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Revelations by Loony_Scorpy
Chapter 3 : Adventure.
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Harry jolted awake, sweat trickling down his face. He had had the dream again. The same dream that had haunted him since he was a child. Still, after all of these years, he couldn’t make out what was happening. All he could hear was screaming and all he could see was green light flashing around. It terrified him.

He shook himself as the remnants of the dream faded from his mind. Groaning, he threw his legs out from under the covers and pressed his feet onto the cold floor.

Today was the day; he was finally making a new life for himself. Harry reached to his nightstand to grab his glasses, and he slipped them on. Glancing down, he noticed a piece of paper at his feet. This was odd, considering he had thrown out all of his books and paper yesterday.

Harry picked up the piece of paper, which he found to be neatly folded. It appeared as though it had been slipped underneath the door while he was sleeping. Harry opened it curiously and gave a start when he recognised the writing.

Petunia’s curly script was easy to distinguish, yet it thoroughly confused Harry. Why on earth would Petunia be writing to Harry?

Harry was surprised and further confused at what the letter contained. It had very little detail; all it said was Godric’s Hollow Graveyard and Albus Dumbledore. Harry didn’t have the faintest idea what idea what it meant or how it would help him.

Despite having no idea whether or not it would be useful to him, Harry couldn’t help but feel a surge of respect and gratitude. He had no doubt in his mind that Vernon would not have approved, yet Petunia wrote him the note anyway.

Harry felt as though he should show some sign of thanks, however he was unsure how to do that. He definitely did not want to wake the Dursleys at such an early hour of the morning. No one would want to feel their wrath from being the cause of waking them up.

Not one for being sentimental, Harry was unable to think of anything nice to do that would be noticeable. He could clean up a bit, but Petunia was unlikely to realise that it had been himself who had done it. So Harry decided to write a note. Just a simple Thank you.

It would have been rude to ignore her help, which Harry definitely appreciated. He decided that he would leave the note in his room, since it was highly unlikely that either Vernon or Dudley would bother to look in there. Petunia would almost certainly clean it out.

Harry quickly went to the bathroom to shower and get changed. Goodness knows how long he could go without a shower now. He grabbed a few toiletries as he left the bathroom, and returned to his room – quietly of course.

He finished packing his bag, making sure that his feather was secure, and had no chance of getting lost. Harry took one last glance around his old room and placed his thank-you note on his pillow before closing the door of his childhood.

Harry couldn’t help but feel sad. He had lived in that room almost his entire life – that was a long time. But he would most definitely not miss anything else. Harry walked to the front door, and after a glance through the hallway, he closed the door for good.

As Harry walked down the path of number 4 Privet Drive, he felt elated. He was going to find himself a real life. He may not have come up with a plan, but he would find a way.

Harry took one last look back at the house as he reached the street. He wouldn’t miss the perfectly manicured gardens nor the matching window frames of every house along the street.

As Harry went to turn, he thought he saw the curtain of his aunt and uncle’s room swish closed. Maybe they did care for him a little. Or perhaps they were making sure he was gone for good. Harry wasn’t sure, but he didn’t really care either way.

Harry strode down the street, his step having a little bounce to it. He was excited to start his new adventure, no matter how terrifying it may be. He had decided to head to the middle of London and figure out what to do from there – not that he had very far to go. But walking would take a while.

While Harry walked, he thought. The whole time he was absorbed in his thoughts and what he was going to do next. He wanted to know who this Albus Dumbledore was, and why he was so important – assuming that Petunia had given him reliable information.

He also wanted to know what he would find at a graveyard. He couldn’t help but think of his parents and wondered desperately if Petunia had given him the place where they were buried. He would be overjoyed to visit their burial site, it would mean he could say goodbye to them. Or even say hello, considering he could barely remember them.

The more Harry walked, the more he wanted to know what the note meant. What if it had been a code for something? What if it had been all a joke and Dudley had copied Petunia’s handwriting as a good riddance prank?

Harry shook his head; he couldn’t afford to think that way. Hell, he couldn’t afford anything. He was stumped for how he was going to pay for anything. He most certainly didn’t want to start out his new life as a thief.

As he got into town he wandered aimlessly for hours on end. He had no idea where to go, or what to do. As the day’s light began to fade, he ended up wandering past a pub that he had never noticed before. No one else seemed to be able to see it, or else they were very apt at ignoring the place, which struck Harry as really odd.

Harry walked into the pub, hoping for a place to stay; one would never know how friendly the owners could be. What Harry didn’t expect was the pandemonium that his arrival caused.



Author’s Note: This is yet to be edited. I hope you’re enjoying, I love reviews! ;) I’m just taking advantage of how lovely the validators are being tonight!

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