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The Love Of My Life by beccalovesbiebsandpotter
Chapter 2 : Chapter 2
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         ~3 Months later <3~





I opened my eyes to see a dark room. Arms wrapped around my body protectively. It was weird. But safe. I placed my head back onto the person behind me's chest. My eyes drifted over to the alarm clock on my night stand. 8:05 AM. Great.






lt good though, safe, and happy. I haven't felt like this in about a year. 






I turned around to see James staring at me. His piercing green eyes stared though mine and right into my soul. Well, it felt like it.





He looked down at my lips and lowered his face to mine. His lips gently toughed mine, as I kissed back with more passion. My hands went into the birds nest of hair on his head and messages his scalp. I felt hands run down my back and cup my butt. 








We turned so I was on my back and James was leaning over me. I smiled as he place little kisses on my jaw and down my neck. 




"Morning beautiful" He said in a raspy voice as his lips moved over to my ear.   I giggled and moaned a little as he nibbled on my ear.




"Morning to you too." I whispered back. I opened my mouth to say something, but nothing came out. He chuckled and moved his mouth back to mine.




"Do you have to go to work today?" He whispered. 









"What day is it today?"









I don't work on weekends and every other Friday. So, no." I replied with a smile on my face.





He presses his soft lips to mine and said "Well, let's have some fun."





He took me in his arms, and pulled my covers overtop of us. I think you know what kind of fun we were going to have. 









I flipped the pancakes with a flick of my wand. It was 10:30 AM. James was in the shower and I was making breakfast. If you didn't know already. 





I heard the shower turn off as I put the pancakes on a plate. Just in time.





As I cleaned the dished I felt muscular arms wrap around my waist. I leaned back and felt James tighten his grip on me.  





I turned my head so I could hear his heart beat. He kissed my forehead and lean down to whisper in my ear.





"I Love you"





I froze. No one has ever said that to me. Well, besides family, but that doesn't count.








I turned so I was facing his face. My arms wrapped around his neck and placed my head against his cheat. I could feel him worry about saying that to so.






"I know."  I could feel him tense. Cuddling into him and whispered back "I ove you too."








I smiled as he kisses my forehead








I leaned over the dresser to apply my makeup. I was about to put my foundation on but my makeup bag flew out of my hand and into James.





I raise my eyes brows at him. I wasn't really happy with seeing my family. Yeah, I love to see my brothers and sister, but my Aunt and Uncles were going to be there. And so is my father. The muggle one who hates wizard and left us. Yeah, we see him on special occasions, but he never talks to us. He told my family we were sent to a "special" school and when he looks at us he saw our mother, so he couldn't bear to live with us. Bullshit.





What a lying dick face.





Yeah, like my use of words?





I do.







James was coming tonight and I had to warn him like 15 times to be careful.








"No, you look better without makeup. It makes you look fake." He relied grabbing my makeup bag and putting it back into the cub board.







Thank you James. Thanks.








"No, it makes me look prettier."







"There is no way anything can make you look prettier. Your already the most beautiful person in the world. Nothing can change that. Not even just a little powder and some mascara. Your beautiful for being you, not some fake Barbie doll with makeup on." I was shocked. And flattered.








I walked towards him and kissed him with everything I have. Just to prove how much I love him.







When we finished our little make out session, I walked towards the mirror and looked at my dress.







James was wearing nice pair of black pants and a nice tucked in long sleeved shirt with a black jacket to pull it all together.








He got confused when I told him he had to wear nice muggle clothes. So basically he asked his dad, and Harry took him to a Men's suit shop in the muggle world, as James calls it. But in the real world, it was Mark's Work Wear House.  




We're celebrating my grandparents anniversary. They both know about the Wizarding world. While my father left us, My grandparents took us in. They talked to our Head Mistress and planned out how it was going to work. We spent our seven years at Beauxbatons and spend summer at my grandparents. They were the only people who knew the truth. Of course Grandma and I became really close. I told her about some of my boyfriends at the time. But she didn't seem to care any of them. But when I told her about James, well, let's just say he really caught her attention. She practically begged me to bring him to meet her. So I'm doing that tonight.







I looked at James who seemed nervous. Cause you know, I have two older brothers who are extremely strong and play Quidditch.




I walked towards him and wrapped my arms around his waist and without hesitation he wrapped his arms around my shoulders and brought me closer to his body. 




"It's going to be fine. My brothers know how much I love you. I told them about you. They already love you. And it's hard to get my brothers love, since all the jerks I've dated. But I've never met anyone as amazing as you. So don't worry."




He nodded as I heard a car beep from outside. I looked out my window to see my brothers car. I saw my two brothers on the bus with their dates. 




"Come on. They're here." I said




We walked down from my apartment to see my brother Jack With his wife Jennifer, and his kids, Alex (Boy) who was five and Pam who was three and was named after my mother.




When Jack saw James, he looked curious. When I ever let him meet one of my boyfriends, most of the time they were groping me. But, I think he knew James was different, from what I told him. But, you can't always take my judgement on boyfriends, I would say all of them were amazing at the time I was dating them. But the difference, the difference was James actually cared.




James came up to us and said "Hello, I'm Jack, Beck's brother."




"Don't call me Beck!" I complained. That was a childhood name that I hated. It made me feel like a country girl with pigtails and tons of freckles. Nothing's wrong with that, it's just not me.




James laughed with Jack and shook his hand.




"Hi, I'm James." He smiled as squeezed my hand. I'll admit it was hard to find someone that Jack would like.




They started to talk about Quidditch while I looked down the car. It looked small on the outside, but with a few spells by my brother, it was as big as a bus on the inside. That's when I saw Dan's girlfriend, with a big rock on her wedding finger. She saw me looking and smiled. I squealed and jumped on Dan.




"Hey there sis. What's up?" He seemed so casual.




"What's up? What's up? What's up with the ring on her finger?!" Danielle looked at me then squealed with me and told me how he proposed.




I looked over to see James still talking to Jack. I smiled to know that Jack approved. He saw me staring and game me one of his 'Jack-Amazing-smiles' and a thumbs up. I laughed and walked towards them.




"Ok, I think I'm gonna have to steal him away from you, Jack" I said to him. He laughed and walked over to Jennifer.




We and James walked over to one of the several benches. He sat down with his back on the bed post. While, I sat in between his legs with my back on his chest.




"You know how weird that was?" I asked James who rested his hands on my thighs. "I've never brought anyone home before that has ever Jack approved of. I've never had my grandma approve of someone I told her about. Until I met you. I told my grandma about you the first night you were in the hospital, Because I knew you were different. She actually kept me on the phone practically all night so I could tell her about you. When I told my brother about you, he wanted to meet you.  That's never happened before, it's strange for me. But also, I've never been in love before."




I placed my head on his chest to hear his steady heart beat. It was a little faster than usual. He kisses my forehead and his hands moved from my thighs to my upper arms because they were a little cold.




"I Love you too, And they probably see how much we love each other and see that we mean more to each other than any of your old boyfriends did." I nodded knowing that he was absolutely right.

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