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The Final Countdown. by PolyJuice_
Chapter 1 : Final Memories
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 What if all it took for you to crumble was one word? If by that one word, chaos would ensue. You life could be ended by a simple movement of the mouth and a swish of a wand.



Everything around me crumbled as the light illuminated the room. I heard my name being called out, but all I could feel was the pain. My left arm was trapped under my back in a way I thought not possible. My right foot was lying in a puddle of blood that I hoped to God wasn’t mine. Or anyone else’s for that matter.

People are always so scared of death for various reasons. Some have lost loved ones, some fear the pain, others are merely petrified of the unknown. I’m not sure where I used to be. I did know, however, in the aftermath of the last 6 seconds my opinion had changed drastically. I no longer feared death, and as clique as it may sound, my life flashed before my eyes.


“Oh come on Ron!” Taunted George, “Just take it!”

“But Daddy always said...” Stuttered Ron.

“Oh come on, don’t be so chicken! Its just the unbreakable vow!” I snickered. I looked up from Ron, and I saw that my counterpart was staring wide-eyed at something over my head. I slowly turned around to find Dad. A very angry Dad.


“Daddy, It wasn’t my fault!” I had just smashed Mum’s precious vase on my broom. Specifically after she had forbidden me from riding it in the house and I knew how scary she could get when riled up.


Angelina leaned in closer to me. I could almost count her eyelashes.


I walked into the living room, only to find George lying on the couch, smothered in blood.

My last memory pulled me suddenly back to reality. I had felt so horrible that night when Georges ear has been severed off, so helpless. And here I was, putting him into that exact situation.

I struggled to get up, I had some sort of restraints on me, pinning down my hands and feet.
That was odd though, I lifted my head and looked down. Instantly I wished I hadn’t. There was no shackles or straps, just far more of me than I had ever wanted to see. My leg had been torn and I could see the bone, and if I hadn’t been lying down my intestines would most likely have fallen out of the gaping wound in my side.

7 Seconds had elapsed since the blast I could no longer feel the physical pain, but the grief and guilt of leaving everyone behind was overwhelming.

9 seconds.

I could now see my family rushing towards me, tears streaming.

I only looked for George though, my best friend since birth. His face was scratched and clothes torn. His hair was no longer red, it had turned black from all the rubble. He too had a long cut down his leg, but not as deep as mine.

They were about 30 feet away from me when I lost my vision.

I felt a hand touch my shoulder, and I immediately recognised the smooth palm, and vanilla scent of Ginny. Dad, I could tell, was kneeling at my right elbow. Ron, and Percy I could hear right above my head, and I could feel Mum as she leaned over me, hugging me. I had no idea where George was, but at that instant all I wanted was my brother.

From the distance came his voice crying out for me, still a good 15 feet away from me.

He never reached me.


Ahhh, so morbid, sorry. I hope you liked, R&R!

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The Final Countdown.: Final Memories


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