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The Many Secrets of Victoria Malfoy by Hplover1008
Chapter 5 : A Heart to Heart with Harry
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Herbology couldn’t have gone slower. Or maybe it was because my boyfriend spontaneously showed up and made me miss him more. By the time Herbology was over, I felt like skipping the whole day. Time just moved forward thanks to Hermione’s Time Turner. Dinner was just beginning and I only needed to write to Remus. I had my letter already written and put in an envelope. All I had to do was to wait for Harry to finish eating. Thank Merlin he wasn’t like Ron. I would’ve been waiting all night for him.

“Are you ready?” Harry said, leaning on the side of the table.

“Yeah. Let’s go. I don’t want to run into anything dangerous while going to the Owlery,” I whispered. Luna was in front of us, and I knew she wanted me to say that.

Luna, pretending to not pay attention, ate her pudding and smiled.

“Do you want me to take that for you? I mean your hand scrapes up against the fabric and all. I don’t want to have an issue if you’re cut opens again.” He was motioning to my bag as we walked out of the Great Hall.

“Harry, I’m fine, but I like your thinking,” I smiled.

“Why are you so happy?” He elbowed me in the stomach. I elbowed him back.

“I’m just happy, Harry.”

“Sure, I’ll buy that for now.”

I grinned to myself and looked at my hand. It was still a fresh cut, which seemed odd. Whenever I got cuts, it would usually stop bleeding after a few minutes. It had been hours. I put more gauze on my hand. Harry tore the cloth and put it back in my bag.

“Thanks. It’s just that not a lot of my friends like to get their hands dirty… And they’re all guys,” I laughed to myself.

“So, what happened in Potions today? I only saw you for brief moments, and then you were gone.”

“Oh. Well, when Draco and I were making Living Death, I was cutting one of the beans. It kept slipping out of my hands. Then, when I thought I had one in my grasp, I tried cutting it and spliced my hand.”

“You had to crush it, not cut it.”

“Well, thanks telling me now,” I smiled.

“Sorry. I know that it’s late news.”

“It’s fine. You don’t have anything to be sorry about.”

For a minute right then and there, I almost forgot that Harry didn’t know that I was his sister. He was treating me like we knew each other forever. That was much more than I ever wanted. We both were playing the part of brother and sister.

“So you were the one who won the Liquid Luck?”

“Yeah.” He pulled a small glass bottle of clear liquid and put it back in his robes. “So, Victoria, there’s so much I don’t know about you. Do you like small talk? We don’t even have to talk if you don’t want to.”

“Harry, it’s okay. Talking to a celebrity is on everybody’s to do list.”

He cringed a bit when I said that.


“One of my professors said something like that in first year. It always made me angry.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know.”

“It’s okay. The professor absolutely hates me.”

“Severus,” I muttered.

“What’s with you and calling our professors by their first names? I noticed that you do that for most of the teachers. Professor Lupin and Professor Snape, why?”

“I say their first names because that’s how I know them. It’s my relationship between me and the other person. Remus was close to my biological parents. And I call him Severus because the man who saved me almost made Snape adopt me. Does that answer your question?”

His eyes widened in shock and stopped. He turned to me and smiled.

“So wait. Does that mean that you could have been born as Victoria Snape?”

I rolled my eyes at him. He started laughing at me and I smacked him.

“Hey, it isn’t as bad as Victoria Malfoy. Trust me.”

“No, Malfoy suits you. If you had my last name it would be a bit better, eh? Just think about it.”

Oh I had. I had thought about it a lot.

“Victoria Potter? Yeah, I’ll stick with Malfoy.”

“So…” He led on.

“Is there something that caught your ear?”

“You said that Remus knew your parents. He was close to mine too. Does that mean he knows who your parents were?”

I thought about it and tried to come up with something. I had all of this stuff rehearsed in my head, but I needed it to be also true.

“If he does, he’s not telling me. Remus is a troubled human being. I always feel bad for him because he can’t watch the full moon like I can. It makes me sick just thinking about not being able to look at the moon. He always blames the moon when something goes wrong during his transformation. Sometimes I have to remind him that you can’t blame everything on the moon.”

“I feel awful too. Sirius Black, my godfather, always loved transforming into a dog. My father, Peter Pettigrew, and Sirius transformed into their animal forms when Lupin went through the transformation. The Marauders is what they called themselves.”

“Oh yes, I know. Remus always tells me how much the pain is unbearable right before I wanted to tell him about Fred and I. That just makes me even more depressed.”

“Aw, yeah. Lupin is like that. But ever since he and Tonks had started dating, he’s been getting a lot better. Then again, he’s always saying that old, dangerous, and poor for her.”

“You don’t have to tell me. Whenever I write to him, he’s always worrying about Dora. I love him, but he just loves her too much. But maybe he needs that, something to take his mind away. It makes me think that someday he’ll forget about me. I know my parents did. Then again, my parents died when I was a year and three months.”

“Victoria, I doubt that Lupin will ever forget about you.” The owls screeching from every direction interrupted him. The Owlery was so much prettier in the night. The sight of owl poop was invisible and all you could see were the snowy white owls. I went over to my owl and gave the letter to him. As he flew away, Harry tugged me.


“How does he know where to send it?”

“Oh, my owl knows only three people. He knows Fred and George, counting as one person, Remus, and Sirius Black. Sirius is no longer with us and Fred visited today. Oh how I wish to see Remus.” I leaned up against one of the walls and looked out into the night sky. I sighed just by the sight of it.

“Isn’t it beautiful?”

“What is?”

“The moon. Whenever I was sulking over my parents, I just stared at the moon all night. It’s like it just erased all of my problems. It got me through the night. It also got me past the nightmares. I hadn’t thought about them until now,” I sighed as I looked at the ground.

“I agree. The moon definitely helps people. Maybe not Remus but…”

Harry and I started laughing after moments of silence. I looked at him as he smiled. I lightly punched him in the arm and he stared back at me.

“I’m glad you came with me, Harry.”

“Me too. Fred came today?”

I rolled my eyes and went back to the moon. I nodded my head and smiled at the thought. I put my head at an angle and scoffed.

“Yeah. I was in my free period. I was drawing and he just showed up, out of the blue. How sweet.”

“Can I see what you did?”

I quickly turned to him and narrowed my eyes. My eyes then widened and Harry nudged me. He nodded and I scrambled in my bag. I found the leather bound book and flipped through the many pages. Harry leaned over my shoulder, noticing most of the pictures I illustrated were of the moon.

“I’m guessing you love the moon.”

“I think it’s more of an obsession, to be honest. I don’t know what it is. I just am attracted to it. Maybe like the way the tides are attracted to the moon’s pull. The only thing I wish is that I was on Jupiter.”

Harry gave me a quizzical expression.

“They have the most moons. Then again, I don’t know if that would be so fun for me,” I said as I hit myself.


“Uh, do you want to start to walk back? Curfew is definitely over and I don’t want to get the both of us in trouble. Also, I think everybody will be waiting for you,” I tried to change the topic.

“Sure. I do want to talk about something though. But I’ll talk about something else before.”

“Okay? So, what do you want to talk about first?”

“Remus is close to you? Sirius was close to me as well. Wait a minute; you said that your owl knew where Sirius was. How do you know Sirius?”

“Oh that’s an easy question. You see I used to visit Sirius when he was in Azkaban. Before you give me a shocking look, I’ll tell you why. Since my parents, mostly my father, gave up looking for Voldemort, my mum wanted me to get to know Bellatrix. Since she was her sister and I was the girl between Draco and I. So, when I visited her, I snuck to Sirius’s cell. I was exploring, I was only five or six when I started going to visit my aunt. I knew that Sirius was lonely, and he just looked at me differently when I told him who I was. Then, he looked forward to every time I came. He told me a different story each time.”

“I envy your childhood.”

My face fell.

“Trust me, you don’t. If you knew everything about me, you wouldn’t envy me at all. To tell you the truth, I envy you Harry. I know that your parents died when you were very young, but you knew who they were. You’re parents didn’t want you to die. You’re mum; she sacrificed her life for you, for love. You have this one big whole family around you. My family basically hates me. Well, except for my brother and uncle. But those two aren’t exactly the people you want to care for you. It’s hard to explain, but still.”

“Victoria, you knew Lupin and Sirius when you were growing up. I would’ve loved to know them when I was five or six. I would want any connection to my parents.”

“You have the Weasleys, Harry. Molly is the closest thing a person would want to have as a mum.”

“Well, you do too.”

“Yeah, but you are best friends with their son. I’m just a girlfriend. There’s a difference between that and being a girlfriend. Fred and I could split, but you would have a family still. And I have Narcissa as my mum, legally.”

“Oh. That brings me to what I wanted to ask you about.”

“What was that?”

“How did Fred Weasley and you ever get matched up? And listen to me, I want to know everything.”

“Now that’s a funny story and a long one,” I smiled as I put my arm through his.


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