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Beyond Help by BlackRain
Chapter 7 : Some will seek forgiveness, some escape
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Scorpius, Eliza and Deb.

I took a deep breath and tried to hide behind my huge cup of steaming morning coffee.

“Has James still got his death stare trained on me?” I asked, after Andie had soothed her morning rage a little with a couple of forkfuls of cake (who eats cake for breakfast?). She glanced up and snatched my coffee.

No answer.

Andie is not a cheerful morning person. Actually, none of us really are. We’re all a bit like monsters in the morning – ugly, angry, and ready to yell at anyone.

“Well is he or not?” I hissed a little too loudly for my morning ears.

Again there was no answer. Instead, Eric gave me one of those rueful looks that said he thought I was being utterly ridiculous.

“Emer?” I hissed. Emer, who hadn’t slept all night, decided I was too being utterly ridiculous for this early hour.

Finally, I looked pleadingly at Danny. As the best friend he had no choice, but to answer me. “Yes. Oh wait, no. He’s looking away, he’s… Oh, ok. False alarm. He was sneezing, God bless you, Potter. Now he’s staring again. Wow, that’s intense. Oh, what amazing pair of legs…”

“What?” I snatched my coffee back from Andie. “Potter! Look at Potter, not that she-devil!”

“Right. Potter.” Danny shrugged. “Yup, he’s still staring.” I actually wanted to face-palm myself. We all didn’t sleep last night. I had to find Eric and Danny and stop them before they did anything to that freak, Ian. I thank God for my long beautiful legs and my fast running. Today Ian had only one black eye.

So to sum everything up: I got tricked by Dominique, I hadn’t slept all night, I have a detention tonight (Thank you Joy! Oh joy!), James Potter hates me and Lily is going to kill me.

And worst of all, Emer is thinking about plan B… All of her other B plans had so much blackmail in them it hurt.

I believe that Gryffindors and Slytherins are very, very alike. I learned from Emer that pride is everything to Slytherins.

To James, being tricked by me and (as he believes) letting the enemy (Alex) know his strategy was a matter of pride, and pride was important to Gryffindors, more important than any kind of sense or reason.

What am I supposed to do? I actually want to be friends with James; he’s funny. He is something new in my life, like a science experiment. James is like The Big Bang Theory, something you know almost nothing about it.

Deborah, use your Ravenclaw brains! I ordered myself and with the help of caffeine I realized that maybe James will forgive if I try to be sincere about it. Well not that sincere, but a little. He must not find out why I befriended him, but he has to know that I’m sorry for what I have done… or for what that he caught me doing.

Then sincere I shall be! Being sincere and nice was painful, but it was a lot better than Emer’s plans.

I sighed. “Emer, what shall we do?”

“Plan B.” The raven haired girl hissed. Talk about a bad mood.

“You ought to talk to him, you know.” Danny spoke. God, how could he be so happy? Oh, I get it. He was looking at Dominique. Bloody traitor.

You ought to talk to him, you know.” Andie mimicked him. Usually, her hair was curly in an elegant way, but today it was a mess. Andie was not one to talk about emotions and crushes, but she knew at who Danny was looking so dreamingly. If Andie couldn’t have a boyfriend (her father would find that poor boy and make him regret ever looking at Andie), she didn’t care about other people, even her friends’, love interests.

I hoped that Danny had forgotten Dominique over the summer, but obviously me befriending James got his attention back to Dominique.

“Cheer up, Andykins.” Danny laughed.

“Why are you so happy?” Eric asked. He knew why. And Danny’s behavior was a betrayal. I mean, Dominique was the one who stalked me and told everything to James. She ruined our mission! And here Danny was admiring her from afar, like some stupid Rene sans artist, looking for his muse.

That bitch is going down, she has to!

I saw James stood up and started walking to the exit with just Anthony. Perfect!

“I hate your plan Bs. I utterly dislike them.” I told Emer as I stood up. “When I’m done there will be no need for plan B!” With the corner of my eyes I saw Emer face-palm herself… not a good sign. Who cares? Time to be spontaneous!

I fallowed James and Anthony out of the Great Hall. After few meters James and Anthony stopped.

James turned around to face me. He smiled at me, and in the dim light of the corridor, his smile looked wicked like it was cut into his face with a knife.

“Look,” He said to Anthony as if I didn’t exist, “Our personal stalker is back.” I tried not to show any emotion. He was like a vulture, if he sees any kind emotion, he feeds on it.

“I would like to talk to you, James. Alone.” I gave Anthony a look that said ‘sorry’ and he just shrugged. He didn’t move, neither of them did.

Uh. I guess they didn’t get the message. “I would like to talk to you-”

“I’m not deaf. I heard you the first time.” James cut me off. I raised my eyebrow, his tone wasn’t pleasant. “But that doesn’t mean I want to talk to you.”

“Don’t act like a child. Silent treatment will not help or prove anything.” I chastised him.

James smirked. “Bite me.”

“Gladly. Now come.” I grabbed him by the hand and dragged him down the hall, like a little lost boy. His hand was warm, mine was cold. God, we were so different.

“Well this will be amusing.” James crossed his hands on his chest and leaned on the wall. At first it looked like he’ll forgive quickly. Now I realized he was ready for a show. Well, I was an Illegal, lies were my second language. A lot of lies and a bit of truth was exactly what the healer ordered for James Potter.

I remained quiet for a few heartbeats. “My mother taught me to think the best of someone until all the evidence was collected.” A fancy way of saying one shouldn’t jump to conclusions.

That made James smile. “I bet you realized the truth of this saying while you were doing all of your ‘Illegal’ stuff.”

“James, I wasn’t spying on you.” Yeah right.

“Deb, I just thought you cost more than Zabini could give.” Ouch. That’s a slap.

“Alex didn’t pay me to spy on you! It was-” He didn’t let me finish.

“I wonder could you be my princess for the right price?” The look on James face made something inside of me curl into a ball. I blushed. He was being way too mean. Yes, we Illegals did a lot of things for money. But not what he just suggested.

“James, tell me that it wasn’t Dominique, Dominique who hates me, who told you that Alex was paying me.”

He was oblivious! He didn’t even try to listen to me, “Was Malfoy paying you too, huh? No wonder he was all over the place looking-”

“James! Shut up!” I gritted my teeth, almost biting off my tongue in the process. He was driving me crazy, standing cocky and just like that ignoring everything I was telling him. “I don’t care about Malfoy! About Alex! You know why? Because I’m trying to prove myself innocent! I wouldn’t give a damn about this situation, about stupid Quidditch, which I despise, if not for you! So shut up for Merlin’s sake and listen!” My cheeks were red, and my voice was rising. I finally got his attention.

“You know that Dominique hates me.” I said in a low voice. My heart was racing, I tried to steady my breathing. “I was in that bush because Andie is crazy! You know Andie, that girl who tried to strangle you just two days ago? Yeah, she likes to spy on people, like in those muggle movies.” I took a deep breath. James didn’t say anything. He just stood there with his arrogant smirk, which started to piss me off.

“You judged before hearing me out. Why did you even listen to Dominique? I thought we were friends.” Oh guilt trip, how cheap of me. “You listened to her. Even thought you knew she hates me.” My arguments were surprisingly lame, but there was a smile on his face.

“You know, Anthony and Rose said that you’ll come begging me to believe you, throwing lame arguments. And you lost your temper. I thought you Claws always have everything under control.” He was actually smiling.  At me and my lame attempts.

“But you listened only to Dominique. Which is not fair. At least you could have given me a chance to speak…”

“Life is not fair.” By James wistful tone, I understood that he was thinking about something bigger than this.

“I know that,” I said. “Parents teach their children to share, to play fair, to be honest. But… surprise! Life isn’t fair. And it takes a while to transition from the childhood lies to adult reality. You knew that Dominique set me up!” I finally realized. Somewhere, deep inside, he knew Dominique was lying, and he just wanted me to say it. He wanted me to embarrass myself. The bloody wanker!

“Still there was no need for you to watch us from a bush. Full of bees I might add.” His lips were pulled into a devilish grin.

“You don’t know Andie… Am I the light of your life again?” I joked.

“No, you’re far too dim.” He smirked back at me. He was enjoying this too much. “You just missed your first class.” James’ smile widened as he said that.

“It’s not the first time…” I muttered. His process of forgiving was strange. Well as strange as me pleading for forgiveness. I love Hogwarts, it makes people crazy. “Lets go to the kitchen.” I started walking.

“So how much do I need to make you my princess?”

“JAMES!” Now he couldn’t stop his laughter.


The day turned out to be quite good. James was talking to me again, Anthony was being a flirt like always, Fred was glaring at me and (surprisingly) Lily was happy! And there was no plan B. And I took precautions and I’ll never again get involved in all that Gryffindor drama. It’s too painful.

I sat at the Gryffindor table with Rose, Albus and Lily. James sat a little bit further with Fred and Anthony.

“So I see James is talking to you again,” Albus smiled and took a small bite of his vegetables. That kid was super smart and intelligent. I wonder why the hell he was sorted into Gryffindor.

“Albus,” He cringed as I said his full name, “How the hell were you sorted into Gryffindor and not Ravenclaw or Slytherin?”

“My dear, it takes ninety nine percent of fucked up and ten percent of pure genius to be sorted into Gryffindor.” Oh, I do agree.

“You changed the topic.” Rose wiggled her fork in the air. “You and are James talking again.”

“It’s not that surprising…” I mumbled.

“Dhebr,” Lily spoke with her mouth full. Rose glared until Lily swallowed. “James doesn’t forgive. James doesn’t forget. James doesn’t talk about his feelings much,” Oh but there would be so many amazing feelings and ideas!

“It’s true,” Rose added wisely, “We actually think he might be dead inside.” That seemed to catch Anthony’s attention. That’s a surprise, because his attention span is as long as Briony’s skirt length… In other words nonexistent.

“Whatcha talking about?” He smirked at me.

“Oh, just about how James humiliated me today.” Anthony snickered. “Of course you knew and didn’t tell me.” There was a long silence, Anthony said nothing. “Hey Anthony, are those your eyes, cause I found them in cleavage.” I rolled my eyes. Like I said, that boy had no attention span what’s so ever.

Finally, Anthony’s eyes met mine and he had that lazy look on his face. Damn, he hangs out too often with James. “Debbie, what did you want me to say? What wouldn’t have been fun. We’re trying to get rid of that Illegalness that you have.”

“Uh, you could have at least said,” My day just got worse. “Oh my freaking rubber ducky. God, why don’t you just set my precious hair on fire and be done with it?!” I hissed loudly.

The Gryffindor table turned quiet.

Only Anthony spoke, “Oh Tits, you say the weirdest things.” James, who before that wasn’t paying us any attention turned to Anthony and gave him a death glare “I mean Deb. Deb.” Anthony corrected himself.

The rest of my Gryffindor fellows remained quiet and kept staring at me as though I’ve told them that Dumbledore was alive and now is running down the halls naked. This silence remained until Dominique sat next to Fred, showing off her new t-shirt. It wasn’t really that pretty, it just had something written on it. Something like ‘Dominique the mastermind. Problem?’

“Nice shirt, Dom.” Lily said awkwardly breaking the silence.

“I know, right!” She smiled. “Mint, what do you think?” Obviously she was trying to piss me off. We, the Illegals, are the masterminds of… of… of EVERYTHING. Not that spoiled Frenchie!

My first thought was ‘Oh God, she’s so stupid.’ But then I got a better idea. So I started laughing. And I laughed, and laughed.

“What the hell are you laughing at?” Dominique demanded. Guess she didn’t like my reaction.

“At you,” I turned my insane laughter into a cough. “I’ve never seen anyone with such small boobs.” How low of me? But true. Anthony and James joined my coughing fest. Dominique was really beautiful, she just had one flaw: no chest.

Dominique’s face turned red and I knew it was my time to run. Hey, don’t judge me! I’m a Ravenclaw - we’re smart, not brave.

I exited the Great Hall and tried to make my way to Ravenclaw common room.

In other news, the hallway was unnecessarily full and I kept getting battered by second and third years, who think they’re ace.

Why don’t they ever learn? I was about to go Chuck Norris on their arses when I spotted Slytherins. Angry Slytherins… But surprisingly it wasn’t Alex and his weird minions. It was Scorpius Malfoy and Oscar Burke.

My new strategy was to hide behind third years, they were taller than second years… I started walking behind a group of Gryffindor third years, they stopped talking and were giving me stink eyes. I flashed them a birdy.

“Mint!” I heard someone yell after me and I felt someone’s hand on my wrist. Damn, next time I when I will be running from crazy Slytherins I won’t wear heels. It’s just impossible to run fast in them!

“Yeees?” I faced Scorpius Malfoy. I placed on my surprised smile and blinked few times. It was easy to understand why James hated Malfoy so much and why girls went crazy for him. There were few really good looking (god like) guys in Hogwarts and Malfoy was one of them. Blonde shaggy hair, piercing blue eyes, high cheekbones and amazing body, a dream come true. But for some reason I didn’t like blondes…

Many people have different opinions on Scorpius Malfoy. Gryffindors, Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs (the majority of them) would describe him as an arrogant prude, muggle-hater. Well the same asshole as his father. But Slytherins (those who had guts, Alex for example) say that Scorpius is not worthy to be called Malfoy. One time I heard as Alex referred to him as Gryffindor worthy. And that’s a huge insult for a Slytherin.

Actually, Alex hates Scorpius, but his hatred is nothing compared to the Potter brother’s. Albus had hated him from the very first day. And James hates him from the day Scorpius joined the Quidditch team.

“Mint,” Scorpius gave me a sardonic smirk. Have I mentioned he was sarcastic, arrogant, difficult and made jokes about almost everything? “Why do I get the feeling you’re avoiding me?”

“Really? Running away and hiding behind midgets is not avoiding, you just have a vivid imagination.” I rolled my eyes and started walking, but Scorpius stopped me again. “Malfoy, I don’t want to have anything with you, so beat it.”

He gave me a mocking bow, his features hardened, a cold and sardonic smirk turning up his lips. “Sadly Mint, I am not planning on leaving you anytime soon. Actually, I have a huge project involving the two of us.” He frowned, “Not in any physical way. I just need your wits.” He added.

If I want to stay friends with James, I have to wrap it up fast. “Malfoy, I don’t know how to break it up to you, but… go die in a hole, cause I don’t give a damn about your ‘huge project’ and your ‘needs of my wits’.” Wow, that’s so Lily Potter and Emer of me.  I realized it was my first time when I talked like that. Simple and clear. Those Gryffindorks are changing me! The horror.

But Scorpius clearly didn’t get it. “Don’t you realize that there are enough people to hate you in the world already without you putting in so much effort to give us another reason?”  Oscar, Scorpius friend who was quiet all the time, laughed.

“Malfoy, I don’t really care. Really, I don’t. So piss off. And take your mime friend with you.”

“You heard the lady, Malfoy, go back to your slimy friends.” I heard low and arrogant voice of James Potter. He slowly walked to us, then slung his arm around my waist. There were only two second years left in the corridor, Oscar send them death glares and they started walking fast. The corridor was empty. Not good.

“Potter,” Scorpius frowned and gave James a death glare. “I see you’ve set aside this time to humiliate yourself in public. I can help you.” Scorpius smile was cold.

That got James’ temper… Suddenly, I understood that Scorpius was the one with the insults, he loved to dance on James’ nerves. Yes, James could be sarcastic, but not with Malfoy. He hated him too much. I could tell that by the strength that James was crushing my waist.

“I thought I’d teach you some manners, but I realized it’s not nice to beat up retarded people.”  James hissed.

“Oh what a sharp tongue, Potter.” Scorpius laughed. I waited for his next words, that would probably be the end of James control over his temper, but Scorpius and Oscar turned around and started walking away.

After few moments I turned to James “James,” I winced, “You’re crushing me.”

“Oh,” James let me go. “Sorry, I- I didn’t notice.”

“It’s nothing.” I said as I rubbed my ribs. I bet I’ll have bruises.

James leaned on the wall and murmured something under his nose. He ruffled his hair and for a moment he stayed quiet.

“Are you alright?” I asked as I stepped closer. He didn’t look okay. His face was pale, eyes closed. He looked angry. He really must hate Scorpius.

James opened his eyes and looked at me. He didn’t say anything. He just planted his hands on my shoulders, leaning towards me until we were inched apart and I could see the countless golden flecks, sprinkled throughout his hazel eyes.

Suddenly, it was hard for me to breath. That moment, in his hands, I was like a puppet, he could do anything to me. The look on his face was serious and I waited for him to say something life changing… His gaze was so intense. Unconsciously I licked my lips, and a jolt went through me as I saw his eyes follow the movement.

I waited for him to say something. Our eyes met and I saw that something changed in them. I saw uncertainty in them. He moved a little further from me and cleared his throat.

“You have to come to our Quidditch practice.” His voice sounded a bit hoarse, he cleared his throat one more time. I could tell that he said the first thing that came to his mind and not what he wanted to say few seconds before. “My Quidditch skills will shock you. I mean, roll-you-up-in-a-carpet-and-bitch-slap-you kind of shock you… And you will love it.” He blinked few times, like he couldn’t believe he just said that. Interesting, James Potter could be awkward.

“Ah. So come. Bring a friend if you want. Just not Selwyn or Angel. They play in Ravencalw team, did you know that?” James took few more steps away from me. And James Potter was able to be nervous. This was getting more and more ridiculous. It was like someone had thrown three dementors and three inferni into the room and told them to throw a tea party with cute dresses and little cups… It was painful.

“Yes, James. I actually knew that.”

“Yeah.  Right. You knew.” James mumbled. “I have to go, kiddo. Behave!” He ruffled my hair and jogged back to the Great Hall.

“Kiddo? Are you for real?” I shouted as he turned around the corner.


The Ravenclaw common room was crowded. I hoped that the lot of those brainiaks would be in the library, but I was wrong. Danny and Eric were nowhere around so I decided to go to my dorm and hope that Joy was somewhere really far away from here, maybe tending to her Head Girl duties, possibly duties that involved bitching at little kids.

I opened the doors and entered to my dorm. It was empty, but someone left a huge pile of their clothes on it. Was my bed now a laundry bag? No way!

I grabbed the first thing from the pile, it was a blue sweater, and tried to throw it to the laundry bag. I couldn’t, it was too heavy. I blinked few times until I realized that there was no pile of ugly clothes on my bed, it was one of my annoying roommates, Eliza McKay.

Eliza lifted her head, “Deeebooraaah aaaahhh?” She let out a long cry and hugged my pillow tighter, burying her wet face from tears into it.

“Er, Eliza?” I let go her blue sweater. “Can’t you cry on your bed? You’ll get mascara on my pillow.”

She let out another cry that reminded me of a dying animal’s. She kept crying and didn’t get up. Her brown hair was all messy, her body was shaking.

“Really now, Eliza. Go, er, go lie in your bed.” I awkwardly patted her head, that made her cry even louder.

“Ooooh Deboraaah, you’re-you’re so so good. Your bed smells so-so ni…iiiiiice” Smells nice? Oh God I live with a freak who goes around smelling other people’s beds.

There was no other way, but to be nice to her. She should stop crying and I would have my bed back.

“Eliza, sweetie, “ I sat next top her and again patted her head. “Tell me what’s wrong.” I really wanted to say ’BITCH, GET OFF MY BED, NOW!’ but that would just make her cry more.

“Everyone hates me!” She sniffled.

“Oh not everyone. House Elves love everyone!” I said happily.


“Nooooooo. Joy, Agatha, Dominique, Briony, they hate me. They bu-bully meeeeee.” She gave another animal-like cry. Those girls hate everyone!

“You’re crying all over my pillow!” I snapped. “Go clean your nose on Joy’s bed, not mine!” I tried to pull the pillow from underneath her face. She started sobbing even more. Her face was like glued to my pillow. MY PILLOW.

The moment I started pulling harder, she let go and sat up. Because of that I fell off the bed. Now I’ll have bruised sides and a bruised butt. Lovely.

“You have to help me!” Eliza said as she started combing her hair with her fingers.

“You obviously need some help, but I’m not a shrink.” I rubbed my aching sides and grabbed my pillow from the bed. My pillow got violated by some PMSing psycho.

Eliza face was all blotchy and red from crying. Eyes red too. In other words she looked slightly more hideous than usual.

“No, Deborah. You have to help me. You’re an Illegal. I’ll do anything for you!” Oh this is getting interesting. I sat next to her.

“What do you want?” I had a feeling this was going to be very big and very evil. Eliza was always picked on by Joy and her nerd herd. This may be my ticket to get back at them.

 “I want to have a social life!” Eliza whispered, tears again collecting in her eyes. “I want to people to know me, like me.” Seemed legit.

“Okay, first of all, suck it up. Be a man. Grow some back bone.” I told her. The girl had no self-esteem. “Next?”

“I want to be in The Cream. No, I want to be the leader of The Cream!” There was a little smile on her face, an evil one.

“Ew. I believe it’s better to be a nobody than to be a part of The Cream. The Cream are bunch of nasty bitches if you ask me.” But her wish was not surprising.

 Eliza’s eyes got dark “I didn’t.”

“Ohhh nice. You got a back bone.” I laughed. This was getting fun.

“Really? Did it work? It didn’t sound too mean?” Eliza bounced on the bed, tears gone from her eyes.

“I told you to grow a back bone. Not to jump around me like a happy puppy.” My features hardened, a cold and sardonic smirk turning up my lips.

The Cream… I shutter just when I hear the name.

You see the Hogwarts students (those you don’t have a social life and believe gossip is 90% of life’s meaning.) like to come up with names for groups of students. Well, those who make themselves noticeable in the dullness of this school.

We have The Illegals. We have The Clan (Peasleys and Wotters.) We The Clique (the source of gossip! Hooray!) The Slytherins (Hogwarts students do not posses vivid imagination. I mean The Clique. Those stupid girls make names.) And then we have The Cream. Joy Colonel, Briony Pate, Agatha Goff, Dominique Weasley, Filemina Cooper, and Lucinda (Lulu) Vanity. Terrible girls.

Of course they’re terrible. Dominique is with them! I don’t interact with them. But still they’re creepy. They’re too nice, too perfect. Too… just ew. I call them The B Team. B stands for Bitch. Clever, right?

If they can find a weaker student, mostly without friends, they make that poor bastard their slave. Like Eliza here. I can relate to Agatha and her friends why they bully Eliza. Eliza is so weak, so small and dull. She needs a hug… around her neck… with a rope.

But I can use Eliza… She wants to be popular. While making my enemies suffer, of course. And I’m all happy to help.

Finally, I got a chance to destroy Dominique’s social life!

“Why are you smiling like that?” Eliza asked in a small voice. I probably loved like the devil.

“First of all, Eliza. You need a cool nickname… No first you need friends. Then a cool nickname.” I felt like I was in heaven. Finally I was planning the end of Joy era, the end of Dominique’s raid.

“Why a nickname?” Eliza furrowed her eyebrows.

“Cuter. Something new.” I shrugged. I had a nickname, Danny had a nickname…everyone had nicknames. I scratched my head. “Friends… friends… Well at first you could become friends with that bubbly, horribly bubbly, girl from Clique… That Hufflepuff…” I couldn’t remember her name or her face. I only remembered her high-pitched voice.

“Poppy Brown?”

“Yes! That horrible creature. For a good amount of gossip she’ll be your best friend! Then you’ll befriend her friends… and you’ll be apart of some idiotic group.” Why do I let Emer plan everything? I’m so good at it.

“Nickname… Hmmm.” I thought about Lucinda Vanity… People always call her Lulu. She insists it. She probably knew the magic of nicknames. I once called her Lucinda. She almost slapped me.

“EJ. Your nickname will be EJ.” I clapped my hands.

“What? Why? I don’t like it.”

“Fine! Think of one yourself… I’m just trying to help you… people never appreciate the help.” That’s why we ask for payment.

Eliza smiled “How about Zaza?”

“How about not?”

“But my Nana used to call me that…” I couldn’t help, but to think that Eliza’s small smile was creepy. Like a pedophile smile…

“And I bet your Nana is dead now. Look where it got her.” That comment wiped that creepy smile off her face.

“You are mean! I can’t believe James is dating you and why Scorpius Malfoy is-”

“What? I’m not dating James.” I almost choke on air. That girl has to be on something, a normal person would never think of me and James as a couple!

“Well now I know why.” Eliza muttered. Okay. Maybe we may look like a couple to a stranger’s eye. James carries my books sometimes, he gives me piggy back rides when my feet start to hurt thanks to my heels… And today in the corridor… Naaah. We don’t look like a couple. Eliza is just an addict… Air addict. That’s my guess because I never saw her doing something illegal.

“Erm,” Eliza mentioned James and it all got awkward. I actually have enough work for now, I should ignore Eliza, I shouldn’t help her. But God sent me this opportunity to get back at Dominique, I’m sure! “Erm, like I said before. Suck. It. Up. You’re gonna be El.”

“El… I like it.” She smiled again with her little creepy smile.

“Of course you like it.”

I stood up and started making my bed. Eliza just stood and watched me. It wouldn’t kill her to help me, she was the one who messed it up in the first place!

“Now what do you think about Curt Frazer?”

“Dominique’s boyfriend? He’s hot.” I swear, Eliza almost started drooling. Yes, Curt Frazer was cute, but there was no need to drool over him, like most of the girls did. I remember this one third year who wanted us to pair her up with Curt. Of course, we said no to her, but before that I wanted to know what those little fangirls saw in guys like Curt, James and other guys, who made them faint.

So that girl thought I was dumb, cause I didn’t fancy Curt. ‘Oh my gawk, like how can you even ask that. Oh my gawk. Cause he’s like super hot.’ That was her answer to the question ‘Why do you love Curt.’… and that girl was a Ravenclaw…

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if I was similar to the rest of the majority of the Hogwarts female population, but then I remember that I’m not a blithering idiotic bimbo, who swoons whenever a cute boy blinks in my direction.

“But why do you ask?” Eliza finally snapped out of her daydream that probably involved Curt Frazer… naked.

“He’s gonna be your boyfriend soon.”

“What? How? He’d never date someone who looks like me!” She backed away from me like I was crazy… Maybe I was.

“True. I’m gonna need a lot of dirt on him. Oh it’s gonna be a long long journey full of blackmail.”

“You’re mean!”

“Suck it up, El.” We both smiled. ”See? It’s sounds cool!” Eliza nodded happily.

I really don’t understand how sometimes I find myself helping other people… Oh, they pay me to!

Please don't kill me. Life is awesome. I'll try to update faster...

And Deborah can be a eally mean person, so no hard feelings, right? Oh and James can be weird...Interesting. Love it, hate it?


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