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Predictably Sponanteous by PolyJuice_
Chapter 3 : Taken
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“You had better be bloody kidding me Lillian Heather Evans.” I cried, leaping up from my place on the bed beside her. She just stared up at me, and tears streaming she gave a small, almost imperceptible shake of the head. “ And who?” I was genuinely shocked, here was Miss. Perfect, pregnant at the age of six-fucking-teen. Not to mention, it was more likely that it would be me in her quandary. Lily's meek voice interrupted my line of thoughts and I resumed my place on her bed.
“No, but it really wasn’t my fault!”

“Rape?” I got up again. “Who do I have to beat up?”

“No, not rape. Well, I suppose it was my fault. But he said he loved me!”

“Who?” I demanded. Lily just shook her head again. “James?” I suggested. A slight watery chuckle escaped her lips,

“Yeah right. I’d rather...”

“Date the giant squid.” I finished, “I know. The whole bloody school knows after the makeup incident. But who was it? Aaron?” I added, trying to lighten the mood, after all, there was no way that was plausible. She did not answer me and I began to get worried. “Lils? Please tell me that you didn’t...” At the look on her face I gasped, “You need to get out.” I said as calmly as I could. It was only after she left, that I realised I too, had tears streaming down my face.


Later on that day, as I sat in the common room, Lily came up to me and tried to talk. “I am so unbelievably sorry. And you have no idea how much I’m beating my self up over it.” I just scoffed, rolling my eyes. Like sorry would smooth this over. “Its not like you were even dating him.” She added, clearly trying to patch things up. “Its not like you ever date anyone. You’re as bad as Black.” She clasped her hand over her mouth at her last statement, but I hadn’t listened since she pointed out I hadn’t dated him.

“I wasn’t dating him eh?” I had finally reached my blowing point. “Just for your information, I was!” That shocked her, and she just gaped at me.

“I’m so sorr-”

I cut her off, “Yeah? Well I’m sick and tired of your fucking mind games. You moan and piss about James. He clearly loves you. And then you tell me that I’m screwed up with relationships? What a lot of nerve! You have the most fucked up view of love I’ve ever seen. So how dare you have the nerve to come talk to me, you little slut! You have no fucking friends except me! Why do you think? Because you have shitty social skills. So here's a tip: Don’t sleep with your only friends boyfriend. Also, when someone has been going out of their way to avoid you for a whole day, you don’t track them down and corner them. Or is that too hard for your little ginger head to wrap around?” By this time the common room had all stopped their various activities and begun to watch us fight. One little smart arse even accioed some popcorn from the houselves. Lily tried to interrupt my rant but I stopped her with a punch. A punch that rang through the whole common room, and in the silence that followed I took my cue and began to leave. Right as I got to the Fat Lady I paused and walked back.
“Oh, consider this payback. But don’t you dare think this makes us anywhere near okay.” With that statement I leaned over and pulled James’ tie, bringing him to my height of 5’8. I then leaned in and began to kiss him rather vigorously. I then prised his mouth open with my tongue, then after a good minute and a half I pulled away. “So uh, lets see. James? Check. Remus?” I ran at Remus and repeated the whole process. “There. How does it feel? Pretty bad hey? Now, multiply it by 30 because you aren’t going out with either of them, and then multiply that by another 50, because I didn’t shag them. Have fun with that.”


I walked around for a bit, debating whether or not visiting Aaron was a good idea. I finally made up my mind and headed to the Ravenclaw common room.

“Where do vanished objects go?” The knocker asked.

“Into nothing, or everything. Depending on how you put it,” I sighed as I walked in, dreading this conversation.


The following morning I got up at dawn to avoid life in general, especially after the horrible meeting with Aaron. I went down to the kitchens to eat. As I walked down there even the portraits were muttering about me. I finally got irritated enough to curse gags and blindfolds on any of them who even dared to stare at me. I arrived at the pear, but as I reached out to tickle it, it opened as someone walked out. I looked up from my feet, and saw McGonagall and Dumbledore standing there. Dumbledore had lost the twinkle in his eye and Minnnie's mouth had disappeared in a wrinkle, it was so thin. “Oh shit,” I thought. “I’m going to get busted for being in the kitchens.” Just as I was about to make some excuse, Dumbledore looked me directly in the eyes and said solemnly, “Jennifer Quin, I need you to come with me.” I just gazed up at him, expectantly awaiting elaboration. Instead, he just turned and walked towards the staircase leading up to his office.

“Gum drops.”

The gargoyle swung open and I followed my two teachers in. The headmaster sat behind his desk and gestured for me to take the seat across from him. McGonagall stood behind me, one hand on my shoulder. By this point I was getting really worried. What if Dad had been killed, or Mum, or little Rick! Dumbledore cleared his throat and looked me in the eye before saying.


“Lily and James have been taken by Lord Voldemort.”

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Predictably Sponanteous: Taken


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