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The Surprising Life of Hermione Granger (in depth version) by magicmuggle01
Chapter 1 : The Surprising Life of Hermione Granger (in depth version)
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The Surprising Life of Hermione Granger


The cloaked figure stood in the entrance to the alley that branched of from Diagon Alley, it was raining hard and hed been waiting there for nearly four hours and he was tired and totally soaked through. The figure wished that the object that hed been assigned to look out for would make an appearance; he started to pace back and forth and swung his arms on each side of his shoulders to try and keep warm. He wished was back in his home city, where it never rained, snowed or anything else that this crazy world had to offer. But he knew his duty and had to wait no matter how long it took. He had to be sure that the person he was seeking was the one. An itch developed in his hand and he pulled back the sleeve of the cloak he was wearing and looking around to make sure that no one was watching he pulled back a bit of artificial skin he was wearing to reveal a golden glow. He scratched the offending area and pulled the skin back into place. The figure wondered how much longer he had to wait, hed been coming to this drab and dreary place virtually every day for the past month and he was beginning to wonder if hed ever see the subject that hed been assigned to keep and eye on and keep under observation.

From his vantage point he saw the entrance to Diagon Alley from the leaky cauldron pub open up, and through the opening he noticed three people walk through the hole that the wall had provided and stepped into the Alley. The figure knew right away that these were the people that hed been looking out for; for one thing the two adults were dressed totally differently to the other adults that were frequenting Diagon Alley. The man was dressed in a muggle suit and black loafer shoes and the lady was dressed in a two piece tweed suit with a starched white blouse and flat comfortable shoes. But their daughter with her fiery red curly hair was the only one who seemed to be dressed more like the witches and wizards in the shopping street, by wearing a long robe with a Gryffindor logo on the left hand side. The three of them moved off down the alley and made their way towards a large white building with tall pillars and the door was flanked by two Goblins that were dressed in the livery and colours of the bank, dark green and gold trim, and they entered. The mysterious figure had followed them, keeping to the shadows. He was a master at shadowing and not being seen unless he wanted to be seen by people. And nobody seemed to notice this stranger in their midst. He waited for about fifteen minutes until the three came out and when they did the figure continued to follow them until they went into Flourish and Botts book emporium.

The figure silently entered and looking around he spotted that the girl had split away from her parents and was standing alone at a large bookcase leaving through a book, intently reading. He moved up beside her and taking down a book he started to whisper,

Your parents are not who they appear to be.


A/N: - Just a short prologue to set the mood for this story.
This is a more in depth look of the story with the same name that I did for the writers duel 2012.

Id like to thank Hogwarts27, Janner and Hippothestrowel who read and reviewed my one shot on the HPFF united site. The latter two encouraging me to expand more on the story.

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The Surprising Life of Hermione Granger (in depth version): The Surprising Life of Hermione Granger (in depth version)


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