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Merlin, Help Me by WishesofWeasley
Chapter 4 : Chapter 3
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Chapter 3 - Emma Spencer
'I can't believe that plan failed, it was genius." Maddie said in the dorm. It was just Echo, Jo, Maddie, and I since Rosie was in the library studying. We sixth year Gryffindor Girls or the Foxxy Five as Jo calls us, it's on our door.

Joanne Kathleen Thomas: AKA Jo. Parents: Lavender and Dean Thomas. Short, spikey hair; really tall, bit of a rebel. Loud, obnoxious, and best friends with Maddie. Has two younger siblings (twins) named Kayla and Max, both Gryffindor third years.

Madeline Serena Armstrong: AKA Maddie. Parents: Matthew and Eva Armstrong (both muggles). Super tall, but shorter than Jo; curly brown hair. Quiet, smart, gorgeous, and an evil genius. Has an older muggle brother named Ethan, met him before (he's hot and super nice).

Echo Danielle MacDougal. Parents: Morag and Daphne Greengrass-MacDougal, ancient history freaks which explains Echo's name. Has freakishly long, dark hair; short but prefers to be called 'fun-sized'; looks Indian. Super-hyper, really smart but distracted easily, and super athletic. Is the middle MacDougal, has an older brother named Damien (Slytherin, graduated last year) and Niké (Ravenclaw, fifth year).

Rose Nymphadora Weasley: AKA Rosie. Parents: Ronald and Hermione Weasley. Long, hip length strait red hair, usually pulled up; tall, pale, freckly. Genius, friendly, in love with Scorp Malfoy, and quiet. Has a brother in Ravenclaw, Hugo, fifth year.

Me, Emilia Narcissa Spencer: AKA Emma. Parents: Lucy and David Spencer. Short, blond hair; average height (5'5 or so), normal skin tone with some freckles. Quiet, average student, friendly, wall flower. Younger brother Christopher, fifth year Gryffindor.
Well, sorry for the interuption of the conversation. Now back to discussing how to get Rosie and Scorp together.

"What about locking them in the library?" Echo suggested. We all looked at her.

"And how is that different from locking them in that broom closet?" Jo asked sounding annoyed.

"We could put a speacil seal on the door so they can't get out until they confess their true feelings for each other." Echo explained. I thought about it, it wasn't such a bad idea but it would need a lot more people behind it then who we had helping us now.

"It's a good idea but we'll need at least a few more people." Appearently Maddie was on the same page as I was.

"What about Al, Lance, and Drew. I'm pretty sure that Lily, Callie, and Chris wouldn't mind helping, same with Niké." I said thinking aloud.

"Al, Lance, and Drew all don't like Scorp but the fifth years most likely wouldn't mind helping." Echo said with a smile as the plan came into place.

"I say we could pull this off." Maddie said with a very evil smirk on her pretty face.

"Hugo would probably help too, he likes Scorp well enough." Jo reported.

"Hugo will be good but no other Weasleys or Potters, they're too over protective for anyone's good." I said thinking about past Wotter girls with boyfriends and over protective cousins/siblings.

"Good point but I know Lily wants those two together. In her words 'they would make such cute babies together!' her words ladies, not mine." Maddie said with a gag me look on her face.

"Echo and I will talk to them." I volunteered us. "But we also need to find a charm and find a way to lock them in the library though."

"Don't they usually study together in a secluded corner where no one really goes." Jo said thinkfully.

"Yeah, let's put a charm around they're area so no one will go there including Madame Pince." Maddie wrote down on the note pad that we kept all our plans in, Rosie doesn't know about the note pad.

"Yeah, and this will all have to happen after the library closes, let's do it Friday night." Echo suggested.

"No, Tuesday night. Madame Pince always leaves early Tuesday nights and has Wednseday mornings off." Jo told us.

"True, yeah, Tuesday, let's do that." Maddie said scribbling it down in the note pad (AKA Notie).

"Don't Rosie and Scorp have a free period first thing Wednesday?" I asked racking my mind.

"Yeah, I usually hang out with them during it." Echo told us.

"Ok, Echo and Emma will talk to the fifth years while Mads and I will look up charms." Jo ordered us, as if saying 'break!' like in a huddle.

~The Next Day~

Echo and I were sitting in the Common Room doing our charms essay while keeping an eye out for either Lily, Callie, or Chris. Echo nudged me a little while after we started our essays, she pointed to the portrait hole which Lily and Callie had just walked through with a few of their friends.

"Oi! Callie, Lily, over here!" Echo called out to them across the room. Callie and Lily said something their friends and walked over towards us. Callie was tall, had super long blond hair, and is very talkative, she's incredibly brave and she fits Lily perfectly. Lily was a bit on the shorter side with bright red hair that touched her shoulders, she was always standing up to her brothers and enjoyed playing with pygmy puffs.

"Hey Emma, hey Echo, what's up?" Lily said when they sat down at the chairs by our couch.

"Well Little Potter, Little Malfoy, we have a proposition for you." I said with a coy smile that made Callie and Lily exchange a look.

"What are you two up to?" Callie asked with nervousness laced into her voice.

"Thanks for asking Little Malfoy, we and our roomies invite you two to our dorm at eight, please tell Hugo to join us. Thank you for your time Calypso, Lillian, have a nice day." Echo said in a firm voice, I almost burst out laughing at the formality in her voice. We both gathered our things and left the two staring at us, confused. On our back to our dorm we spotted Chris sitting wiith his friends.

"Christopher, hello darling. Why haven't you called, I thought that we had something special." I cried with dramatics as I rushed him getting some odd looks from some fellow Gryffies, including from Chris's friends.

"Well Emilia, I didn't call or did we have something special since you are my older sister." He said from his spot with his friends, not even turning around to look at me.

"Thanks for greeting me too cuz." Echo said from next to me. This caused Chris to turn around, even though we're not cousins we still refer to each other as such.

"Hey Echo, so what are you two up to?" Chris asked us.

"Why do people keep assuming that we're up to something Echo?" I asked her turning around to face her and pretended to stroke my 'Dumbledore Beard' as we called it, she did the same.

"Well, Emma it might be because we are in fact up to something." She told me before turning around to Chris. "Be in our dorm at eight, we'll leave the window open, you know what to do." She smirked before we exited the Common Room to go to the Library to find Echo's sister Niké and see if we could find Hugo too.

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Merlin, Help Me: Chapter 3


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