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A Force Of Wills by Gabriella Hunter
Chapter 2 : Purebloods
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A/N: And I am really surprised that people like this story and I'm not sure if you all just like the idea of that game or are fascinated by blonde haired ferrets but thanks so much! I appreciate you all for reading and please leave a review, it means alot! Much love, as always.

Astoria was aware that every eye in the room was waiting for her reaction and while her mind tried to reason with the furious pounding of her heart. She couldn’t find words to express how mortified she was.

The game had betrayed her.

She hadn’t expected to be so thoroughly made fun of by the Gods in heaven and she stared at the blank white piece in her hand and felt little hives breaking out over her skin. She felt quite ill; there was no other way to describe it.

A flush was spreading over her cheeks and she felt little shivers breaking out over skin and it was hard to breathe. So very hard to breathe and the constraints of her corset seemed to have taken their toll.

Without a care in the world, Astoria felt herself standing, desperately needing to be away. She was surprised that her jellied legs could even move forward as Parkinson hissed, “What’s her issue?” in a snide tone.

Everything sounded slurred and Astoria could barely see as she tried to make it to the door and escape to the powder room, she had to get her corset strings loosened.

Sweat broke out along her forehead and she cursed a bit, feeling as if she would throw up, “Greengrass,” someone said from behind her.

Astoria turned and saw a blurry shape near her, looking as tall as a mountain and disgust welled up inside of her. “Get away from me,”

“Greengrass, you need to sit down.” The person advised; the voice distorted and unholy.

“Get away,” Astoria said furiously and just as she turned to walk away, her knees buckled, pain exploded behind her eyes and she fainted.


Draco Malfoy watched in amazement as Blaise caught Greengrass before she fell face forward onto his Persian carpet in a rather unladylike way.

How he managed to do so was beyond him but he watched enviously as he settled her into his arms carefully and checked her pulse, “She isn’t dead, is she?” he asked with a sigh.

Blaise looked over at them all, the eight of them staring in a sort of shocked amusement that was only made worse when Pansy roared with laughter. “Shut up, Pansy,” he snarled. “She’s ill.”

“Ill?” Draco asked while raising his upper lip. “Take her somewhere so she can recover then.”

Blaise glared at him in complete contempt. “Draco, this is your party. How would you feel if your parents walked in on this? Contact her sister or parents so they can take care of her.”

Draco stared at him in aggravation and stood up from his chair, very furious indeed. “All right, all right, meanwhile, dump her somewhere, Blaise.” He advised as he strolled across the room and towards the door to signal discreetly for a servant.

Behind him, the others were still chortling at the sight of Greengrass but he was feeling the most unflattering sensation. How dare she faint on him when he was just getting started!

The expression of deepest loathing on her face, not to mention her disgust had caused him to feel sullied somehow and he had just been about to say something cruel when she had gotten up.

Every delicious curve in her body had been on display in that green gown of hers, so green that it was almost black and he’d watched her hungrily but had felt the most peculiar sense of annoyance when she’d fainted.

It was rather inconvenient, “You,” he snapped while opening the door and waving a servant girl over.

She was small and very round and at the sight of him she nearly dropped a tray of sweets that she had been carrying. “Yes sir?” she squeaked.

“Locate Ms. Greengrass’s parents immediately and if you can’t disturb them, locate her brother or sister and have them clean this mess up.” Draco commanded to the girl and she nodded brusquely and dashed away.

Draco sighed irritably and closed the door and turned around.

Blaise was still cradling Greengrass and fanning her face a bit, her dark hair draped over his forearm like a tempting veil, “Blaise, what the bloody hell are you doing? Dump her on the floor and call it a night.”

“Charming, Draco,” Blaise snapped while scooping Greengrass up and turning to Pansy. “Get up.” He commanded forcefully and Draco saw his old flame splutter indignantly, “now.”

“That’s not very kind of you, Blaise.” Theodore Nott said dryly while sipping the remainder of his wine, looking put out. “You’ll muck up the fine fabric.”

Blaise closed his eyes in irritation and then opened them again while Draco sauntered over to peer into his arms. Greengrass was almost angelic and his mouth watered just a little, “Back off,” he snapped to him, upon catching the lustful glow in his eyes, “the game might have to be canceled.”

Samantha Travers, whom Draco had known from school for many years, looked very angry about this indeed. “But you can’t do that!”

Draco held up his hands to calm her down. “Easy, now. The game isn’t going to be canceled because of Greengrass, I assure you.”

Pansy looked a bit disappointed and he knew that she was hoping Theodore would forget all about tickling her tonight. “Budge over, Pansy so he can take care of this nuisance. I’d rather not have Mother and Father on my case tonight.”

That threat hung in the air and Pansy got up from the chaise and then stood awkwardly for a moment before Golye rolled his eyes and allowed her to sit beside him on the couch he and Crabbe had been loitering on.

She sat carefully, smoothing out her dress and asked, “What are you going to do with her, Blaise?”

“Nothing,” Blaise replied calmly while walking up and gently laying Greengrass onto the chaise and standing over her. “And neither will any of you.”

Draco frowned at him angrily. “You don’t give the orders in my home, Blaise.”

Blaise heaved a weary sort of sigh. “I believe I know what’s on your mind, Draco and I can’t approve of you molesting a girl in her sleep,” he said dryly and this brought on nervous laughter from the others.

Draco flushed pink and he tried to compose himself enough to regain a bit of control. What he intended on doing to Greengrass was none of his concern, “What makes you out to be the gentleman tonight, Blaise? I wasn’t aware that you were interested in breeds.”

That stung and Blaise’s face turned furious and almost apologetic but he had a feeling that it wasn’t directed at him. Mary Bulstrode broke up the nasty silence to say, “Who is this girl anyway?”

“Astoria Greengrass.” Draco said immediately. “Her family was once very rich, almost like my own but fell on hard times and while that’s understandable, having a breed is not.”

Samantha Travers moved away from Greengrass as she stirred fitfully. “Ew, why would they allow someone like this into their family? Father says that breeds were hushed up back in his day and dumped in orphanages.”

“Very smart of them of course. Can’t have the world knowing about any mistakes,” Draco said quietly while watching Blaise as he turned to stare at Greengrass. His interest in her worried him because he wanted no competition, “there isn’t much that’s known about her though, but I’m assuming she’s just a bastard raised among the legitimate children.”

Millicent looked disgusted. “I’m not sure if I can stay in the same room with her,” she said while plugging her nose and making Crabbe laugh. “Muggles and half breeds are just the same in my book.”

“Don’t forget those blood-traitors. Anyone curious about how those flea- bitten Weasley’s are doing?” Draco Malfoy asked them curiously.

Everyone looked a bit interested, “Father says that they’re working on getting into their home and arresting them all, the only thing is that they’ve had more than one Order member on their side.”

“Well, that’s not going to take long. With the Dark Lord controlling the Ministry, they’ll be dead within weeks,” Pansy said proudly. She looked a bit flushed with delight, “to see that nasty Weasley girl in Azkaban is just too hilarious.”

Draco smirked thinly and Blaise rolled his eyes just a bit. “Wanting to sink your teeth into her, Blaise?” he asked him.

Blaise flinched a little, it had been said by Pansy not too long ago that he had thought she was pretty. It was a true observation but the boy’s lips curled, “I’m no fan of red hair,” he said instead and Samantha Travers flinched in shock.

Draco snorted a little and flicked his eyes to Greengrass’s rosy little mouth and felt a tugging in his chest, his need almost vile. “Then I suppose you like them brunette?”

“Women are women, Draco. And my preference has nothing at all to do with you, unless you’re trying to tell me something,” Blaise said snidely and the group laughed. Draco glared at him viciously but the boy turned away from him, his eyes on the breed, “it’s no secret what you want.”

Draco flinched a little and he wanted to ram his wand into his eye and crush his skull but just as he was about to say something, the door nearly exploded open.

Turning in surprise, he watched as the oldest daughter and that brother of hers stormed in, the brother looking rumpled and furious, “Stori!” the oldest girl said while rushing up, wand drawn.

The sight of the ebony and unicorn hair wand caused Draco and the others to exchange startled looks before they hastily moved away. “What have you done to her?” the brother commanded to him, his eyes flashing. “I swear to Merlin I’ll flay you alive!”

“We didn’t do anything to her!” Pansy defended for him as Draco watched the sister bend down to Greengrass and check her pulse. “She fainted!”

That caused the brother to relax only somewhat but he had a flushed quality to his face that Draco knew only too well and he smiled a little. It made the older boy narrow his eyes dangerously, “Were you busy Greengrass?” Draco asked him.

“I’ll be busy shoving the tip of my wand up your ass if I find out that you put your slimy hands on my sister you filthy—” Greengrass started but his sister shook her head firmly at him. “Git,” he amended and Draco quirked his brow.

Blaise had moved aside so that the older sister could examine the girl and he explained calmly. “I wasn’t going to allow anything to happen to her. It goes against my code as a gentleman, Greengrass. I can assure you that she’s quite safe.”

Draco watched as the older brother sneered. “Safe from purebloods,” he snapped under his breath scathingly before nodding, “if you say so, Zabini. I thank you for it,” the words might as well have been wrenched from the pit of his soul, they were so forced.

Blaise caught up on it and nodded stiffly. “Stori, love, its Emily,” the sister was crooning while Pansy and the other girls raked her critically. They were taking in her gown and lovely profile.

Theodore and the others were too busy eyeing the older brother with barely concealed fright to really notice that Emily Greengrass looked nothing like her sister.

She was taller, slimmer and her hair was like spun gold, her eyes like green jewels, “Oh, Stori, you little twit.” She said fondly. “Scorpious, be a dear and take out the smelling salts.”

“I didn’t bring any,” the brother replied with a shamefaced expression.

Draco narrowed his eyes critically, wondering why they would need them on their person like this, did Greengrass faint often?

The thought made him snort with laughter but Blaise covered it up by taking out a small square shape in his robes, “My mother is a bit overdramatic.” He explained when Emily Greengrass narrowed her eyes suspiciously, “its smelling salts.”

There was a slight moment when the girl stared up at him warily before taking it, opening the wrapper and waving it under her sister’s nose. “Scorpious, could you get her some water please?” she asked her brother.

“Of course,” the brother replied with a nod before he stalked menacingly from the room, a deep promise of revenge on his handsome face.

Draco shuddered inwardly and then watched as Greengrass stirred, coughing. She looked a bit delirious but at the sight of her sister, she leapt up and wrapped her arms around her neck, “Emily, it was horrid!” she cried.

Pansy and the others snickered a bit but Greengrass was being held by her sister comfortingly and the sight was so endearing that it was nearly sickening.

Draco had no siblings that he knew of and he was curious about the brief spark of envy that he gathered at the sight, “Oh, relax Greengrass. You’re alive,” he snapped.

Greengrass released her sister and then angled her head to look at him and he watched as her entire face turned pale with disgust. It wasn’t exactly a boost to his ego, “You’re lucky that I am,” she hissed threateningly.

“Now you watch your mouth you stinking breed!” Draco cried.

Emily Greengrass said something to her sister and then stood and smoothed out the folds in her cherry red gown. “Mr. Malfoy, I’d advise you not to take that tone with my sister while I’m in the room,” she warned.

“Who do you people think you are?” Draco demanded. “I’m a Malfoy, you can’t talk to me that way when your family is nothing more than paupers begging for a meal,” he sneered.

A flush spread to the girl’s cheeks at the truth of this but her younger sister stood up and Draco was unnerved to see that she had her wand drawn.

It was a formidable looking weapon and he felt breaths escaping from the other’s mouths at her nerve, “Stori, don’t.” Emily Greengrass warned.

“He is such a prat!” Greengrass snarled. “Ooh, the day when I can hex him will be the greatest day of my life, he makes me ill!” she emphasized to her sister in a carrying whisper that was meant to be heard by everyone in the room.

Draco watched as his friends all stared at him, expecting him to do something foul to her but he wasn’t seventeen yet. He would be in more than enough trouble from his father if he killed this girl and her revolting family, “Greengrass—” he started in a severe warning.

Blaise intervened yet again and placed his hand on Greengrass’s arm.

Draco had never seen a woman shudder so openly at the slight touch of a man and the girl looked up at him with her lip raised in true loathing. “Until that fine day arrives, Greengrass, I’d advise you to take it easy. You’re not thinking clearly.”

Draco watched as Greengrass stared at him for a moment or two before yanking herself away from him and spitting. “Get your hands off of me you filthy pureblood!”

“Stori!” Emily Greengrass said in a shocked whisper.

Blaise looked truly shocked. “My apologies,” he said hastily.

Greengrass looked quite mad and she clutched at her chest painfully before she looked up and saw that brother of hers coming into the room. Draco was too shocked to really even think and the others were looking just as stunned by her exclamation, “Scorpy, thank Merlin.” She said to her brother.

“Stori, we need to have a slight discussion.” Scorpious Greengrass said while holding up a glass for her and smiling only faintly when she crossed the room and hugged him.

Draco frowned and then watched as she took the glass from his hand and drank deeply, her cheeks turning pink after swallowing her fill, “Emily, you as well.”

“All right,” Emily Greengrass said with a weary look. “Mr. Malfoy,” her voice dripped with false apology before she angled her head at the others in the room, nodding here and there. “Until supper,” she said in a pleasant tinkle.

Draco felt another inward shudder at the look she gave him before she pressed out of the room and he moved out of her way.

The family disturbed him and he wasn’t quite sure what it was that unnerved him so deeply, “I’ll make sure that there are no more invites, Greengrass. Be aware that your time around pureblood society is over for your cheek.”

“You’ll have to go through your father for that decision and I’m not certain if he’ll agree with you on that,” Scorpious Greengrass said calmly, his eyes twinkling cruelly.

There was a tense silence before Greengrass turned and looked at him for the first time without disgust and Draco saw that it was pity. He wasn’t sure what it was for but he snarled, “Do you have something to say to me, Greengrass?”

She shook her head and his eyes flicked unwillingly to the pulse of her throat, wanting to trace his tongue over the area. “No, Malfoy. I have nothing to say that you would like to hear,” she said eventually and her lips turned up in a sneer.

It was a shocking expression on a woman and as the three of them turned away, Draco found himself staring at the back of her head. “The game isn’t over Greengrass,” he called to her.

For a moment she stiffened and pressed on but by some unknown force, she turned around and met his eyes.

Draco smiled charmingly and she raised her chin in a haughty sort of way, ironically making him more aroused than he had ever been in his life and she spat, “As far as I’m concerned, Malfoy. The game is over and thank God for it,”

She might as well have punched him in the groin and Draco glowered after her when she turned away and was swept from the room like some sort of unearthly creature, two knights by her side.


“Stori do I have to tell you that we can’t go around making enemies with these people?” Scorpious demanded from Astoria a few minutes later after they were far from Malfoy’s personal lounge or whatever he called it. She stared up at him and then looked away bitterly, “we have to watch our steps! Do you know what could happen to us all if we’re not careful?”

Astoria bit on her lower lip a bit and felt that her corset was cutting into her skin again, making it very hard to breathe. Emily was examining her worriedly, “I can’t help it. I despise him!”

Scorpious sighed and ran his fingers through his blonde hair irritably. “Stori, I know that but now you’ve made them suspicious about us! Filthy pureblood scum,” he spat unkindly. “Emily, you keep your eye on her a bit more carefully,” he scolded.

Emily flushed pink. “I was only chatting with a very nice gentleman—”

“About as old as Dad,” Scorpious interjected hotly. Emily frowned at him and pushed a lock of her own blonde hair behind her ear, “I know that we all have to make a good match but we have to be careful about what we say and who we say it to.”

Astoria sighed a bit and gnawed on her lower lip for a moment longer before stilling the action as Emily gave her a disapproving look.

“I’m sorry, Scorpy. Truly I am,” she said honestly and her older brother merely jerked his head at her, “I didn’t mean to say it but they’re all so vile.”

“Of course they are, they’re purebloods,” Scorpious said dryly.

Emily nodded, though it was rather reluctant. She enjoyed the life far much more than they did but to survive, the three of them had to do what was necessary, no matter if they wanted it or not, “If we all marry well, we’ll be able to save the family’s fortune. And then, perhaps—”

“Perhaps what?” Astoria demanded. “Be shackled for the rest of our lives to people we can’t even stand? Screw that,” she said sourly, “I want to be with someone that I love.”

Scorpious gave her a tender smile but Emily frowned at her, this not being the first time that they had argued over this. “Stori, you’ll find someone and when dad finishes his…business we can divorce, live happily and leave this all behind.”

Astoria frowned because the family business was going to take far longer to get out of her their father’s system than just a few silly marriages.

Scorpious had no plans on marrying a pureblood girl in the first place and while she knew this very well, Emily did not because she tended to find him aggravating with his views, “Leave this all behind is something that I don’t know will ever happen. I’m so tired of being alone,”

Emily gave her a soft smile and pulled her into a comforting hug and shot Scorpious a dirty look that he gawped at. “It’s going to be okay, Stori. Trust me, no one will ever find out, you’ll marry a delightful man and everything will be just fine.”

“Not if Malfoy is sniffing around. He stalks me at school you know,” Astoria replied from the protection of her bosom. “He frightens me,” she admitted reluctantly, “he has a way of finding me that’s almost unnerving.”

Scorpious and Emily exchanged looks, both of them out of Hogwarts and unable to protect her the way that they would have liked. “Stori, you know how to protect yourself and we have contacts if you would like him to be disposed of.”

Scorpious!” Emily cried, aghast.

“What? We do, I’m just saying, we could…let him go missing.” Scorpious said with a playful shrug and Astoria shuddered, they couldn’t have that happening again. It was why there was only three of them now, “but I’m sure that dad wouldn’t appreciate that when he has more business to get into with the prat’s father.”

Astoria hoped that he didn’t wind up getting hurt or worse…enjoying himself far too much with Lucius Malfoy. “We can’t kill Malfoy, no matter how nice it would be to see him without that smug little grin on his face. As long as I’m careful, he’ll never find out where I am.”

The route to her private dorm changed often and she always received the directions anonymously through her mail.

With Snape as Headmaster though she worried that things might have changed severely and would just have to wait until she was back at Hogwarts in a few days, “That’s the spirit Stori. Now, if we can get through this dinner and suffer a bit more, everything will work out just fine,” Scorpious assured her gravely.

Emily nodded a bit but then said. “Malfoy is something that we’ll have to take care of in some way or another. If you would like for me to handle it, Scorpious, I could distract him?”

“Emily, no. You have more important things to do,” Scorpious said firmly while Astoria stared up at her in disgust. “Malfoy will get more than he bargained for if he gets too close to our sister. I say let him, he needs to be taught a lesson.”

Astoria worried that he might find out too much by that point but she nodded a little and was about to say something when they heard activity.

Guests were leaving rooms and coming in from a walk outside in the chilly night air and she supposed that it was time for dinner, “I have to get my corset strings loosened up. I don’t want to faint again.”

“Would you like me to come with you?” Emily asked her gently.

“No, no. I’m fine, its already suspicious enough and I don’t need Malfoy overhearing something that’s none of his business,” Astoria said with a frown. “He’ll be doing it more often now that I’ve called Zabini a filthy pureblood,”

Scorpious snorted. “He is what he is,”

Emily frowned at him gravely. “He seemed quite all right.”

“Emily, what have we always been taught?” Scorpious asked hotly.

Astoria said it for her sister. “Never trust a pureblood.”

Never trust a pureblood. You seem to forget,” Scorpious said to Emily before he turned away and walked off, downing the last bit of water that he’d gotten from Astoria as he went.

“I’m sorry for ruining your night!” Astoria called to him.

Scorpious waved it off and Emily huffed a sigh. “I had to send him a hasty Patronus and he must have Apparated here faster than normal. Where does he go all the time?” she asked her sister, following her anyway to the powder room.

Astoria shrugged a little and Emily rolled her eyes a bit before they walked and winded around corridors towards their destination. “…What Malfoy said about the game—?”

“Not that game again,” Emily said with an eye roll, sounding bored.

“So you’ve played it? Emily!” Astoria cried in alarm.

Emily shrugged prettily. “It was no big deal, Stori. It was quite fun and I was unable to walk for days,” she said loftily and Astoria paled considerably. “Oh, don’t be such a baby, dear. It happens to us all and I must say that young Malfoy intends on having you,”

Astoria couldn’t believe that her sister had actually allowed some pureblood boy to do that to her and she wondered how often she’d seen Emily in too good of a mood. It worried her, “Emily, you should be more careful.”

“Oh, I’ll be fine. I need information and men are so foolish when they’re…distracted,” Emily said pompously and Astoria would never resort to that sort of questioning, no matter if they needed it or not. “Perhaps you should seduce young Malfoy and gather some more for daddy,”

“I’ll boil myself alive before I allow that git to touch me!” Astoria cried while they finally came up to a pink door that was suddenly opened by a small house-elf. It was packed with people and she angled herself inside with her sister, “Emily, do not mention that to dad!”

Emily smiled at her innocent expression fondly before they were being shoved in front of a large expanse of mirror by house-elves.

It was a very large and elegant room that smelt like perfume, coal and rouge that caused Astoria to sneeze a bit as she took in the utensils flying around and the stools that were seated with various women and girls in all colors.

There was a lot of laughter, curses and poor house-elves wandering around on the plush white carpet, the chatter unsettlingly infectious.

Astoria sighed irritably while her hair was magically fixed, more perfume being added to her body against her will, “As much as it pains me, I find him quite handsome.” Her sister whispered.

Astoria sent her a revolted stare as a house-elf frightfully walked up to her and at the sight of its big blue eyes she had to smile. “Would you be a dear and loosen my corset strings for me? I’m about to keel over,” the creature stared up at her in surprise.

“Yes miss!” it squeaked happily while rushing behind her.

A few of the women stared at her in confusion and then shrugged her off and went back to prattling on and on.

Astoria found herself slowly dying and winced just a bit as her corset was loosened, her ribs painfully coming back to life, “…Samantha plans on getting that Zabini boy,” she heard a girl say to her friend.

“Ooh, he’s so handsome but I’m afraid that he isn’t exactly interested from what she’s told me. It’s been ages since Samantha has had fresh prey,” the other girl beside her said.

Astoria looked at herself in the mirror and saw that her eyes were a bit red from shock and her hair looked sweaty. Her skin was as pale as ever though and she pinched her cheeks, “Is Zabini a nice catch?” she asked.

“I suppose.” The girl said to her warily, sizing her up.

Astoria gave her a dark look. “I’m not interested, just curious.”

Pleased by her lack of interest in the boy, the girl went on.

“His mother is very rich and I hear that he’s going to be heading back to Hogwarts someday as Potions teacher with more Galleons than necessary. Each of his fathers has left him a sufficient inheritance to tide him over, why he would want to go back to teach is beyond me,” she said while a house-elf patted her cheeks with concealer.

It made her skin look like a corpse but Astoria said nothing and wondered about Blaise Zabini a bit.

He had protected her from those monsters in Malfoy’s room and she owed him her thanks and an apology for insulting him, no matter if a pureblood’s touch made her recoil, “He’s a tad quiet, don’t you think?” another girl asked while her hair was pulled back in a tight bun.

“He’s always been that way.” The girl beside Astoria replied calmly. “But I have my eyes set on Draco, he’s quite the charmer,” she said with a flirty giggle.

Astoria felt bile rising in her throat and sent Emily a look that her sister giggled at before tucking a wisp of her hair behind her ear. “And an excellent partner, if you can catch my meaning,” another girl said with a laugh.

They began talking about things that Astoria had never experienced and she turned bright red and tried to tune them out.

There was a lot of giggling and laughing from her sister as well before her corset was loosened and she was able to breathe properly, “You is all done miss,” the house-elf squeaked.

“Thank you,” Astoria said in relief before tapping Emily on the arm and gathering her attention again as she laughed along with the other fools in the room. “I’m going on ahead. I’ll be fine,” she assured when her sister looked concerned.

Emily nodded and patted her hand before she walked out, thankfully leaving the room behind her as she wandered back to the front of the house.

There was laughter ringing around and she sighed a bit in irritation before winding and walking around, wondering perhaps if she could just go home without supper and then call it a night.

Her parents wouldn’t be pleased with that though.

She couldn’t afford to have them upset with her so she walked determinedly on with her shoulder squared, somehow feeling rather than knowing that she was being followed.

The past had made her sensitive to the sound of approaching footfalls and Astoria angled her head a bit over her shoulder and barely caught a tall dark shape and frowned. “Malfoy, at least come out and stop playing games.” She wasn’t in the mood for them.

As predicted, Draco Malfoy seemed to pull away from the shadows like a dark spectral being. His blonde hair was neatly pushed back and his dress robes were immaculate but Astoria was never more afraid to see him as he ran his eyes over her frame, “Half and Half, we need to have a slight discussion.”

“Bite me, Malfoy,” Astoria replied scathingly.

“Kiss,” Malfoy corrected while walking down to her and causing her skin to break out in a chill that she couldn’t be rid of. Seeing the expression on her face, he smiled charmingly, “no need to be so frightened of me yet, sweet. I don’t intend on harming you just yet.”

Astoria reeled away from him at the endearment and took a slight step back, perhaps a mistake because he filled in the space easily. “Go away, Malfoy. I’m not in the mood to be dealing with you again tonight and I’m not going to take any of your threats with a smile,”

Malfoy looked awfully curious and eyed her for a long time, until she was feeling her knees buckling together. “…You’re a curious little thing, aren’t you Half and Half? First your siblings threaten me and then you hint that there are worse things to come for me if I harm you. I’d like to know what you all are up to.”

“Like I would tell you,” Astoria replied calmly while staring into his grey eyes and feeling her cheeks turning red.

She had heard too many rumors about him in that powder room and the images that she had gotten made it hard to breathe, “Mind your own business Malfoy if you like where you’re at.”

“There you are again, making idle threats as if you’re able to get away with them.” Malfoy said in a calm voice, though it sounded like a rattlesnake purring.

Astoria made an attempt to turn around with her dignity intact but he reached out and gripped her upper arm, “I might as well warn you now that you’ll never find a moment’s peace once we return to Hogwarts.”

Astoria had more than enough to worry about without him stalking her at school but she frowned deeply. His body heat cloaked her and she worried about how he had so easily invaded her space, “Let me go,”

“Make me.” Malfoy taunted. Astoria gritted her teeth, “despite your threats in my lounge, you’re not seventeen yet, are you?”

“If I were you’d be flat on your back and begging for me to end it all,” Astoria snarled angrily and he chuckled. “Don’t be stupid enough to think that I can’t fight if I don’t have to, Malfoy.”

For a moment they said nothing but Astoria let out a gasp of surprise as he bent and pressed his lips to the back of her sweaty neck, sliding his tongue over a sensitive space. “As sweet as sugar.” Malfoy murmured. “When I get my hands on you later I’ll worry that your mouth might be bitter,”

Astoria rammed her elbow back and it struck him in the abdomen. “You disgusting prat, get your hands off of me!” she cried in mortification, trying to break free.

Malfoy frowned and yanked her around until they were staring into each other’s eyes, until she felt as if she’d drowned in his.

The hallways were dark, the chatter sounding distant and Astoria reeled back in fright as he reached up and stroked his thumb over her lower lip, “Such a temper, Greengrass.”

A burst of fire shot up her body as his thumb rasped along her skin again in a practiced way that almost made her turn into butter. Unnerved, Astoria snapped, “Why are your hands so rough?”

Apparently that shocked him and Malfoy blinked in amusement. “Quidditch,”

She had always thought that his hands would be slimy, like a flobberworm but they were very warm and she had to deduce that he might be human after all. “Oh,” Astoria said sourly before reaching up and taking his wrist, “now let me go. I’m warning you now,”

“You’ve warned me enough. I don’t think that your parents would appreciate you hexing the son of their host and hostess,” Malfoy jeered and Astoria flushed angrily because this was very true. It would also ruin her father’s plans if more attention was brought upon them, “also, I meant what I said, Greengrass. I’ll have a discussion with my father and have your family removed from every guest list, every invitation in pureblood society. I’ll ruin you.”

The words sounded haunting to her ears and Astoria stared up at him in horror.

“You wouldn’t! You don’t have any idea how much this means to me and my family!” to Emily, who wanted to get married and to Scorpious who just wanted it to be over. And to her, who wanted to be happy, blissfully and truly happy with the person who would dare to love her, “please,”

Her plea was out before she could stop it and Malfoy’s grey eyes flared with unabashed pleasure and she fumed. “Please?” he repeated thoughtfully.

Astoria knew that she had sunk into some sort of trap now and she turned her head away and felt his thumb and forefinger gripping her chin. Forcefully, Malfoy angled her head back, “You heard me the first time, prat.”

“I did but I like the way you say it.” Malfoy replied gently and Astoria’s skin burst into a wild blush at the look in his eyes. “Over and over again, that’s what I’d like to hear.”

“What are you talking about? You’ll never get that lucky,” Astoria snapped furiously. “I like real men, or at the very least, human men,” she insulted pointedly.

Malfoy looked furious by her nerve and then, slowly, he seemed to gather himself before he bent and pressed his lips against hers. “You’ve captured my fancy Half and Half and I intend on having you no matter what the circumstances are. Remember that,”

Astoria raised her upper lip even as a bolt of terror shot down her back.

“The fact that I don’t and have never wanted you bothers you doesn’t it Malfoy? Keeps you up at night?” she asked calmly and the truth flashed across his face. “Does it give you nightmares?”

Malfoy barked a cold laugh. “Nightmares are far from my mind when I’m thinking of you, Half and Half. We’ve despised each other since first year when you spat in my face for calling you a breed,” he reminded and Astoria actually smirked.

“You deserved it.” Astoria shot back.

Malfoy sneered and his lips brushed against hers more firmly. “Insolent darling,” he whispered gently, “no matter if you are a breed, poor and rude, I’m going to have you and I don’t care what you have to say about it.”

Astoria glared at him and turned her head away and was able to speak again. “I have plenty to say about it actually and I don’t appreciate you stalking me.”

“Shame,” Malfoy snarled cruelly. “Because I enjoy that look on your face when I startle you in just the right way. Too bad that you and your family won’t be able to gain a bit more importance in society after that little stunt you and your siblings pulled earlier,” he reminded, coming to the point of the matter again.

Astoria glared up at him hatefully. “What are you going to do? Spread lies about my family just because you’re a petty brat?” she asked abruptly.

A smile carried over his face and he kissed her tenderly. “You’re smarter than you look,”

“And you’re as ignorant as ever!” Astoria snarled, angling her head away. “How can you so callously ruin lives that way? Doesn’t anything matter to you?” she demanded.

“I don’t ruin lives, I clean up messes that taint my home. Why that’s wrong, I’ll never be able to understand,” Malfoy said with a weary, dramatic sigh. “And I don’t appreciate your smart mouth Greengrass, I’d advise you to be rid of it.”

Astoria was enraged and for a moment she thought that she saw red but then had to take deep, soothing breaths that delighted him.

“You’re threatening to ruin my family, that’s not something to be proud of you ungrateful git.” Before he could say anything else she said viciously, “and I’m sorry Malfoy but my smartass mouth is all part of my charm. Take it or leave it,” she snarled.

“I’ll take something from you, Greengrass.” Malfoy snarled back, until her cheeks were pink and she could barely breathe. “If I don’t ruin your family by adding a few, slight rumors here and there, you owe me.”

“I owe you what exactly?” Astoria whispered back.

Malfoy seemed to consider it. “You despise purebloods, don’t you?” Astoria didn’t even have to answer him and he smiled pleasurably, the brush of his lips causing fire on her own. “I’m going to tie you to me, Greengrass. I’m going to make you fall in love with me and then I’m going to ruin you.”

Astoria couldn’t believe what he was saying. In exchange for keeping her family safe in the pureblood society, Draco Malfoy wanted her to be his girlfriend? That was his favor?

A laugh bubbled in her chest and she couldn’t contain it, “Is that the best you can do, Malfoy? You want me to be your girlfriend?”

“Whoever said anything about you being my girlfriend?” Malfoy asked her snidely.

“I’m not going to sleep with you.” Astoria replied icily. “You’ll never, ever hear me begging, whimpering or sighing for more so get your stinking hands off of me, pureblood,” she commanded.

The force of her rejection and the boldness of what she might have just done to her family startled them both.

Malfoy released her in shock, unable to believe what he had just heard, “I’m offering you something that can change your life Greengrass and you’re telling me no?” he asked furiously.

“I am,” Astoria said tightly.

“Do you know what you have just done to your family? Just a few little rumors here and there about that sister and brother of yours can get you booted out of every party, every social calling,” Malfoy murmured while yanking her head to his again so that they could stare each other down.

Defiance radiated from her. “I’m my father’s daughter Malfoy and I was told never to get on my hands and knees for anyone beneath me.”

She omitted the fact that it only became necessary when there was information that needed to be stolen but Astoria didn’t intend on using her lack of feminine charm to woo Malfoy into a sense of foolishness.

For a moment or two, Astoria was sure that Malfoy was going to hit her.

His grip on her upper arm and chin was starting to hurt her, “…My God,” he whispered instead, his voice sounding harsh and a bit of a flush coming into his cheeks, “you fascinate me.”

“You’re mental,” Astoria replied in a terrified whisper, wondering what she had done to have been thrust into such a horrible fate.

Malfoy nodded savagely, as if he couldn’t understand it himself.

“Greengrass, I’m going to devour you.” He said firmly and Astoria struggled in his grasp, “and when I’m done with you—” Astoria tried to reel away but he was whispering lurid, erotic things into her ear and she felt her jaw dropping and her knees going weak.

Apparently there were things that she didn’t understand and by the time that he pulled away, looking as if he had ran a mile, Astoria couldn’t speak properly. “…Y-you disgust me,” she said eventually even as her cheeks flamed.

Malfoy smiled against her cheek and she felt the tip of his tongue on her skin.

“Sure I do, Greengrass. You can try and pretend that you hate me but I’m no fool, I can offer you much more than anyone else can, be aware of that the next time you turn so red.”

“I’m not red!” Astoria denied furiously, trying to get away.

Malfoy chuckled and he sounded teasing. “I can prove it for you, sweet.”

Astoria wished that he wouldn’t sound so bloody pleased with himself and she swallowed hard and heard him crooning something against her skin.

It sounded like a song but she was too disturbed to really note that he had a nice voice for a devil, “No thanks, Malfoy.”

There was a moment where he was silent, his humming ceasing immediately before he barked a laugh, cupped her face in his hands and pressed his mouth against hers.

Stunned, she struggled but he kissed her so deeply that it was useless to escape him and for just a second her entire body was thrust into delight, “Sorry to break up this intimate moment,” someone said then.

Interrupted, Malfoy released her and smiled smugly into her face as she tried to gather her breathing.

Blaise Zabini had stumbled upon them and Astoria turned around and saw that he had been caught unawares as well, “What is it?” Malfoy asked meanly, his eyes glowing.

“I was contemplating my own death when I recalled that I had to stay here for a few more hours and I happened to hear your mother asking where you were. If you’d rather I tell her that you were caught snogging poor Ms. Greengrass, I’d advise you to get into the dining hall,” Zabini said in a bored, cultured rush of air that was almost amusing.

Astoria would have laughed any other time but she was shaking from her head to her toes. “T-thank you,” she choked after Malfoy gave her a promising look before winking at her and striding off, hands in his pockets.

Zabini shrugged and when she stumbled up to him, explanations on the tip of her tongue, he waved them away.

“I don’t need to hear them, Greengrass.” His voice was tight, “despite your words you seemed unable to hide your fascination,” sarcasm dripped like rain from his tongue.

“I didn’t ask him to kiss me at all, Zabini. He was threatening me,” Astoria snarled at him, feeling her cheeks going red at the things he had whispered in her ear.

“I’m sure he was,” Zabini replied dryly as he sent a pitying look her way, his lips set in a very thin line that made him look like an old man. Astoria glared at him as they walked the rest of the way in silence, his entire face set in a sort of blank mask.

She didn’t know why it mattered what he thought of her but she felt very ashamed for having Malfoy’s lips against her own.

There was no way on this earth that she could ever forgive herself for enjoying it, it left a tingle against her skin that couldn’t be washed off with just water or soap. “Purebloods,” she sneered.

The world would be better off without them.

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