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Teach thy Parents by Manwe Valarian
Chapter 11 : Exposed
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Harry snapped his head around and looked for who said that. The pub went from loud boisterous voices to hushed desperate whispers. He scanned the pub. To see if the wizard was inside and to locate Ray and Teddy, he saw them, but not who was talking.

“Look! Outside,” shouted Professor Flitwick. “Death Eaters!”

Everyone seemed to hear the Professor, as they all turned and looked out windows to the side street. Harry was able to see past the various people jockeying for a better view. There looked to be a block of people dressed in black robes with white skull masks walking down the street from where Travers and Regulus ran up.

Harry had no doubt that these were real Death Eaters.


Harry heard his mother take a deep intake of breath at the last statement. He turned and saw she had turned white. He reached out and took her hand.

“They are wrong Miss Evans,” he said trying to console her.

“What should we do, Professor?” asked Professor McGonagall. She was looking at Harry. He could feel everyone’s eyes on him.


“We need to contact the Headmaster and have him call in the Aurors,” Harry said to Professor McGonagall.

“Right, I will Owl him,” she said looking outside at the Death Eaters standing in the street outside of the pub. They had filled the entire intersection. It looked as if they were planning on standing there and spout their rubbish for all to hear.

“Owl him?” he questioned her.

“Yes, I can’t run all the way to the castle.”

Harry stared at her. He wanted her to Patronus him. Certainly she could do that, but it didn’t appear like she could. He pulled his wand and pointed it up. Thinking about what he wanted to say to the Headmaster, he silently cast the spell. A silver steak shot from his wand and traced a line through the pub door and over the woods towards the castle.

“What was that?” asked Professor McGonagall.

“I sent my Patronus to tell the Headmaster about the Death Eaters.”

“You did what?” squeaked Professor Flitwick.

Harry tried to not to look surprised at their comments, but it was difficult to do. “You do not know how to add your voice to your Patronus?”

“Very few can even produce a Patronus,” stated the Charms Professor.


Several inhabitants of Hogsmeade had come out on the street to confront the Death Eaters. The confrontation was getting heated and animated. Harry was afraid that it would become violent.

“We need to put Professors by the windows and doors, to stop any of the Death Eaters from entering the pub,” he ordered the group of Professors.

The inside of the pub was now mayhem as people were trying to get a better look at what was going on outside.


Harry felt his mum push against him. He turned around to look at her and saw Professor Slughorn pushing her as he ran through the crowd to get away. He was holding the tin of crystallized pineapple in his arms. When Harry turned back around, he saw the tight lipped expression on Professor McGonagall’s face. Harry knew why he needed to hide, but he couldn’t say anything.

“He is a Slytherin. Definitely not Gryffindor material that one,” he said.

Professor McGonagall smiled at him. “Indeed.”

It was then that Harry saw it; a lit firework flying over a house on the other side of the street. It seemed to slowly sail through the air its trajectory taking it to the middle of the crowd of Death Eaters. It seemed as though no one saw it except for him. No one reacted, maybe he should have tried to cast some spell to stop it or extinguish it, but that spell might have also started the fighting. He tightened his grip on his wand ready to cast protective spells. The firework exploded within inches of the top of the Death Eaters' heads.

Spells started flying on the street in every direction it only took a second before they collided with the windows and walls of The Three Broomsticks along the High Streets side. The only thing saving the students and Professor’s from being shredded with broken glass and splinters was the Shield Charm that Harry had cast.

Students were now running from the windows and hiding. The screaming was deafening. Many of them fell to the floor covering their heads from flying debris. Harry was holding his Charm protecting them. He was also couched down, in case a killing curse was fired at his Charm. He couldn’t stop that. He could feel each minor spell as it hit his Shield. He knew he couldn’t keep the Charm up for very long. He had no choice. He had to blow his cover to protect everyone.

“TEDDY! RAY! ON ME THIS INSTANT!” He screamed for his fellow Aurors. They emerged from the crowd. Ray had dropped her serving tray and was moving towards him in a half crouch. Teddy pushed past the Marauders and approached in a similar fashion.

“Teddy, wards,” Harry ordered the young Auror.

Teddy started waving his wand in the air and saying spells, as he moved through the crowd. The spells had stopped outside.


Harry stood up to see what had happened outside. The town’s people had either fled or were down on the street. The Death Eaters were gathered at the intersection. They were facing in three different directions.

“We will use formation number 10,” he said to his Aurors. He stared at Teddy waiting for him to acknowledge that he heard him. Teddy was sorting through various runes floating in the air indicating the different wards and Charms surrounding them. Before Teddy could respond he saw the Marauders sneaking out towards the front door.

“You four stop where you are at. Potter, Black, Lupin, and Pettigrew stay inside. That goes for all of you, let us handle what is going on outside.”

“I have it,” said Teddy. He was holding his wand with a single rune floating above its tip. “Formation 10, I got it too.”

Harry went back to Head Auror mode. “Close encounter tactics, Teddy your back is north, go 30 yards at 15 degrees, Ray 90 yards at 130 degress, I’ll take the other. We go on Sol. I’ll get a locker ready. Ray help Teddy with his robes.”

Harry moved his wand in the air in the shape of a rectangle and a shimmering door appeared. He opened it and removed his robes and stuffed them into it. He was wearing muggle clothes under the robes. He almost took off his second wand holster that was strapped to his right forearm, but decided he might need it.

Ray had taken off her robes. She had a tight fitting spaghetti strapped shirt underneath. Harry saw his future godfather’s eyes bulge at the sight of her in the tight fitting shirt. Not only did it expose all of her curves, it also showed her large dragon tattoo that extended from on forearm to the other across her back.

She was helping Teddy remove his robe. He had to keep a hold of the wand or they would waste time sorting through the wards again. He transferred his wand to his left hand as Ray slipped his robes off his right arm. Ray stuffed Teddy’s robes into the ethereal locker. She was getting ready to place her robes in too, but stopped and took out a pair of dragon hide gloves. They were not for keeping her hands warm.

“Ray, non leathal combat,” stated Harry.

“Yes, sir, just want to be ready,” she said before stuffing her robe in the locker.

Harry flipped his wand and the locker door closed and it disappeared. The locker was a technique developed to hide an Auror’s tools and items from prying eyes. As long as the person making the locker doesn’t die, they can open it anywhere and retrieve supplies.

“All right you two ready?”

A hand on Harry’s arm caused him to turn and look at his mum. She looked scared.

“You three can’t go out there alone. There must be thirty of them.”

“It will only take five minutes Miss Evans,” stated Ray.

Harry looked at Ray, and then turned to his mum. “This is the type of thing we do for a living. We will be fine. You need to let go of my arm, Miss Evans.”

His mum looked scared as she slowly released her grip. Harry was worried that they had taken to much time and the group was spreading out too much. He needed them to stay tightly packed. Lifting his wand he tapped the top of his head and allowed the Disillusionment Charm to flow over him before running to the door.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Lily Evans was confused and scared. Her whole world had just turned upside down. A band of thirty Death Eaters had just marched into town on a Hogwarts weekend. They had fought some of the local people and defeated them. Now three people were going to try to stop them. Not just three people, but an obvious team; a team that was under the control of her Defense Professor.

She looked at Professor McGonagall to see if she knew they were a team. She had a confused look on her face too.

Theodore Lefevre was a student. She thought he was a student, until Professor James called him Teddy and demanded him to find wards. He started performing magic that was well beyond even NEWT level Charms. He did it while talking and moving, an impossible task to someone without years of experience.

Ray the waitress, who wasn’t. She intimidated Lily at first. Right now she scared Lily. It wasn’t just her attitude but her overall appearance. When she first took her robe off, she appeared to be wearing some type of a tight fitting shirt with a strange lace top. It wasn’t until she moved that Lily saw it wasn’t lace but a tattoo. She had a dragon tattoed on her. It extended from her one forearm across her back and down her other forearm. The individual scales were detailed giving it a web appearance on her pale skin. From the looks of it, it appeared to be a Hungarian Horntail. The detail was amazing, but the overall sight made Lily wonder just whose side she is on.

They all must be working together. The strange coded orders that the Professor gave were understood by them. Lily had no idea what they meant, but those two did.

The front door of the pub flew open. No one was standing in it. Several spells flew from the group of Death Eaters and collided with the door.

“He’s out,” said Ray to Teddy. She stood up and looked out at the street. “Add 10 yards, they are starting to disperse.”

Lily was wondering what she meant by the strange comment. They both placed their hands over their eyes tightly. Without questioning why they were doing this, Lily followed along. Just before she covered her eyes, she noticed Potter and his friends were also covering their eyes.

A bright flash of light erupted. It was so bright that she could see the bones in her hand through the skin. People were screaming from the intensity of the light. Amongst the screams Lily heard three other sounds, one sounded like ice crackling when it beaks beneath your feet on a cold winters morning. The other two sounds were Apparations.

She pulled her hand away to see Theodore and Ray gone. She stood up and looked out at the street. The three of them had split up and were fighting the blinded Death Eaters from all three sides of the streets. She saw Theodore casting spells with amazing speed and accuracy. She looked towards Hogwarts and Ray was there doing the same thing. Every few seconds she would Stun another Death Eater, tie them up and take their wand. She finally looked to Professor James. He was between the group of Death Eaters and downtown Hogsmeade. He too was Stunning, Incarcerating, and removing wands at incredible speed. Almost twenty of the thirty Death Eaters were now out.

“Look at her go, James,” shouted Sirius. “That’s my girl.”

James and his friends were watching Ray plow through the Death Eaters. They were starting to fight back now that the initial shock of the flash of light was over. She was amazing to watch. She would move to the side to avoid a spell or block without hesitation. She now had to block and avoid several spells before taking out a Death Eater. She had just stepped past a Death Eater and punched him knocking him out. Sirius whistled at the move.

“You still want to date that,” asked James incredulously.

“Bloody hell James, I am in love,” shouted Sirius Black the Hogwarts’ Casanova.

“They are recovering,” shouted Professor James out on the street.

“I see that,” shouted Ray in return.

“Duly noted,” shouted Theodore.

There were only six Death Eaters left now, but they were putting up stiff resistance. They were not squeemish about using Unforgivables. With a couple of quick moves and well placed spells, Professor James had taken down another DeathEater.

“Look out,” shouted Sirius.

Lily looked over and saw a Death Eater appear from around a building behind Ray. He was a huge hulking man. Ray didn’t notice him until he dove on her back. He started to wrap his big beefy arms around her. She reacted quicker than a cat. Before he could wrap his arms around her, she snapped her head back smashing his mask and his nose.

His momentum propelled him forward onto her back. She reached up and grabbed his head and bent at the knees to flip him over her back. When he slammed into the ground, she Stunned him and wrapped ropes around him.

Lily was too engrossed in watching her fight the troll Death Eater that she didn’t notice two others were standing there waiting for her to finish with that fight. They had their wands fixed on her. Lily couldn’t hear what they said to her, but she lowered her wand and defiantly gave them a one-finger salute. A second later two Stunners collided with the back of the Death Eaters. Ray waved to Professor James and Theodore, before casting ropes around the Stunned Death Eaters.

Lily looked over the entire scene. In about five to ten minutes, the three of them had incapacitated thirty Death Eaters. Lily stood there in shock. She had never seen three people work like that. She looked and saw similar expressions of shock on other people’s faces.

Sound of distant pops made her think that the Aurors had finally arrived. However, that wasn’t the case. More Death Eaters appeared on High Street towards the school. Professor James, Theodore, and Ray turned and ran at them.

“Bloody hell, he is here,” shouted Sirius.

Lily saw him looking another direction; up the side street where the original thirty Death Eaters came from.

Potter also turned and looked up the street. “Is that really him?”

“That is Voldemort and it looks like his inner circle, we must do something. He will have Ray trapped between the two groups,” stated Sirius nervously.

“Come on Marauders, lets go,” shouted Potter. When Peter didn’t move, James grabbed him and dragged him with them as they ran to the kitchen area of the pub.

Lily never even thought why or questioned what Potter was doing. She followed along also because if they don’t do something Voldemort will probably kill the three out there fighting against his forces. They ran into the kitchen and took a sharp right behind the coolers. Sirius seemed to know exactly where he was going. Lily followed them blindly. The only thing that made her turn her head was a large overstuffed chair in the back corner where it looked like Madam Rosmerta did her paper work. On the chair sat a tin of crystallized pineapple.

She ran through the open door at the back of pub. The sunlight outside made her blink, the sight that came into focus made her shiver in fear. There in front of her was Potter, Black, Remus, and Pettigrew. They were all standing facing Lord Voldemort and at least twenty possibly more of his followers.

The man called Lord Voldemort radiated evil. He was tall, thin, and had a face like a messed up wax figurine. It looked barely human. Lily realized that this could very well be the end of her life. The Death Eaters are not known to show mercy on people, let alone a Muggle borne.

“Who are you?” asked Lord Voldemort in a cold hiss of a voice.

“That is Sirius Black, master. He refused to accept his heritage and is now a Gryffindor,” cackled a masked Death Eater.

“Yes, but you are a pureblood. Are the rest of you purebloods also?”

“She isn’t,” yelled a Death Eater two rows back. He was pointing directly at her. “She is a stinkin’ Mudblood.”

“Horace Travers, what a surprise,” said James calmly.

“Bella, please give our smelly guest here a treat,” sneered Lord Voldemort.

The Death Eater named Bella let out with a cackling laugh then pointed her wand at Lily. “Crucio!”

Lily felt her feet planted to the spot. She should have jumped to the side to avoid the Curse, but she didn’t. The curse didn’t feel right. She felt a weight hit her chest and knock her to the ground, but there was no pain. She suddenly realized what was happening. James Potter had jumped in front of the curse so it wouldn’t hit her. He was thrashing around and screaming while on top of her.

All around her Sirius, Remus, and Peter started firing curses at the Death Eaters. It lasted only a short while. Lily could hear bodies colliding with the buildings around her. James also stopped thrashing at the same time. His limp body pressed her to the ground.

“James, are you all right. Please don’t be dead,” she whispered to him as she tried to move him so she could sit up.

“Lily, you called me James,” he whispered harshly. He started to move off her allowing her to see the Death Eaters congregating around their master.

“You five will stay here and teach these Muggle lovers a lesson. The rest follow me. We have a hero to kill,” he hissed out.

Lily was so afraid that she couldn’t even speak. She tried to stand up, but Potter was still holding her down. By the time she was able to push Potter of her, and sit up. Voldemort and the majority of the remaining Death Eaters had left. There were only five left standing staring at her. They formed a triangle the one at the point had his wand trained on her. He looked to be the right size for Horace Travers.

“It’s your turn Mudblood,” he said.

Lily remembered the first Defense lesson about thinking of different ways of defending oneself by avoiding the curse. The man seemed to draw his breath to yell the curse, but Lily was faster. She pointed her wand at his face and screamed. “Impedimentia!”

The spell hit him square on the jaw, knocking him backwards into the rest of the Death Eaters. As they tried to recover by the sudden change in events, a movement from Lily’s side made her look up and see James Potter up and starting to duel with the Death Eaters. Remus, Peter, and Sirius also appeared and each took a Death Eater. Lily had other worries right now. She blocked a few shots and fired off a few curses, but she was worried about the Professor.

She turned to see where Voldemort and his Death Eaters were at. They were turning the corner at The Three Broomsticks. It only took a second, but it was long enough for Travers to gain advantage.


Pain erupted in Lily’s veins and nerves. It hurt so bad that she thought her head was going to explode. All she could hear were her screams and Travers' harsh laughter.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Sweat ran down Harry’s arms and his hand was slick on his wand. He stood looking at the ten Death Eaters lying on the ground Stunned and tied up. Forty of the ruddy bastards in less than a half an hour, he was actually quite proud of the way the three of them fought alongside of each other.

“All right there, Teddy?”

“Brilliant! I’d be better with a butterbeer.”

“Ray, how are you?”

“Feeling good, Harry. Did this seem too easy?”

“I think these are mainly raw recruits. They didn’t seem to have the best skills. I am glad that…”

“So do you feel proud of attacking my new recruits, Aurors?” shouted a high pitched voice.

His voice sent shivers up Harry’s spine. “It’s him. Prepare Occlumency shields. He will use wandless Leglimancy against you.”

“Got it sir,” whispered Ray.

“Same here,” whispered Teddy.

Harry turned and saw Voldemort with another block of Death Eaters. To his right was a witch with thick dark hair billowing out around her hood. It was Bellatrix Lestrange. They were standing to block them from The Three Broomstick. The group looked to be about four deep with probably another thirty Death Eaters, but these weren’t recruits. They were now facing the inner circle. Harry scanned the area for an advantage.

“First you attack my recruits and then you refuse to answer me. You are not being very polite,” called Voldemort again.

Harry stepped forward over the fallen bodies of the recruits. Even if they could be revived, they didn’t have their wands and would be of little threat. He wanted to get to a place with better footing.

“I was just catching my breath. I didn’t attack them, they attacked us. I was just finishing the duel,” he shouted back. “Confrigo and Imdementia,” he whispered to Ray and Teddy. He hoped that Voldemort didn’t pick up what he was saying.

“I see. I am at a bit of a loss. I know of all of the Aurors. You three are new to the program.”

“We are not Aurors,” Harry said. He held his hands out to the side and turned to Ray and whispered without moving his jaw. “Evasive plan 7, start on my spell.” He then turned to Teddy and did the same thing. “I am the new Professor for Defense Against the Dark Arts. With the help of these two I was explaining to my other students what would be expected of them to pass my course.”

Harry could almost feel the anger forming amongst the Death Eaters. The last comment seemed to irritate them. Voldemort drew himself up a little taller. He raised his arms in the air.

“Well, if this is all for furthering the students education, then let me assist…”

Harry was ready for him. Voldemort had stopped talking and started to point his wand at Harry, but Harry was a step ahead. He used a type of Bludgeoning spell that he had only used a couple of times before, because it can severely injure a person. The spell slammed into Voldemort’s chest. It appeared that he had just enough time to raise a small Shield, but he went flying back into the crowd. The ground in front of the Death Eaters exploded as Ray quickly fired several Blasting Charms at it. Teddy was on the other side of him hitting the flying debris with Imdementia spells, propelling it back into the Death Eaters ranks.

The Death Eaters appeared to be confused by the tatic. Several of them were down, either from the force of the debris hitting them or they were injured. Harry fired several Stunners into the crowd. Ray again fired spells into the ground in front of the Death Eaters. Teddy had perfect timing and aim to propel the chunks of stone back into the standing Death Eaters. Several of them were hit in the face or chest sending them to the ground quickly.

Harry was feeling pretty good about what had happened until he heard Voldemort screaming out the killing curse. He yelled “go” to his fellow Aurors, but they had already started to turn to Apparate away. Harry was gone from his original spot in the street and was now standing on a steeply sloping roof. He watched as the curse hit a tree several hundred yards away.

Teddy and Ray were on a roof top across the street from him. He saw a perfect opportunity, and fired a Stunner at Bellatrix’s back. She fell like rock onto the ground. Teddy and Ray had hexed several of the Death Eaters below, before being detected.

They Apparated again to another set of roof tops. Harry almost fell as his feet landed on an almost vertical slate roof. He was able to grab the eave of a gable to keep from falling to the ground. Holding on with one arm, he was able to knock another Death Eater to the ground. Letting go, he slid to the edge of the roof to Apparate again before sliding off completely.

He appeared closer to the intersection where The Three Broomsticks was located. He was completely behind the Death Eaters. He was able to hit a couple with debilitating hexes, before they realized where he was. He was getting ready to Apparate again, when a scream caught his attention.

He turned to look up the street that intersected with High Street and saw his mum lying on the ground being tortured by one Death Eater, while four others held the Marauders at bay. He needed to stick with his evasive tactic to slow Voldemort and the Death Eaters down until the Aurors arrived, but his mum needed his help.

His second of indecision was too much. He felt the building below him shift as a Blasting Curse struck it. The roof was splitting apart below his feet. He took one step and leapt from the roof. When he was air borne, the roof exploded outward showering the area with debris.

Harry hadn’t been hit, because he had already Apparated.

He appeared beside his mum. Her arms and legs were twisting in pain as she writhed on the ground. The Death Eater torturing her stopped and stared at Harry. Harry just smiled at him then blasted him backwards into the other four Death Eaters. He ignored the other Death Eaters and incarcerated the one he was interested in. He tore his mask off revealing Horace Travers.

Using the Levicorpus spell, he hung Travers upside down as he walked over to his mum. Travers bobbed along beside him like some awkward looking balloon. The other four Death Eaters all ran to where Voldemort was. He expected the Marauders to follow, but James ran to his mum. Harry stopped and watched as he tried to pull her up off the ground. She pushed him away and groaned in agony.

“You need to stand up and move around Miss Evans. It will hurt like a bugger at first, but the pain will slowly subside. I need you and you four to get back inside and wait until this is over. Understood?”

His dad gave him a nod of his head, but Harry could tell he wasn’t going to comply.

“Listen, you five are very lucky to be alive. The Aurors will be here soon, we are keeping the rest busy until they arrive. I need to get back, after I take care of Mr. Travers here.”

Harry released his spell on Travers. Travers hung in the air, until Harry started to cast another spell. He made the Auror locker appear. Travers bobbed in the air a couple of times before falling on his head on the hard stone road. Harry ignored Travers scream of pain, and his father and friends joyful laughter. He reached in his locker and pulled out his robe. He stuck his hands into several of its pockets feeling if his Auror robe was still stocked. He smiled as he felt the Weasley Wizard Wheezes Decoy Detonators that he always kept for a tight spot.

“Get inside all of you,” he ordered them before grabbing Travers and Apparating away.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Lily Evans sat on the ground not wanting to move. She believed what Professor James had said about moving around, but the pain was so intense that she didn’t want to experience it. She heard a distant pop of Apparation. Looking in the direction of the sound, she saw Professor James on the roof of a house across the street. He had Horace with him.

“What is he doing up there?” Remus asked.

The Professor waved his wand at the brick chimney. He then lifted Horace up in the air with his head pointing downward and dropped him in the chimney so that only his legs were showing. The Professor waved his wand at the bricks again, before Apparating away.

The four boys all erupted with laughter at the sight of Horace’s legs waving madly out of the top of the chimney. Lily also cracked a smile at the sight. It did seem cruel in some sense, but after being called a Mudblood and tortured by the git. It somehow seemed appropriate.

“Come Lily, you need to get up,” said Potter as he extended his hand to her.

She looked at it apprehensively. It wasn’t that it was Potter. It was the thought of the pain she would be experiencing. She took his hand and let him pull her up. Her legs screamed in agony as she put weight on them. Every movement she made was excruciating. She let out a moan of pain as she lost her balance, but James gently wrapped an arm around her to support her.

“Come on Lily, try walking. I’ll help you,” he said reassuringly.

With Potter’s help she took a couple of steps. With each step, the pain seemed to decrease. After about a minute, she was able to move more freely. Potter released his grip on her and let her move on her own. It hurt, but she was able to walk now.

“Thank you for the help, James.”

“Bloody Hell!” he exclaimed.

Lily looked up to see his shocked face. She was afraid something terrible had happened. “What, what happened?”

“You called me James, twice in one day,” he said with a cheeky grin.

“Oh sod off, Potter.”

“Ah, that is the girl I know and love,” he exclaimed to his friends.

She was going to say something, when two Apparation pops were heard in the distance. Two heavy set men with thick curly red hair started running towards them. They were not wearing masks, so they didn’t appear to be Death Eaters. No one was taking any chances and they all drew their wands.

When the pair got within twenty yards, they stopped and looked down the street past Lily, James, and friends. They looked to be identical twins.

“What is going on down there?” they asked in unison.

“Who are you two?” asked Sirius.

“I am Gideon and this is my ugly brother Fabian Prewett,” the one said.

“I am the good looking one, mate. Dumbledore sent us. He said he would be along with reinforcements and the Aurors as soon as he can,” said the other. “Again what is going on down there? We were told that Death Eaters had invaded the town. Are those students?” He pointed with his wand towards the intersection.

Lily turned to look, and was met with a strange sight. Some of the Stunned Death Eaters had been Ennervated, but they were walking around with ropes tied around them from knee to neck.

“Those are Death Eaters,” stated Remus. “Our Defense Professor and two of his friends Stunned and tied up at least thirty Death Eaters.”

“Only three against thirty, Bloody Hell,” exclaimed the two in unison.

“You know that is annoying,” complained Sirius about their talking in unison.

“What is mate,” they said together again.

The one called Gideon spoke first. “We are going to go down and mix things up a little. You five best be getting back inside until this is over.”

“No we won’t,” growled Sirius. “We are coming along.”

“Look mate, this isn’t like Hexing a student in the halls. It is nasty business down there,” countered the Fabian.

“We know and we are going too,” stated James firmly.

“All right, but don’t go crying to us if you get yourself killed,” they said in unison again. They started trotting towards the battle.

“Get inside, Lily,” ordered Potter. “You don’t like dueling. Get in where it will be safe.”

Lily went to say something, just because it bothered her when he told her to do something. She didn’t get a chance, because they all started towards the battle behind the Prewett twins. They didn’t get far before blood curdling screams erupted from the street. Lily stared trying to see what was happening. It looked as if several of the bound Death Eaters had fallen down and were thrashing about on the ground.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Harry appeared behind a house bordering High Street. He couldn’t see anyone. He wrapped his Invisibilty Cloak around himself. He heard Voldemort giving his minions orders to revive the fallen recruits.

Ignoring the Death Eaters, Harry went to find Ray and Teddy. His side trip had put him behind the schedule. He hoped they had continued harrassing the Death Eaters. There was no way to defeat them with their present strength, but if Dumbledore, the Order, and Ministry’s Aurors showed up it would tilt the balance of power. He also knew that even if they revived the incarcerated Death Eaters, they would never be able to remove the ropes.

As he thought about all this he was looking up and down the small alley that formed behind the homes. He was looking for red sparks. Not seeing the sign, he Apparated again. He reappeared behind the houses on the other side of High Street. He didn’t see any Death Eaters in the small alley. He was getting ready to fire off some red sparks from under his Cloak, when he saw red sparks appear from behind the house next to him. He fired off green sparks in reply.

Ray dropped her Disillusionment Charm so he could see her. He lifted his cloak let her know it was him. He dropped the cloak and ran to her. When he reached her, he draped the cloak over her. She looked distraught. Her face was drawn and she refused to meet his gaze.

“What is wrong Ray?”

“It’s Teddy, sir,” she whispered miserably.

Harry chest clenched. Had Teddy been killed or captured? “What about him?”

“He went against the mission.”

“What do you mean?”

“He said that it wouldn’t change anything if his parents would live,” she explained. “He went out there to kill Bellatrix and Dolohov.”

Harry was shocked even more than if he had been captured or killed. While he can understand why Teddy had done that but to say it wouldn’t change anything is wrong. It would change something. As Harry thought about it, he started to wonder if the changes would be for the better. Neville’s parents might not be in St. Mongo’s now. Even with that improvement, it is difficult to tell how the future might be changed. Until he remembered that they used Bellatrix’s hair to gain access to the Lestrange vault. Without that hair, Voldemort would still be alive.

“I am sorry, sir. I tried to talk him out of it, but he wouldn’t listen.”

“There was nothing you could do, Ray. We need to focus and try to delay them as long as possible until the Aurors arrive.”

“Should we, sir? I think we have changed time already. I don’t remember reading about any attacks on Hogsmeade during this time period,” she argued her point with him. “Shouldn’t we just let them leave?”

Harry didn’t know what to say. All of his instincts told him to capture as many of the death Eaters as possible, but in doing so will he change the future. He remembered only an hour ago, he was wondering if it is wrong for him to allow his mother to die, so that his future remains the same. Yet, all his instincts told him he needed to fight this fight. If he didn’t then the Neo Death Eaters would win.

“Yes, we need to delay them. I think the Neo Death Eaters are behind this. We are not the ones changing history. They are!”

He turned and stared at her. He could see her resolve coming back. “I will go down there…,” He pointed towards the Hogwarts end of town. “…and release these.” He pulled out a couple of decoy detonators. “You go back towards the intersection and attack a couple of Death Eaters. I will cross later. All right?”

“Yeah, all right,” she responded. “What if we see Teddy?”

“We can’t afford to expose ourselves in a battle in front of everyone. If you detain him without exposing yourself, then do it,” he advised her. She nodded to him, before making herself invisible. Harry started to walk down the alley, but stopped when he heard Voldemort. It sounded as if he was right next to him.

“I want all the recruits freed and brought to me once we are safe. I want to know who ordered this. I will make an example of them,” he hissed in his cold voice.

Harry had stopped when he heard Voldemort’s voice. He was between buildings and could see Voldemort standing on High Street between the buildings. Harry was afraid to move. Voldemort might hear him. People started to scream. It was a blood curdling scream. They must be trying to cut the ropes with Reducto or Severing Charms. The ropes would magically tighten as they try to cut them.

“Master,” cried a frightened wizard’s voice. “We can’t release the recruits.”

“Why not?” demanded Voldemort.

“The bindings are not reacting normally to our spells. They won’t disappear and everytime we try to cut them they only get tighter.”

“Then Portkey them to our Headquarters.”

“If we use Portkeys, the Ministry will be able to track us. It would be extremely difficult to Apparate them away. If we did, we still won’t be able to remove the ropes without killing them.”

“Remove the ropes, now,” demanded Voldemort.

“Master, we may kill or hurt them.”

“Are you afraid of hurting them?” hissed Voldemort to his minion.

“Master, they are our friends,” stammered the Death Eater.

“Avada Kedavra!”

Hary saw the flash of green. He knew that Voldemort just killed one of his Death Eaters to make an example of his disobedience.

“You there. I want results or your death will not be as pleasant,” Voldemort ordered someone else.

“Yes, Master. You are so kind Master,” stammered the scared Death Eater. Harry watched as Voldemort stepped away from the houses and into the middle of the street.

“I want us all to be out of here in ten minutes or you all shall pay with pain,” he screamed at everyone.

Harry ran down several more houses before turning towards High Street. He was where they had first confronted Voldemort. He was glad that Ray was disciplined she must still be waiting for the decoys. He pulled two from his pocket and released them while they were still under his cloak. He stepped back to the edge of the building to watch the street in case Ray needed his help.

The detonaters exploded causing over a dozen spells to be cast in their direction. Harry watched from around the corner as two more Death Eaters were bound and fell to the ground. Ray was definitely good, because no one seemed to know where the spells had come from.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

“We need to get out there and help them,” pleaded James Potter. He was crouched behind a building with the Marauders and the Prewett twins. He was pleading with the twins to allow him to rush out there and help whoever it was that was screaming. “Look mate, I am a bloody Gryffindor, and Gryffindors don’t hide…”

“Be quiet, and look at what’s happening,” whispered Gideon or Fabian. They were so identical that he couldn’t tell them apart. “Look and you will see why we are waiting here.”

The twin pulled back away from the corner of the building. James took his place. The street was filled with bound Death Eaters. They were no longer Stunned, but they still had the ropes on them. He saw the people screaming. They were also Death Eaters. It appeared that the ropes had tightened on them, because their faces were scarlet and the ropes seemed to be cutting into their bodies.

In the distance he could hear Voldemort talking. James will never forget that high pitched voice for as long as he lives. He seemed to be very calm. James was wondering why he was so calm with so many of his followers incapacitated. The words of the killing curse floated to him. James became sick to the stomach. Someone had just been killed. Were they too late? He turned around and leaned back against the building.

“What happened, mate,” asked Sirius.

“Voldemort just killed someone.”

“Do you think it was Professor James?” asked Peter.

“I don’t know. Couldn’t see,” answered James.

“We need to get these ropes off them, now,” shouted a frantic voice from the street.

“It might kill them,” shouted another.

“If we don’t the Dark Lord will take us apart piece by piece. Ours won’t be a quick death like Halsey’s.”

James looked at everyone else in his group. They all looked relieved. It hadn’t been anyone on their side.

“He is killing his own people?” asked a shocked Remus.

“He kills and tortures whoever he wants. They all do. Mercy is not somethin’ a Death Eater can have,” stated a twin.

“What are we waiting for?” asked a disgusted Sirius. “They could all disappear in a matter of minutes.”

“If we go rushing out there now, we will be slaughtered. Wait until Professor Dumbledore comes or at least the Aurors. We are Gryffindors too, but we ain’t stupid.”

A series of explosions could be heard from somewhere on the street. People were firing off curses too. James leaned around the corner to see what was happening. He saw two Death Eaters get wrapped in ropes. He wasn’t sure but he thought he saw the waitress from the pub appear suddenly also, but she disappeared too quickly to be sure.

He was pressed against the building trying to see what was happening, when something grabbed him. It pulled him away from the building and back around the other five. He tried to pull his wand but he was being tugged too violently that he couldn't control his arm. He suddenly stopped and the waitress appeared in front of him.

“What they hell are you doing here,” she hissed at him. If they weren’t surrounded by Death Eaters, she would have screamed. “Do you have any idea what is at stake.”

“Who the bloody hell are you,” shouted one of the Prewett twins.

Ray looked at them. She had a puzzled expression on her face for a second, before smiling. “You are the Prewetts’. Is Professor Dumbledore coming?”

They had a puzzled look on their faces. “Do we know you?”

“No,” answered Ray.

James was about to ask that she let go of him when she pushed him up against the side of the house. “Stay tight against that building. Do not move unless you are on my ass.”

“Pardon me?” asked a confused James Potter.

“Shit!” exclaimed one of the Prewetts. “I think they saw me.”

“I saw someone looking around the building,” shouted a person from the street.

“Disillusionment Charms, right now,” ordered Ray.

“We don’t know them,” whimpered Peter.

She tapped James on his head. He felt a cool sensation filter down over his body. She tapped Sirius also making him disappear. “Can you two do the other two?” she asked the Prewetts. “Remember if you move, they may still be able to see you. I need to set wards. What ever you do don’t move until I start the fight.”

She pointed her wand at the building next to them and waved it in long oval patterns in the air while whispering some spell. After she finished, she pushed James back against the wall.

“I am getting rather tired of this,” he protested. She ignored him and practically sat on his lap. It was rather uncomfortable, because she was pressed so tight to him. She was rather muscular for a woman, but she was still feminine. Even though he couldn’t see her, he felt her warm body and it was moist from persperation. He caught the faint odor of jasmine and someother floral scent from her. He was sure that Sirius was giving him a look of pure jealousy. “I can fight….”

“If you want to fire spell do it around me. No one is getting to you unless they kill me first,” she said.

James had a cold feeling in his stomach. She meant what she said. Why would anyone want to kill him, and why would she be willing to sacrifice herself to save him.

“Here they come,” she said, as he heard Apparation pops.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Lily Evans paced around on the street. She should be getting back inside, but there was too much going through her head at this time. Something doesn’t seem right. It almost seemed like this entire battle was somehow centering on her, or Professor James being here was because of her.

Why did he suddenly appear beside her and save her from being tortured? He didn’t seem to be concerned about anyone else. What made her so important?

She remembered the walk into Hogmeade. He may have walked past her, but he always seemed to stay only a few feet in front of her. When the pranksters set off the fireworks, he seemed to appear out of thin air beside her ready to fight. He then seemed to be going everywhere she was and walked beside her.

There is Theodore Leferve. She first met him while walking through King’s Cross station. He seemed to appear out of nowhere and walk along beside her. Was that a coincidence or was he also protecting her?

Lily ran her hand through her matted hair. Her head was hurting with all these confusing thoughts. Certainly she wasn’t anyone so important that people like Professor James and Theodore would need to watch. Was she?

The smell of wood smoke made her look up at Travers feet waving madly out of the top of the chimney. If anyone would start a fire in the house, he might be killed from the heat and smoke.

A crash of wood and glass made her look up the street. She saw the last two houses on fire at the end of the street. The one must already be collapsing, because the street itself was blocked with burning debris. Screams started to fill the air as frantic mothers ran out of homes with their children.

Lily gripped her wand tight in her hand. Despite everything else that had happened in the town today and the pain she was feeling, she ran to help the children escape the fire that was now roaring and jumping to adjacent homes.

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