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A Clean Slate by patronus_seeker64
Chapter 7 : The One with the Awkward Talk
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October 8


 “Rupert, Lysander! I need help immediately!” Scorpius was attracting a lot of attention for his yelling in the common room but he was in such high spirits he did not care.

 “You look as though something good has happened Scorpius. I would enjoy helping you.” Lysander said airily.

“Want to go up to the dormitory then?” Rupert looked interested.

Scorpius nodded and the three boys headed up. The Ravenclaw sixth years were an exceptionally small group. With only three boys and five girls they were the smallest house in their year. This worked well for the boys though, they had been very close since first year despite their differences. With Lysander’s eccentric nature, Rupert’s bluntness, and Scorpius’s witty character they were always an entertaining group.

“Anyway so what’s up Scorpius? I’m going to agree with Lysander and say you look thrilled.”

“Well Rose definitely likes me for one thing! But that’s not what I need help with. Tomorrow will be our first date and I want to make it really good. Three broomsticks and a walk seem too overdone and boring. Luckily though, we are both equally disgusted by Madam Puddifoot’s. Do you two have any ideas?”

“You could always get food from the Three Broomsticks and go for a picnic maybe?” Said Rupert.

“What if you went flying? All Weasley’s enjoy flying. Are you allowed to take a broomstick to Hogsmeade? If you cannot, you could always just use the Room of Requirement. My mother said it was used frequently when she attended Hogwarts.”

“Yea, those are both good ideas. Do you think she would mind if we didn’t go to Hogsmeade though? I could get food sent up from the kitchens and make the room into some nice setting I suppose. Then we could go flying after on the grounds!”

“Sounds good to me mate, but girls do always love shopping in Hogsmeade. You should probably go there first then come back for lunch. Oi, Lysander, what ever happened with Allison? You ditched us for her then never mentioned it again!”

This had to be the closest to embarrassed that Scorpius had ever seen Lysander. The boy was practically emotionless.

“Oh. Well. You see we had dinner together and have been studying together since then. I do like her. However, she does not believe in nargles. I must wonder if she is a bit you know, loopy, I suppose is the kindest word.”

“Mate, you need to realize that,” Scorpius didn’t know exactly the right words to say without offending Lysander,”since nargles are not in our Care of Magical Creatures curriculum, many people are, um. Unaware of their existence. For example, Rupert and I would have no idea if we did not have you to enlighten us. So go easy on the girl, she is cute and seems to like you.”

“I agree with Scorpius here, and look at it as a good thing. Anytime there is an awkward silence, just tell her about nargles or fleewallos!”

“Fleewillows Rupert, fleewillows. I suppose you both are right. I think I’ll go see her now before curfew.”

Lysander took his customary abrupt exit and Rupert and Scorpius had a small chuckle.

“You know, I love him to death, but those creatures almost cost him a great girl! You know what would be incredible, if they all ended up being real! Just think about how funny that would be, all those prats that pick on Lysander would have to shove it up their arses!”

“Too true mate, I hope his mum ends up figuring all that out one day. So how is Acacia?”

“Well, I am to the level of hugging her. So if we were still first years I could be yelling about first base. Sadly though I view myself as still in the dugout as the muggles say. “

“You’re getting somewhere! What happened to your baby steps strategy?”

“I still am using that strategy, I’m just getting frustrated. I really don’t know why asking her out turned her off so fast. We were getting along fine. I think I’ll try to hang out with her at Hogsmeade tomorrow. Anyway I have an assignment I would like to finish so I’ll talk to you tomorrow morning.”

“Later Rupe.”

Tomorrow would be his first date with Rose Weasley. Scorpius was a vast array of emotions, he went from scared, nervous, excited, happy, and back to scared throughout the night. When he finally fell asleep he dreamed of being with Rose again.

“Scorpius wake up! Today is your big day mate!” Rupert through a shoe at him as he yelled from across the room.

Scorpius groggily arose and headed for the shower. He made sure to smell good and have a clean shave before he got dressed. He wore dark washed jeans, a gray t-shirt, and threw on a navy cardigan with the Ravenclaw crest stitched in the corner. He headed down to the Great Hall for breakfast with his two dorm mates and listened briefly to Rupert interrogating Lysander about how it went with Allison.

“We snogged okay Rupert! I am very content and wish you to respect my relationship. I believe in keeping things like that private.”

“Merlin, sorry Lysander I was just taking the mickey out of you! I’ll back off.”

Surprised by Lysander’s outburst the rest of the trek was quiet. The boys sat down for breakfast and soon after Scorpius found Rose looking more beautiful the ever. School robes really did her no justice.

Her beautiful auburn hair was in rolling waves that cascaded across her back. She applied make up to her brown eyes making them pop more than ever. She was also dressed very classy (Which is to be expected from the daughter of Hermione Weasley, Scorpius quickly thought) in a green and silver wrap-around scarf, a fitted long sleeve gray shirt that showed her normally hidden curves, and dark washed jeans tucker into brown leather riding boots. Scorpius loved how simple her look was yet she managed to look gorgeous anyway.

“Rose, do you realize I am the most hated man in the room right now?”

“What are you talking about? No one hates you.” She said it matter-of-factly.

“Oh yes every guy in here hates me, because you see, I’m the one the gets to spend the day with you.” As Rose began to blush at his joke he took her hand and they left for Hogsmeade.

Talking with Rose was like breathing. They never seemed to run out of things to say, but at the same time talking about the most insignificant things were fun to talk about. Topics that usually bored Scorpius suddenly became intriguing when Rose spoke of them. She had a way of turning everything into an experiment, something to be studied and understood. He felt like she was always engaging his mind in new ways.

“Well Rose, where would you like to go first? There are a few new stores this year if you want to go check those out.”

“I think the new stores sound best; I hear there is a new book store up around the corner and also a music store which sounds fascinating if you ask me! I don’t want to be to bossy though so is there anywhere you are interested in going Scor?”

“As long as we stop by Quality Quidditch Supplies and WWW I am a happy man!”

Together they made their way to the new bookstore called Boot Page Turners where Rose bought new books on Runes. As they continued to the music store they found many different types of magic that were new to them. Books on spells that would charm your wand into a flute, a violin, and many other types of classical instruments amazed both Scorpius and Rose. Scorpius ended up purchasing the new album of The Mandrakes despite Rose’s jokes about his poor taste in music. In Quality Quidditch Supplies Scorpius bought new gloves that he was sure Rupert would be happy about him having. Rose played chaser on the Slytherin team and purchased a new broom servicing kit. When it came time to go to WWW Scorpius could sense Rose’s anxiety.

“Rose sweety, we don’t have to go you know? I understand if you don’t want your uncle knowing that we are seeing each other yet.”

“I like the sound of sweety much better than Red.” She gave him a quick smile. “You seem to underestimate my family, they will all be aware by tonight. With my vast amount of loose lipped cousins we should expect a letter from my father tomorrow morning. I’m not worried about my Uncle Fred being upset, I’m worried about what prank he will pull on you.” She gave his hand a reassuring squeeze as she waited on his reaction.

“Oh Merlin I had not even thought of that! Being pranked by the great George Weasley! I sure hope you are worth this SWEETY.” He gave her the famous Malfoy smirk and pulled her close to him as they walked toward the store. Truth be told he was actually a bit scared of the prank that was sure to be pulled on him. As soon as they stepped through the door the store was silenced by a delighted scream.

“ROSIE! Dom told me about this and I wasn’t sure if it was a joke or not! Oh Merlin’s pants this is hilarious, you dad will be downright furious!” After recovering from his drawn out laughter he stood up and properly introduced himself. “Sorry, sorry, anyway, I am George Weasley and you are obviously the spawn of Draco Malfoy. Also known as Ronald Billius Weasley’s Hogwarts nemesis!” He stuck out his hand for Scorpius to shake and as he did he was immediately turned into a canary. George roared with laughter, fantastic it works! His laughter didn’t last long because Rose’s temper was a definite terror.


“ It’s my new invention Rosie! The muggles call them zapping rings and when you shake someone hand you get zapped, only I changed it into turning people into canaries!” Rose did not look amused. “Good luck with that one mate, all Weasley’s have that temper, but if you can handle her you will have no problem with her father. Wait till you meet her Aunt Ginny, only the great ole’ Harry Potter could have handled that mad woman I call my sister. She’s always downright terrifying if you ask me. Well, happy shopping and I’ll give you 10% off for the canary trick. Rosie, no discount for you today!” He chuckled at his own joke as he walked back behind the counter to help his employees.

“Well, that could have been worse right?” Scorpius felt okay with that interaction, and George seemed rather nice and okay with him dating Rose so he was feeling positive.

“Yes, it was a bit too easy if you ask me. I think you should still be on guard, who knows what Uncle George has left in store for you!”

“As long as you protect me Rose I feel safe!” Scorpius picked her up and for the first time ever left WWW without making a purchase, he decided it was time for Rose’s surprise lunch.

“Scorpius what are we doing? We haven’t had lunch yet! We still have plenty of time for the Three Broomsticks before we need to head back to Hogwarts!”

“Is this the first sign of the famous Weasley love for food?” Rose blushed at his comment. All Weasley’s knew their way around a fork and knife. “I’m kidding Rose, I have something planned, just follow me.”

Rose continued to badger Scorpius hoping for a hint as to what they were doing but with no avail. When they reached the castle she began to head to the Great Hall where lunch was being served.

“Nope, not there Rose. I couldn’t have us going to the boring Great Hall on our first date now could I?” Rose began to look even more confused until they reached the seventh floor.

“The Room of Requirement?” Scorpius nodded. “I didn’t think it could make food.”

“Well you’re correct dear Rose, but you’re forgetting I am Scorpius Malfoy. I have my ways, remind me to introduce you to my friend Liam one day. Now come inside dear!”

As they walked in Scorpius smiled at Rose’s gasp. Inside the room a beautiful meadow had formed surrounded by trees. The trees were tall oaks and covered in mosses. Flowers covered the ground along with fresh smelling clovers. The soft sound of a stream could be heard creating a peaceful atmosphere; above them the room had created a clear blue sky. In the middle of the meadow was a picnic basket and blanket on the ground.

“Scorpius this is beautiful! You really didn’t need to go through all the trouble you know?”

“Yes I did Rose, taking you to the Three Broomsticks or buying you flowers is a bit to cliché and basic. You deserved something special. Plus I like a girl who is a challenge!” Scorpius fake coughed as Rose peered at him as if to see if he really meant his words. “Come now let’s eat, I don’t want to be on the receiving end of your hunger induced temper.”

The two fell into a steady conversation as they ate, talking about school, friends, and quidditch. When they finally reached the subject of them Scorpius took the lead in the discussion. He took Rose’s hand and inched closer to her. “Rose, I don’t want to assume things, my father taught me how to be gentleman. So erm. Here it goes. Rose Weasley, would you give me the honor of being my girlfriend?” He gave her a nervous smile when suddenly Rose kissed him. He was so shocked at first he did not respond. When he did though he felt the kiss was different than any other. He felt so at peace with Rose and allowed her to deepen the kiss first. They stayed like this for a time until Rose broke away and looked down at him smiling. “I’ll take that as a yes?”

“Well obviously Scorpius!” She swatted him in the shoulder and the continued kissing. The Room of Requirement began to turn to dusk with a gorgeous sunset. “It really is beautiful here Scor.” She leaned against him comfortably.

“Well of course it is Rose, you’re here.” He loved that he had the ability to make her blush just with his honesty.

“Listen Scorpius, there is something we need to talk about. It’s something my mother always taught me and it tends to be a little awkward.”

“I feel like I should be getting nervous but carry on Rose. We can always talk.”

“Okay thanks… You see we need to… setourboundaries.” Rose turned the famous Weasley crimson from her neck up. Scorpius wanted to laugh at her for looking so cute but was afraid she’d take it wrongly.

“Of course Rose, anything you want! Whatever you feel comfortable with I will be happy about.”

Rose looked very surprised by his response and they gazed at each other for a small second. “Do you really mean that?”

“Yes Rose I do. My father raised me to be respectful of a woman. I have never cared very much for pureblood ideology but my father was very adamant I learned how purebloods treat woman. Chivalry is extremely important to them and I see how happy my mother and father are because of the respect they have. He would be horrified if I treated a woman with any less respect.”

“There is a lot more to Draco Malfoy than meets the eye it seems.”

“Hah, very much so. Just wait till you meet him Rose!” She immediately looked terrified. “Oh don’t worry you, he’ll love you. My mother especially will be in love with you! Really don’t fret; we have awhile before that happens. Anyway, tell me about your boundaries, I know this talk is important.”

“What? Oh, oh yea. Well I believe snogging is fine for a long time. At least until we are very serious.” Rose’s blush began to return and her voice got softer. “And I would think anything past that will have to wait till we are of age.” Scorpius smiled and kissed her cheek lightly.

“Rose don’t worry, that all sounds perfect to me. Especially the part where you believe we will make it till we are both seventeen considering my birthday isn’t until July. We could even wait past our birthdays if you want. I’m sure further down the road I will heavily regret saying that,” they both laughed at his honesty, ”but really Rose it’s whatever you want. I will support any decision.”

She nodded to him and they cuddled to watch the sunset sharing innocent kisses occasionally. They fell asleep and Scorpius woke up with Rose in his arms and what had to be millions of stars over his head. He watched Rose sleep and felt like the luckiest man in the world. He had great friends, the most amazing girl in all of Hogwarts as his girlfriend, and a family who loved him. His father would see past his old grudge and welcome Scorpius’s happiness. Rose awoke several minutes later looking very confused until she saw Scorpius. She smiled and they made small talk until Scorpius saw the time and walked her back to her common room. After a lingering goodbye Scorpius practically skipped down the hallway until he saw something quite humorous.

All of team Hufflepuff was sprinting down the hall screaming.

“RUN YOU GIT RUN! THERE IS A HERD OF BADGERS!” Rupert yelled without looking back at Scorpius.

Scorpius took off wondering what the bloody hell happened and yelling at anyone he saw in the hall to run. Finally they ran into Professor Chang who ended up charming the badgers away.

“What the bloody hell did you all do?” Scorpius wanted to half yell and half laugh at the stupidity of what must have occurred.

Out of breath Rupert could not answer so Acacia did. “Well you see we found Helga’s office. The entrance was through the large Hogwarts crest, you know the one you see when you first walk through the doors? Makes sense, the crest shows unity, which means loyalty. However we failed on the password several times, and when we gave up and were walking away several badgers came out. Rupert here thought maybe it was a challenge and tried to touch it. Badgers apparently have huge claws and with tons of them it was very scary. You saw the rest.”

Scorpius began to laugh so hard he was crying, clutching his sides. “You’re such an idiot!”

Rupert stomped back up the common room with Scorpius laughing behind him. If there was one thing Scorpius loved about his friendship with Rupert was how much they could take the mickey out of one another without getting into a fight.

“Oh just shut it Scorpius, I made a fool of myself in front of Acacia.” He sighed and went to sit on his bed.

“Honestly mate, she seems to be coming around to you. This is just a minor setback you’ll be okay, trust me. She’s just being weird about, I don’t know, something. She has to like you, you two are a lot alike, and are with each other quite a bit. Maybe she’s just nervous about guys.”

Rupert nodded and asked Scorpius about Rose. Scorpius happily told him about his night and the two got ready for bed. When Lysander came in Scorpius told him all about the badgers and his night with Rose. The sixth year Ravenclaw boys fell asleep with dreams of badgers, girls, and as always, quidditch.


A/N ROSE AND SCORPIUS ARE FINALLY TOGETHER! Rupert is not having quite as much luck it seems. Next chapter will be much more just about being Hogwarts students. Chapter after that will be back to DADA though. As always, review, review, review!


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