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Witness by Hermionniny9
Chapter 7 : Chapter seven
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 Draco took Anna by her arm and walked her out of the room towards the already open front doors.

“When I find out who you really are we are going to have a proper chat.” He whispered at Anna as they passed through the threshold.


As soon as they were outside the house Malfoy apparated back to Malfoy manner and stood regarding his new capture.

“So, Anna, if that’s your real name...tell me why were you really there on that hill?” Malfoy asked, his cold grey eyes watching every movement of Anna’s face.

“I was camping.” She repeated.

“Look you can tell me why you were really there or I can hand you over to the Ministry – Anna blanched and her eyes widened in shock- yes I know your face from all the documents I was dealing with. You are everywhere.” He said circling Anna and watching her calculating her every possible thought.

Anna sighed; it was better to tell a known Dark wizard than to be handed into the Ministry, wasn’t it?

 “I was on the run,” she said nervously.


“I witnessed a mass was horrible – Anna shuddered – there were bodies everywhere.”

“No need to go into detail, I’ve seen it.” Malfoy said, his face having hardened slightly.

“The, you, Ministry believe that I am the culprit...but really I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time,” Anna said wiping a tear from her face.

She hated everything that had happened to her, she hated how the fates were against her and how she had somehow managed to end up in the one place she least wanted to be.

“Well it wouldn’t be the first time that this place has harboured fugitives or criminals for that matter. Until I ascertain whether you are telling me the truth you will have to stay under my rules.” Malfoy said plainly, scrutinising her sad and bruised face.

Anna nodded and looked at her feet again.

“Why do you always look down?” Malfoy asked, curios as to why she had this insecurity.

“I don’t know.”


Draco ran his finger through the photo album, she wasn’t in there; he knew it. Anna Waterson’s face didn’t jump out at him from any of the pages.

Instead of giving up he looked over the faces again; going to the Gryfindors, then the Huffelfuffs and finally the Ravenclaws. There were little snippets of several girls which he recognised in Anna, but nothing was unanimously her.

It was strange; he had a feeling that she wasn’t lying to him about going to Hogwarts or her age, but something else was amiss.

Draco had checked for any pollyjuice potion, transfiguration, or spell of any reasonable strength, which Anna could be using to conceal her true identity but the results had turned up negative. There was obviously more to Anna than a Ministry fugitive. Or was there?

There was one way to get the proper truth from the girl and it was possibly his favourite way out of all the ways to obtain information as it caused no physical pain to the subject and could be highly amusing in the right circumstances.


 It was his last vial, his only vial to be honest and he had inherited that from his father. Taking the stopper out of the glass tube he allowed a few drops of the liquid to fall from the vial to the sandwich filling. He then handed the bowl of filling to Yves who quickly made a plate of sandwiches.


“Here, you must be starving eat this.” Malfoy said handing a plate of sandwiches to Anna.

Anna was starving, and would have taken food from anyone at that point.

She ate them quickly and the smiled slightly, Malfoy didn’t smile back.

He gently pushed Anna back into the large chair which had just appeared behind her and then he bound her in it.

“Okay so I should probably test this to see if it works...but I can’t so I am just going to have to trust the potion.”

Anna’s eyes widened, she knew what was about to happen.


“So tell me what house were you in at Hogwarts?” Draco asked casually,

There was a moment of near gasping where Anna tried to hold back her answer but failed and the potion took hold.

“Gryffindor.” She said in a strange blank tone.

“Hum....what is your name?”

Draco looked on intently, waiting for Anna to reveal her true identity.


Oh my Draco thought, willing it to be who he thought it was.

“H?” he pushed,

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Witness : Chapter seven


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