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James Potter’s Greatest Wish by EmilyPotter2390
Chapter 33 : ... A Circle Shine Through
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Chapter 33: … A Circle Shines Through

James’ P.O.V.


“Oh Abby you scared me” I said out of breathe.

“Sorry Sir, my Masters asked me to bring you and Master Sirius a letter.”

I called through the mirror, “Sirius!”

“What’s up?”

“Can you come to my room?”

“Be right there”

“Ok password is Chocolate Frog.” A few minutes later Sirius walked into my room.

“Heya Abby what are you doing here?”

“My Masters asked me to bring a letter to you and Master James.”

Sirius looked at me confused, “Ok?”

Abby handed us the letter and disappeared in an instant.

“Prongs what’s going on?”

“No clue let’s just read this.”

Dear James and Sirius,

Your father and I are struggling to write this letter my dears. As you know we have been involved in the Order for quite some time. You also know we have been trained Aurors and have been working with more of the dangerous missions as well. We have to go on a mission and we are not sure when we will be back. We cannot contact you during that time. Do not be afraid because we will be together and perfectly fine. We just wanted to leave you with a letter with some advice in case we don’t see one another for a while.

Sirius- First of all, we are so proud of the man you have become. You let nothing from your past change the wonderful man you have come to be. You are a wonderful addition to our family and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Second, we know you are struggling with Monique leaving soon, but love is strong. If you both believe in that you can concur anything. Keep your head up son you will make it through this. Third, keep your head on straight and try to mature a bit (but only enough to take care of yourself -Dad). Fourth, when you do get home please do not mess up the house and do take care of our little Abby. Last, take care of your brother because we know this will be hard on both of you. We love you both so much and if we thought there was any other way we would not be leaving without seeing you first.

James- First, we love you more than we can describe. You and Sirius have made our lives full of love. We are so proud of the man you have become as well. You are strong and brave, which is exactly what you need for the world you are soon to enter. Second, please continue to mature to be able to handle the world (but not too much my boy- Dad). Third, the accounts have been temporarily signed under your name. Share with your brother and do not spend carelessly. Fourth, take care of the house and little Abby. Fifth, take care of yourself and Sirius. We know this will be a hard time on both of you, but stick together and you will do just fine. Finally, (This part is from your father) James, I know you are about to enter a scary world. Hogwarts will no longer protect you even though you know you can always reach out to the teachers or the Order in a time of need. In the world you are entering you will need to make hard and fast decisions, which are not always easy. One of those decisions is about your future with dear Lily. I think you know exactly what you want son and I also think you are ready. When you find love you just need to jump sometimes and know the one that loves you will catch you. We want you to be happy and I think if you complete the circle you would be. Good luck son.

Do not be scared boys for love can concur anything and you know we have all the love in the world. We have love for each other, but more importantly you. We love you so much. See you as soon as possible. Stay strong and take care of each other.

Mom and Dad

P.S. We are so sorry we will not be there for graduation. Do try to take pictures for us so we can see one day.



“Do you think they will be ok?”

“I don’t know Padfoot. This time I am a little scared.”

We sat in silence for a while. Then I said, “Padfoot?”


“Do you think my dad is right?”


“Completing the circle?”

“You mean proposing?”


“Prongs I have never seen either of you happier then when you have been together. I don’t think it would be a bad idea, but only if you want to.”

“Sirius I think I want to.”

“How do you want to?”

“Not sure. I have to think.”


“James?” we heard Lily call.


“Are you guys ok?” she yelled through the door.

“Yea we’re alright. Come on in.”

She comes in and we explain what is going on. She hugs us both, “I’m so sorry. If you need anything let me know ok?”

“Yea” I said as she walked back out.

“Dude you better make it special. She is one special girl.”

“Help me think then” I said while laughing.


“Ok so our dear Prongsie is distracting fair Lily because he is planning to do something very big, but none of us can tell Lily. He needs our help. Does everyone swear that they will not tell?” Sirius told the group in the Gryffindor common room.

“Yes” everyone replied.

“James is going to propose.”

“WHAT?!” the girls yelled.

“Shut up!” Sirius yelled.

“Are you serious?” Natalie pushed.

“Of course I am Sirius, that’s my name after all.”

“Not a good time for that Padfoot” Remus said while shaking his head.

“Yes of course I am serious. He wants to do it this weekend, but to make it special he needs our help. We each have small assignments. Everyone ready?”


With that Sirius gave everyone their assignments. Everyone did as they were told to make sure in a few short days they would help Lily get an amazing proposal.

Saturday, May 1

I am walking back in forth in my room pacing. Sirius is sitting on my bed with an amused look on his face.

“Dude I am so nervous” I whispered.


“Because what do I do if she says no?”

“She won’t”

“How do you know?”

“Because she loves you idiot”

“Padfoot I can’t screw this up!”

“Will you calm down? You won’t mess it up. We are all helping it will be just fine.”

“Everyone get everything set up?”


“Where are the girls?”

“Having a ‘spa day’ in Lily’s room. They are claiming it is because it is the last weekend before they graduate and they want to look their best. However, they are mainly focusing on pampering Lily.”

“Good right”

“Where is Remus?”

“In the kitchen’s with the house elves”


“In Hogsmeade picking up the drinks and the flowers so you can duplicate them.”

“What is your job?”

“To attempt to make you breathe” Sirius said while laughing.

“Am I really that bad?”

“Dude if I knew you wouldn’t be do you really think I wouldn’t have made to have someone assigned on James duty.”


“James, sit down”

I did and he said, “James, look me in the eye. Everything will be just fine. You have come up with a great day for her and she will say yes. Now if you don’t write the note your day will flop so get writing!”

Lily’s P.O.V.

A spa day with the girls before we graduate how perfect! We have charmed chairs in the room to massage us while we do different things. Natalie is in charge of painting toes, Tina is in charge of painting nails, I am in charge of facials and Monique is in charge of hair and makeup. A note slips under the door.

“Lils it’s for you” Natalie says with a smile. I open it and read…

To my Love,

I do hope you are having a wonderful day. Your presence is required at 8’ o clock in the room of requirement. Sirius will be outside your room at 7:50 to escort you there. Dress fancy because we are having a nice dinner considering it is our last chance to have one in the castle. I love you. See you tonight.


“I have to go see James real quick he doesn’t need to make a fuss over our last weekend here.” I walk out and instantly lose my breath. I hear my girls lose theirs are well.

“Oh my God” Monique said in a whisper.

There were thousands of pink roses all over the room. I couldn’t believe it. There was a single one on our box and I open it.

One rose for every time I think of you in a day – Midnight

“Oh my God” I whisper.

“Lily what does it say?” Monique says excitedly.

I showed them and they all replied, “Awwww”

“Lils that is adorable” Natalie said.

“I know” I reply smiling. I walk over to James’ room to open the door to thank him and Sirius is in there on his bed.

“Heya Lils what’s up?”

“Where is James?”

“Oh you know he is around. Did you like your surprise?”

“Of course that’s why I wanted to find him.”

“You won’t be able to until your date.”


“Because dear Lily the man is attempting to be romantic so just go with it” he said with a satisfied smirk.

“He doesn’t need to do all this”

“Well he is so just go with it”

I look back at the girls and they shrug and we go back to my room.

“Ok Lily has a special date so now spa day is for her.” Monique squealed excitedly.

“You don’t have to do that” I protest.

“Well we are so deal” Monique said as she pushed me back down into a chair. The girls pampered me the rest of the day which I had to admit was really nice. It was 7:45 and I was examining myself in the mirror. The girls insisted on me wearing my short green dress, which was an emerald dress with sparkles all over. It was strapless and short, which James would probably love and it had a tie that went under my chest and tied in the back. I put on the jewelry that James and his parents had given me for Christmas because it matched perfectly. I wore silver strappy heels and had a silver clutch purse that had my wand, lipstick and a mirror. My hair was in an up-do and my make up looked perfect.

“What do you think girls?”

“Amazing” responded Natalie.

“Definitely” said Monique and Tina.

I smiled as there was a knock at the door. I open it and Sirius is dress in a tuxedo.

“Lily you look lovely this evening”

“You look rather handsome Sirius”

“Why thank you” he replied as he offered me his arm, “This way my dear”

He led me out of the room as I waved by to my girls.

Natalie’s P.O.V.

“Do you think she has any clue what is about to happen?” I ask.

“No Nat I think she is blissfully ignorant at the moment” Monique replied with a smile.

“She better say yes” Tina said.

“Oh she will. I can’t wait for the party after” Monique said while laughing.

“Speaking of which shouldn’t we get started?” I said.

“Yea” they both said and we began to work our magic.

Lily’s P.O.V.

“Sirius where are we going?”

“To dinner of course”

“Where?” I said laughing.

“Just let me bring you there”

“Sirius why is James going to all this trouble?”

“Because he is a romantic idiot will you just go with it” he said with a smirk. We arrived at the room of requirement and he knocked on the door. Peter was inside and he opened the door.

“Good Evening Miss Lily. You look wonderful tonight”

“Thanks Peter” I replied laughing. James walked over to me looking incredible in his tuxedo.

“Lils you are breathe taking” he whispered in my ear making me melt a little. He kissed my hand and walked me over to a table in the middle of the room. It was decorated to look like a night in Paris, which is somewhere I have always wanted to go.

Remus walks up to us and says, “I will be your waiter for the evening. Here are your menus” he smiled and walked away.

“James you didn’t need to do all this for our last weekend.”

“Don’t you like it?”

“Of course I do, but I didn’t think you would go to so much trouble”

“It’s worth it Lily” he said. I smiled and looked at the menu. Remus came back and poured firewhiskey in our glasses and we ordered.

“James this is so romantic”

“I am so glad” we talked, ate and drank firewhiskey for a while. It was incredible.

“What time is it James?”

“A little after 11”

“Wow we have been here for a while”

“Yea, would you like to go for a walk around the grounds?”

“Sure” I smiled.

He took my hand and walked me out of the room. We snuck through secret passageways and found ourselves walking around the lake.

“James the stars are gorgeous” I said. He conjured a blanket and we laid down to look at them. All of a sudden…

“James a shooting star!”

“Make a wish hunny” he replied.

I did. I wished that I would be happy with James forever. We lay there for a bit longer.

“You know what I would really like right now?”

“What’s that?” I replied.

“A Secret Kiss at Midnight” he smiled and pulled me to his lips.

Natalie’s P.O.V.

The six of us sit by the window in the common room. James is kissing Lily on the blanket and we are all getting impatient. We want him to propose.

“Come on man just do it” I hear Sirius whisper urgently.

“Shush boy he is taking his time to be romantic” Monique said back.

“I want to party though” he whined, “Ow!” he exclaimed as he was swatted on the back of the head by Tina.

“Give him time!” She shrieked.

We all watch James and Lily again and he pulls her up. They are slow dancing under the stars.

“How romantic” I squeal. Lily is one lucky girl. James stops and looks at Lily as he goes down on one knee…

Lily’s P.O.V.

“James this night has been perfect” I say as we dance to no music, “You are so romantic”

“I’m glad” he said while stopping our dance. He looks me in the eye, “I love you Lily”

“I love you too James”

He starts to kneel and my heart begins to race. He isn’t going to do what I think he is. Is he???

“You once said to me that unless I choose otherwise you planned to be in my life.” James said.

He paused which made me nervous. “Yes?” I asked.

“Well I don’t want you to ever say something like that again because I want you to be in my life standing by my side no matter what whether it’s fighting in the war or having a lazy day on the couch. I will always want you there.”

I begin to tear up. Is he about to do what it sounds like he is doing?

“Will you make me the happiest man on earth and become Mrs. Lily Potter?”

“Oh James I would love to!” I scream and jump into his arms and give him the biggest kiss. He placed the ring on my finger and the stone blinded us in an instant. The circle was finally complete.

“Wow” I exclaim as we are engulfed in a green glow.

“Now this jewelry will never fade. I will glow steady everyday to remind you that I love you”

“I love you too James” I said and kissed him

A/N: For the major fans I want you to think about the day that James proposed. The circle of love began May 2 and saved the world many years later on that very same day…

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