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What Will Happen? by Draco579
Chapter 6 : War of Trickery
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As the day started coming to a close, four Gryffindors cozily sat in their favorite armchairs in the familiar surrounding that was the Gryffindor Common Room. One sat under the arm of her partner, content where she was, as he recounted the day’s events to her. As for the other two- Hermione Granger was curled up in one of the plush red seats, completely absorbed in the book she was reading, while Ronald Weasley was hunched over in thought as he listened to his friend’s perspective of the day.


“Another prank already?” spluttered Ginny Weasley, not daring to believe that the Slytherins had already planned another attack on the Gryffindors. The latest had been just a week ago, consisting of all the Gryffindors skipping nonstop for days, as well as speaking in voices an octave higher than their normal tones, until the jinx was able to be reversed. They had retaliated by hexing the Slytherins so that they would wear nothing but their pajamas- resulting in some embarrassments- and yawned quite frequently. The Slytherins didn’t appreciate this and, needless to say, they wanted to get even.


“I know,” Harry voiced in a tired monotone, “We think it has something to do with our Common Room, from what Zabini said, and it’s bound to be bad”


“Shouldn’t be protect the Common Room then? We have a slight advantage, knowing that they’re planning something, so we should be prepared!” an alarmed Ginny Weasley responded.


“We tried,” Ron spoke for the first time since the conversation started as he put his head in his hands, clearly frustrated, “The castle’s enchantments won’t let us do anything really, so were still vulnerable. But, we did tell the Fat Lady to keep an eye out for any Slytherins.” Ginny looked at Harry for confirmation on this and huffed as he nodded solemnly.


“What’re we going to do then? I don’t want to just sit here and do nothing while they’re busy planning!” She blurted out.


“We get them first.” Ron stated as he lifted his head up, “We prank them before they have a chance to do the same to us, and we make it our most devious one yet.”


Hermione, who had been half paying attention to the book in front of her and half listening to the conversation taking place, abandoned her novel to have her say in this particular topic- revenge.


“Ron, I still don’t think it’s a good idea to start a sort of prank competition with the Slytherins….” Hermione announced


“And why not? You seemed okay with it at lunch today!” Ron agitatedly exclaimed.


“I wasn’t ‘okay with it’; I’m just not completely against it.” Hermione unsurely countered.


“How can we convince you that it’s a good idea then?”


“It isn’t a good idea, Ronald!"


“Has that honestly stopped us before, Hermione?”


“Just let me think about it, alright? Now I’m going to bed, before either of you come up with another ‘brilliant’ idea…” She exasperatedly stated before marking her page in her book, waving a quick goodnight to the other three and ascending the stairway to the dormitories.


Once she was out of sight, Ron whispered to the others “Hermione thinking… is that a good thing?”


“I dunno, mate. We should go to bed too, actually, it’s getting late.” Harry replied as he stifled a yawn.


“Yeah, I’ll go check on Hermione too.” Ginny agreed before bidding them a goodnight and following her friend up the tower steps.


“C’mon, Ron, let’s head upstairs as well.” Harry called while starting to climb the stairs leading to the boy’s dormitories. With a begrudging grunt, Ron followed, with the intent to continue to plan now that Hermione wasn’t around to ruin their fun. Once they had arrived at their destination, Ron resumed the conversation from before; starting with “So how’re we going to do this, Harry?”


“Prank them, you mean? “The other replied, “I say we wait to hear what Hermione decides to do first. If she approves, we’ll really need her help.”


“And if not?  She’ll probably forbid us, knowing her. If she cares about House Elves, she’ll no doubt care about the well-being of the Slytherins” Ron complained slightly as he gathered up his nightclothes to change into.


“Well, if not we enlist the help of some other smart people. We’d have to try to sneak it around Hermione though,” Harry called over to him, doing the same. 


“So no matter her decision, we will do something?" Ron questioned, a slight sliver of hope showing in his expression.


“Of course, we’re Gryffindors, we can’t be afraid of them or anything they do. We have to act first."


Ron’s words, however, were halted as Neville Longbottom waltzed in; they didn’t want anyone to hear of their plan just yet. Harry noticed the new arrival and silently signaled Ron to be quiet, insinuating that their chat would be continued another time, in a more private atmosphere.


“Hey guys, you up for a game of Exploding Snap?” Neville asked, completely oblivious to what had been happening just moments before.


“No thanks, Neville, we’re just going to sleep now” Harry answered as Ron gave a nod.


“Oh, that’s alright.” A disappointed Neville replied, trudging along to his own bed.


As the lamps were turned off and the boys quickly fell into the welcoming arms of sleep, two girls had just finished their conversation, pertaining to a similar subject, of the other side of the Gryffindor tower.



  "Hermione,” Ginny called, entering the dormitories only to find her friend sitting on her bed simply reading once again, “Do you honestly think it’s a bad idea?” She questioned, making Hermione glance up from her book before marking her current page and addressing her friend.

“I just don’t want it to backfire and have horrible consequences for us."


“But we’ve done things like this before, why the sudden change of heart?” The youngest Weasley inquired.


“We’ve always done it in retaliation for something they did; never have we started it and they might not take it so well…”


“What are you afraid of? So what if they prank us again? Afterwards, we’ll just get them back.” Ginny   said with an indifferent shrug of her shoulders.


“That’s exactly my issue, The Gryffindors and Slytherins will keep trying to get revenge and out-do each other, then the pranks will steadily get worse and worse, resulting in a sort of prank war” Hermione emphasized, expressing her worries.


“It wouldn’t get that far though, Hermione, we’d stop before it got too extreme.”


“But if we stop, it would mean the Slytherins would win and I doubt any of us would be content with that.”


“Oh come on, Hermione! You worry too much! It’s your last year at Hogwarts, we might as well make every moment memorable”


“And your idea of memorable is planning prank after prank on the Slytherins?”


“I was raised with pranksters, Hermione! It’s only natural for me to enjoy pranks”


“Not when they’re played on you! And that would happen quite often if we started this.” Hermione mentioned as she emitted a yawn.


“We always get a good laugh afterwards, don’t we? Just…think about it, will you?” Ginny pleaded with heavy sigh.


“I suppose, but I doubt I’ll change my mind.”


“I know, I know, the stubborn Hermione Granger” 


Rolling her eyes, Hermione replied , “I think I’m going to turn in. Night, Ginny”


“Remember to make room for thoughts on the prank in that big brain of yours!” Ginny called as she turned off the lights with a swish of her wand, encouraging them both to sleep.


Their final thoughts before drifting into unconsciousness all dealt with decisions- whether making them or wondering if others will- and pranks. Uncertainty was a lingering feeling among these two as the fell into the tempting state that was sleep. Neither of them knew of the thoughts and plans of two particular Slytherins, and if they did they’d probably rethink everything. The same two Slytherins were also worrying on certain outcomes, one more than the other. But tomorrow is a new day and they all hoped it would bring clarity along with answers to the many questions that haunted their thoughts.


‘What should I do?’


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