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Susie Q, Where Are You? by SiriuslyNot
Chapter 19 : 19. Time
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Chapter 19: Time

A week later, and things were already back to what they were like before everything. Em and Theo bickered about everything, as always, usually about my dinner, which I found slightly offensive.

As if my meals were somewhat big issues in this household.

I only got a few hours to myself. Most of the time, one of them followed me like a shark follows blood. I don't know how they did it, but somehow, they got their work schedules figured out so that I was never home alone. And I knew why; they were both worried that I would one day - any day at all! - just explode, and do something stupid I would later on regret.

Something that involved my biological dad, and ruining his life.

Some of their suspicions had rosen when I had suddenly decided to stop seeing Dr Shaphiro. They thought it was some kind of preparation for something bigger.

I felt like a criminal, always being watched and followed.

I knew all this because I had overheard them talking about it one night in the kitchen.

Not that I was on a completely innocent mission, either; I was on a search for spicy chicken wings.

So it was really odd when one day, both of them were at work at the same time. I knew this was my only chance to do something. Wihtout giving it a second thought, I was already on my way.

Nicholas Rousseau would be destroyed for good.

~ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ~

I sat face to face with Mr R, a smirk on my face. Even if I had seen his face in the papers many times during the past months, it still shocked me to see him for real; he looked so tired, so stressed - so old. His eyes, I noticed, flickered from my face to my bump, and back to my face. I tilted my head to the side, when he opened his mouth, but was unable to get out a sound.

"A-are you... are you w-well?" he finally managed to get out, leaning forward in his seat.

"I'm fine," I said simply, patting my bump. "Your grandchild is fine, too."

He seemed startled at my words, a frown on his face. "Susan, whatever you plan to--"

"Oh, I have such great plans, too!" I announced, folding my arms. "I plan to go public with this, you know. I'm going to tell everyone; the Daily Prophet, the wizarding community - everyone will know. That you fathered an illegitimate child with your best friend's wife - and what else? Oh riiiiiiight - that same bastard child managed to get knocked-up, too!"

"Susan, you will only harm yourself," he said calmly, staring at me. "Yes, it will probably ruin my entire career, but that's nothing compared to how you will be treated."

"I've heard that before," I said with a bored voice. "But I made a promise to myself - that I would ruin you... dad."

He jumped at the last word, blinking rapidly. He looked strangely touched, which disgusted me. "When are you due?" he simply asked.

"One more month to go," I said, getting up. "Don't get me wrong - I'm not here to give you an update on my pregnancy. I'm just here to let you know that you will be destroyed... soon."

As soon as I had 'waddled' my way out, Mr R had already followed me. He grabbed me by my elbow, trying to turn me around to face him. I pulled myself free, and glared at him.

"Are you really willing to create a scene?" I hissed, aware of the curious looks we got.

"I don't care anymore," he told me, shaking his head. "Since you're going to ruin my career, anyway, right?"

I narrowed my eyes, as I continued towards the elevator. Goose, who I had left there, wagged his tail at the sight of me. I quickly untied him from the pole, and patted his head.

"Susan, we need to talk!" Mr R said, as Goose turned to growl at him.

"I've already said everything I could possibly want to say to you, sir," I said politely, as I entered the elevator. He stepped inside with me and Goose, and I watched as the elevator doors closed in front of our eyes.

I hadn't exactly thought he would follow me - I hadn't thought of being alone with him in the elevator, where he could possibly kill me, or whatever. I was suddenly nervous, as I moved to the other side to stand.

Well, atleast I had Goose to protect me, I found myself thinking.

"Theo knows where I went," I warned him, as his hand went to his pocket. "He will come after me if I disappear!"

Mr R gave me a confused look, as he pulled out a letter instead of a wand. He handed the crumpled letter to me, and I took it reluctantly. I opened it, and immediatly recognized the handwriting - mama's handwriting.

you cannot show up like that anymore. Do you even know what kind of situation you could've caused? Susan has a loving family, a father who is perfect for her, and loves her like his own. What happened between us was a mistake - a mistake that I will regret my entire life, and will have a reminder of for eternity. I love my daughter, I do, but she will always remind me of the mistake I made six years ago. I understand my husband has kept you posted all these years of Susan's well-being. I want you to stop replying, asking how Susan is, and requesting for more pictures. So far, I have been able to interrupt the owls coming from you - but you must stop. I do not want Susan's chances of leading a perfectly normal life because of your selfish desires. What do you think people would think if they found out? If this gets out, not only is your career doomed, but also Susan's chances of a great life.

I ask you to ask yourself, Nicholas - do you want to ruin your daughter's life?

Please, leave her alone.

Yours truly,
Morticia Quency.

I stared at the letter, as a surprising sniffle escaped from me. I automatically raised my hand to my eye, and was shocked to feel the hot tears streaming down. Why was I crying? Because I had found out what a monster my own mother was? Or that my real father had actually tried to keep in touch with me?

"Susan..." Mr R's distressed voice suddenly cut through my thoughts, and I tried to see clearly through the tears.

"I... I..." I sobbed, shaking my head. "I can't do t-this..."

"No, Susan, look!" he said, grabbing my arm, and staring in shock at the floor.

I slowly looked down, and blinked. A pool of water was formed at my feet, and I stared at it, totally mesmerized.

"I think..." I began, surprisingly calmly. "I think my... my... water just broke."

As soon as I had got the words out of my mouth, the excruciating pain hit me, almsot knocking me off ym feet. I let out a scream of pain, as I grabbed my stomach. It was like someone inside me had just shoved against my stomach, and giving me the pain of all my life's period cramps at once. The pain alone made my knees weak, as I reached out for support. Mr R, to my great displeasure, was by my side at once. My vision of sight was suddenly blurred by the pain, and all I could hear was Goose barking, and someone screaming.

It took a moment to realize I was the one screaming.

"GET AWAY FROM ME!" I screeched through clenched teeth, as I tried to pull myself away from him.

"We need to get you to the hospital!" he yelled back, and I noticed fear in his eyes. "Five more floors to go, then we'll Apparate..."

I grabbed his hand in agony, and let out another loud scream. "NO - APPARATING!" I roared, slumping against the wall as I tried to take 'calming breaths'. "It will... will... h-hurt the... b-baby...!" I gasped, my eyes closed.

"Okay, okay, okay," he said, joining me with the whole 'calming breaths' part. "We'll just need to make it a few more minutes, and we'll find someone who can help you, and--"

"Breathe, dad, breathe..." I groaned through my own breaths. "OWWWWW, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, OWWWWW!!!!!" I wailed, squeezing his hand with all my might as the pains returned, more intense.

"It can't get worse than this," he told me calmly, and I glared at him through my pain. "I'm trying to make you see the brighter side of this hell of a situation!" he said defensively, as he noticed my raged expression. "It seriously can't get any worse, can it?"

Just then, the elevator let out a groan in protest, before the whirring of machines slowed down, and finally stopped.

Everything went quiet - apart from Goose's barking - as the two of us stared in horror at floors left to go; the elevator had officially stopped.

"I think it just got a little bit worse," I whispered, before screaming in pain again.

~ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ~

A/N: I feel a bit bad for making Susie go through all this... I really do. I hope she'll have a happy ending, though - wait a minute, I'm the author!! xD
- Lily xxx

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Susie Q, Where Are You?: 19. Time


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