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Mysteries and love by iamapoet
Chapter 4 : Chapter 3
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Lily and Severus walked side by side in silence down to the Hall, and out into the cool grounds. Severus looked at Lily, and quietly asked, “Any place you want to go?”



            She shook her head and replied just as quietly, “Not really – we can just go wherever you want.” Severus smiled, and then took her hand. He gently pulled her across the grass. His black eyes glittered with excitement as they approached their destination.



            He couldn’t believe that Lily was walking through the grounds with him in the moonlight! He had been dreaming of this moment for years and now it was finally happening! His stringy, long, black hair blew in the slight breeze, and it inadvertently revealed a long, pale scar on the back of his neck.



            Lily noticed this, and gasped. “Sev, what happened?” She abruptly stopped and pulled her hand from Severus’. She ran her finger lightly over the raised ridge of skin, unable to believe it.



            Severus shivered at her touch, but casually said, “It’s nothing really – when I was about eight, my father got really drunk, and chucked a bottle of booze at my head. It cut me there when I tried to escape. I’m fine now though.”



            Lily was shocked – she knew that Tobias Snape had been abusive towards his wife and son, but this was new to her. “Oh my...” she ran her finger over the scar again, almost absorbing the pain from the injury.



            He pulled away and turned to her, his hair covering the scar again. “Are you coming?” He grinned at her.



            She smiled and let him pull her across the grass. Just a little while later, he let go of her hand and inexplicably ran behind her to cover her eyes. He led her forward a few steps, told her to duck her head, and then a second later, he uncovered her eyes.



            Lily looked around her, completely taken by surprise. She was under a willow tree whose branches reached to the ground, creating a feathery canopy. Around the tree, in the branches, were small magical tea-lights, illuminating the scene beautifully. A blanket lay on the ground, completing the beauty. “Oh my goodness... this is amazing Severus.”



            Severus sat on the blanket and sat the basket beside him. With a smile, he patted the blanket beside him. “Sit down.” Lily sat, still in wonder of the place. “So, do you like it?”



            Lily beamed at him. “This is so beautiful.” She blushed and looked at her lap.



            “You’re even more beautiful.” Severus murmured to himself, not having the courage to say it out loud. Internally he cursed himself for being such a coward. Instead, he said aloud, “I noticed Potter annoying you earlier on – if you want I could hex him for you.” He then added bitterly, “He’s hexed me many a time for fun.”



            “Thanks but I can handle myself. James Potter is a complete idiot with a big head – I would rather date the giant squid than him.” She sniffed, and then smiled at Severus delightedly. “Is that food I smell?”



            He grinned and reached into the large basket. When his arm came out, he was holding a pink cupcake. “For you.” He handed it to her gently.



            Her eyes lit up. “Is this buttercream icing? Oh my God, Sev, how did you know this was my favourite?” She took a bite, savouring the treat, unaware of his gaze. All he could think about was how beautiful her eyes were when she was excited about something.



            After a while, Lily looked up from the cupcake and caught his gaze. She went pink and quickly asked, “Have I got something on my lips?” Severus shook his head, and dropped his gaze. Lily smiled, and shifted closer to him. “This is really nice, Sev. Thank you.” She rested her head on his shoulder as she had done for years, and sighed happily.



            Severus smiled, thrilled at this turn of events, and leaned back against the trunk of the tree. “It’s no problem.” They stayed like that for hours, chatting, and munching on the rest of the contents of the basket.



            Eventually Lily became tired and she lay with her head on Severus’ shoulder. “Sev?”



            “Yeah?” His insides twisted pleasantly at her saying his name.



            “Is there anyone you like? Like fancy?” She felt hesitant about asking this, but she really wanted to know.



            He was taken aback by the question, but quickly recovered his composure. “Well, yeah. There is one girl, who is really special to me.” Lily’s heart sank – of course she wouldn’t have been the first girl to notice how good-looking Severus had become in past years.



            She swallowed. “Oh. Is she pretty?” She sank back, tired out and miserable. Severus obviously didn’t fancy her, as Emily had said.



            Severus gently rocked her from side to side, and replied, “Yeah. She is gorgeous. Her eyes shine like stars when she talks, and her hair is long and silky.” He ran his fingers lightly over the said hair as he spoke.



            Lily could feel herself slowly slipping into the depths of sleep, but before she fell asleep, she drowsily murmured, “She is a very lucky girl.” She then closed her eyes, and began to softly snore.



            Severus smiled, and pulled another blanket out of the basket. He lay it over her, and gazed down at her. “I’m the one who’s lucky.” With a light kiss on her forehead, he left her sleeping peacefully under the tree.

A/N: I would love it if someone could make a banner for me - Sev, Lily and James- thanks!

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Mysteries and love: Chapter 3


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