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Pipe Dream by NeverGotHerLetter
Chapter 2 : Dinner
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Dinner sometimes makes things so damn awkward; having everyone there in the same place at the same time, there’s sure to be something embarrassing happen in front of everyone.

We’re sitting around the table at the Burrow; we usually floo over there when Jet and I stay round because neither Ginny nor Hermione wants to cook and Molly just wants to see all her grandkids all the time, so everyone’s happy.

I’m sitting next to Peachy and Lysander. Lysander keeps looking over at me, winking and slyly touching my leg. Jeez, what’s wrong with this kid? He’s, like, fourteen!

“Pass the salt please?” I ask of no one in particular, slapping Lysander’s, once again, creeping hand away.

Louis almost knocks over the jug of gravy, snatching for the salt shaker, and shoves it in to my hand. Lily and Peachy have noticed, and stopped chatting to James about whether he’d be playing for England in the 2026 Quidditch World Cup.

“Bit eager there Louis?” Peachy laughs.

Louis laughs back half-heartedly. Everyone’s staring at him confused, except Nana Molly, who’s concentrating on siphoning the gravy from the tablecloth.

“Please can I be excused?” He asks, but leaves without waiting for an answer, his face red.

Then everyone starts staring at me.

I feel like saying “What? He knocked over some gravy? No big deal!” but my mind is taken back to what Lysander said earlier today and I stay silent.

“So, I’ve got two Quidditch internships…“ James carries on to Lily and Peachy. Everyone gradually goes back to what they were doing before, except Ginny who carries on staring at me.

I cock my head to the side, as if to say “What is it?”

Her eyes flicker to the stairs. Louis.

I roll my eyes and get out of my seat, murmuring a quick “’Scuse.” Ginny winks at me.

Ugh, for God’s sake.

I hope Lorcan doesn’t get the wrong idea.

I walk up two floors of painfully creaky stairs and in to what was apparently Uncle Percy’s old bedroom. The walls are blue and mostly sparse, apart from a few newspaper clippings and family photographs. There’s a rocking chair next to a bookshelf in the corner of the room. I can imagine Percy spending his summers in here, sitting on the rocking chair reading battered paperbacks, avoiding the rest of the Weasley kids’ Quidditch and ruckus.

Louis is sitting on the bed reading a book or something, his back to me. I don’t think he heard me come in so I walk back a couple steps towards the door and knock.

He swivels round and his face turns a slight pink again. He looks back down at what I can now see is a comic book.

“You okay?” I ask. I don’t really want to be here. Why do I have to be here? I don’t even like Louis!

“Yeah, I’m cool. I don’t know.”

“I don’t know either.”


I sit on the rocking chair. “What’re you reading?” I ask.

“Star Wars,” He mutters, laughing a little bit, embarrassed.

I smile. And then I think, ‘there must have been something that made me like him before. He cheated on me like two years ago. I can’t spend the rest of my days being bitter.’

“I’m sorry for being so unforgiving of you.”

He turns to me, his eyes wide.

Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever been so nice to anyone.

“This is a change.” He smirks. “Knew you couldn’t resist.”

“Aaand you ruined it,” I say, getting up out of the chair.

Louis stands up too. “I’m kidding.”

“No no, you weren’t.” I laugh.

“I was, I swear!” He’s smiling. “I’m sorry.”

I have a feeling he’s not just saying he’s sorry for the comment he made thirty seconds ago.

“It’s fine. Do you wanna carry on reading Star Wars or come downstairs with me?”

“I’ll meet you down there in a bit.”

I nod. “Okay.”


I am such. A fucking. Retard.

How did I let that one go? “Elle es extraordinaire!” as my mother always tells me. My mother loves Piper; I don’t think she’s quite forgiven me for cheating on her in Fifth Year.

I was stupid and couldn’t see how amazing my girlfriend was. She was funny and pretty and not overbearing in the slightest. And then I ruined her by giving in to Sally Fawcett.

Sally Fawcett is this girl who had been in love with me since she saw me.
I do have that effect on people sometimes.

So she was all like geeky and weird until Fifth, when she literally had the whole takes-glasses-off-and-pulls-hair-down thing and she was suddenly fucking smokin’. I thought she was the hottest object in the whole of history, next to the sun.

She realised this however, and suddenly thought she may as well ‘complete’ the hot-girl image and her voice got higher and more annoying and she stopped working in class and acting stupid… I thought it was strange but I didn’t dwell on it; suddenly she found she had the confidence to talk to me.

I was walking across the Entrance Hall on my way to Quidditch Try-outs.

“Hey Louuiiisss” She whimpered, twirling her hair around her finger and skipping as she walked.

“Hey Sally,” She looked like a complete idiot, pouting at me like that.

“So, I was thinking, why don’t you skip stupid Quidditch Practice, and hang out with me?” She raised her eyebrows as if to entice me in to her web of sluttiness.

“And why would I do that?” I smirked. God this girl was mental.

She stopped walking with me and I slowed down too. She put her arm lightly on my shoulder, leaned it to me and whispered in my ear, her sweet strawberry smelling breath tempting me. “Because I’ll make it worth your while,”

…I didn’t go to Quidditch Try-outs that year.

Please PLEASE don’t judge me. I was only fifteen, and I completely regret it. I was too young and I wasn’t ready… well, you can probably guess what happened.

I told her not to tell anyone, but she got all hysterical and announced it to all of her friends, who told their friends who told theirs… and soon it was around the whole school.

Louis Weasley cheated on Piper Greengrass by losing his virginity to Sally Fawcett.

Suffice to say, Jet beat the shit out of me.

And Piper wasn’t particularly pleasant to me until just now. Two years of hate… it takes a little while to get used to the change. I know it was bad but I couldn’t resist flirting with her a little bit… flirting with everyone really… it got bad. Jet, one of the most playboy-esque people I know told me that I was going too far. JET.

But I guess I probably think I might like Piper now.

As soon as she walked in the room… she was light years hotter than any kind of Sally Fawcett.

So yeah, it’s actually not guessing. I do.

Maybe after her forgiving me, she might like me again..?

No, that’ll never happen.

She likes Lorcan anyways… and he likes her… fuck.

They’re probably going to go out for ages… she’ll friendzone me…

Damn it, stupid friendzone. The life drainer of all teenage boys. The Dementor of socialisation.


Okay, okay, calm down Louis, go downstairs and see Piper and Jet and act like the cool badass you are.

Pretend to be.


“Louis?” Hermione calls from outside the door. “Come down for dessert!”

I go downstairs, have four helpings of blackberry pie, and try to avoid Ginny, who’s smirking and trying to catch my eye.

I don’t particularly feel like talking to my Aunt about my girl problems at the moment.

We spend the evening playing three-a-side Quidditch in an orchard down the road.

Piper is watching and actually cheering for MY team this time.

This might be because Lorcan is on our team. And her brother. And Lily, who you wouldn’t expect to be good at Quidditch but she’s actually alright. Not school-team-standard though.

But yeah.

The other team still wins.

I guess I'm a bit stupid for not picking James for our team.

Thanks, brain. You ruin everything.

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