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Falling In Love. by Magicalis Writer
Chapter 5 : Flowers and Pictures.
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 Harry knocked on the door of his Aunt’s new residence. It was a pretty house, on the outskirts of London. It was one story tall with large, beautiful windows. The walls on the outside were painted sky blue and a large garden stretched around the entire lawn. Petunia Evans pulled open the door, smiling down at her nephew. She was wearing her graying hair in a braid, and was dressed in a green, floral dress. She looked incredibly happy.

  “Hello, Harry, it’s lovely seeing you again! Come in and sit down-I’ve just made tea.”

  The two sat down at the small, white table and there was a comfortable silence for nearly a minute.

  “I know that this is a bit rude, but… what happened to Vernon?” Harry asked, looking a bit nervous. Petunia took a deep breath and sat down her teacup.

  “I realized what he was shortly after we left the house. He was a rude, bossy man… I could say that I was blinded by my jealousy like I said earlier… But that’s a lie. I was stupid, and the wizards and witches made me realize that. I divorced him a few months later.” Harry didn’t know how to reply.

  “I would say that I’m sorry… but it seems like it’s for the best.” He answered hesitantly. Petunia nodded seriously.

  “It was, Harry. Another thing I would like to talk to you about is your birthday.” Harry groaned, and tilted his head back. It was in a week, and the last thing he wanted was for anyone to make a big deal out of the event.

  “It’s in a week, and I was wondering why I didn’t receive an invitation.” Petunia said, looking a bit hurt.

  “Well, I didn’t really invite anyone. I was hoping that everyone would forget.” Harry admitted, rubbing his arm guiltily.

  “You’re not like most teens Harry. Most of them would advertise the event… I know that Dudley always made a big deal out of his.” Petunia smiled. Harry laughed at this, remembering the thirty or forty presents that awaited him in the morning.

  “Yeah, I remember. And the trip to the zoo… probably something I’ll never forget.”

  “I remember that. Vernon was furious, of course. But all the while Dudley deserved it.” Harry looked at his Aunt like she had gone crazy, then smiled happily.

 “You’ve changed a lot, haven’t you?” he asked rhetorically.

  “We all have, Harry.” 


 With a small ‘pop’, Ginny Apparated into Godric’s Hallow. Her mother had taken her to the house many times, as a reminder of how luck she was. The rusted gate creaked a bit as she opened it.

  “Potter Cottage,” Ginny whispered to herself. The bottom floor of the house looked unharmed. The second floor was partly collapsed.  Ginny could see how her mother had not wanted to enter the house...

  The door creaked as it opened, but Ginny still stepped in. It looked like regular family home. An old couch sat near the window. Baby toys were scattered about the floor, and there were many pictures hanging around the room. This was exactly what Ginny was looking for. Since Harry’s birthday was very soon, she had an idea of what he would like-something from his other family, his real one. Some of the pictures showed a young Lily and James, who looked almost exactly like Harry. Others showed Lily and James’s wedding… Lily looked beautiful in a long, white gown… the way her eyes sparkled reminded her of Harry. Then there were some of the family, and a black cat. It was extremely odd seeing Harry that young, especially because he didn’t have the lightning scar on his forehead. Ginny reached for it and stopped, feeling like an intruder. This was the house Harry had grown up in. It felt wrong to take things from it. But still, Ginny had a nagging feeling that this would mean a lot to Harry. Ginny carefully picked a few pictures-one of Harry, James, and Lily in a family portrait, another of Lily and James, arm in arm. The rest included both James with Sirius during his wedding, and Lily with James and Harry.

  Ginny then continued through the house. The kitchen was everything you’d expect also-although it smelled faintly like rotten food. Ginny started up the stairs, her wand out incase she needed to keep the roof from collapsing on her.

 There was a small hallway with two rooms on either side. The room on the left must’ve been Lily and James’s. The bed was made, neatly. Everything in the room was covered in a small layer of dust. But there was a bookshelf, in which Ginny saw several journals. Ginny took one entitled “Lily” and one entitled “James”, then walked out into the hallway and looked into the room that was almost entirely covered in rubble. There was a crib that looked singed, along with the walls around it. A teddy bear sat on the shelf near the door, completely unharmed. Ginny felt a tear slide down her cheek as she put it in her bag, and hurried down the stairs and out of the house.

  A/N: So, what did you think? Please review and look for another chapter soon! ~Magicalis Writer

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