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In the Eyes of a Serpent by 802betty
Chapter 8 : The Secret Labyrinth of the Mind
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*NOTICE: This story is currently being rewritten! If you have previously read it, please go back to chapter four, the first chapter redone. Currently chapter five is a new chapter inserted in the middle of the story full of new things! Please go back and read them! Hopefully soon I will have finished rewritting the rest, excluding the first three chapters which I am leaving be. The reason is because I, and some of my dear readers, felt as though the characters were too OC, and the relationships were progressing too quickly. Taking this into consideration, I am adding in new chapters and rewritting others. Thank you for your patience! I will let you know when I am finished!*

A/N: Hey there you guys! Well… long time no see, huh? I’m so sorry about that! Everything is super crazy nowadays, but I’m telling you it feels great to get back behind the keyboard and back to doing what I love! Taking your reviews into consideration, (I told you they help me!) I’m going to try to keep Draco and Hermione at the main focus of the chapters for now on. However, now and then I might check up on how Ron and Harry are doing, just to round the story up a bit.

Now a quick warning to you guys. With my trying to get this out to you guys as quick as possible, I did some of it late at night…. So get ready for random bursts of jumbled up poop writing! HOWEVER!!!! This won’t be so for long because I got meself a beta!!! Huge thanks to EverMalfoy @ the forums (EverDiggory @ HPFF) for dealing with my insaneness. :) So along with the addition of a beta, I’ve also decided to come back with a bang and got the story a new banner!!!! LOVE IT!!! Special thanks to roija @ TDA for making that for me!!!

But enough of this dilly dally, this chappie is one I’ve been planning for a while now! I hope you love it! :D May I present to you, chapter 7 of In the Eyes of a Serpent!

*Sadly I am not the supermegafoxyawesome J.K. Rowling (or AVPM) and therefore I do not own anything recognizable*



The Secret Labyrinth of the Mind


I crept silently through the vast halls; the shadows my cloak of darkness. My bare feet balanced on their toes as I darted from one shadow to the next. My ears were focusing on picking up any slight sound, my eyes for any sign of movement. My heart was pounding in my chest, my fear of being caught growing constantly.

I let out a sigh of relief as my eyes lay on the statue I had been searching for. It was one of a great, bearded man, his robes billowing around him, and on his palm, Hogwarts on a cloud. The founder. Draco and I had decided to meet here before walking to Snape’s office; however I had not seen any sight of him yet.

My eyes were so focused on searching for a little patch of platinum locks, I didn’t notice the dark figure creeping towards me. Suddenly a hand shot out, muffling my scream, and a second one pinned my wand arm painfully behind my back. I felt a tear slip through my lashes at the pain, and a soft voice whispered into my ear behind me, “Got you now my filthy mudblood. The Dark Lord will be so pleased.”



I hustled down the corridors, not caring if I made noise or not. If I got caught, I could easily sweet talk my way out of it. I smirked at the thought. However my smirk slipped off my face as I caught a glimpse of the time on a grandfather clock. It was already 10:10; I was late! I quickened my pace to a run as I darted around the corners in a flash.

At last, my eyes rested on the tall statue of the founder just up ahead. I smiled to myself as I saw a form already beneath it. Hermione always had to be early after all.

But my heart almost stopped as I drew nearer. For Hermione wasn’t alone. Instead a figure in a dark cloak held her captive as she struggled to escape from his clutches. Without a second thought, I reached into my robes and pulled out my wand; relishing in the cool feeling rushing up my arm. The power emanating from its length began to mix with my own adrenaline, and I suddenly felt unstoppable. I pulled my hood up and over my head once I had recognized the felon to be Antonin Dolohov. No need for him to go running off telling Voldemort that his little experiment had changed sides.

His long, pale face was twisted into a cruel smile as he finally looked up and acknowledged my presence. He removed his hand from Hermione’s mouth and cast a nonverbal spell that gagged her; pulling his wand out of his dark robes.

“You there! It’d be best if you turned around and walked away. Unless of course you’d like to visit death a few years early.” He sneered down at me. But I didn’t reply; just continued to walk forwards towards the two; my façade of calm fooling everyone but myself.

Dolohov growled and flicked his wand through the air, whipping my hood back and revealing my luminous hair and skin that could be recognized anywhere.

Dolohov’s face lit up with glee as he recognized me, exactly matching Hermione’s now. He let out a dark chuckle, “Perfect! Of all the students to happen upon me it’s the one who’s on my side. Excellent! We can finish the mudblood together. However you’d have to give the credit to me. After all, you’ve had plenty of time to kill her off.”

Playing up my part, I sent a cold sneer down at Hermione, and I saw her eyes cloud over with confusion.

Dolohov grinned, “You know what, I’m feeling generous. I’ll let you kill her.” I nodded eagerly and gave Dolohow a toothy grin of malice. But before I could pull out my wand to stun Dolohov, his hand shot out and grabbed my forearm like a vice grip.

He yanked me over to him and muttered darkly in my ear, “But mark my words Malfoy, if you screw this up, I’ll have to kill you off instead.” I winced as he snickered before continuing, “What a shame it would be to have to tell the Dark Lord his precious little servant got killed off by unknown means.”

With a smirk crawling upon his thin lips, he flung me away from him and in front of Hermione. Her eyes were now filled with fear of the unknown, and I could tell she was mentally berating herself for ever trusting me. The trust and kindness that usually filled her brown eyes drained away, leaving fear and uncertainty in its wake.

After a moment of tense silence, I flicked my wand through the air muttering quietly, “Petrificus Totalus.” I mentally patted myself on the back for my executive acting performance as I watched Dolohov drop to the ground, unconscious.

I ran over to Hermione as she began to stumble backwards. I caught her in my arms just before she hit the ground, her hair just barely brushing the stone floor. I lifted us back up to a standing position and untied the cloth gag from her mouth, the pink color slowly returning to her lips. She stared up at me, her deep, brown eyes filled now with gratitude.

“Thank you, Draco.” She murmured before standing up on her tip toes and placing a soft kiss on my cheek. She looked up at me, a soft blush creeping into her cheeks, as I looked over at her incredulously, but nevertheless smiling. However her eyes started to flutter softly, and without a word she fainted in my arms, the trauma of the past events weakening her senses. I carefully lay her down on the ground gently before casting a quick Obliviate on Dolohov. I then sent paper airplane like the ones at the Ministry to McGonagall saying only,

The Statue of our Founder

I swooped down and hoisted Hermione in my arms, cradling her petite body against mine. Wanting to get out of there before McGonagall showed up, I quickly darted down the corridors towards Snape’s office; my footsteps silent from years of practice from having to hide.


Before long, I had reached the golden gargoyle, and I ascended the stairs in silence; exactly the way my journey over here had been. Before I even had the chance to knock, the doors were flung open to reveal a scowling Snape.

“You’re late.” He cut out, and he spun around and stalked inside without even noticing the girl in my arms. I rolled my eyes as he ranted about tardiness and responsibilities and took the moment to glance around the office.

The room was exactly what an ex-potions professor’s room would look like. The walls were lined in towering shelves full of every potion imaginable, and cauldrons sat in the corner bubbling furiously. I smiled to myself knowing that if Hermione was conscious, she would be struggling to constrain herself form exploring it all.

I looked back over to Snape to see he was still going off about something, so I finally interrupted him.

“Professor? I believe there is something you should know about-“ But he simply waved his hand through the arm, cutting me off.

Still not looking at me, he continued, “I will ignore the fact that you just interrupted me and remind you that your grades too are slipping. If you should fail to keep them up-“

“Snape!” I almost yelled; daring to call to him informally on school grounds.

He whipped around and glared at me in the eye before cutting out,
“That is Professor to you Mr. Malfoy. It is unwise to-“

I had finally had enough and shouted, “Dolohov was here! He was about to kill Hermione!”

First the first time in my life, I watched Snape grow speechless. His eyes darted to the girl in my arms and his eyes widened in horror. Then he strode towards me and waved his wand over Hermione, checking her vitals.

Whilst doing this he said to me, “And why didn’t you tell me before, Mr. Malfoy?”

I bit my tongue to suppress my outrage, and watched as he levitated Hermione over to the visitor’s couch.

“Dolohov was here?” He asked me softly, and I only nodded at his pondering face. After a moment of silence he murmured softly, “This makes our lessons more urgent, we must begin them tonight without delay.”

I stepped forward to protest but he only flicked a hand through the air to silence me and continued, “There’s no time to go around acting foolish.” I snickered at his word choice, but he quickly turned on me and cut out, “The Dark Lord already knows of your changing of alliances and regaining of memory.” My grin quickly fell from my face. My mouth dropped open and I spluttered,

“But- but- but how! How could he have possibly-“

“That’s enough!” snapped Snape. He straightened out his robes and continued, “There’s no time. We must quickly get right to the Occulemency lessons.”

He rummaged though his cabinets of potions and selected one after a moment. After casting a quick Enerverate over her unconscious body he handing her the vial, commanding her to drink it. “Its Pepper- Up potion,” he responded to her pondering face. After downing it one gulp, I watched as she looked around the room, her eyes widening in awe at the myriad of potions, before she finally looked upon me.

She gave me soft smile before standing to her feet and mouthing to me, “Thank you.”

Snape flicked her on the side of the head and instructed, “Get to opposite sides of the room now.” As I trotted over to the far side, I could distinctly hear Hermione muttering to herself about Snape.

“There is no need to talk Miss Granger.” Snape called out and I smirked at her face of disbelief. We faced off each other, whipping our wands out and pointing their deadly tips at one another. I sent a playful smirk to her, and she rolled her eyes.

Snape’s voice cut into our game, “That’s enough foolishness. Now Miss Granger, you are going to say Legilimens with strength and feel yourself transported into Draco’s mind. You will feel as though your entire being is an outside spirit trying to get through the steel walls that Draco has enforced over his mind. With concentration, you will perhaps actually break down the defenses of his mind, allowing yourself to see into his thoughts and memories. Any questions?”

Hermione opened her mouth to ask, but Snape quickly cut her off, “Well if you don’t have any then go ahead and begin.

I choked down a laugh as Hermione glared at Snape with all the anger in her, which in reality wasn’t actually that much.

With a small huff, she flicked her wand and bellowed, “Legilimens!”

Immediately her face that was scrunched up in concentration began to fade to black as I lost my sense of sight. I was transported to a warm, comfortable place where I was put to ease. Although I could not see it, I knew I was in the confines of my mind. But this was the quiet before the storm.

After a moment, there was a violent thrust against the unseen walls of my solitude. As Hermione bashed against the protective fortress, I pushed out with my entire being at the intruder, preventing her any means of breaking in. With a final surge, I pushed her out and away, transporting us both back to reality.

As my sight returned and I felt the familiar cold draft of the Hogwarts Castle, I saw Snape shaking his head and muttering.

“Really Miss. Granger? You actually couldn’t do it?” Snape taunted, knowingly pushing her buttons. “And people call you the brightest witch of her age. Hmph! I beg to differ. Your greatness isn’t so awe inspiring is it now?”

I cast a nervous glance over at Hermione, to see how it was affecting her. I saw bright fury flashing in her eyes and her hands balled up into tight fists.

“Let. Me. Try. Once. More.” She muttered cautiously, and Snape gave her a curt nod, mischief dancing in his eyes.

“Legilimens!” She shouted, much stronger this time, and I was once more whisked to the warm confines of my mind. Even sooner than before, Hermione made her presence known by attacking my defenses furiously.

Each blow was leavened with anger and frustration, making them more powerful. I began to grow nervous as my control of the walls of my mind began to weaken under Hermione’s attack. With a horror filled cry, I felt my defenses collapse and Hermione swoop in.

In an instant, my once blind eyes were suddenly filled with my memories, both happy and dark ones. I smiled at my joyous childhood, but then cringed as my memories changed to the more recent, terrifying memories.
I winced as the horrifying face of Voldemort filled took center stage as the memory of my induction to the Death Eaters arose. I watched as Voldemort marked my arm with the Dark Mark, forever tainting my skin and soul.

Then I once more watched Dumbeldore die before my eyes, his final words to me forever embellished in my mind.

Finally my most terrifying memory took over, the one of my transformation. Pain overtook my senses as I watched the horrible process take place. My mother’s sobs played out throughout it, overwhelming my emotions. It finally became too much.

With a cry of frustration and fury, I entered into my true form, all common sense and control forgotten. My eyes shot open with a flash and revealed to all that I had transformed by the glowing blue of my eyes.

With my newfound strength, I began to push back against Hermione’s Legilimens, my power now much greater than hers. I could faintly hear Snape shouting at me, possibly telling me too stop, but my need to get the intruder out of my mind and end the onslaught of the terrible memories was all consuming.

With a roar, I gave one final trust, and hurled the intruder from my mind. To my horror though, I had gone too far. The impact of my shove had gone all the way through the spell and to Hermione!

M eyes widened as she was sent flying back into the wall, her body slamming into it with a thud. As she fell, a couch was conjugated under her, and she landed softly into a sea of pillows. I looked over to see Snape with his arm outstretched pointing his wand at the pre-mentioned couch. He straitened himself and sent me a stern look, he opened his mouth to reprimand me, but my mind had only one thought on it, Hermione.

Ignoring Snape, I rushed over to her at the speed of light and was grief stricken to find she was unconscious. I gently lifted her and cradled her against me, murmuring my apologies softly. I heard Snape loudly clear his throat behind me, and he strode over to us, waving his wand over Hermione.

“She has a few broken bones, which is not a surprise. I’ll be back in a moment.” As he levitated her away from me, he shot me a stern look, “It would best if you stayed until I return Mr. Malfoy. We need to talk.” And with that he left me to myself.

Not a moment later my head dropped into the palm of my hands, and I muttered to myself, “What have I done?”


My mind plagued with thoughts of guilt, I hurriedly dashed through the vast corridors of the school, making my way over to the infirmary. I kept one eye out for Filch or Miss Noris, but other than that, my mind had drifted off to think of what had just transpired. When Snape had returned he droned on for a lifetime about the importance of control and blah, blah, blah. I already knew that! It’s not like I needy some greasy haired triple agent to tell me that!

But still I just couldn’t believe I had just lost all control like that! It was utterly barbaric! And then there was Hermione. I felt grief settled once more into the pit of my stomach as I thought of how traumatic her evening had been. But although I tried to focus on how I could better control my true self, my mind continued to muse on the way she felt cradled against me.


Finally rounding the corner to reach the large, oak doors that led to the girl who constantly filled my mind and thoughts, I quietly unlocked the closed doors and crept in stealthily. Watching each and every step so as not to wake the sleeping patients or Madame Pomfrey, I slowly made my way over to the lone bed that had captivated my attention from the moment I had stepped in.

A lone bed near the center held a petite girl with long, curly hair that I had grown accustomed to seeing on our free time. Once I had reached her bedside, I, for the first time, finally began to take a good look at her. Her eyes were closed softly, and her slightly flushed cheeks stood out from her slightly pale face. Her pink lips were parted softly as she breathed, and fleetingly wondered if they were as soft as they looked.

My eyes never straying from her face, I reached a hand down to her face and brushed my fingers softly against her cheek before tucking a few stray hairs behind her ear. My hand lingered there though, cradling her soft, warm cheek, not going anywhere. That is until I felt her stir.

My eyes shot open in horror for the second time tonight and I jerked my hand away. Backing away from the bed, I quickly began to think of means of escape.



I felt my eyes flutter open slowly and blearily blink the sleep out of them. Not a second later my eyebrows hunched together in confusion. I looked all around, but could not find the person stroking my cheek! I had only felt it for a second, but had no idea who it was.

Maybe it was just the sleep and pain potion Madame Pomfrey gave to me, the logic side of me reasoned. I only shrugged my shoulders before returning back to my deep sleep.

Little did I know there was a certain blonde Slytherin just outside the doors breathing heavily from his escape sprint. Both of us though fell asleep that night with soft smiles gracing our features. Both of our minds drifting off to think of each other.

A/N: Well now you know the true meaning of horrible poop writing!!! :D Yes I know there was countless grammatical errors, and that some parts were probably hard to follow, and that some things just don’t seem just right (you know, those awkward weird parts…) and not to mention how b-wordy Snape was and how much Hermione was the Damsel-in-Distres…..BUT!!! I will fix them… eventually! I just realllllly wanted to get this out to you guys in apology to my super ultra long hiatus! But at least I got you guys a new chapter with a smashing new banner to go with it! :D

As some of you, hopefully so I won’t feel like a nerd, might have noticed, the Legilimens part was different, but FAMILIAR!!! I based that part somewhat on how mind reading/ controlling of the mind works in the book series Eragon! Hope you guys liked it! If not, let me know and I’ll be sure to change it up when I rewrite this chapter.

Also, I shamefully must admit.... I'm infected with the most terrible of diseseases, WRITER'S BLOCK! :0 Oh, teenage angst! So, I sadly am drawing a blank on where to go on. :( I will work on it since I'm finally getting a slight decrease in homework load, and hopefully I'll be able to get it out to you in the upcoming week! BUT! If you have any ideas, please let me know in a lovely review! :)

Also, as always, please let me know how you feel about this chapter, or just how the story is playing out so far! I love to come home to new reviews, and I always reply to each one of them. :) Speaking of which, I just want to thank all of you, my dear readers, for the loving support this story has received! Over 5,000 reads!!!! That's bloody amazing! I am truly grateful for all of you. :) Thank you again, and I hope to see you soon!


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