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Who Is She? by Alice4177
Chapter 5 : Issues
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Sneaking. That was what I was currently doing. Well sort of. Okay actually you could call it avoidance of everybody, but that sounds bad so I’m calling it sneaking. You see if I say I’m sneaking it doesn’t sound as bad as if I say I’m avoiding everyone. Which I’m not by the way. Well only some people but hey I have good reasons. Sort of. If I’m completely honest I’m just not in the mood right now. It’s strange. I should be happy for Kirsty. She’s one of my closest friends. We are the Gryffindor Foursome, the Fabulous four, The three chasers plus a brainbox. The problem is I can’t get the image of her snogging Al out of my head and it just makes me feel strange.

I should talk to her, or maybe to Rose. But then I don’t want to tell anyone about this. It’s probably just hormones, yes that’s what it is! Definitely hormones! When you think about it I have been mental recently. I’m just being affected by my annoying teenage mind! Woop!
Oh, I’m here. Ugh. Yeah I was going to the kitchen to get a hot chocolate, you see I love hot chocolates. Can’t stand coffee or tea plus all that caffeine isn’t good for you. Or at least that’s what Helens girl magazines say.

As I walked into the kitchen I was already expecting to be pounced on. You see the only problem was my expectation involved house elves, not three annoying Gryffindor girls. I’ve been totally busted!

“Where have you been? I told you I had major gossip and next thing I know you’ve legged it!” Rose really seemed to care about her gossip.

“I just fancied a hot chocolate and the stair case changed, I had to take a de-tour.” Lies. Lies. Obviously I did want a hot chocolate but before I came here let’s just say I wasn’t forced to take a de-tour.

“Why are you acting so strangely? It’s like someone’s killed your cat.” Great, now Helen’s getting involved.

“You guys killed Tiddles! How could you!” Okay maybe it’s not the best time for sarcasm but seriously how was I supposed to resist. Helen walked right into that one.

“Oh seriously cut the crap Parker, what is the hell wrong with you today?” Oh Rosie Posie used last names… That’s BAD. Like really bad. Like end of the world, catastrophic bad. I’m in trouble, she’s cheesed off.

“Come on Anya, just tell us will you?” Oh I see where this is going, Helens good cop, Rose is bad cop. They have clearly planned this. I can’t believe how cunning they are. Well I can but you know it’s hard to except how shockingly untrustworthy your friends are.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about” Oh yes, go me. One for the playing innocent. Always works. Well almost always, didn’t work that time I set of dung bombs in Changs classroom but still, that was worth it. I still think she’s the biggest bitch ever.

The others exchanged a glance before Rose finally spoke.

“Well if you insist but I still want to tell you my gossip” Here it comes, that final blow. I can’t believe she gave up that easily though.

“We found out some info on the Who Albus Potter Fancies Investigation!”

“No Shit Sherlock.” I know I said she was a brainbox but I’m starting to regret it. Maybe I was wrong all of these years. Maybe I’m the brains behind everything.

“How do you already know? We only found out the morning after the party when Al went to see Helen.”

“Seriously, from you Rose that’s not too bad but seriously I would have thought Helen and Kirsty would’ve known before. Especially you Helen. I mean you were playing tonsil tennis with the bloke.”

“Oh, you think Al fancies Helen don’t you!”Now I was just plain confused. Of course he fancied her, I mean he was making out with erh pretty passionately. Or did my eyes deceive me. No, I think not!

“You’re so silly Anya! Al doesn’t fancy me!”

“Of course he does” I replied without meaning to.

“No. He definitely doesn’t, he told me he didn’t when he came and apologised for usiong me last night. Apparently he was drunk and upset and just wanted someone to have a good time with. I can obviously understand, I mean who wouldn’t want to get with me for a good time!”

“Are you seriously telling me that after all this bloody time I was wrong. That Al doesn’t want you as his Gryffindor girlfriend!”


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Who Is She?: Issues


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