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A Muggle Romance by SlYtHeRiN gOdDeSs90
Chapter 3 : Chapter 3- I've Seen Stranger Things
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Harry was speechless for nearly an entire five minutes so I just continued my work. He would open his mouth and quickly shut it again so I decided to see if I could help him.

“You alright there Harry?”

This time he opened his mouth and words came out, “Staying with you as in living at the manor?”

“Yeah,” I replied.

Harry seemed to be thinking quite hard about the situation; he was doing more consideration then I had about it.

“But what about all the magic stuff, and don’t you have a house elf?”

“Kye put all the magic stuff in the basement and it’s completely sealed off. Also Kye no longer looks like a house elf, just like a human with slightly bad grammar.”

“Why in merlin would you live with a muggle Draco?”

Just then Ron walked in, “You’re living with a muggle?”

“She had nowhere to stay; she was basically living on the streets I couldn’t let her do that she’s not even from this country.”

“So are you starting like a zoo then; gonna take in all the homeless muggles?” Ron kind of snapped.

“No just her,” I tried to ignore his attitude.

“How did this happen?” Harry asked.

“I couldn’t help myself I asked her to have coffee with me and we were talking then she said she was homeless; I couldn’t stop myself I just offered her to stay with me.”

“And some girl just agreed to stay with someone she didn’t know?” Ron was still being snappy.

“It’s freezing out in case you hadn’t noticed who would want to stay in the snow when they have another option and I’m not like a psychopath.” I finally snapped back.

“That’s debatable.” Ron muttered.

I just shook my head, “If you don’t approve go complain to someone it’s not illegal as long as she doesn’t find out about our world.”

Ron knew I was right so he said nothing just stood there looking at Harry like he could do something but Harry just shrugged.

 I swallowed my anger realizing I could actually use Ron’s help with something. While all the magical items were hidden there were none of the usual muggle items around my manor; and I had no clue what were usual items in a muggle home.

I looked up at Ron and kept my tone even, “Do you and your dad have any muggle items you have fixed I could buy or borrow?”

“Like what?” Ron eyed me suspiciously.

“I don’t know what sorts of things are common in muggle homes?”

Ron shrugged, “Dunno much about the homes just the items, what about you Harry?”

“Well I know you have furniture, how about a telephone, a television, a computer, a DVD player, DVDs, video games?”

My eyes must have been wide because both Harry and Ron laughed.

“What do you say after work Ron and I take you shopping?” Harry nudged Ron so he would nod.

“Great thanks guys!” I smiled.

Ron looked from Harry and then back to me, “Can I bring Hermione? She knows loads about muggle stuff.”

Harry looked at me so I looked at Ron, “Yeah sure bring Hermione.”

The rest of the day I was a little nervous a few minutes before the end of the day the three were grouped around my desk; I finished the last of my paperwork and then got up and put my robe back in my briefcase.

“Ready?” Harry asked.

“Yeah sure,” I replied even though I was nervous.

Lucky for me I am filthy rich or I couldn’t have afforded anything. The three took me to a muggle electronics store where I walked the aisles in complete and utter awe. Muggles may not have magic but they sure had a lot of interesting things. I didn’t want to touch anything because I feared breaking it so I took Harry and Hermione’s advice on the things I should get.  I bought 36’ flat screen TVs for all the bedrooms except mine and hers which I bought 42’ flat screens for,  a 50’ flat screen for the living room, something called an Xbox 360 and about fifteen games for it, dvd players for all the bedrooms and a blu ray player for the living room, a house phone and a cell phone with a plan, a laptop computer and a desk top computer, a combination printer scanner fax machine, a ton of DVDs and blu rays, and some other miscellaneous items. As we picked up items I remembered I didn’t even know if she was coming back tonight she had agreed to one night and I hadn’t asked her if she was actually coming back. I shook the thought away and continued with the trip; beside my blunder this morning nothing weird had happened and I had been on my best behavior so she had to know I wasn’t some creep she’d come back.

As we were paying for everything something happened that confused me to the point I couldn’t even wonder if she was coming or not; the guy asked if I had cable or satellite. Wide eyed and utterly lost I stared at the other three pleading for help.

“Cable,” Hermione replied.

I just nodded and once out of ear shot I looked at her, “What in merlin was he talking about?”

“Something we need to get when we get back to the manor, cable service for the TV’s, telephone service, and internet service.” She replied.

My eyes got wide again and Harry and Hermione laughed.

Ron leaned close, “I’m glad they find it funny I’m just as confused as you mate.”

Despite my confusion I smiled at least Ron and Hermione seemed to have kind of warmed up to me. I didn’t like the fact they had so much animosity towards me even though I fully understood why.

Once outside the store we told the men who pushed out the TVs we could take it from here we walked in between some cars and Harry returned the dollies the TVs had been brought out on before we apparated ourselves and all the stuff back to my manor. We landed in the ballroom and began opening boxes; Kye came out to greet us she seemed pleased that I wasn’t alone.

“Master Draco how nice you is having friends over.”

Hermione looked disgusted, “You still have a house elf?”

“Oh no miss,” Kye stood up, “Kye is a free elf, Master Draco freed all the elves.  Kye chose to stay because Kye is happiest here. Kye very much likes having someone who depends on her miss. Master Draco is Kye’s friend, Kye is very much happy.”

Hermione looked shocked, “I am sorry I offended you Kye.”

“No harm miss,” then Kye went back towards the kitchen humming to herself.

Hermione turned to me, “Uh I’m sorry to you too Draco I shouldn’t have assumed it was wrong.”

“It’s alright Hermione, now let’s see how all this stuff works,” I chuckled.

When we returned to the open boxes the amount of wires made my head spin Hermione was calling different providers and finally found a guy who would come tonight to hook everything up. Hermione helped the best she could with getting the electronics in order before the cable guy showed up; Hermione found a company that did what she called a bundle deal of all three services I needed. The guy looked at us all like we were stupid when we asked for help hooking up the TVs, Xbox, and computers but he obliged. Within an hour of his arrival I had cable, internet, and phone and everything was working properly from what the cable guy, Harry, and Hermione said; I wouldn’t have had a clue. Kye came out of the kitchen in house elf form after the cable guy had left.

“Is the master and friends hungry?”

“I’m starving, do you guys want something?”

Harry nodded eagerly and the other two both said agreed to some food. We went into the dining room and sat down.

“Thanks so much for the help.” I said.

“Not a problem mate.” Harry replied.

Kye brought out some food and then squeaked looking at the clock, “Master Draco I must go pick up the miss she gets off in ten minutes!”

“She is coming back then?” I smiled.

“Yes master she asked Kye to pick her up.”

I smiled broadly, “Well then go get her, we all look like muggles no problem with the others being here.”

Kye nodded and rushed off then rushed back past us looking like a muggle again.

“So wait you bought all that stuff and didn’t even know if she was bloody coming back?” Ron asked.

“She said she was going to stay for one night then decide if she would stay longer I just wanted to be prepared.”

From the corner of my eye I caught a smile play on Hermione’s lips, “That’s sweet Draco.”

We continued our meal with light chit chat until Kye returned with Gillian.

“These are my friends from work, Harry, Ron, and Hermione.” I said as Gillian entered the dining room with a plate of food.

She smiled although she looked a little uncomfortable; Ron shifted himself to the other side of Hermione so Gillian could sit next to me. The three tried to make her more comfortable by continuing to chit chat rather than falling into silence. They asked her questions similar to the ones I had asked her when we had coffee, where she was from, how old, etc. She seemed to relax but I noticed she hadn’t put back in her piercing or rolled up her sleeves; I knew she wasn’t ashamed of the piercing or tattoos but did she worry people would judge her before getting to know her because of them? She bit her lip when Ron asked why she moved here.

“Uh I don’t want to talk about it.” She continued to chew on the corner of her lip.

Sensing her discomfort Ron smiled, “That’s fine.”

Hermione jumped in before silence fell over the table, “Since you don’t know anyone except Draco maybe on your next day off we could get together and shop or something?”

Gillian smiled, “Yeah I would like that.”

When dinner was over Harry, Ron, and Hermione left and Gillian and I went into the living room. I let her have the remote for the TV since I had no clue what to do with it. She flipped through what I had learned earlier were called channels she settled on a show, I had also learned that earlier. She finally put her piercing back in, and took off the long sleeve button up so she was in her skirt, tights, and a tank top. She picked some muggle comedy show to watch; it was actually pretty funny and we both laughed a lot during the few episodes that were on.

“So did you go out after work and buy all this stuff?” she suddenly asked.

“Yeah,” I knew I blushed a little.

“You didn’t have a television before?”

“No I have been pretty busy with my job but I figured since you were here you would need something to do; and my work load has been lightening up.” I added the last part so I didn’t look like a creep.

“So you did this for me?” she asked clearly shocked.

“Uh yeah,” I blushed again.

“You’re crazy,” she laughed.


“I’m not worth all this you must of spent a fortune.”

“It didn’t even make a chip in my inheritance,” I laughed, “Besides you’re worth it.”

This time she blushed, “Err thanks.”

Then we went back to the TV show; we sat in silence until she decided to go to bed. I spent an hour after she was gone figuring out how to use the remote; tomorrow I would master the blu ray player and then the Xbox. I went up to my room and was quickly asleep her face swimming through all my dreams. I remembered to get dressed before going down for breakfast the next morning; Gillian was off today I was glad I had got all the stuff the day before otherwise she probably would’ve been horribly bored.

When I got to work Harry was waiting at my desk, “So how did like everything?”

“I think she really loved it.” I smiled.

“You really like this girl.” Harry stated.

I blushed but said nothing and Harry just smiled.

“Draco Malfoy after a muggle; well I’ve seen stranger things,” he chuckled, “Now get to work lover boy.”

I was still blushing as I took a seat at my desk.


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