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Blindsided by I_trusted_Snape13
Chapter 1 : Interruped Breakfast
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"Ahhhhh!!!" Lily Potter's thirteen year old screams echoed through the Potter household.

James and Albus, who were currently sitting at the kitchen table, looked at each other then burst out laughing for reasons that were unknown to their mother who was currently cursing pancakes as the sudden scream from her younger daughter had startled her enough to make a bowl of rather messy batter, that she'd been preparing by hand, clatter to the floor, splashing the linoleum and lower cabinets with yellow, pancake mix that was incredibly sticky and rather messy.

Everyone in the house was quite aware of the screams Lily made when she was annoyed, not hurt , and seeing as this was one of those screams no one even bothered asking her if she was ok, because it would be a waste of their time as she was surely fine, aside from the fact that she had no doubt been subjected to one of her brother's lovely pranks, whether it was intently set on her, or she just so happened to stumble onto a well laid trick that was probably meant for the other one, or one of their ever-visiting cousins. It wouldn't be the first time she fell in to a prank which, originally, was not meant for her.

"What's wrong, Lil? Run out of mascara?" Albus asked, smirking. James mouthed, 'Nice one' and Albus held up his hand for him to slap, which he did, both knowing fully well why she was screaming. The brothers just laughed, scarfing down two pieces of bacon that was so burnt and black it was pathetic.

"James! I'm going to kill you!" Lily screamed from the back of the house, slamming a door, behind her, probably coming to the kitchen to 'kill them'.

Their thirteen year old sister was ready to kill them.

Needless to say, they were trembling in fear.

"Ooh! I'm scared!" James mocked, holding up his hands and shaking them in mock fear, howling with laughter, as was his brother.

Their mum stood up from where she'd been on the floor conjuring cleaning spells, after all, what good was being a witch if you still had to clean? She faced them and glared, "What did you do?" she growled, using her scary, 'I'm mad!' voice and glaring at that them with the same intense glare their nana Molly Weasley constantly used towards them and every other family member.

James tilted his head to the side, "C'mon. Would I do something to my adorable baby sister?"

She glared, "You know as well as I, and the vast majority of the student body of Hogwarts do, that yes you would."

James just shrugged, picking up a piece of ever-blackened bacon and throwing it in his mouth.

Ginny just rolled her eyes, refusing to get in yet another argument with her eldest son before nine in the morning, continuing with her clean up job.

The kitchen door slammed so loud it sounded as if Grawp had slammed it and Al and James looked up to say that a fuming Lily Potter was storming into the dining room, her blue eyes twitching with anger while her normally fiery red hair was a bright shade of purple, with lime green tips. She was not pleased with her latest hairstyle.

Al and James took one look at her and then burst into uncontrollable howls of laughter.

"Nice look." Al scoffed, barely able to breathe through his fits of laughter while James couldn't even say anything as he had currently resorted to holding his side, trying to breathe, from the laughter that he couldn't stop.

"I'm gonna kill you!" She screamed lunging towards James who scooted over just enough that she missed and wound up falling into/grabbing the curtains that he had been sitting in front of.

Ginny spun around to see why it sounded like another Wizard War was beginning in her home and the moment she saw her daughter she gasped and then spun to glare at James.

"James Sirius Potter!" She screamed, laughing to herself as he jumped at the sound of his full name.

He flinched and looked at his mother, "What?" he said, almost to a half way normal breathing routine.

"You know what!" she growled, jabbing finger toward her daughter's hair.

He looked to his sister then back to his mother, "C'mon. Do you think I something to do with that?" he asked, laughing, and pointing at his sister.

"I don't think you did, I know you did!" she spat, ready to hurt him.

"Did you see me?"

"No, but I know you did it!"

"If you didn't see me-"

"Quiet! You and I and probably Al all know you did it, so there is so there is absolutely no reason to play dumb with me. I am so not in the mood." She growled, turning back to her mess, that was only half way finished now, seeing as her lovely family had made her lose her concentration which, in turn, caused her to un-do all of her progress.

James smirked, "Well, even if you were, Dad's not here, so you'd still be out of luck."

Ginny turned on her son, ready to hex him, "Excuse me?" Her cheeks flamed a bright shade of red and her eyes were twitching.

James knew before he said it that he'd be in a lot of trouble, but he'd take it in stride, as he'd have had the satisfaction of a very angry Ginny Potter.

"You said you weren't in the mood. Now, this one's entirely on dad because he's the one not here, I personally am always around for my lady friends when they need some company so, it's really him you're mad at." He smirked, high-fiving Al as he spoke, who was beside himself with laughter.

"Outside. NOW." She growled pointing towards the door.

"C'mon mum, I've got to finish this lovely breakfast you've made. After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right?" he said smirking as he held up a piece of blackened bacon.

"Now." she repeated, in her don't-mess-with-me voice.

He got up willingly, "You're right. I think this bacon is going to have the opposite effect of the 'most important meal of the day' theory." he threw the bacon down on the table.

She opened the door and pointed towards the doorway, "Now."

He sped up and walked out willingly, he'd tested her enough for three minutes.

"Mum!" Lily yelled, pointing to her hair, in an indignant way.

"In a minute, sweetie." she growled, before slamming the door behind her.

She spun to face her eldest son, who was looking at her expectantly, "I have had it with your pranks and little 'remarks', James!" she screamed, after she had cast a silencing charm that prevented his nosy siblings from listening in.

"If you don't want the remarks, you really shouldn't give me those lovely set ups." He replied, smirking.

"I'm serious, James Potter! I have had it. Turning your sister's hair purple, and don't even attempt to deny it," she added as he opened his mouth in a feeble attempt to speak, "was the final. straw. I can not take it anymore. I through with them. Your father and I have warned you and warned you! If you don't start behaving better, there will be serious consequences!"

He smirked, "And how many times have there been 'serious consequences' threatened towards me?"

"Don't push me, James. I'm sick and tired of it! Maybe if you took a year off and went to a muggle school where magic isn't allowed..." he cut her off.

"What! Leave Hogwarts?!" He yelled, unable to believe what hw was hearing.

"Yes, sir. If you do not get your act together, at least for the remainder of the summer, and yes I am well aware of the fact that summer is almost over and you'll be going back soon if you behave, but if you don't, you will not be returning to that school this incoming year."

"I'm a 7th year, I'll be eighteen in October! I'm seventeen now! You can't tell me what to do!"

"Yes, and you will be whether you are in attendance at Hogwarts, or not! And you best watch your mouth because as long as you live under my roof, you follow my rules!"

"Technically, it's dad's roof." He laughed, trying to keep himself from getting angry at his mum.

She gave him a look that said don't-push-me.

They glared at each other. She couldn't take away Hogwarts, there had to be a law against it.

"Now, are you going to straighten up, or should I make a call to your Uncle Dudley to see about putting you in school with Mildred and William?"

He just glared at her. There was no way he could say anything else that would get him, possibly, in any more trouble. His mother was dead serious.

"May I take that as a 'yes'?"

He nodded.

"Good." she said, "Because if you don't-"

"I'll get my act together," James growled, unable to believe that his mother was serious.

"Good. Now, Come back inside so we can unpurplfy your sister's hair." She half smiled, thinking she'd scared some since in to her son.

James stormed inside and sat back down next to Al, still so angry he was shaking.

Was it legal to threaten to take away Hogwarts?

He scowled at his breakfast for a few moments but then he caught sight of his mum returning to the room with a hysterical Lily and his spirits were lifted greatly.

"Mum! It's still purple! My hair is still purple!!" She was screaming, in between glares she shot at her clearly amused brothers.

"I know, that Lil, but I'm fixing it!" Ginny said, trying to remain patient with her daughter.

James and Al laughed, amused that not even their mother could figure out what charm they'd put on the dye which they'd cleverly placed in a way that the next person, sure to be Lily, who turned on the water faucet would be faced with purple hair, and she was currently trying a number of spells that had yet to do anything towards getting her hair fixed and back to red.

They heard the front door open and shut and moments later Harry Potter, their dad, appeared in the doorway, apparently back from visiting Mr. Nixon, down the street, who was constantly complaining about James and Al's pranks. Harry had decided he needed to have a word with the man after James and Al, with help from the cousin Fred, charmed the fireplace while he was away on a 'business trip' to play endless show tunes and had flipped everything he owned on to the ceiling, which was rather difficult to un do seeing as none of the boys would admit to it or give away what spell they used to do it.

"Hey, honey." Harry said absently, kissing his wife on the forehead, not noticing that his daughter's hair was currently purple.

He sat down at the kitchen table next to Al and ran his fingers through his messy black hair before noticing exactly what his wife was doing.

"Boys...why is your sister's hair purple?" He asked, clearly bemused by the situation.

They shrugged, returning back to their breakfasts.

"So, how has your morning been?" He asked his wife, laughing to himself when the spell she'd just tried to use on her daughter had only brightened the shade of the color. Yet another of James and Al's ingenious ideas.

Before she could answer, the phone rang out and he held up a finger, "Hold that thought."

He walked over and picked up the phone, "Hello?"

He'd waited several moments but then suddenly, his face went pale, and his eyes got huge. He looked like he'd seen a ghost, or worse, seeing as he knew several ghosts. James thought he would drop the phone.

Was this what it looked like when someone went in to shock?

"You're sure it's her?" He gasped, his eyes staring far off, not noticing his son's gaping expressions or his wife's curiosity.

He paused for several moments, obviously listening to the person on the other end of the phone.

He gulped, "I'll be there straight away."

He hung up the phone, his face paler than Nearly Headless Nick (and that was saying something) and stood there, apparently unable to move a muscle in his body. His eyes looked like sauce pans.

"Harry," Ginny spoke slowly, "What's wrong?"

He looked her in her brown eyes and his heart just melted, "Something." he gasped.

He looked over at Lily and tears swelled up in his eyes. He walked swiftly over and hugged her in a hug so tight she thought she would explode. Aside from himself, no one in the room knew why he was acting this way. After that phone call he just wanted to hold her and never let go. Finally though, he released his grasp, "I have to go." he whispered, his face still pale.

"Is someone hurt or something?" James asked, concern glittering in his eyes, which was a new emotion for him.

Harry gulped, "Worse."

"Dead?" Ginny gasped, her eyes beginning to swell with tears.

Harry just nodded, unable to speak after that phone call.

"Is it someone...we know?" Ginny asked slowly, knowing in her heart that it was.

Harry nodded and a tear slid down his cheek, "Yes."

This was the first time Al or Lily had seen their dad cry, the only time James remembered that he had seen him cry was when Lily was born.

Now, someone they loved was dead.


Ginny had never seen her normally calm husband that upset before, not even when he was trying to defeat Voldemort by hunting horcruxes.

Someone they loved was gone.


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