house points for doing good deeds, or doing well in classes, and we lost points for breaking rules or any mishaps. The house with the most points at the end of the year wins the house cup. Each house also has their own advisor, the "Head of House" so to speak. They each had their own Quidditch team as well, a wizard sport, and the teams competed for the Quidditch cup. It was a nice set up to ensure students were around those like them and that there was some competition among students, but it was all friendly competition.

Students around me began to gasp and I turned to see the cause, gasping myself. Several ghosts were floating through the wall and into the room, talking amongst themselves. I had read about the ghosts in the books, but hadn't imagined what exactly they would look like. They were a pearly white color, somewhat transparent, and the floated. They saw us standing there and began telling us which house they would like to see us in and such, when McGonagall came in and sent them away.

She said it was time. Time to enter the Great Hall and be sorted into our house. I was beyond nervous. We formed a line and followed McGonagall into the Great Hall.

Despite having a general idea of what it was too look like, I still couldn't help but marvel at its beauty. The hall was huge. The ceiling high and gleaming with stars. It was bewitched to look like the sky outside, yet it looked like there was no ceiling at all. I had read about how that worked as well in Hogwarts, A History. Thousands of candles lit the hall, floating high above the four long tables that lined the hall, each seating a particular house. At the front of the hall stood a long table going the opposite direction of the others, seating all the teachers. In front of the table stood a stool and on the stool was a hat. My stomach did a back flip and I took a deep breath.

I whispered to no one in particular about the ceiling and how it was bewitched, including where I had read it from. It calmed me down and I saw Harry glance at me, I knew he had heard me at least.

The hat suddenly twitched, and began to sing. It sang about the different houses and what each meant, the strong suites of each house and such. I was too nervous to really focus on what it was singing to pay any attention. When it finished, the entire hall burst out in applause, and then McGonagall began calling names. A few were sorted to Hufflepuff, then a couple to Ravenclaw. Then there was a Gryffindor and another Hufflepuff. I could feel my pulse racing as she went through the alphabet.

"Granger, Hermione." She called. Before I could stop myself, I ran up and pulled the hat down on my head, hoping for the best. I could almost feel it prying into my head as it tried to figure out where to place me. "GRYFFINDOR!" The hat shouted, momentarily confusing me. I figured I would be in Ravenclaw, but I was more than happy with Gryffindor. I removed the hat and bounded over to the table to join my new house. This was already a place I knew I would be able to call home.

Okay, again, I'm sorry it's such a short chapter. But, she's at Hogwarts and settled in. Now the real fun can begin!! 

Let me know what you thought. :)


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The Beginning : Sorting


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