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Lessons and Love by itswonderland
Chapter 4 : Injury
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When Louis said that we were going to have fun, I thought we’d play a nice game of snakes and ladders. In which he’d let me win and we’d run off holding hands into the sunset.

Other than that scenario being extremely unlikely, it was raining on this day so the whole romantic running off into the sunset thing would be ruined by me slipping over in the mud and Louis deciding I wasn’t the girl for him because he could get more elegant girls like Zoe instead.

There was only one thing from that scenario that actually happened. I slipped over in the mud which, to be fair, was very slippery and on a hill. Louis must have had blood of another creature in him to make him so graceful. No normal person was naturally that graceful – even Breanne had her slip-ups. They were rare but they were there.

But it appeared that Louis Weasley’s idea of fun was something called ‘whomping willow hopping’.

This was a delightful game where the whomping willow would go about its’ daily routine of trying to kill you and all you had to do was avoid the thrashing branches. Sounds simple, right?

“I c-can’t do tha-at,” I said, momentarily forgetting that I was in the presence of Louis Weasley. All foolishness (except the stuttering) went flying out of the window when I was scared. No, forget scared, I was terrified.

“Come on, it’s fun.” Louis grinned at me.

That boy would be the death of me, he really would.

I could see the headlines already: ‘girl drops dead after ridiculously handsome boy smiles at her’, it’s got a ring to it.

Really though, how could whomping willow hopping actually be fun? Potentially dying would not have been fun. I’d actually wanted to graduate before I died and start a family. But there would be no way, I could do that if I was dead and the future children of mine would never be born due to both their parents dying in an accident with the whomping willow.

Oh sweet Helga Hufflepuff, I was in love with a bloody lunatic. A good looking, kind, caring lunatic.

I breathed in, breathed out. In, out, in, out. My whole body was shaking as I stepped closer to the branches of the tree.

I’d never really known what I was scared of. Of course, social interaction was something that bloody terrified me but spiders, snakes and many of the other animal’s people feared had never scared me in particular.

But the whomping willow with its branches thrashing dangerously close to me had me petrified. I soon found that I couldn’t move any further forward – my body wouldn’t let me.

Louis’ smile on his face vanished as he saw me. He had begun to cheer me on when I walked forward but now I couldn’t. I physically couldn’t.7

“Lucy?” he shouted over the noise the tree had begun to make. “Lucy? Are you alright?”

My mind went back to what Breanne had said earlier about him not being able to remember my name. Most girls would be annoyed at Louis for this but for some strange reason unbeknownst to me; I couldn’t feel anything but ‘love’ towards him.

Love or whatever my feelings actually were.

I knew I had to move soon otherwise I’d most likely be hit with a branch and probably die or something. Poor Louis if that did happen. He’d have had to have seen his future wife die, would it break his heart? Probably not, at least not yet. I’d hope he’d at least be upset because I think anyone would be in that kind of situation.

“Watch out!” A voice screamed.

All I had time for was to look up and see the giant branch flying towards me. Many thoughts ran through my head at that point: ‘I’m going to die’ … ‘Move, Loria, move’ but the loudest, most frantic one, ‘shit’.

Then the branch hit me. I just stood there for what seemed like ages but then I fell to the ground and everything that was one fuzzy, went black.


The hospital was a horrible place and somewhere I’d successfully managed to avoid throughout my previous years at Hogwarts. So imagine my surprise when I woke up in the place.

I woke up to Breanne’s angry shouting. “You insolent prick!” she yelled, “You bloody eejit. She could’ve died, you better thank Merlin she’s not or else I guarantee you would not see your nineteenth birthday.”

As my eyes adjusted to the light, I saw Louis throw his hands up in what seemed like exasperation.

“But she’s not dead, Byrne,” he cried.

Madam Phillips strode out of her office. “Quiet, Miss Byrne and Mr Weasley. Look she’s woken up.”

They all turned to look at me and I felt my face heat up under the attention.

“Drink this up, love.” Phillips thrust the potion in my face and watched as I unscrewed the lid.

Warm liquid ran down my throat and I grimaced at the taste of it. It was honestly disgusting; I’d never tasted anything like it and hoped I never would.

“You’ll need to stay in here for a few days – suffered a nasty concussion, you did – but then you’ll be free to go.” Madam Phillips smiled brightly and I returned it.

I’d heard stories about Madam Phillips, all saying how she was cold, heartless and sadist. I disagreed with all of them. To me, Madam Phillips was a perfectly nice woman and I had a feeling she had been in Hufflepuff. Only Hufflepuffs could be that nice – unless you were Louis Weasley but he was perfect in every way so really it was to be expected.

As Madam Phillips shut the door to her study, Breanne bounded over to me and I was immediately bombarded with her asking if I was okay and her moll.

“I’m fine,” I tried to assure her.

“Fine?” she exclaimed, “You were knocked out by the whomping willow, you could have died.”

Louis stepped forward. “But the thing is that Louisa here didn’t die.”

I could hear Breanne grinding her teeth from next to me. “Her name is Loria you fucking idiot and she could’ve have died, do you even have any idea how dangerous whomping willow hopping is? People have died from doing it before, Weasley.”

Louis looked at me with an apologetic smile on his face. “I’m sorry Loria, I… I shouldn’t have put you in so much danger. Sorry.”

My cheeks were blushing furiously as I smiled at Louis and let my inner fangirl scream at how he said my name. “It’s… it’s, er, it’s alright,” I stammered.

Before Louis could reply, Breanne cut him off. “I think you should go, Weasley. She’s not right in the head at the moment.”

Louis didn’t go.

“Leave!” Breanne barked.

Louis stared at me for a second before obeying Breanne’s orders and leaving. I was sad to see him go but I didn’t have much time to dwell on it – Breanne made sure of that.

“Why do you like him?” she demanded.

“He’s… he’s really nice,” I said weakly.

“No he is not! He is a nasty piece of work, almost getting you killed like that.”

I sat up. “He didn’t mean to, it was my fault for not moving when he told me to.”

Breanne sighed and looked straight at me. “When will you learn, Loria?”

I didn’t know what she meant. I thought forgiving people and not making them take the blame was a nice thing to do. After all, it was my fault that I got knocked out by that branch – not Louis’. If I hadn’t just stood there like an idiot, none of this would have even happened.

Breanne looked at me, scrutinising me almost. Her eyes were narrowed and her lips pursed.

“What?” I finally asked.

“You just don’t get it, do you?”

“Get… get what?”

Breanne hesitated for a second and looked as if she was about to say something but instead stared at the ground and looking back up. “Don’t worry. Now, get some sleep.”

She left soon after but I didn’t go to sleep. My mind was whirring, what did Breanne mean?


I awoke at three in the morning to the sound of footsteps in the hospital wing. Lying completely still in the bed, I listened as they approached. Closer and closer they got and the sound of my heart beat increased. Honestly, I thought I was going to die.

I knew about all thee protection around Hogwarts but you never knew, it could have been some Slytherin aspiring to be the next Voldemort. It could have happened; my mind wasn’t just muddled from the fall.

The person was right by my bed by the time I had stopped my breathing all together. I was attempting the ‘playing dead’ trick. A stupid one, I know, but if I was going to get (possibly) murdered then why not try and save myself?

“Loria? Are you awake?” My murderer whispered.

Hang on, something wasn’t right there. Murderers didn’t ask their victims if they were awake, they just killed them.

Something prodded me and my eyes fluttered open only to be confronted with the beautiful face of Louis Weasley peering down at me. For a moment, it shocked me into thinking it was a dream but the hard poke assure me that it most definitely was not.

Now, any normal person would be wondering why exactly Louis was visiting at three a.m. but not me. I was too much in awe of him actually coming to see me even if it was late (or early, depending on how you looked at it).

Louis looked at my face and smiled when he saw that I was awake. “Good,” he said.

I sat up and glanced around the room. It was almost pitch black apart from the tiny amount of moonlight shining through the windows.

“The other boys in my dorm were snoring extra loud tonight so I thought I would come and apologise.”

“F – For, um, what?” I asked.

“Taking you whomping willow hopping. It is a dangerous activity and I was well aware of the danger, I guess I just hoped nothing would happen but obviously it did.” Louis gestured to my head which was wrapped in bandages – I looked glaringly similar to the muggle book character. You knew the blue oval with bandages around his head? What was the name…?

“Breanne was right, you could have been killed and if you did, well, I… I don’t know what I would’ve done.”

“But I didn’t,” I supplied helpfully.

Louis winked at me. “I’m glad of it.”

My cheeks heated up, thank Merlin for the darkness of the room. Although it wasn’t as if Louis had ever even seen me when I wasn’t red in the face or blushing. He probably thought I was naturally like that.

“We should do this again,” Louis said after a moment of silence.

Do what? Getting knocked out again and witnessing an argument between my best friend and the love of my life was not something I wanted to go through again.

“Maybe not whomping willow hopping but we should do something together. You’re an interesting girl, Loria. Quiet but amusing to watch, you do need to loosen up a bit though.”
Well that definitely sounded like a better idea. Spending time with Louis Weasley: the object of my affection since first year was most certainly something I’d liked to do. Maybe I could have even trained myself to be more outspoken and less red around him. Then he’d realise that we were meant to be and we’d live happily ever after or we’d just become good friends. Either was fine with me, I’d just prefer the former.

“How does that sound?” Louis stared at me expectantly.


“How does us hanging out sometime sound?” he chuckled.

Was I really in love with a boy who said ‘hanging out’? Why yes, indeed I was. Typically, it would be me in love with the super attractive, kind boy who also says stupid things. Good one, Loria.

“Um, good. It sounds… good.” I smiled.

Louis probably left to avoid being caught by Madam Phillips after that although I wasn’t sure as I fell asleep almost instantly.

First of all, I'm going to apologise for the general sucky-ness of this chapter because I know it's quite choppy so yeah, sorry:) Feel free to leave criticism or praise or even flames, you know just tell me what you thought:D

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