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Accidentally on Purpose by Gryffiegirl
Chapter 2 : Amortentia, and kisses
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 Chapter 2

BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP. My Alarm clock was going off, I swear, those things should be banned! Banned I tell you! They are worse than banshees for me. And that’s saying something. After getting out of bed, I opened the curtains to the floor length windows and stepped out onto the balcony, the September breeze cold against my bare arms and legs. It was a nice day though, the sun was out. I just stayed there, leaning against the railings of the balcony, staring out at the black late for a while till I felt that feeling I was being watched, you know the feeling. Like some one’s eyes are on you. I turned to see James leaning on his balcony, staring at me, looking very  good In some black boxers. Damn quidditch has been good to the guy, he’s got some good abs. “Enjoying the view Potter?”

“maybe, and since when was I potter?”

“well, I think you were always a potter, I mean, that is your surname, according to when your dad married Ginny, then she was a potter, and thus, when you were born you inherited-

“I mean, why are you calling me that?”

“I dunno, you call me Lannah, I’ll call you Potter”

“but that’s anti-social!”

“how so?”

“well, malfoy calls me Potter, it’s like you’re an enemy or something”

“fine, I shall call you James again”


“so, enjoying the view James?



 “but the real question is, are you enjoying your view?”

“maybe” I said with a wink and walked back inside my room, and pulling on my uniform, and pinning my head girl badge on the corner.

As I walked out of my room, I saw James changed quicker then me and was sitting at the kitchen table eating toast at the kitchen table. I guess we don’t have to go to the great hall to eat breakfast anymore, that makes things easier. “hello again” I said, sitting down at the table and grabbing some toast. “morning again” he replied. “so, how do we get our timetables then?”

“they’re already here” he replied, “ahhh, cool”

I looked down it, hmm, potions first thing, double booked with slytherin. Well that was expected. At least we have DADA after that. My two favourite subjects. I know I know, potions? My favourite subject? Yep. I love it, its one of the few subjects I’m actually good at. “what’ve you got first?” I asked James. “potions, you?”

“eep! The same, but shall we go, lessons start in 10 minutes, it’ll take us that time to get down there”

“lets” and he took my arm in his and we left the common room to go downstairs to the dungeons.

As we arrived like, 15 minutes later (yes, late, we are such good heads aren’t we?) We ran into the classroom, professor Slug horn looked up “well, at last, we’ve been waiting for you two, why are you late?”

“um, we had some head duties to take care of” answered James, rather convincingly. And slughorn believed it. “well, then, we’ll be making Amortentia today, so take a seat, and get out your ingredients, and off you go!” Me and James looked around the room to look for seats but realised, the only two empty stools, weren’t together, but one next to Ameila and one next to Spencer. That’s worked out rather well. 

“Alannah! Sit here, I saved you a seat” Spencer said to me. Score. “well, see ya James” I said as I went and sat next to Spencer. “Hey Alannah” Spencer said with an amazing smile.  If I wasn’t sitting down, I would have keeled over. Sweet lord he has a good smile. Right, act cool, “why hello there young warrior!” that was not cool. “ I mean, um, heyy”  He looked confused. Cmon, laugh, laugh, find me funny? Thank you Merlin! He laughed, shaking that amazing hair as he did so. Cue swoon. “you’re funny, are you always this fun to be around?” he thinks I’m fun to be around? Oh sweet baby merlin. “well, you’re going to have to wait and find out aren’t you?”

“what are you trying to suggest?”

“well, simply that, if you want to find out the answer to your question, you’re going to have to find that out for yourself”

“am I now?”

“yep, but don’t you think we should start making the Amortentia?”

“probably, cmon, lets go get the ingredients”

“righty ho” As we walked in the supply cupboard, books in hand, trying to see what ingredients were needed, there was one particular ingredient I was trying to reach, on the highest shelf, that unfortunately, despite being rather tall, I was still too sort to reach. “here, I’ll get it for you” Spencer said, taking my arm down from its position of reaching into the air, to down by his side. Not letting go of my hand he reached up and pulled out two lotus flowers from their box, he was so close at this point that I could smell him, and man, did he smell good, he smelt of something different to James, no woodsy smell, but something more fresh and citrusy. It was a smell I could get used too. As he bought his arm down, he chuckled, letting go of my arm, muttering something I couldn’t hear.


“hey, um, you forgot the roots of a basil lipton fruit bush” Amelia said to me, oh yeah, “ I’ll be right back” I said, getting up and going into the supply cupboard. As I went in I heard voices from round the corner, “here, I’ll get it” I heard someone say, I tilted my head round to see spencer and Alannah, Spencer holding Lannahs hand as he reached to get some lotus flowers, slimy git. As he reached backed down, he looked into her eyes for a few seconds, before turning away, muttering something I just managed to hear, “she’s too easy, will have done her by Christmas, I just gotta act nice” I don’t think Lannah heard though, she was too busy getting out some other ingredients. That git! I knew he just wanted to get in her pants…


“so, you got all the ingredients you need?” I asked Spencer. “Yeppers, shall we finaly start making this potion?”

“might as well”

Everyone got to work making there Amortentia, but by the time the time was up, and Slughorn was looking round the many cauldrons, with looks of horror, disgust, a nod to James’, a reel at Amelia’s then, a “by golly!” to mine. “why this is perfect! I dare say this would send anyone in to loves clutches! Gather round, everyone, take a smell!” As I still hadn’t smelt it yet myself, I was intrigued to see what mine smelt like, since it smelt like whatever the individual smelling it is attracted too. As everyone leaned in for a whiff, and I got a smell of what mine smelled like, I realised, it smelt of something sweet, and sticky? And then there was that smell of fresh air, fresh air… where had I smelt that before? Spencer! Of course, there was also a citrusy smell, which was very very hinting the fact that Spencer took up two of those smells… weird. I caught James eye before he looked away, blushing. Wait,  blushing? Since when does James Sirius potter blush? Ah well. There’s a first for everything. “Alannah, 10 points to Gryffindor, perfect Amortentia potion”

“thankyou sir”

“now, pip pip! Your next class awaits!” Pro Slughorn said, gesturing us out of the class. Since me and James had DADA together next when I got out of the potions room, he was waiting outside the door for me “Sup my homegirl” he said, making a peace sign. “Um James, what?”

“ya know, ‘sup”

“no, I don’t know”

“Amelia was teaching me muggle slang” I snorted,  “James, there is a reason we wizards don’t use it”

“well it was worth a try”

“so, what did you smell in the Amortentia?” I asked him casually.

“I smelt…


“smells, very nice girlish, and laid back smells”

“how can smells be laid back?” 

“It just was.

“okay then” I said, pulling him into the DADA class as it looked like he was going to walk past it.

“good morning class” Professor Lockhart said, yep, Lockhart. The son of the old professor lockhart from my parents times, apparently he fooled around with some healer at St Mungos and got her pregnant, thank god he did though, lockhart jr, is VERY good looking man, in his maybe early twenties, quaffed up blonde hair, amazing skin, and very nice green eyes. Whenever I see him I think one thing. Jump me. But ah, that would never happen, he just has to be engaged doesn’t he? “Today we will be advancing on our corporeal patronuses, "A Patronus is a kind of positive force, and for the wizard who can conjure one, it works something like a shield, with the Dementor feeding on it, rather than him. In order for it to work, you need to think of a memory. Not just any memory, a veryhappy memory, a very powerful memory… Allow it to fill you up... lose yourself in it... then speak the incantation "  

James and i already knew how to produce corporeal patronuses, well, he did in 3rd year (like father like son) and taught me how to in fourth year. “Right, pair up and get to work, remember, the incantion, expect patronum”  Me and James turned to face each other,  grinning. Looks like this class would be easy.

“EXPECTO PATONUM” James roared, an eagle launching itself out the tip of his wand, once it flew round the room, turning heads as it did, and vanished, I thought to my happiest memory ‘ I was in fourth year, when James had already had at least 6 girlfriends, and I still hadn’t been kissed. I was staring out into the black lake, sitting on a rock underneath a willow tree, across the lake there was a couple, clearly in love, holding hands, staring deeply into each others eyes. I want that, I thought to myself. No boy had even showed interest in me, well aside from Fred and James, but they didn’t count. What was wrong with me? As I stared out at them, I felt someone sit them self beside me. I shut my eyes. Scared. “Never been kissed huh?” said a male  voice I knew, but I couldn’t picture their face, I’ve never been good at associating voices and faces. “how did you know?” I asked. “I can tell” “yeah, never been kissed, never gonna” I said outloud, still not opening my eyes. “I wouldn’t be so sure about that” the voice said, before pressing his lips against mine. When i eventually opened my eyes, shocked, i looked around, but the person was long gone

“EXPECTO PATRONUM!” I yelled, before two doves flew out of  my wand, circling each other, before flying together round the room, I made my memory go away, so they would. Once the patronuses were drawn in James asked me, like he does every time I produce a corporeal Patronus, “Whats your happy memory?”

“not telling”

“why not?”

“you haven’t told me yours”

“well that’s different, that memory was amazing and besides, you should know anyway”

“why would I know?”

“because you were there?”


“forget it… but seriously, can you at least give me a hint as to who else was in it?”

“um, I don’t know, the person walked off after”

“after what?”

“I’ve said too much, you don’t need to know, its not like it was you. HA! Like it was you, that’s absurd”

“well, what was the memory if it was so absurd?”

“I cant tell you”

“why not?”

“because, its an invasion of my privacy” James snorted,

“an invasion of privacy? Lannah, I know everything about you but this”

“can I have no secrets?!”


“jeez James, how about this, I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours”

“not happening”

“then I guess you’ll never find out my amazing memory, that you weren’t it”

“I wasn’t in it?” he asked, looking hurt,

“no. well, I already said that, well, it could have been, but that’s as likely it was you, as Snape getting resurrected, putting on a gold dragon skin thong and doing the conga along the great hall”

“so extremely  unlikely then?”


“well then…” he said turning around and watching others produce a patronus. He slowly turned back around, smirking, “wait, so if you don’t know if it was me, then you don’t actually know who made it so great?”

“um, yeah”

“hmmm” he then started murmuring weird things to himself, I caught little bits like ‘not fair’ ‘lucky git’ and ‘stupid bad timing’ he went on like this for about 10 minutes before I decided to interrupt him. “Um, James? Are you alright? You’ve been murmuring like that for quite a while now, I’m starting to get worried”

His head snapped up, “I’m fine! Just dandy! Crackalakin!”

“and, your back”

He grinned again, “lets go get lunch” he said once the bell rung, and we left for the great hall.  




“Ah, this is comfy” James said, as he plonked himself down onto the sofa in our common room. May I add, on top of me.

“Cant- Breathe!” I wheezed, panting for air, “must- breathe- air!”

“calm down, I’ll get off”

“phew!” I wheezed

“For a kiss” he smirked. My eyes widened, my best friend, wants me to kiss  him.  What world am I living in?!

“um” I gulped, suddenly very aware of the current situation, “a, k- kiss?”

“yep, here!” he said, turning his face, pointing to his cheek. I let out a sigh of relief, and pecked his check.

Once he rolled off, I decided I wasn’t quite in the mood to study anymore, mumbled a goodnight to James and laid down in bed,  I rolled over,tugging on my pink hair thinking, I could’ve kissed my best friend. But I didn’t, and I was disappointed.  





AN. Just so you know, Aly's hair is a pastel pink colour :p 

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