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Rumor Has It by DeathCabForCutie
Chapter 22 : Back to Me
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In the two weeks leading up to the 7th year trip things got…. weird. Albus sat next to me every day during dinner, and I never said anything. He was trying to break me and I wasn't going to give in to it. I had too many things going on in my life. I didn't need to deal with him. With Scorpius I was having the exact opposite problem. Every time he saw me he either avoided me or make snide remarks under his breath making the tension between us grow to an all time high. After a particularly awkward Head meeting with all the 7th year prefects, I fell onto Lauren's bed.

"Okay." I started letting out a sigh, "Is there something I'm missing?"

"You mean besides your birthday party?"

I rolled my eyes, "Naturally."

"Not that I know of," Lauren's eyes lifted from her magazine. "Why?"

"Scorpius literally keeps trying to start a fight with me and I keep thinking he'll stop and we can go back to being civil…and just won't happen."

She twirled her silky blonde hair out of her face. "Why don't you just ask him what his problem is?"

"I did, remember? All he did was yell at me." I breathed into her soft comforter. "I just want to make it to the trip. I just want to get through the next two days. I don't want to fight with him. I refuse to fight with him."

"Merlin…Even when you're not together you're together." Lauren scoffed.


"You have relationship problems." She told me knowingly, "It's obvious what your problems are."

Rising I threw a pillow at her. "Oh? And what would that be?"

"Well if you grew a pair and talked to him you would find out."

"I just don't want anymore problems with him!" I whined immaturely. "Can't we just co exist and stop this no stop drama fest!"

"Rose, despite your best efforts you are the most popular girl in our grade. There's no way that's going to happen anytime soon."

"You know," I started icily, "You're just a wonderful help."

She flashed me a smile. "I'm just being honest. If you don't deal with this it's going to blow up in your face….I'm actually surprised it hasn't done so already."

"Well I'm not letting it happen."

"You can't control everything Rose." Lauren muttered softly.

Yawning I shot her a dirty look. "Yes, I'm aware of that. But that won't stop me from trying."

"Well I have to give you credit for trying I suppose."

"I better go pack for tomorrow." I told her pushing myself up onto my feet. "And you should too."

She waved me off from her desk chair, "Yeah yeah yeah. I will after I finish this."


Walking back to my dorm, I felt exhausted. Tomorrow I would be in charge of 22 seventeen year olds in the middle of the forest trying to learn how to exist without adult supervision. Only one teacher would be supervising and I'm pretty sure Mr. Lerner, the Astronomy teacher, would be too busy starring up at the sky. I'd finished all the wedding plans with Victoire. I've completed all my homework for the rest of the week. I've even managed to get all of our Quidditch practices together so that we only have two left before the final two matches. My stress was off the charts even with everything all together and neat. I just wanted everything to just go as planned for once.

Of course it wouldn't. But one could hope right?


When I got back to my room I packed as I told Lauren I would and then I glowered at the stacks of unanswered letters on my dresser. I spoke to Victoire a week ago. I hung out with Hugo and Lily yesterday. And I talked to my mother an hour ago. But I haven't spoken to my father or Albus in weeks. My father has written but I have nothing to say to him. He didn't care if I was all right a month ago. He just cared what it meant to him. I think my mother has been really driving the point home with him. And I appreciate her doing that, but at the same time it doesn't make it suddenly sincere. As far as I was concerned my father and cousin were on the same shit list.


Putting my bag by the door I fell back on my bed and looked at my ceiling. Lauren was right. I did need to talk to him. But I couldn't. I've tucked back my feelings so tightly, I don't want to lose it now. I'm two months away from graduation. Just two months. Then I will get an apartment with my savings and start working, away from all of this.


For some reason I thought back to two months ago, it was Valentine's Day and despite the fact that Scorpius and I had a huge fight he gave me this gorgeous heart shaped necklace with my initials on it. Distantly I wondered what happened to it. Rachel must have taken it, because otherwise it would have been turned in. Who would want a necklace with someone else's initials on it?


I could do this. I could spend two days with him. We can and will work together. He will not ruin this. Two more months. Two more months. I can do this. We don't even have to talk that much. We have our own tents and both days will be spent walking through a forest talking about our futures and doing team-building exercises. There won't be enough time for us to fight…. Right?


Pulling the covers, up to my face, I cuddled into my pillow. This was going to be fine. I've planned every detail of this down to the last moment of the trip. I was going to be fine. I fell into a deep sleep and woke up nine hours later extremely groggy.

We had to be in the great hall by 7 Am. Tossing my bag over my shoulder, I pushed my sunglasses onto the bridge of my nose and trucked on to the Great Hall.


My mom and Uncle Harry took Hugo, James and I camping when we were little this would be an easy vacation if I didn't have to be in charge of 22 horny teenagers. Lauren was sitting on her boyfriend's lap half asleep. Kelly was talking to Professor Lerner while her new boyfriend waited for her patiently. Yawning, I grabbed a chair, swung it around and straddled it. It was fifty degrees out and it stopped snowing about a week earlier. Fairly good weather for camping. I wore a pair of jeans and for the hell of it a blue plaid shirt over a blue long sleeved shirt. Scorpius was already down here. He was standing, talking to some Slytherin guys in the corner. Sometimes I forget he must have friends.


"Are you ready Ms. Weasley?" Little Professor Lerner asked me walking up to me.

I raised my coffee mug to him. "All good to go."

"Well then, I suggest you gather the troops together. We have to leave in five minutes."


I nodded and climbed off the chair. "EVERYBODY! GATHER TOGETHER." I yelled slinging my bag back over my shoulder. Everyone quieted down and formed a semi-circle around me. "Okay all of you separate into your groups and follow Malfoy and I out to the apparation line in five minutes. So please, for the love of Merlin make sure you have all of your stuff before we leave, because we are not coming back. So get your stuff together."

Everyone sectioned off into groups as instructed and only Elizabeth Pennyworth forgot her eyeliner, which I assured her she would not need in the wilderness. Malfoy came and stood next to me as he was supposed to, with this stone face. He wouldn't look at me. Fine, just stay civil Malfoy. Just stay civil.

"Alright, let's go!" I announced as Malfoy and walked out onto the grounds.


The day went pretty well. We got to the Forrest of Dean easily and without any real problems. Everyone set up their tents with very few problems and all the trust falls and human pyramids went well. At night we all sat around the campfire with the wizarding radio going off in the background. Aiden walked over and sat next to me.

"How's it going?"

I gave him a tired smile. "Fine, just long long day. How are your ho-antics going?"

"Wonderful. I actually like just dating around instead of being in a strict relationship." He sighed happily.

Laughing under my breath, I shook my head as the heat of the fire warmed my face. "You're a loser."

"Maybe, but I want to thank you. You've never been mean to me, despite the fact that I haven't always acted …appropriately."

I gave him a look. "Like the time you walked in on me changing and didn't immediately leave."

"Yes, just like that."

"Well we're all good. Now why don't you go talk to Ella Perkin's over there?" I gestured to the slightly promiscuous blonde at the other side of the fire. "She looks like she could use some company."

He grinned at me, and kissed my forehead. "See you later Rose."

"See you Aiden."


As he walked away people started dancing to the music. I saw Lauren and Grant, easily the tallest couple in the group swaying to the beat. Kelly and her new beau didn't get up because they were too enamored in their conversation. I was so glad Lauren and I conjured their union. They were so cute, geeky and dark haired together. I leaned back on the woodened log I was sitting on and let out a sigh. Everyone was right where they were supposed to be. Professor Lerner shuffled over to me looking purely exhausted.


"Ms. Weasley, we have a problem."

Alerted, I glanced up at the cane wheedling man. "What is it sir?"

"One of the tent's is missing."

"That's not possible. I packed them myself." My eyes widened in panic. "What are we going to do? All of the tents are magically sealed so only people of the same sex can sleep in it!"

"Not all of the tents. As Headboy Mr. Malfoy's tent isn't bewitched so he can be alerted if there is a problem."

Scowling, I glared at the fire. "So…does that mean I have to share a tent with Malfoy?"

"I'm afraid so, but you two well get along swimming I'm sure. And if you have any problem's just let me know."

Yes because if a two hundred pound, six foot two inches, eighteen-year-old male was really a problem for my hundred and twenty pound, five foot seven inches seventeen year old form I would go to a seventy year old crippled man. Yeah that would happen.


"Thanks Professor Lerner."

"I'm heading to bed. I'll see you in morning."

"Have you told Malfoy?"

"Oh no." He chuckled to himself. "I thought it would come much better from you."

Grimacing, I wanted to slap him. "Well that was so considerate of you."

"I thought so!" He then waddled away.

Scorpius was sitting over by his Slytherin friends. And I was supposed to walk over there and tell him we were sharing a tent? Kill me. Kill me now.

I had to tell him now otherwise I would be sleeping outside with the bears and deer…A deer could knock me out so the bear could eat me… Shaking my head, I tried to force that unlikely, but fairly possible image out of my head.


Scorpius didn't look up from his conversation, forcing me to interrupt him. "Malfoy I need to talk to you real quick."

His eyes snapped onto me. "Why?"

I scowled. "Just a second, alright? Then you can go back to talking about whatever."



Shoving my hands in my pockets I felt awkward as I walked away from the people and closer to the tents. Why did he have to make this so hard on me? I wasn't asking for a kidney. All I wanted was for us to get along. Why can't he just get it together and get with the program? Was it really that hard to pretend to be nice to me?


"We have a problem."


My lips thinned. "One of the tents are missing so…we have to share a tent."

"You can't just sleep outside?"

My jaw dropped in fury. "What?"

"Can't you just sleep outside?" He asked crossing his arms. "Or why don't you bunk with someone else?"

"There's isn't any room."

He raised his chin into the air arrogantly. "So I have to share with you?"

"Is it really that hard of a concept?" I snapped throwing my hands up. "I mean I know you hate me, but you want me to sleep outside so raccoons can pee on my face? Is that how deep your hate goes? REALLY?"

He said nothing.

I stormed away towards my luggage. I might as well set up camp now!

"So typical of you to walk away!" Scorpius barked at me.

Spinning around, I was shocked to find him following me. "Scorpius this is ridiculous! We were doing so well! We were getting along! What did I do?"


"NO!" I roared, "I want a reason!"

He looked dismayed. "Never mind." Scorpius looked away from me, "You can sleep in the tent."

And before I could say anything else to him he left.


It wasn't for another two hours until I had to do a round and make sure everyone went to sleep. A few guys thought they would be clever and sneak into the woods with some girls. They called me some wonderfully choice words when I stopped them. I apologized for decreasing of the teen pregnancy rate, but they didn't seem to like that response. The hardest part was knowing that I would have to go into that tent. As soon as I got to the tent though, I decided to not sleep inside. I had a sleeping bag and I could put a protection charm around me. So after starring at the tent for ten minutes I decided, fuck it and fuck him. I don't need his damn tent. And I don't need him.


I pulled out my sleeping bag and stubbornly did as I planned. I got a rotten night of sleep, but fuck it I still had my pride. I was slightly petrified that my magic wouldn't work and that ravage forest animals would come and get me. So instead of sleeping I just stayed awake, in my sleeping back, panicking. Everything around me was dark and there were bugs making noises everywhere. Two hours in I probably looked like a crack addict, hair messed up, semi-conscious, twitching. I would have spent the whole night like that if Scorpius hadn't wandered out of his tent, shirtless.


"What …are-you-doing?"

"Trying to sleep." I whined horribly, my voice full of pure venom. "What do you want?"

"Rose…" He was so unguarded and confused. He must have just woken up. "What the hell?"


He squinted and looked around, "Why are you out here?"

"Because you wanted your fucking tent," I shot up at him hatefully, snuggling into my sleeping bag as if it was my last source of salvation. "So, you, can have it."

Scorpius then wiped his face exhaustedly and sighed. "Take off the protection charm."

"What?" I yelled, "No! The bears will eat me alive! I may be scrawny, but bears love me!"

"Just do it."

Scowling, I turned over, grabbed my wand and took it off. "Now what?"

He lowered long muscular arms down to the sleeping bag and picked me everything else up and carried me into the tent.


"What are you doing?"

"Look," He put my sleep bag next to his. "Just go to sleep."

I rose. "I have to get my stuff."

"I've got it." He waved me off, snatched my bag and dropped it by my feet.

"Thank you." I groaned in relief as I snuggled in the warmth of the safe tent. My eyes hurt so bad from staying awake for so long.

He shut the door flap and got back into his sleeping back. "You okay."

I shivered and nodded.

"Are you cold?"

I nodded.


Wordlessly, he snatched the edge of my sleeping bag and dragged it towards him. I thought he was going to put a warming charm on me. Instead he pulled me over and wrapped his arms around me. I was so taken aback. His eyes were closed and within the minute he fell back into a sound sleep. I thought I was dreaming I legitimately thought this was a dream, but it wasn't. I couldn't imagine the feeling of his jaw resting on my forehead or his lips on my hair. The scent of his deodorant mixed with his cologne and natural aroma calmed my mind and I fell asleep in the crook of his arm.


I woke up to this blinding light I'd discovered was the sun. I blinked and saw that if I had indeed slept with Scorpius he was gone now. Shutting out the light I shut the drape and changed into new clothes. While I brushed my teeth and fixed my hair I was in a haze. Did I actually sleep with him? Or was it just a dream? I knew the first part was real, him dragging me into the tent. But I might have fallen asleep after that. I was really tired and that would be a really great dream.

Today all 7th years were going to do some more team building exercises. How was I supposed to concentrate on that? Even if this was a dream how could I stand near him with this idea in my head? It was so nice. I'm so in love with him. Why could I just dream about becoming friends with a bear? At least that would have positive connections.


But. I powered through the rest of the day. Lauren and I spent most of the day hanging out together, while everyone else was involved in a muggle contest we sat on the sidelines and laughed. It was the last event of the evening and the sun was just about to go down. We would all be heading early as it had been a 12-hour day filled with a lot of mindless activities.

"So which contest is this?" Lauren squinted.

I looked down at my sheet. "Who can make a shelter the fastest….I hate to say it, but the Slytherin boys are getting their shit together."

"It's because Scorpius is in charge." Lauren admired with an odd look of appreciation. "I will give him this. He may be an ass, but he could run an army if he needed to."

I scowled, "Yeah."


"I had to sleep in his tent last night." I sighed leaning farther back.

Her thin eyebrows rose as she stretched her long, thin body across the grass. "Oh? And why is that?"

"Apparently one went missing and his was the only one that allowed both sexes inside it."


"And what?" I frowned daring her to start with me.

"Did anything happen?"

I pushed my glasses farther back on my face to block out the sharp sunlight. "He pissed me off so I slept outside, and then in the middle of the night he dragged me into the tent."

"Nothing else happen?"

"No," I lied, blushing deeply.

Lauren knew better, "It's not nearly sunny enough for you to be sunburned."

"You never know. I'm a natural redhead."

"Fine, lie." She shook her head. "This is by far the stupidest 7th year trip I've ever seen. What were the other options?"

"School dance, trip to somewhere legitimate…Nothing really that extravagant. I think everyone was just sick of school dances to be honest."

Lauren shrugged fixing her flawlessly settled hair. "I see why. They keep adding new rules. Next time they will require people to be five inches away from each other."


"Hey guys!" Kelly greeted us excitedly a half hour later, her knees and hands were all muddy like a little kid, but she didn't seem to care.

"Who won?" I asked getting out my scorecard clipboard.

"Scorpius's team." Kelly answered sitting down on the other side of me.

I nodded and then was slightly unnerved. "When did you two start calling him Scorpius?"

"Right about the time we realized he's not going away." Lauren answered offhandedly as I crossed off a tally.

"What do you mean?" I questioned her confusedly.

"Come on Rose," Lauren gave me a look as the darkness of the night settled on our faces.

I pushed my sunglasses aside as they were now useless. "What?"

"We all know you guys are still into each other."

That hit a nerve. "Why can't I just away from this? I'm trying so hard." I told Kelly as put my head into my hands.

"You honey," She said with the sweetest most sincere voice as she squatted down to hold me. "Everyone has that person that no matter how much damage you do to one another you just keep going back to them."

"WHY THOUGH?" I shook my head. "It can't ever work. So why can't either of us just give up?"

Lauren let out a long laugh. "Because you are both stubborn people."

"So supportive." I smacked her.

"It's what I do." She smiled pulling me into a side hug. "Just go fucking talk to him."

I released her and sighed. "How do you expect me to do that?"

"Just corner him! It's really not that hard. You corner him and you make him talk to you. Hold him down if you have to. But for Merlin sake's just talk to him! You two are clearly supposed to be together, unfortunately…"

Snorting, I pushed her. "You are such an ass."

"It's an hour until we all have to turn in. Get off your ass and go get your man." Lauren ordered me.


For a few minutes I sat there as everyone slowly started to disappear into their tents. Lauren and Kelly left me to go back to their respective tents. I let out a breath and got a determined look on my face and charged forward into the night. His back was turned to me when I came into the tent so I made a noise so he would know I was here.

He turned saw me and turned back, "I'm going. I'm going. I know I have to do rounds."

"You and I are going to have a conversation." I stated firmly blocking the doorway.

"Oh my god! I'm not even two minutes late!" He turned in annoyance.

I scowled. "Firstly, I'm not here to yell at you about that. Secondly I'm not nagging. You are always early to everything that doesn't concern me, but then it's something else and there you are earlier than everyone else." I shook my head, "That's not what I wanted to talk to you about!"

"Then what is it?"


"Scorpius," Focusing on him seriously. "You chose to walk away. You need to stop jerking me around. Either we are nothing or we are something. You can't have it both ways."

A shadow passed over his face. "It's too late. I know that. And I've tried to stop…but I can't."


He narrowed his eyes at me. "Oh. I'm sorry were you busy hanging out with your ex boyfriend and your cousin and everyone who's ever been mean to you and never forgiving me."

"I forgave you awhile ago." I told him slowly. "And I haven't forgiven my cousin. I'm just sick of yelling at him. Nothing I do or say get's through to him so I've given up on him."

"What about your ex?"

"I don't see how that's your problem. For the record we are just friends, but even if I made the huge mistake and did go back with him why would you care?"

His face twitched.

I took a step towards him. "Are you going to just admit you care or are we going to do the dance for the rest of the year? Quite frankly I'm exhausted. So I'd rather just pick a team and stay on it. Either you hate me and nothing I can do be right, you're indifferent to me and we can be civil…or."

"Or what?" He asked me taking a step forward.

"I don't know…" My bravery left me as I starred at him. I was losing steam fast.

Crossing my arms I felt horribly vulnerable. This was the moment when I needed to step up and just say how I felt. To say how much he meant to me. To just lay it all on the line and let the chips fall where they may. But standing there, in front of this guy, man really, that I've known for years that knows more about me then I know about myself, I hesitated. Could I really put it all on the line? I don't think I could take that kind of rejection. Not again.

"Say something." I whispered.

He didn't.

"Fine." I threw my hands up. "Fucking coward."

That sparked it. He rushed forward and stopped me looking enraged. "I was scared! OKAY?"

"Well! NEWSFLASH! SO was I! But I stuck through it! I didn't go on dates or treat you like you were scum!"

"Oh well I'm sorry that I'm not as controlled as you!" He yelled pacing in front of me. "I couldn't process what I felt properly without the memories behind them! I just thought I was getting lonely and fishing around for someone. And then yes I stuck to that decision for longer than I should have, but the minute I thought about asking you back, you were off having the time of your life!"

"What?" I scoffed dismissively. "What the hell are you talking about?"

He let out this huge huff of frustration. "ARE YOU KIDDING ME? You walk around like nothing ever happened! Like you are having a great time and you don't even notice that I'm gone."

"WHAT PLANET ARE YOU ON? I've been miserable for weeks! Just because I don't put it on display for the whole world to see doesn't mean I just moved on!"

"Well it didn't seem that way."

"You are ridiculous!"

"No! I'm being honest!" He replied quickly, "Why don't you try it?"

"You want honestly? Really? DO YOU?" My voice elevated as my self-control went right out the window. "I was in love with you! And even though I didn't, 'Understand,' it I still was willing to go with it, because I'm not an idiot and I wouldn't be interested in someone that has no value. Clearly I was wrong, because you-"

"I HAVE VALUE!" He interjected fiercely, walking forward and hooking his arm around my waist. "And you were wrong I want you too! Do you…" His eyes became clear as the agony in them became clear. "Have any idea how hard it's been to pretend?" He was so close to me I could see the air leaving his perfect mouth. My heart was on fire as every goose bump erupted. I shuttered in his arms. " Do you have feel that? Do you think I can ignore that? I can't ignore it anymore! I can't! I…I love you…. I mean it."

"Are…are you sure?" I asked my eyes brimming with tears. "Because you don't have to say it because I said. You really really don't. I know… I know you feel obligated-"

"No. I don't," He told me flatly, his voice was unwavering as was his glance. "When it comes to you I don't have to say or do anything. But I want to. I …love …you."

"Stop saying that!" I cried, breaking away from him. I couldn't take it. "We can't do this. You will never be happy with the fact that my family can't stand you. And I'm sorry for that, but what should we do? When it comes to me my family matters! You can't promise you will always have the energy to fight them."

"Yes," Scorpius murmured passionately, taking a step towards me and raising my chin with his hand. "I can and I will. I will fight anyone and anything that gets in the way of me being with you."

My heart expanded and my eyes watered. "Scorpius..."

"I love you." He repeated his face completely and entirely serious. "I'm not taking it back, and I'm not letting you go again."

"I love you too…" I half-sobbed. "But you can't…"

He grinned and cupped my face. "Yes…I can and I do. I know this is stupid, I know it's ridiculous. But I also know that I can live without you, but I don't want to. I don't have it in me to stand here and act like you don't matter to me. I can't do that anymore. This means too much."

"So what does this mean?" I asked breathlessly. "What are we? What is this?"

"This means." He started firmly, pulling me tightly into his body. "You're my girlfriend and you will not date anyone else, you will kiss anyone else, if I could have it my way you wouldn't be able to look at anyone. You're mine."

I glared at him. "I'm not your property!"

"Yes you are. And I am yours."

Unable to be fully mad, I conceded, "Fine. Deal, but I want a clause on this contract that you can't flirt with other girls or wear a shirt when we are alone together."

"Ditto." He countered.

I smacked his arm. "You're an idiot."

"Fair is fair."

"I guess."


I was so happy, I impulsively threw my arms around his neck and threw myself at him. He laughed as he picked me up into his arms. "You know I'm glad you didn't just come to yell at me about rounds."

Snorting, I squeezed my arms around him, "You do have to go soon."

"Not yet." He loosened his hold on me and then without a moment's hesitation he pressed his lips to mine.


Everything that seemed important minutes, hours, days, months, even years ago faded into the background as I got a kick of adrenaline. Suddenly all I could think about was how many clothes were separating me from him. As his tongue danced with mine, his hands gripped the back of my shirt impatiently. I knew exactly what he wanted and I knew exactly what I wanted. The problem was this wasn't the time to do. The biggest problem wasn't stopping him. The biggest problem was stopping myself. It felt so good. It was like being trapped in the desert for year yearning for water and then finding civilization with a huge water fountain out front. I couldn't get enough; I didn't want to ever get away from him. Suddenly he broke, the kiss and stood away from me with a dazed expression.


"I have to go." He announced to no one in particular.

I let out a belated laugh. "Okay."

"I need a minute." He gestured to himself and I couldn't control my laughter.

"My bad."

"You should never feel sorry for that." He snorted looking away from me with an unashamed blush.

I snickered. "Good, because that wasn't a sincere apology."

"I better go make sure everyone went to bed." He gave me one last lustful look, before shaking his head and grabbing his wand out of his bag. "I'll be back."


He was about to just leave, but he doubled back and planted me with a heated kiss. "That will be coming for you."

"I'm perfectly okay with that."


He left the tent and was in a state of delirium. This had to be one long dream. This was too good to be true. As if someone personally heard me think that, I heard raised voices outside. Grabbing my wand, I sighed and went outside to settle the dispute. I expected it to between couples on the brink of breaking up. I didn't expect to see Scorpius and Rick at each other's throats. As I rushed over I saw a crowd growing around them.

"Do you know where she's been Malfoy?" Rick sneered. "She spends more time in bed then out of them."

Scorpius looked murderous. "Fitzpatrick, walk away."

"Why?" He chuckled. "You going to have me suspended for saying something about your little whorey girlfriend?"

"Ah shit." I groaned pushing through the crowd. "Scorpius don't. Rick back the hell off! Everyone go back to your tents!"

"Speaking of the whore and the whore hath appear!" Rick relished in my presence as if it was the ammo he was looking for. Then without any warning, he shot forward and pulled me into a kiss.

The minute his lips touched mine, I kneed him in the groin and decked him in the face. It wasn't even a conscious thought. It was an involuntary reaction. Then as I started getting my senses I swung around to hold Scorpius back from killing him.


"HE'S…NOT WORTH IT!" I yelled using all my weight to stop him. "CAN SOMEONE HELP ME?"

A few of the bigger guys came over and tugged Scorpius back, but none of them looked especially eager to do so.

"Lauren can you go wake Professor Lerner?"

"What should I tell him?" Lauren smirked walking forward more than willingly.

I kicked some dirt in Rick's face. "Tell him that Rick assaulted me and that he needs to be put on his personal detail for the rest of the trip. And tell him to hurry."

"I don't know about that with his cane, but I'll tell him."

I walked over to Scorpius and the guys let go of him. "Calm down. Okay?"

"Calm down?" He looked like he was questioning my sanity. "That guy deserves much more than that."

I nodded in agreement. "I know. I do, but he's not worth it."

"You okay?"

I grimaced, "Yeah…but now I need some mouth wash."

Putting his arm around me he nodded, though he was still obvious murderous. "If he does that again…" Threat hung in the air and I hugged him closely.

"Don't. He's trying to get you in trouble. Look at him. He's pathetic, and I'm pretty sure I made sure he shoots blanks from now."

Scorpius ushered everyone back to their tents as I waited for the Professor, once he got there he took Rick away and I walked back with Scorpius to our tent. Rick yelled insults, but it was a little hard to take him seriously with him cupping his private parts while he did it.

"You know," I groaned, "I think I bruised my knee on his junk…Do you have any mouthwash?"

He gave me the most incredulous look I'd ever seen. "What's WRONG with you?"


He laughed and handed me some mouthwash. "You are so weird."

"Me? How am I weird?"

"It's okay, I guess I'll put up with it." He pretended to scoff.

I swirled it around in my mouth and spit it out on the side of the ten. "You guess? Whatever I'm great."

"After one fight you think you can take on the world eh?" He mocked me taking away the mouthwash and wrapping his arms around me arrogantly.

Looking up at him, I smiled. I felt so entirely and genially happy to see those freckles and bright gray eyes this closely again. I loved him. And he said he loved me. Could my life get any better? No, no it couldn't. "Yeah. Yeah I do."


Author Note:


Song in the summary is Back to Me By: All American Rejects. THANK YOU ALL FOR READING! I hope you guys enjoy this chapter because i worked really hard to make sure it was everything you wanted it to be. PLEASE REVIEW! Did you like it? What do you want to see next? I have an outline but i will add things in if I like the idea. THANK YOU!

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