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Life's Curveballs by slytherinchica08
Chapter 3 : Tracey Davis
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Chapter three- Tracey Davis

Getting ready that next day was a complete disaster! I was so frazzled trying to get both myself and Audrey ready to meet Theo for lunch that I almost burnt our breakfast, waffles and eggs. I haven’t been this nervous since dating Jake, Audrey’s father. He had been quite the charmer and made me feel special until he demanded me to get rid of Audrey while I had the chance to “take care of the problem” as he said. He even offered to pay for me to get rid of it. When that didn’t work he tried sweet talking me saying that we could be together forever if I would just get rid of the baby. When I still refused to abort the baby he left and since then I haven’t seen or heard from him. I couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t want to be a part of Audrey’s life. My heart was crushed and I wasn’t sure that I would ever find a guy who would help me feel again until Theo walked into my life last night and left me excited and on the edge with just one conversation.

Audrey was excited to be going out for lunch and even seemed excited to meet Theo though I wasn’t really sure. She decided she wanted to wear one of her dresses today and I allowed her knowing that saying no would only set us back and possibly make us late to meet Theo. Audrey was such a little princess and I couldn’t imagine not having her, she made my life feel like I had more of a purpose to it.

I began to put on my makeup with Audrey standing next to me watching intently as I put on a light shade of lip gloss. Bending down in front of her I smeared a light layer of the lip gloss across her lips. She squealed when I held her up so she could see her reflection in the mirror. Her hair was half up in a bun and half down, she had pink star earrings in, and a green, pink, and yellow polka dot dress on.

“You look like a princess,” I told her kissing her left cheek and setting her back down on the ground so I could finish getting ready.

She left me alone in the bathroom as soon as she heard the theme song to one of her favorite TV shows. I chuckled at her and wished that life could be that easy for me again, where I had no cares or worries. The life of a child really was wonderful. My nerves took off as I realized I only had a half hour before I was supposed to be meeting Theo. This was all uncharted territory that I was stepping into. We had never really talked during school so I wasn’t even sure if things would work out between the two of us but I really hoped they did.

Sighing deeply, I looked at myself in the mirror and was satisfied with what was reflected back at me. My blonde hair was down and slightly curled, I had put on my black mascara and a blue eye-shadow which popped out my blue eyes, and the finishing touch was the light pink lip gloss that was almost more clear then tinted. I couldn’t remember the last time that I was this nervous about meeting someone. The butterflies in my stomach were making me feel sick and I was sure that I was going to have to call off lunch with Theo.

We still had another ten minutes before we were supposed to be there so I went and sat with Audrey in the living room trying to concentrate on anything but the lunch. Audrey hopped up on my lap and began bouncing up and down to the beat of the song playing on the TV signaling the end of the show.

“Is it time to go?” she asked me excitedly.

“Sure, we can go now.” I told her looking at the clock which told me we had six minutes before we were supposed to be there.

Audrey went over to the closet and grabbed out her white dress shoes and sat on the floor and began slipping them on. When we were both ready, I grabbed her hand and apperiated to an alley not far from the café. It was nice out and I was rather thankful for the little walk to help calm my nerves. I looked around for Theo when we got to the café but he hadn’t made it there yet so I let Audrey pick out a table for us to sit at.

She brought us to the back corner and plopped down in the booth patting the spot next to her for me to sit at. Thankfully she had picked the side that would allow me to watch for him out the window. A minute after we sat down our waitress, a brown haired lady, came over and greeted us.

“Hello, my name is Marge, can I get you two anything to drink?” she asked politely.

“I’ll take a water,” I said and turned to Audrey, “sweety, what would you like to drink?”

“Chocolate milk,” she said bouncing in her seat.

“Alright, I’ll be right back with those for you,” Marge responded and walked away.

“Audrey, sit still please,” I asked her placing a hand on her right leg trying to settle her down.

She stopped bouncing only to start swinging her legs but I guess that was better then bouncing around. Marge returned with our drinks and placed them down lightly in front of us. Audrey instantly began to drink her milk and was drinking it so fast that I had to take it away from her so that it wouldn’t all be gone in a few minutes.

“Have you decided on anything something to eat?” Marge asked us.

“Actually, we are waiting for one other. He should be here any minute,” I told her.

She nodded her head and excused herself and walked over to another table to get their order. It was already five after one and I was beginning to get nervous that I had been stood up and it wasn’t even an actual date! In my distraction Audrey had grabbed her chocolate milk and began drinking it as fast as she could by the time that I had realized what she had done she had to pee. I grabbed her hand and walked her to the bathroom that was a few feet from our seat.

I hoped that Theo wouldn’t come in while we were in the bathroom and think that we had stood him up. Audrey quickly went to the bathroom and when she was done I held her up to the sink so she could wash her hands. We made our way back to our table and I scanned the room hoping to see Theo but he was no where to be found. I was really antsy sitting at our table and was about to give up and just order our food when I finally saw him come in the door.

Theo looked slightly frazzled as he walked towards the table. Just before he sat down he reached his hand up and brought it through his hair then held out his hand for me to shake.

“Sorry I’m late, my boss kept me in a meeting. I was hoping that you would still be here and hadn’t given up on me,” he said as he slid into the booth. “Ah, and you must be Tracey’s daughter.”

“Yes, this is Audrey. Audrey this is Mummy’s friend Theo,” I told them.

“Nice to meet you Audrey,” he said looking right at her.

“Hi,” she said timidly scooting closer to me.

Marge must have noticed Theo’s arrival as she made her way over to us.

“Can I get you something to drink?” she asked Theo.

“I’ll just take water, thank you,” he responded.

The table went quiet as Marge left to get his drink. I tried to think of something to say but nothing was coming to my mind. Theo was having the same problem as I saw him open and close his mouth wanting to say something but nothing came out. Thankfully, Marge came back with is drink at that time.

“Are you ready to order?” She asked us again.

“Yeah, I’ll have the chicken salad croissant, and she will have a turkey sandwich,” I supplied.

“And I’ll have a bagel with cream cheese and a basket of fry’s,” Theo told the waitress.

“Healthy,” I teased him as Marge walked away to place our order.

“Hey, these are some of the best fries I’ve had,” he explained then turned to Audrey, “how old are you Audrey?”

“I’m five,” she said proudly holding up her right hand to show him five.

“Wow,” he said pretending to be impressed.

It was sweet watching them interact and as Theo continued to ask her questions I watched as she slowly warmed up to him and began to scoot back to her original spot. I smiled to Theo, trying to show my appreciation, and he shot me a quick smile back. My heart constricted as his smile, unsure of what I had done to deserve this wonderful twist of fate.

“Alright, the turkey sandwich,” Marge began as she placed the plate in front of Audrey, “the chicken salad croissant, and the bagel with cream cheese and a basket of fries. Can I get anything else for you?”

“No, I think we’re good,” I spoke up.

Silence fell over the table as we began to eat our food. I haven’t had a chicken salad crosant in such a long that that a moan escaped my mouth after the first bite. My cheeks flushed pink from embarrassment and Theo let out a light chuckle at my expense.

“If you think that’s good, you should try a fry,” he said pushing the basket in my direction.

I eyed him for a moment before grabbing a fry. The fry was really hot, I assumed it must have just gotten done, so I blew on it then ripped it in half and gave the one half to Audrey as I popped the other half into my mouth. I had to admit it was one of the best fries I’ve ever had. The seasoning on it was wonderful and not too much or too little. I stifled another moan to save me from further embarrassment but Theo could tell from the look on my face how much I enjoyed the little bit of fry that I had.

“Now you see why I order these? It doesn’t matter what else I order when I come here I just know that I have to order a basket of fries.” He said with a smug look on his face.

“Yeah, they were alright,” I tried to play it cool, though failing terribly.

He let out a quiet laugh and continued eating the few bites he had left of his bagel. It was quiet once again around the table besides the soft humming from Audrey; she never did enjoy the silence. I found that as the time passed I was really enjoying myself, sitting there with Theo and Audrey; it seemed like something that I could get used to. I berated myself inside my head, it’s not like Theo and I are together, yet (I argued back).

“What was that?” Theo asked me with a curious expression on his face.

“Hum, oh nothing,” was my quaint reply.

“Mummy, can we go to the park today?” Audrey questioned me with her big round blue eyes looking up at me.

“If you can eat your entire sandwich, we will go to the park when we are all done eating.” I replied.

“Yay,” she exclaimed and quickly started eating her sandwich.

“You’re a good mum,” Theo said looking at me.

“I try to be, but it’s not always easy,” was my simple response.

He seemed to let the topic go though I was sure there were many questions reeling around in his head. I was thankful to not discuss this topic especially in front of Audrey, though I was sure that at some point in time, if a relationship was to come between me and Theo, I would tell him who Audrey’s father is and what had happened to him. For now though, I would keep those details to myself. I shook myself mentally trying to get rid of the thoughts of Audrey’s father, now is neither the time nor the place to think about him.

“Here is the check, I can take care of if for you at the table,” Marge said as she approached our table again. “Excuse me for saying, but, you have a really cute family.”

“Uh, well, we’re not,” I started.

“Oh, I’m sorry dear, forget I said anything,” Marge apologized.

“Is that the time?” Theo asked, as he looked up from his golden pocket watch. “I have to be back at work in a minute’s time. Thank you for meeting with me Tracey, Audrey it was nice to meet you.”

Theo quickly picked up the bill and placed the appropriate amount of Muggle money on the table. I began to refuse but he waved me off. Then he asked Audrey for a hug, and crouched down so she could reach him. She quickly ducked under the table and made her way over to him and placed herself in his arms. Audrey giggled as she ran back to her seat and finished her last bite of her sandwich. Theo stood back up and looked awkwardly at me. I stood up as well unsure if we should just shake hands or exchange a hug as well. We did a sort of awkward dance into a quick hug, my cheeks blushing furiously the whole time, and then he walked out of the café back to his job.

‘That’s it,’ I thought to myself. ‘No, I would love to see you again or anything. What am I supposed to take of that?’

“Mummy, can we go to the park now?” Audrey asked me, breaking into my thoughts.

“Yes, let me just finish off this last bite,” I told her.

Audrey nodded vigorously at me and started bouncing in her seat once again. She has so much extra energy, some days I wish I could just bottle it up and use it on days that I’m feeling a little low. I took my last bite and before I had it completely swallowed Audrey was already up and out of her seat and began pulling on my arm towards the door. I let her drag me along behind her until we reached the door, where I caught up to her and pushed the door open.

It’s a nice day out so I decided that we would just walk to the park, it was probably only a few blocks away from where we currently are. I grabbed a hold of Audrey’s hand and began walking in the direction of the park with Audrey skipping beside me. It would have taken us less time to get to the park if I would have just picked Audrey up and carried her there but she didn’t like to be carried much any more. Besides if I carried her that far it would have made my arms ache the whole next day plus, I wanted to get as much energy out of Audrey as possible before going back home.

I watched her play with a few other kids while sitting with their mom’s on the usual bench. The two moms’ already on the bench were in a deep conversation with each other about something but I didn’t pay too much attention to what they are saying. I was always a bit of a loner and was usually comforted with being by myself but at this time I actually wanted the company because the alternative was thinking, and I didn’t want to think. Thinking would lead to thoughts of Theo and if I had done something wrong at lunch today to make him not ask to see me again. I would over analyze the entire situation, picking everything apart until there was nothing left to pick apart. Questions would pop up about if I said something the wrong way, if I hadn’t talked enough and I would find about a million reasons why he wouldn’t want to see me again though most were probably made up.

It was nearing 2:30 when I decided it’s time to go back to our flat and relax before I had to go to work at five tonight. I called out Audrey’s name announcing to her that it’s time to leave. She groaned but made her way over to me. We walked the few remaining blocks back to the flat and turned on the TV as soon as we got in the door.

“Audrey, its time to settle down, sit on the couch OK?” I called out to her.

Audrey sat down on the couch as I had asked her to and within minutes was out. I went and grabbed one of her blankets from her bed room and wrapped it around her. She groaned out load and thought that I might have woken her up but she continued on sleeping. It was a nice relaxing afternoon; I read a chapter in my book before Audrey finally woke up from her nap. Unfortunately though, I only had another hour before I needed to be off to work for the night.

Dropping Audrey off at my parents was a bit of a spectacle. Some nights she would whine, wanting me to stay home from work for the night and stay at home with her. My heart constricted when she began crying asking me to stay home tonight. If I could afford to stay home with her, I would but it was not a luxury that we could afford. My mum grabbed a hold of Audrey and picked her up trying to soothe her, it usually didn’t take much to make her more comfortable staying with her grandparents but it still left me with a broken heart for the night wanting nothing more then to return home to her.

An: I still have yet to get this chapter edited so I'm sorry in advanced for any errors in this story. I hope to get these chapters edited soon! Thank you for reading and please leave a review!

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