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The Tale of Amelia Darvill by LilyFire
Chapter 2 : 02. Meeting Albus
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Amelia decided it didn't matter if there was a girl with him. She might just be a friend. Right? Making sure Astrid was okay on the swing set in the front yard, she walked over to Albus and the girl. "Hi," the girl said with a huge smile. "I’m  Lucy Weasley."

Weasley? Hadn't she heard that name before? "I'm Amelia, and that's my youngest sister Astrid." She pointed over to where the young girl was still swinging.

"See Albus, Muggles can have weird names too," Lucy teased.

"Umm, Muggle?" Amelia asked.

"Nothing. It's just an inside joke, don't worry about it," Albus said. "My cousin doesn't know when to keep her trap shut at times." He glared at Lucy, but Amelia didn't pay much attention. Lucy was his cousin, so she was free to continue her summer plans.

"Oh, okay." She smiled. "I was just thinking that it's weird that we live across from each other and rarely talk to each other. I just wanted to see if you'd like to hang out?" Albus shrugged and Lucy nodded, and by silent agreement, they all walked over to Amelia's yard.

Astrid leaped off the swing just as it reached it's highest point, nimbly landing on her feet. "Astrid, you'll get hurt doing that," Amelia scolded. "Albus and Lucy are gonna hang out with us for a while."

"Can't I just go to Nancy's?" Astrid pointed across the street where a little girl was playing out in the yard. She ran off the instant Amelia said yes.

"You guys wanna go inside or stay out here?" she asked. She felt awkward, not really knowing either of them.

She led them into the living room and told them to find something to watch on the television while she went and poured lemonade. Albus was flipping through the channels when she made it back to the living room.

Amelia felt the awkwardness building in the air. She would never win Albus this way! Maybe a conversation would help…

"So, where is it you go to school again, Albus? I mean, you don't go to the public one here…"

"It's a private boarding school."

"Yeah, but like, what's it called?"

"Crap. I just realized I promised my dad I'd help him do some stuff today, sorry to run off like this." He stood up and awkwardly waved goodbye as he let himself out of the house, Lucy following him.

Amelia flopped down onto the couch and groaned. This was horrible. That was not what she had thought it was going to be at all. She was suppose to invite him over and make him laugh. Make him want to stay. Not make up stupid excuses so he could leave before he had even really arrived.

The whole meeting had been awkward though. Awkward…she snorted. It was such a weird word.  But how to get Albus to not think she was weird now. After that, she was sure that's what he thought. He went to some private school-which meant she had to step up her game if she was going to compete with the girls at his school. If there were girls…

He hadn't answered her question. Actually, he avoided the question all together. Why didn't he wanted her to know the name of his school? It wasn't like she was going to transfer just so she could be closer to him.

Shoving the thoughts aside, she picked up the remote and changed the channel to some sci-fi show and watched it until it went off. Then she called Astrid inside to cool off out of the hot sun.


She didn't see Albus for a week after that. She was laying on a beach towel in the middle of her yard reading a book when a shadow blocked the sun and she  looked up to see Albus. She sat up quickly, pushing her hair out of her face and trying to look cool. "Hey Albus," she said with a smile.

"Hi Amelia." He snorted. "That rhymes. Mind if I?" he asked, pointing to a free spot on the towel.

"Yes, I mean, no. I mean, you can sit." He laughed. Not exactly what she had wanted, but it was a start.

"I just wanted to say I'm sorry for the other day. I just…don't want to talk about school and all that, you know?" So he didn't like his school. Was he bullied?

"It's fine," she said. "No school."

"So, what are you reading?"

"Umm…I'm not sure how to explain it. It's a book about the future, but like it's not all teched up and stuff, but more like it was in the 14th century with kings and princesses, where the people were under total rule and stuff."

Albus raised his eyebrow. "Hmm."

"It's better than I make it sound," she said with a slight blush.

"Yeah, I'm sure. Do you wanna go to the pool? My family is going, and I thought maybe you'd like to go with us."

"Let me make sure it's okay, I'll be right back," she said. She walked calmly to the door, not looking behind her once, but then flew up to her room to change into her swim suit. "Hayley," she called, "I’m going to the pool. I'll be back later."

Hayley walked into the room. "Right. And I get to stay here with Gwen and Astrid?"

Amelia shrugged. "I guess."

"Whatever," Hayley said, rolling her eyes as she left her sisters room. Amelia pulled her shorts and shirt back on and threw what she would need into a bag and ran down the stairs. After taking a calming breath, she pulled the door open and walked out.

"All set."

"Great," Albus said, grinning. "I think dad said we'd leave in about thirty minutes. C'mon, we'll tell them you can go."

She was going to Albus Potters house. Albus Potter invited her into his house. She was in Albus Potter's house, with Albus Potter.

"Hi Amelia, I'm Lily," a young girl said.

"That's my little sister, my older brother is upstairs, and my parents are…somewhere." He shrugged and motioned for her to follow him. "This is the living room, where we rarely live, more like act like slugs. There's the telly, as you can see. That is the reason for the slug-like behavior. Would you like to act like slugs until everyone else is ready?"

She could help it, she giggled. "Sure," she said.

Before Albus could even touch the remote, she heard another voice. "Dad, I can't find my wand…erful sandwich." He was standing in front of Amelia. "Hi, sorry, I didn't know you were here."

"It's okay," she said. "That is James, my older brother."

"Sandwich?" Another voice asked. "What are you talking about?"

"Nothing dad. Have you met Albus' new friend?"

The older man turned and looked. "You must be Amelia. I'm glad you could come."

"Thanks Mr. Potter."

"Please, just call me Harry."

"Okay," Amelia said. "Thanks Harry."

"Harry, where are the keys?"

"Ginny, have you met Amelia? She lives down the street," Harry said.

"Hello. Pleased to meet you. Pleased you could join us."

"Thanks," Amelia said, leaving off the name this time. She still felt awkward, like she didn't quite belong in the group.

Not long after, they all piled into a car and Harry drove them to the public pool. She wasn't sure how they all fit, or how there was enough seatbelts, but there was. It was a much more spacious car that it looked to be on the outside.

When they got to the pool, she was feeling around in her bag for the admission price when Harry told her he could pay for it. She blushed a little while saying thanks-she wasn't use to people just doing that.

They set up 'base camp' as Albus called it, where all  the stuff would be put. She slipped off the clothes she had on over her bikini and put them in a bag as Ginny gave everyone instructions to meet back at three. Then everyone went off into different directions until it was just her and Albus.

"Well, wanna swim. It's why we're here, isn't it?"

"Yeah, let's go."

"Hold on," he said, pulling off his shirt. She nearly choked. He was taking his shirt off…of course, that is what you do at a pool. She let her gaze linger for just a few seconds before looking back at his face. "Come on then," he said. He grabbed her hand and pulled her along into the deep end of the pool.

Maybe she should have told him she couldn't swim.

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The Tale of Amelia Darvill: 02. Meeting Albus


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