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Double Trouble by TheHeirOfSlytherin
Chapter 1 : The Offer
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Teddy Lupin lowered his head to the table and tried unsuccessfully to hide his chuckle as he watched Luna finish packing the things her and her husband, Rolf, would need for the trip. What really made him laugh was that she kept asking if he was truly okay with what she had asked of him.

"It's fine, Luna, I promise," he reassured, amusement still evident in his tone. "I can look after the twins for one weekend while you work."

Teddy couldn't be sure the blond was even listening to him until she nodded and even then he didn't know how intently. She placed her bag on the couch as Rolf came down the stairs. He put his bag by hers and passed her two smaller ones from his other hand; one navy blue with bright yellow stars; the other a deep red and covered with dragon stickers.

Luna stopped in front of Teddy and asked one more time. "Are you sure?" He only nodded and she handed him the bags he had come for. "The blue on is Lysander's, the red one is Lorcan's. They have all of their clothes, books, toys, games; everything they need for this weekend are in these bags."

"Doesn't look like much," Teddy observed.

Luna smiled. "Undetectable Extension Charm. Trust me, there's more in there than you think," Rolf told him. "More than they need too, but the boys would kill me if I didn't put everything in there."

Teddy nodded, he didn't understand why they would need so much for three days but he didn't ask. They were four years old; they didn't want to get bored, he reasoned silently. They wouldn't be if they had more than enough. He flung the bag straps over one shoulder. "I'm sure they have everything they need. And I have more than enough food."

"Food!" Luna exclaimed, her hands in the air. "Ly is allergic to nuts and hates garlic; Lorcan won't eat meat or drink milk. They both hate fish and love chocolate. Make sure they don't eat loads, though; sugar goes straight to their heads. And not after six."

Teddy nodded each time, remembering everything he was being told. "Anything else?" He asked when he'd finished his mental checking.

"They're bedtime is seven thirty, but they will want to stay up and they will try. Do not give in," Rolf said. Luna pointed her wand at their bags, shrinking them, and put them in her pocket while her husband clapped Teddy on the back and guided him out of the house, back to his car. He put the boys' bags in the back seat of his car and the three of them stopped by the front seat. "They're favourite place is George's shop, but don't let them stay for longer than an hour; you'll regret that. They liked it when they stayed at Hermione's, they like movies; do you have a television?"

"Yes," Teddy answered, grinning, pleased he had something the twins would like. "And a DVD player, with loads of films they would like. I love Muggle technology," he explained. "I wanted to know about my Granddad's world."

Rolf didn't smile back. "No scary movies. They are obsessed with them, but will wake screaming in the night. They have ways of getting what they want, so watch out and make sure they can't get to those films."

"Hermione wouldn't stop apologizing," Luna cut in. "I think that's everything, is that everything, Rolf?"

Rolf nodded. "The hotel will have a phone, we'll -" he glanced at his wife, "- I'll call you to check on the boys. If there's anything else you need to know then, just let me know."

"I will," Teddy promised. "No sugar after six, no scary movies; I've think we'll be okay." He opened his car door and got in, ready to start the engine when there was a knock on his window. He opened it quickly and Rolf knelt down. "The boys know you're coming to pick them up after day-care, which finishes for the day in one hour. They like to play games, make jokes."

"Oh, I'm used to that. I used to babysit James." Teddy thought about it and laughed. "Well, I think I've babysat every Weasley child; pranking is definitely not a big deal. I can handle it."

Rolf seemed to look relieved when he said that and Teddy wondered briefly how bad the twins were when it came to pranks, but pushed it out of his mind. He was used that sort of things.

"I'm sure you and Victoire will be fine," Rolf said lightly.

"Oh, didn't I tell you? Vic's gone to France to see her family with her mum, she won't be back until Monday," Teddy said.

"You're on your own?" Teddy nodded and Rolf's eyes widened a little. "Good luck."

Teddy didn't understand the man's change in tone or why his confidence in him suddenly seemed to vanish, but Rolf was gone before he had a chance to ask. He started the car and drove away, imagining all the things that could explain it, which turned into imagining what could go wrong during the weekend. He shook his head, trying to get rid of the thoughts.

"We'll be fine."


Teddy sat in the corner by the front door of the day-care centre the boys went to. From the window he could see shoppers around Diagon Alley, the ice-cream shop across the street; he wondered if the boys would like some. Hopefully if he tired them out now, they would sleep later. He went to cross his fingers, but a woman he assumed was one of the children's mums entered and he didn't want to look weird. She sat across from him and smiled when she caught his eye, twirling her hair in her fingers. Teddy smiled back, being polite, and tried not to roll his eyes at her gesture.

She used her left hand to brush back her hair and he noticed she wasn't wearing a ring. Single mum, he thought, wondering if she had done that purposefully.

The boys came running in then and he had never been more grateful. "Hey, guys." The twins stopped in front of him and he helped them with their coats. "I was thinking ice-cream before he we go home, what do you think?"

"Can we go to George's shop, too?" Lorcan asked, excited.

"Tomorrow," he promised. "Ice-cream, Lysander?"

The boy nodded his head and grabbed Teddy's hand, trying to pull him up. "Let's go, Ted!"

Teddy laughed quietly and stood up, the boys each holding a hand, and led them to the shop. The twins spoke enthusiastically about their day while Ted paid for their treats and listened to everything he had to say about their stay at his house as they made their way to the car. They didn't mess on the way home and Lysander started to fall asleep during the drive.

Teddy carried him into his and Victoire's home, Lorcan at his side, and he let the boy sleep on the couch, thinking how stupid he had been for having those fears. Rolf and Luna didn't need to worry; everything would be fine.


Dinner had been good; Teddy cooked cheese pizza, food they both would eat, and they were happy with juice and cookies for a dessert. It was at bedtime Teddy had his first, and hopefully only, issue with. The twins did try to stay up past seven thirty. He spent five minutes listening to their arguments about why they should stay up because he couldn't get a word in, a few seconds to tell them that, no they couldn't stay up, which led to ten minutes of sulking, before he just carried up to the room they were sharing.

Teddy knelt at the side of the bed watching Lorcan sit up and glare at the wall and Lysander stay on his back and glare at the ceiling, both with their arms folded across their chests. "Come on, guys, it's bedtime."

"Not tired," Lysander snapped.

"That's your fault for having a sleep straight after school," Teddy retorted. He ran a hand through his hair, and then rubbed Lorcan's back gently. "Look at it this way, guys; the quicker you go to sleep, the earlier you can go to George's shop tomorrow." He saw them crack a smile then stop themselves and he hid his. Lorcan lay down slowly and Teddy covered them with the blanket. "You know he goes early to get the shop ready and he'll let us in before anyone else. But you can't go unless you sleep."

The twins looked at one another, then at Teddy. "Good night," they said together.

Teddy ruffled their hair individually. "Good night, boys. I'll see you in the morning."

He closed the door, leaving a little room for the light to get in, and scoffed. "That was so easy."


He was just nodding off when he heard footsteps coming from the hall way above him. Teddy heard a door open, which he assumed was his bedroom, and then they came down the stairs. Teddy rubbed his eyes, forcing himself to wake up properly, and used the light from the television to check the time on his watch; two thirty. He groaned.


He sat up and turned around. "Lysander, what's the matter?"

"Bad dream," he muttered. "Can I stay with you?"

Teddy smiled softly and opened up his arms for the little boy. Lysander made his way over and held up his arms for Teddy to lift him up, which he did, and he held him tightly as he stood up and switched off the TV. "Come on, we'll sleep in my bed."

He felt Lysander nod against his shoulder as he carried him to his room and he lowered him gently into bed. His eyes were already closed, his breathing light. Teddy got in and covered them both with his blanket, smirking slightly.

His last thought before sleep overcame him was that he had no idea what they had been talking about that morning. This weekend would be a piece of cake.

Yeah, we'll see...


A/N: This story's going to be fun, I can tell. :D
Would love to know your thoughts.


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