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Abroad by youknowwho013
Chapter 4 : Late Night Snacking, Puddles, and an Intense Game of Chubby Bunny
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Disclaimer: unfortunately, I do not own Harry Potter, Twilight, or Shark Boy and Lava Girl ;)

I'm dreaming of chocolate. A river if chocolate! Yeah! That's more like it!
I am floating down the river on pancake in someplace that looks like the Land of Milk and Cookies from Sharkboy and Lava Girl. Suddenly, there's a high pitched cackle coming from behind one of the cookies. I look around, and realize that it's a giant Merlin! He starts reaching towards me...

I wake up with a start.

Aw, hell no! I did not just dream about giant Merlins and cookies. OMIGOSH I AM GOING CRAZY! WHAT TIME IS IT?

...time to get a watch! Heehee!

Not now brain!

I look over at the clock I'm my bed-side table.

It's....two...o' the morning...
...on a...Saturday! Must...go sleep!

I lay my head down on the pillow, close my eyes...and nothing! Ok, let's try sleeping on my back! I turn over...nothing! Ugh.

I try fluffing up my pillow, sleeping on my stomach, counting dragons, drinking warm pumpkin juice (had leftover in my bag) and much more. I kept wiggling around and couldn't get comfortable. I soon find myself with my head on the other side of the bed, with one leg completely hanging off the bed, and arms spread out beside me. WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING WRONG?!?!

My stomach growls in response.

...really? A trip to the kitchen now!?

My stomach growls again, louder this time.

Fine fine! If you insist! I reach over for my wand, and rush downstairs. One of the first things Rose showed me was where the kitchen was. I step outside the portrait hole, ignoring the Fat Ladies grumbles about being woken up so early, and walk through the corridors, lost in thought.

...wait, haven't I seen that
statue before? And that painting? Crap on a broomstick I'm lost!!!

I then hear footsteps and start to freak out. What if it's Filch?!?! I'm dead! He'll hang me in the dungeons by my earlobes! Then I'll die a slow painful death without ears!! And no one will notice!!!

"Pssst! Xandra!"

I met out a pitiful girlish squeal, much to my embarrassment.

" Xandra it's me! Albus!" his head suddenly appears out of thin air, and I let out another squeal. What am I? A pig?

"Umm, hi? May I ask why you have a floating head?" I ask nonchalantly, like floating heads were nothing new to me.

He smiles, "Its my dad's invisibility cloak! Had it in the family for years."

I gape at him. "That's so sick! Can I try?" he hesitates. "Pretty please with a chocolate frog on top? Please please please?"

"Oh fine, just be careful..." he trails off and hands me the cloak, cringing slightly. I roll my eyes at him, and take the cloak from his hand and put it on, and scurry behind Al. A confused look flashes across his face, and I smirk a smirk worthy of a Malfoy. I rush down the hall a quietly as possible, and start making loud footsteps, and lots of noise. I see Al tense up and then wave his arms around in front of him, searching for me. I stifle a snort. He looks ridiculous.

I start to talk, copying the care taker, Filch's, raspy voice.

"Hear a trouble maker Mrs Norris? Hmm, interesting. Too bad I forgot my shackles!" Albus acts more and more flustered. He gives up in trying to find me and hides behind a tapestry of Urg the Unclean or something like that. You never know at Hogwarts.

I stalk after Albus, making more and more noise with each step. I stop right in front of Urg, and hear Albus. Fear me Al! Fear me!

"Do you hear it Mrs. Norris? Good thing I remembered my extra set if shackles! Yes, revenge will be mine!" I then yell out and rip open the tapestry, laughing at Albus's girlish scream. I pull off the cloak, tears of laughter streaming down my face.

"Omigosh, if you...could see....your...face!" I manage to say, laughing. He gives me glare in return.

"Hey! I thought it was funny!" I retort.

Al tries to keep a straight face, but no one can resist the cuteness that is known as Xandra Plank! No one! He breaks, and let's out a deep, sexy chuckle.

"Fine, it was pretty funny. Actually, that was the best Filch impression i've ever heard! You had me convinced." Al says.

"Why thank you, I have known for my uncanny impressions...." I trail off and think for a second. "Hey, why are you down here anyway?"

"Oh, I was hungry, so I was going down to the kitchens. Then I heard you and came to see what was going on," he looks at me. "You know you are not even close to the kitchens right?"

"Uhh...yes?" I say, like a question. He laughs, shaking his head.

"Just follow me then, I'm assuming you were hungry as well?" I nod, and he takes me through different corridors, until we arrive at the giant bowl if fruit.

"Yay! We made it! Can I tickle Puddles?"

"Who the hell is puddles?"

"Why the pear of course! What else?"

"You named the pear Puddles?" he gives me a skeptical look.

"Of course! Tash, Rose, and I all named him together!" I reach up and tickle the pear, he giggles, then turns into a doorknob, which I gladly twist and enter the kitchen. Also known as Heaven. Albus and I rush inside, where house elves are just begging to make us something.

"I'll have fried chicken, pumpkin juice, pizza, and ice cream!" I practically screech. I'm hungry, ok?

"Whoa, someone's hungry," Al retorts. My stomach growls in response.

"Your food Mister Potter!" a very enthusiastic house elf practically screams at us. He then hands my food to me.

Drooling ensues.

Al and I sit down, and I instantly dig in, shoving as much food as I can into my mouth. I'm not one of those calorie-counters at all. I just eat. Food is food, it's meant to be eaten!

I take a break for shoving food down my throat, and glance at Al. He's staring at me like I'm crazy. What? Did I do something wrong? My cheeks heat up.

"I thought only Wotters could eat that fast! I applaud you!" Al spits out. Huh. Weird, I have never been complimented on my eating habits before.


He laughs, "It's a compliment, Fang."


"Fang? Is that really what you just called me? No cool nickname like, the General, or Xandra Cool Kid? You had to go with Fang?!"

"I thought it was good..." he mumbles into his pumpkin juice. He then perks up. "but I'll just have to stick with it! Fang is a perfect name for you!"

What am I? Edward Cullen!?

"Here's a deal. We play Chubby Bunny. If I win, you will not be allowed to call me that terrible nick-name. If you win, you can call me whatever you want. Got it?"

He smirks. "Its on."

* * *

Must. Not. Let. Him. Win.

Al and I are still in the kitchens. We each have 5 jumbo marshmallows stuffed in our mouths. I don't think I can put any more in. Al smirks at me. Well, tries to, he can't really smirk with five marshmallows stuffed in your mouth. He knows I'm having trouble. He reaches for another marshmallow. No! He can't win!

He picks one up, and stuffs it in his mouth.

"Choobby Buhny."

NO! He won! Why?! Why me?!

He spits the marshmallows out of his mouth, me following suit.

"So...Fang," he smirks, I scowl. "We better start heading back."


We both get up and walk out if the kitchens, bidding the house elves farewell, and head off down the corridors.

"So, Fang, tell me about yourself."

"Well, first off, my name is XANDRA. I am of the female gender, I play beater, and I'm frikin good at it too. I have two little sisters, many friends. I have an obsession with food (especially Nutella) and my favorite color is orange. You?"

"Well! My name is Albus, son of the one and only, Harry Potter. I have an older brother, James, and a younger sister, Lily. I play keeper, bloody well might I add, and have a weakness for chocolate frogs. My favorite color is maroon."

"hmm, interesting to hear Junior, interesting."

"Junior? Is that my new nickname?"

"Yup!" I add. Popping the P. "I think it works with you." I say, a smile breaking across my face.

"huh, well I guess it's fair that way." we fall into a comfortable silence until we reach the Fat Lady.

"Gillyweed!" Junior says.

The Fat Lady let's us in, grumbling.

"Ladies first, Al." I say to him, smirking.

"Ha ha, you are so funny!" he mocks, walking into the common room. I follow quickly.

I step over when....BAM. I fall right over into the common room, bracing myself for the fall, but it never comes. Instead, Al grabs me before I can hit the floor.

......around the waist.

.......and he doesn't let go.

I stare up into his emerald eyes, said to be the exact same shade as his father.

Good god! I think he's going to kiss me! He leans his head closer, my heart starts racing. Oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god. And....

"I...Uhh...have to....uh...go to the loo!" Al then frantically runs up thes dorm.

Da hell!?

A/N hey guys! :) thanks for reading! I hope u like the story. I'm not really happy with this chapter, but I was totally writers blocked, and this...ya..If u did like the story , and even if u didn't, tell me in a review! Please!!! They make my day, and I only have 3 :( sad... Sad...anyway, tell me what u think, how I can improve my writing etc. etc. thanks guys! :)

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Abroad: Late Night Snacking, Puddles, and an Intense Game of Chubby Bunny


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