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The Madness That is My Life by frini19
Chapter 11 : The Madness After the Kiss
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"Do you want to kiss me?"

Albus didn't say anything; he just sat there, as if he was debating over his answer. Time stood still as I waited, lying there beneath him.

I could've pushed him off. I should've pushed him off.

But I didn't.

And he noticed this. He knew that if I wanted to get out of this position I would be gone. There's no way I would be sitting here right now, waiting for an answer that I shouldn't be hoping for.

The longer I waited, the more butterflies appeared in my stomach.

Slowly, as if making sure I was okay with it, he lowered himself onto me. His chest rested on mine and he put our hands up toward my head, so he could support some of his weight. He was hesitant, but slowly his head dipped down to mine.

Finally, after what seemed like years of waiting, hoping and fighting, he kissed me.

I got my answer.

When Al's lips met mine, time stopped. The overwhelming amount of butterflies in my stomach and my brain yelling at me that I shouldn't be kissing Al because I had boyfriend didn't matter. All that mattered was Al.

It was a slow kiss, almost safe. At first, it almost seemed like we were just placing our lips on each other’s. But then we slowly began to move our lips and got into a slow and steady rhythm. His lips felt so natural and I was intoxicated.

I pulled my hands out of Albus' and ran them through his hair and then pulled him closer to me. Albus followed my lead and held my waist. I arched my back to get closer to him and he put him arms beneath me and held me close. Slowly he rolled over so that his back was on the ground and I was lying on top of him. It felt so perfect.

For once, Albus and I didn't have huge amounts of sexual tension that was so thick that you could feel it. Our kiss didn't seem like it was one of built up sexual frustration, it was quite the opposite. It was soft and slow and even when I deepened the kiss and felt his tongue run along my teeth, the kiss wasn't hungry. It was never hungry or desperate. It's almost as if both of us were trying to hold onto this small time and make the most of it. There was passion and fire that normally were only seen in huge Muggle romance movies that Rose made me watch.

There was nothing more I wanted to do. All I wanted was to keep kissing Albus. No matter how wrong it may have been.

But how could it be wrong when it feels so right?

It was wrong because I had a boyfriend.

I was cheating on my boyfriend.

At that realization, I pulled away from Albus. I didn't remove my hands from his hair and I didn't get up. I waited for him to open his eyes.

When he finally did, I looked into them. I hated what I had to do, but I was not a cheater.

I tried to hide the tears that were threatening to come. Albus saw them and sat up, and pulled me into his chest, just as he did earlier.

"What's wrong?" he asked me quietly, kissing my cheek.

I wanted so badly to just hide in his arms and bury my head in his chest. I wanted to hide away from the world and the truth that I had just betrayed Caleb. I wanted to ignore how right this felt and remember that it was Albus. He hated me, just like I hated him.

A tear fell from my eyes and Albus wiped it away. "Addie," he said, putting his forehead on mine. "Tell me what's wrong."

We were so close. I could push all the feelings that seemed to be welling up inside me out and kiss him. I wanted to, so badly, especially now that I knew what it was like. I knew how perfect it felt and how I never wanted it to end. He made me get all the feelings I read about in books but never experienced. He somehow made me feel things that Caleb never even got close to.

But I was with Caleb. I had already betrayed him once. I couldn't do it again.

I looked back into his beautiful eyes. He seemed to care. He wanted to know why I was upset.

But I couldn't tell him.

Slowly, he moved forward again, and his lips met mine. I pulled away instantly but not before I felt the spark that went through my entire body.

"You shouldn't have done that," I whispered. He looked at me, almost hurt. "I have a boyfriend." Now Albus was definitely hurt. I could see it in his eyes. And I wanted to tell him that if I didn't have Caleb, I would gladly kiss him for the rest of eternity. But I wasn't a cheater. I felt more tears fall out of my eyes, only now Al didn't make a move to wipe them away or comfort me. "We shouldn't have done that."

I pulled my hands back, out of his hair and broke free of his grip. I stood up, wobbly, and tried walking back to the castle without tears falling.

It didn't work. The more distance I put between Albus and I, the more the tears came. I eventually started running and ran all the way up to my dorm and threw myself at my bed. I started sobbing as I pulled my blankets tight to me.

I didn't know if I was crying because I had just cheated or if it's because it felt like I had just broken my heart by pushing Al away.

I decided I didn't want to know the answer.

I woke up because the sunlight shone into my room. I was still in my costume but my wings were missing since I discarded them somewhere last night. For a moment, I thought about last night, trying to figure out what happened.

And it came rushing back. The boggart, Scorpius and Rose, Caleb, and the kiss. The kiss with Al.

I laid in bed for a few minutes, trying to figure out why he would do that. Why would he kiss me? It made no sense. We hated each other; we have always hated each other, from first year to now.

After 10 minutes of debating with myself (it was perfectly normal to debate with myself. I'm not insane, any sane person would do it. Duh. You're the insane one. You try getting kissed by the hate of your life and try and not debate with yourself. Idiot) I got up out of my bed. I had a headache, probably from drinking last night. I didn't have much to drink but maybe I had more than I thought I did.

Maybe that was why Albus kissed me.

He was tipsy. And that was why I kissed him back.

We were both tipsy. 

It made perfect sense.


And you were thinking it actually meant something.


I looked around the dorm, noticing that I was the only on in here. Rose must have still been asleep in Scorpius' arms (fuck yeah. My plan was working. They'll be married by Christmas) and I had no idea where Alice was. Off with Louis I'm sure.

Ew, I hope they didn't do anything gross.



Ew. Well I think I'm safe now.

I went into the bathroom to get all the make up and glitter off. Surprisingly, there wasn't very much of it on my face and I didn't look like the hungover baby raccoon I thought I would.

I would consider that a success.

Once all my make up was washed off, I went into the cabinet to see if Rose made any hangover potions. I saw that there were about 10 bottles in there. I took one and only drank half, since I only have a small hangover.

I got the feeling Rose would need the other nine with the massive hangover she was going to have.

I changed out of my costume and into my PJs, one of Scorp's old shirts and some sweat pants, and threw my hair up in a bun.

Needless to say, I looked like the hottest person ever.

That was sarcasm.

I walked down to the Common Room, looking around for any one of my friends. It was deserted though so I headed up to the boys dorms.

I went into James and Freddy's room, and saw them passed out. Freddy had some girl clinging to him and I put the hangover potion next to his bed, deciding not to wake him up. Waking Freddy up before he got rid of his latest slag was never a good thing to do.

I went over to the other side of the room, passing their roommates beds, and sat on James' bed. He was totally passed out and, unlike Freddy, alone in his bed.

He got to be woken up.

"James," I whispered, poking him in the side. "James wake up."

He turned over onto his side. "Go away," he mumbled.

"Come on James, wake up," I said, poking him harder. He tried to push my hand away. "I have a hangover potion." He put his hand out, asking for the potion. "Sit up first," I said. "You know you'll spill it if you try to drink it while sleeping."

James groaned and sat up. I handed the potion over to him and he chugged it. "Thanks Ads," he said, placing the bottle on the table beside him. He sat back against the wall behind him. "So what did you think of the party? In my opinion it was one of the best."

"It was good," I said. "The haunted house wasn't too great though."

"Really? And why's that?" James asked, running a hand through his hair.

"Because it wasn't scary at all," I said. "And suddenly there's a boggart. It was unexpected."

"Well that's kind of the point," James said. His blanket fell to reveal his bare chest and the top of his boxers. Me likey. "Boggarts bring out people's worst fear."

"Yeah well it would've been nice if you told me they were in there," I said, giving him a pointed look.

"Shit," he said. "I'm sorry Addie. How bad was it?"

I looked down at my hands, trying not to think of it. "It was bad."

"I'm so sorry, Ads," he said, pulling me against his bare chest. "I completely forgot."

"It's okay," I said. "You only saw it once, I can't expect you to remember."

"But seeing you cry and be so scared over that was enough," James said, rubbing my back. Most girls would have hated me. I kissed Albus last night and now a shirtless James was hugging me.

It was okay bitches, be jealous.

It was hard to have as much swag as I do.

"I'm a bad friend and overprotective fake brother," he said quietly.

I pulled away from him and looked him in the eyes. "No you aren't, James. You're a great friend and a great overprotective fake brother. I'm pretty sure you scared the crap out of Caleb the first time you met him." I kissed him on the cheek. "I was okay."

"Really?" James asked, surprised. "You managed to get rid of the boggart?"

"Well, I didn't," I said. "But Albus did."

James smirked at me. "Well, well, well, my brother saved the girl? What were you and Albus doing in the Haunted house alone?" He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

"Oh not like that," I said, shoving him. "Scorp, Al, Lou, Alice, Caleb and I all went in together and when we went through a door we all got separated and I somehow ended up with Albus. And therefore he saw me, crying in a ball on the ground while the boggart told me everyone that I have ever cared about in my whole life was going to leave me and that I would never be good enough. It was really quite romantic and it's a wonder that we're not engaged now."

Man, I was in a sarcastic mood today.

I decided it would have been best to leave out the whole Albus comforting me and then us kissing later. They were both mistakes and meant nothing to either of us.

Why are you giving me that look?


Lying was bad.

I'm not bad. I'm good.


"Alright," James said. "Whatever you say. It's your love life."

"Speaking of love lives," I said. "What's going on with you? You normally have a girl after the party. But you don't."

"Oh," James said. "Um..."

"AND you have been paying a lot of attention to Annalise, the pretty girl from Slytherin," I said. James was looking down at his hands. "Has a girl stolen James Potter's heart?"

"No," James said, quickly. Too quickly for it to be anything but a lie. "She's just a girl that I talk to. It's not a big deal."

"James you asked her to go out with you, tried to kiss her, tried to dance with her last night and after she kept rejecting you made a drunken confession about how much you like her and how your heart beats faster whenever she's around you," I said. "I also think you said that you were a good guy and that she should give you a chance."

James sighed. "I did do all that didn't I?"

I nodded. "You did."

"Okay so maybe I like her more than I like other girls," James said, quietly. "It's not like it matters. She hates me. She won't even be able to be in the same room as me without screaming at me. And I have no idea what to do."

"James Potter, master at getting girls, has no idea what to do?" I asked him, shocked. There had never been a girl James can't get. Most girls fall at his feet if he even said hi to them. "I can't believe it."

"I can understand why she hates me," James said. "I'm a tool to her. I piss her off, I say dumb stuff yet I somehow think that she'll magically fall in love with me. I've never had to actually make a girl like me before they always just did."

"Well maybe it just proves that she's special," I said. "She isn't like all the other girls, she isn't going to fall for you simply because of your name and looks. She isn't looking to be one of your hook ups. Maybe she wants to be courted and treated like a girl. She wants to make sure you aren't just going to push her aside when the next best thing comes along."

James sighed. "Girls are so confusing."

"Not as confusing as boys," I said, thinking about Albus. You claim to hate a girl for six years, insult everything about her, then tell her she's amazing, comfort her, tell her she's beautiful and then kiss her.

It didn't get more confusing than that.

"Well you have a boyfriend, so it can't be too confusing," James said, eyeing me suspiciously. "Unless there are problems in your little relationship."

"No!" I said, but could tell James didn't believe me. "Caleb and I don't have issues. We don't even fight."

"Maybe that's the issue," James said. "People always say the best loves are those where the two people can't stand each other at first, only to realize that beneath all that arguing and hatred is a passionate, fiery, love."

I rolled my eyes. "Well I guess that leaves hope for you and Annalise then?"

"Yep," he said. "But not as much hope as it does for you and Al."

I stared at him, trying to think of what to say.

"That's ridiculous," I managed to spit out. "Albus and I will never be together."

"As I recall, that's what Elizabeth Bennet said about Mr. Darcy," James said, going all Muggle on me. "Same with Benedick and Beatrice."

"Yes well, they were perfect for each other," I said.

"And so are you and Al," James said. "You just need to kiss him and see it."

I gaped at James, trying not to think about how right the kiss with Albus felt so right. Is that how you know when you're perfect for each other? Because if so, well then Albus and I were perfect for each other. We were made to be together.

I shook that idiotic thought out of my head. "That's dumb, James."

He was about to respond when there was a scream from the next room over.

A girl scream.

From the sixth year dorms.

Which Rose was in.

James and I both ran out of his room and into the sixth year dorm to see Rose with her head buried in Scorpius' chest and Albus standing there with only a towel and a freaked out expression on his face.

Oh. My. God.

Albus has the most amazing body.

Seriously. It was taking all my strength not to jump him and snog his brains out right then.

I never knew that abs could be so perfect.

"Ew! Ew! Ew!" Rose screamed. "Please tell me he has a towel on now!"

Scorpius held Rose to his chest and kissed her forehead, smiling. "He does."

I think I might actually be in heaven. Rose and Scorpius seemed to have made huge progress, as they are cuddling on his bed and acting all around adorable, and James and Albus both don't have their shirts on, giving me the wonderful view of their beautiful abs.

I love Harry and Ginny Potter for creating such beautiful children.

Even Lily was beautiful. She was one of the most beautiful people I had ever seen.

"Rose what are you doing here?" James asked, pushing me so he could get into the room.

Unfortunately that pushed me into Albus.

Who was only wearing a towel.

"Sorry," I said, avoiding looking at him. Because as if it weren't awkward enough that we kissed last night, but now he was standing there looking like a fucking sex God and my hormones were basically yelling at me to jump him.

My hormones were bitches.

"It's fine," Albus said.

I wondered if anyone else could feel the obvious awkwardness that was in the air.

Probably not.

"I stayed here last night," Rose said, happily.

What the fuck Rose, you were drunk out of your mind, how are you not having a massive hangover?!

Maybe she was still drunk.

She laced her fingers with Scorp's.

Yep, she was still drunk. There was no way she would do that if she was sober.

"You, WHAT?" said a loud voice from behind us. I turned and saw Hugo standing at the door, wearing only sweatpants.

Okay, must all the Wotter boys have amazing abs?!

I was starting to creep on Hugo, his abs were so amazing.

I was breaking like every friend law ever by creeping on my best friend's little brother.

I regret nothing.

"Oh, Hugo, calm down," Rose said. "It's not a big deal."

"Not a big deal?!" Hugo yelled. Man in this two-minute conversation he's said more than I've heard him say in six years. "You spent the night in some guys dorm!"

"Nothing happened," Scorpius said, sitting up. Rose glared at him and sat in his lap, leaning her back against his chest. I thought that I might have died they're so cute. "She was drunk and I brought her back here because some guy was about to take advantage of her. I figured that she would be safer with me, than with someone else."

Hugo glared at Scorpius. "Fine." He turned to James. "Look what your party did to my sister."

"How is this my fault?" James asked. "I didn't force drinks down her throat! This was all her doing!"

"Well if you didn't have that dumb party she wouldn't be drunk in the first place!" Hugo yelled.

Man, I never knew he was such an overprotective brother.

"Oh, you're just jealous," James said. "You still aren't allowed to go and that pisses you off. Well don't worry Hugo, next year you'll be allowed to come!"

"I don't give a shit about your stupid party!" Hugo said. "Imagine if it was Lily, instead of Rose in some guys bed, completely drunk. I'm not overreacting. Your party gets everyone drunk and makes them do stupid things they wouldn't normally do!"

Albus and I made eye contact when he said that and I knew we were both thinking about the kiss.

It was a stupid thing we wouldn't normally do.

All because we both were tipsy.

"Oh, Hugo, lay off him," Rose said, pulling Scorp's arms around her. I could tell all three Wotter boys were torn between killing Scorpius and letting him live since this was the only time anything like this had ever happened. "I'm fine. I'm safe. Nothing happened. All thanks to Scorpius."

"Whatever," Hugo said and left the room.

"Here's your hangover potion," I said to Rose, placing it on Scorp's bedside table.

"Thank you," she said, from her perch in Scorpius' lap. She looked so happy.

I was glad that when she was drunk she didn’t deny her feelings.

I left the room and heard footsteps behind me. "Addie," Albus said, grabbing my arm and pulling me around.

He was still not wearing a shirt.

My hormones were going insane.

"So we need to talk," he said.

"Talk about what?" I asked him.

"About...last night," he said.

"No we don't, " I said getting out of his grasp. "It was a mistake and I have a boyfriend. So it didn't mean anything."

I tried to ignore the hurt look on his face as I walked away.

It didn't mean anything.


The look on Al's face after I told him the kiss didn't mean anything haunted me for the next week.

I couldn't get it out of my head and I tried, trust me, I tried.

He avoided me the next week and every time he looked at me, he got this pained look on his face.

Which made me think that the kiss might have meant something.

But we were both tipsy. So how could it?

"Addie are you okay?" Caleb asked me, one night when we were studying in the library.

"I'm fine!" I snapped at him. He had been asking me that all week and I was fed up. I was fed up with everything.

Al avoiding me made me feel guilty because it made me feel like I did something wrong when I didn't. And I couldn't help but feel bad whenever I looked at him and remembered the kiss and how right it felt. And sometimes I would be kissing Caleb and then I would think to myself "You know this is nothing like kissing Albus." Which made me feel like a bad girlfriend. Caleb had constantly been asking me all week if I was okay and I told him I was fine every time and now I was just fed up.

"You don't need to ask me every ten seconds if I'm fine," I hissed at him.

Caleb was clearly taken aback. "Well you've been in a different mood for the past week. You seem like something's bothering you. So sorry that I actually care about my girlfriend."

"Yeah well maybe what's bothering me is you asking me what's bothering me all the time!" I said.

"Okay what is with you?" Caleb said, putting his quill down. It was clear he was angry now. "Ever since Halloween you've been walking around with a pissed off and annoyed attitude and it's as if no one can do anything right! Merlin are you on your period or something?"

"So just because I've been in a bad mood, that means I'm on my period?!" I asked him. I hated it when guys think it's okay to blame a girl being moody on her period. Maybe we were just in a bad mood! "Maybe I'm just in a bad mood because my boyfriend thinks it's okay to blame me being pissy on my period! I'm not on it by the way. I'm just annoyed with you and everyone else!"

"What did I do?" Caleb asked. "I have been no different to you than I have before, it's you that changed! What the fuck happened in that haunted house? Did Potter try something?"

"This has nothing to do with Albus!" I said, although it had everything to do with Albus. "Maybe it's just me! Maybe you don't know me well enough to know that sometimes I get pissy and want to be left alone!"

"Fine," Caleb said and he started packing up his stuff.

"What are you doing?" I asked him.

"I'm leaving you alone," Caleb said. "Come find me when you are less pissy and don't want to be left alone. I would hate to upset you more than you already are."

"Caleb," I said as he walked away. I closed my eyes and felt the tears threaten to fall.

It was our first fight. We had been together for about a month and we had our first fight because I couldn't stop thinking about another boy.

I was such a bad girlfriend.

I went up to my dorm and said hi to Louis and Alice, who were cuddling by the fireplace. They weren't official yet, but they may as well have been.

Caleb ignored me the entire next day, leaving me alone like he promised. He ate all his meals with his friends at the Hufflepuff table and didn't even look at me once.

I missed him.

"What's going on with you and Caleb?" Alice asked me at dinner that night.

"We got in a fight," I said, poking my potato with my fork.

"You two are still together right?" Alice asked and I saw Albus looking at me with a questioning look, as if asking me if I told Caleb about our kiss.

"Yeah," I said. I saw Albus go back to stabbing his food with his fork.

"Well, do I need to go beat some sense into him?" Scorpius asked from beside me.

Rose hit him on the shoulder. "I'm sure they don't need you to get involved, Scorp."

Since Halloween, they had been very flirty and adorable toward each other.

Even though Rose stills said that she didn't like him.

"No, you don't Scorp," I said, looking down at my food. "This one is my fault."

Scorpius put his arm around me and kissed my head. "It'll get better. Any guy who would let you get away is an idiot."

"Sure," I said sarcastically.

"It's true," Scorpius said, lowering his voice to a whisper. "The boggart is wrong. Stop thinking it's right."

"Thank you," I said, wrapping my arms around him. "I love you Scorp. Malfoy's until the end."

"I love you too," he said. "Malfoy's to the end."

I could not have asked for a better cousin.

I saw Caleb get up from the Hufflepuff table and walk towards the doors.

"I got to go," I said, getting up off the bench.

"Go win your man back!" Alice said, laughing. Louis put his arm around her and kissed her head.

I ran to catch up to Caleb as he walked out the door.

"Caleb," I said, grabbing his arm. "Hi."

"Hi," he said.

"Can we talk?" I asked him.

"Yeah, I suppose," he said.

I grabbed his hand and we walked in silence. When we reached the library, I think we both knew where I was headed.

When we reached the Restricted Section, I didn't stop walking until I was in the exactly place that we had our first kiss.

Caleb let go of my hand and pulled out a chair from the desk. "So you wanted to talk?"

"Yeah," I said, sitting on the desk. "Do you remember what happened here?"

Caleb nodded. "Our first kiss. You brought me down here to spite James."

I nodded. "If someone told me that's how I would meet my boyfriend, I don't think I would have believed them." I looked down at my hands. "I'm sorry for snapping at you yesterday. I didn't mean to."

"It's okay," he said. "I knew you were upset, I shouldn't have gotten so pissed off."

"No," I said shaking my head. "You were worried about me. I shouldn't have gotten so upset about that. I'm just not used to having people other than my friends worry about me."

Caleb grabbed my hand and pulled me into his lap. "I'm your boyfriend Addie. If you're upset, I'm going to wonder what's wrong. And maybe I overreacted but I thought you wanted to break up with me."

"I don't," I said. "I don't want to break up with you. I'm happy with you."

I was safe with Caleb. I didn't have to take risks with Caleb. I didn't have to worry about not feeling good enough. I didn't worry about him breaking my heart.

He was a safety net and I knew he would be there for me.

"Good," he said. "We've been together a month. We were bound to have a fight. But we're okay now right?"

"Yeah," I said. "We're okay."

Caleb smiled. "I missed you, today."

"I missed you too," I said. "Let's never get in a fight again, okay?"

"Okay," Caleb said, reaching his head up to kiss me.

We made out in the library for about a half hour, making up for not talking today. When he pulled away and said that he still had Charms homework, I reluctantly got off his lap and let him walk me to my dorm.

I put my arms around his neck when we reached the portrait hole. "See you tomorrow?"

"Yeah," Caleb said, stealing a quick kiss. "See you tomorrow."

I kissed him, glad to have him back. He walked away and I watched him as he turned the corner, a huge smile plastered on my face.

"So you guys are still together?"

I closed my eyes and turned around to face Albus. "Yeah," I said. "We're still together."

"Does he know?" Albus asked.

I shook my head. "I figured I didn't need to tell him."

"Why?" Albus asked.

"Because it was a mistake," I said. "It meant nothing to either of us."

"How do you know it meant nothing?" Albus asked, seeming genuinely hurt.

"Because we were both tipsy!" I said. "We were both drinking that night and while we weren't completely drunk, we still weren't in the right state of mind. We never would have done that sober and drinking makes you do things you normally wouldn't do."

"Actually drinking makes you do things you're too afraid to do when you’re sober," Albus said. "And you kissed me back."

"I never said I didn't!" I said. "And who cares why drinking makes you do things, the point is you wouldn't do them sober! And we both drank that night so it doesn't matter!"

"It does matter!" Albus yelled. He ran a hand through his hair, frustrated. "I didn't have a single drink that night. Now what does that tell you?"

I was speechless. He hadn't drunken that entire night.

He kissed me because he wanted to.

We stood there, staring at each other for a few seconds. I had no idea what to say.

"You didn't drink at all?" I asked him.

He shook his head. "I didn't have any alcohol."

I had no idea what to do. Because I could no longer brush this off as a meaningless kiss.

It meant something, whether I wanted to or not.

"Alice come back!"

We both looked down the hall, where Alice was running away from Louis, crying.

"Alice," I said, running to her. I pulled her into a hug. "Alice what's wrong?"

"He, he was in a broom cupboard," she said, in between sobs. "With another girl. They were kissing."

"What?" I said. I felt the anger raise inside me. Alice never cries, not over anything.

And now she was crying over Louis.

He is now a dead man.

"Alice let me explain," Louis said, reaching us.

"Alice go into the dorm, and find Rose," I said to her, pushing her into the Common Room. I turned on Louis. "What the actual fuck?!"

"Addie, let me explain," Louis begged.

"Explain what?!" I yelled at him. "You were in a broom cupboard with another girl! Alice is crying over you! She never cries!"

"Addie, listen-"

"No, you listen Louis Weasley," I said. "You will stay the fuck away from her. If I ever see her crying because of you again, I promise you, that will be the end of you and our friendship. I can't believe you Louis. I actually thought you were going to be good for her. I actually thought that you liked her. Well I guess I was fucking wrong."

I ran into the Common Room and up to my dorm. Alice was lying on her bed with Rose hugging her and I saw that she was crying as well.

I went to the bed an engulfed them both in a hug, starting to cry myself. I hated seeing Alice cry and I felt my heart breaking for her. I knew that I would do the same for Rose and they would do the same for me.

"I really liked him," Alice said. "I really, really liked him."

"I know," Rose said. "I know."

"It'll be okay," I said. "You have us."

As long as the three of us had each other, nothing could hurt us.

A/N: I’m not a huge fan of this chapter. But I hope you enjoyed it! Yay another fast update! But super cute action between James and Addie. I love their relationship. 

And Louis sucks right now. Poor Alice.

Please review!!

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