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Witness by Hermionniny9
Chapter 6 : Chapter six
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 Several meals had passed when the door was opened again.

“You are wanted up stairs.” Said the man who had tortured her,

Slowly and painfully she managed to climb the rough stone stairs up to the ground floor. The room she found herself in was a large contrast to the cell in which she had been kept for however long it was. It was airy, white, light and palatial; its high ceilings were lit with chandeliers and many portraits hung on the wall. As her eyes adjusted to the light she took all this in, then she turned round to look at her captor.

She recognised him, from his well built shoulders to his beefy head. Gregory Goyle; he hadn’t changed since she had last seen him nearly half a decade ago. Anna kept her tongue and waited patiently to be ordered.

Of all of the elicit dealings Anna had to stumbled upon, and of all the old dark evil families it happened to be doing the dealings it had to be the Goyle family. Although Goyle himself had never caused any harm to Anna (before their meeting in the coppice) there was something that she didn’t like about him, she also hated everything that he and his mother stood for.

Anna stood solemnly waiting for something to happen.

The man cleared his throat and Anna looked up.

“Due to the fact that I cannot find you and that you don’t seem to exist I must assume that you are either fake or you’re something else. Which is really one in the same,” Goyle reached out and pinched her on the cheek.

Anna flinched at the unexpected pain; it was sharp and caused blood to rush to her cheek.

“I can tell that you are there must be some reason why you are a fake...something that you are hiding...something you have done.”

Anna remained still and ridged, staring off into the distance.

“I have a friend visiting soon, I’m sure that he will be able to get something out of you. Now you may clean yourself up in this room.” Goyle gestured to a door just a few meters away.


Anna frantically tried to find a way out of the bathroom. The windows were sealed shut; there were no other doors and no trap doors. Sighing Anna let her eyes fall on her face in the mirror.

She had a large bruise blooming over her left temple, a small amount of dried blood had formed under her nose and down the side of her mouth, her hair was a tangled mess and there was a small amount of congealed something in the mess.

Sighing she splashed some water on her face, wiping away the grime and blood. Anna wandered how long she had been held in her cell, but she thought it better not to ask.

After a deep breath she opened the door and stepped out into the bright room.

Anna was then moved to a small drawing room where once again she was left alone. The widows were sealed shut and the single door to the room had been locked. Giving up on any prospect of escape she threw herself down on the single sofa and stared aimlessly at the shaft of moving dust, which was being illuminated in the sun light.

Then suddenly, like a light bulb had been switched on in her mind, Anna realised what the shaft of moving dust was doing. It was being blown towards her; rather than simply just floating to the floor. Anna got on her hands and knees and crawled to the source of the draft; it was the bottom of a large book case.

Slowly she ran her hands up the books case looking for some kind of handle or latch which would open the (possible) hidden door.

After five minutes of frantic searching she had found nothing and so resigned to being held captive in the room and so took the time to sleep on a comfortable surface.


“Yes?” Draco asked.

He was stood in a large airy hall way with chandeliers glinting in the sun light.

“Well I was out dealing with some business matters when I found a spy; she was in a tent in the middle of a coppice. She overheard everything.” Goyle said looking anxious.

“And naturally you took her captive and tortured her didn’t you?” Draco asked scathingly,

“Well, yes, she isn’t from the Ministry...”

“So where’s the problem?” Draco asked expressionless.

“She claims to be in our year at school, says that she was in Ravenclaw...she knows where their common room is. But she doesn’t exist on the Role of Honour.” Goyle said shiftily,

“What’s her name?” Draco asked, not even bothering to look at Goyle,

“She says it’s Anna Jane Waterson.” Draco’s eyes flashed up to look at Goyle to see if he was telling the truth.

“I think I know who she is, she may have been removed by her parents from school and never returned.” Draco lied calmly.

“Very well, you may see her.” Goyle walked down the hallway and unlocked one of the doors.


The door was flung open.

“Up!” the voice said.

Anna instantly shot up; mainly out of fright.

Goyle had returned with his ‘friend’. The tall and very pale form of one Draco Malfoy stood casually in the drawing room, surveying the prisoner in front of him.

In the years since Anna had last seen him Malfoy had aged considerably; his forehead was creased, he had bags under his eyes, his hair line had receded and he looked very weary. It was quite shocking for Anna to actually see how this once youthful and fresh-faced young man had turned out. She supposed it was the stresses of the Post-War trials and the holding down of a competitive job at the Ministry.

“ this her?” he asked, narrowing his cold grey eyes and examining Anna carefully.

“Yeah, found her out in the middle of nowhere and she heard a little bit too much for my likening.” Goyle said coolly.

“Could you not have just modified her memory?” Malfoy asked acidly, as if he believed that his friend was wasting his time.

“No you see what she heard was too important and memory modifying can be changed.”

Anna stared at her feet, not wanting to look at either of the men in front of her.

“She says her name is Anna Waterson, but the funny thing is she isn’t on the Hogwarts Role of Honour.” Goyle said raising his suspicions,

“Neither am I and I still attended the horrid school. Look if she says she’s from Hogwarts and...she was in what house?” he asked turning to Anna for the first time.

“Ravenclaw.” She said meekly.

“Well, there we go. I didn’t know anyone from Ravenclaw except that Looney Lovegood girl. For all I know she was, I do recognise her.” Malfoy said casually, as if his thoughts solved all the problems.

Goyle looked at Anna, narrowing his eyes to see if he recognised her, “So what am I going to do with her?” he asked.

“I’ll take her; she would be off your hands and out of your mind.” Malfoy said, it was so inviting for Goyle to have this burden removed from his household.


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