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Anna Banana by banshee
Chapter 1 : Black, and not Sirius
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...and then Hermione Weasley kissed her husband.

“Anna, play Harry Potter with us!” Mary shouted, running towards me with a cloak and wand in hand. I looked back down to the sentences I was writing; my own Harry Potter Fanfiction. I couldn't help but smile at the girls as they rushed over; ever since I told them I was a Harry Potter fan, they wanted to play “The Tri-Wizard Tournament” every time I babysat for them.

“Alright, but let's go outside, okay? Reparo didn't actually work for the lamp we broke last time.” I giggled. The girls shoved the cloak and wand into my hand, and ran out the back door shouting “Stupefy!”

I put on my winter coat and the costume robes over it, and chased them out the door. I ran towards them through the snow, and shouted “ExpellaaaAAAH!”

All I saw was black, and not Sirius.


I woke up to the sound of fingers flipping franticly through the pages of a book. I groaned, trying figure out where the noise could be coming from. I reached over to where my clock always was. My arm flew through the empty space, not hitting the top of the clock as it did every morning. I peeked an eye open, and that's when I noticed the ruby four posters.

“Whaa... Where am I?” I mumbled as I tried to rub the last bit of sleep out of my eyes. I opened them again, and they immediately flew open all the way.

“…Gryff… H-Hogw…Hogwarts” I stuttered, getting up and staring at the four poster beds. I looked down, and I was still wearing the robe costume I had on when…

The ice. That's the last thing I remember. I shouted ‘Expelliarmus’, slipped, and hit my head.

“Anna, are you ok?”

I spun around to the sound of a British accent. When I got a good look at the girl standing in front of me, my eyes bugged out even wider. It couldn't be…

“I… I thought you had shorter hair? You had that adorable pixie haircut, why'd you grow it back out?” I furrowed my eyebrows. “And, you still aren't filming this, are you?”

The girl in question tilted her head slightly, no doubt as confused as I was. “Anna, what's wrong? I know yesterday was a rough first day, but you have to remember my name at least. I'm Hermione, Hermione Granger, remember?"

I stared at the girl for a second, blinking. This really couldn't be what I think it is. It’s a joke, right? I couldn't be at…

“Anna, you just started here at Hogwarts yesterday; you're from America. You said Montana, if I recall.” Hermione frowned as she tried to rack her brain like I had read so many times.

“Hermione, for the love of Merlin, please shut up!” a lump from the bed next to me groaned. I scrunched up my nose; I didn't think people at… Hogwarts… actually said, ‘Oh Merlin!’ and things like that.

“Sorry Lavender,” Hermione mumbled.

“Wait wait, Lavender… as in Lavender Brown? The Lavender Brown?” I asked, looking over to the lump.

“Yes new girl, the Lavender Brown, now please shut your mouth!” The lump replied.

“Alright Sam, Mary, this isn't funny anymore.” I shouted whilst looking for the little girls I had been babysitting.

“New Girl!” Lavender shouted again.

“So… I'm… at Hogwarts?” I asked Hermione. She nodded politely. “What...what year are we in?” I figured I could get a better idea of what was going on if I at least knew what book this was from.

“Sixth. But if you keep talking, I'll send you back to first,” Lavender grumbled. Wow, she was worse than the books. Oh, and I knew why. I smiled.

“Ron is probably waiting for you, Lav Lav." I smirked. Lavender suddenly shot out of bed, and smiled evilly at Hermione.

“You're probably right, new girl,” she said as she kept her smirk pinned on Hermione. “I have to go down and meet my boyfriend.” After quickly changing into something way to provocative to be allowed in a children's book, Lavender swaggered out of the room. I kid you not, swaggered. I turned hesitantly to Hermione; I was expecting the waterworks over Ron to start any second.

She however, was smiling.

“Are you okay?” I asked hesitantly.

“Yeah… I mean I did tell you yesterday how I'm so in love with Ron, and it did hurt to see them together yesterday, but now, it's totally weird, it suddenly doesn't. Let's go down to breakfast, I want to see if someone's there.”

I nodded, becoming confused at Hermione's poor dialogue usage. The Hermione Granger I've always read about would never use the phrase ‘I'm SO in love with’ or ‘It's totally weird.’ After Hermione pulled on a green shirt and her Gryffindor robes, we left the dorms.

I looked around in awe as Hermione dragged me through the castle to the Great Hall. I mean, I saw the movies, but really it was nothing like walking through… Hogwarts.

I'm at Hogwarts. I'm walking to the Great Hall with Hermione Granger. Be jealous, Harry Potter fans! So what if this is probably just a dream, or a prank by Sam and Mary. The only thing was, Hermione. She was different. Her hair lay in soft, bouncy curls; it wasn’t the normal ‘brown bushy’ I was used to reading. She walked with a strange confidence, much too proud for the bookworm Hermione Granger I was used to.

We were almost to the Great Hall, when laughter, followed by singing came from down the hall. It had to be.

“It's—” Hermione said excitedly, before stopping short; it was as if her brain forgot to finish the sentence. “Anna, who is that?”

Now I was completely confused. “Hermione I've been here for one day and I know who that is; are you kidding me?” (I wasn't sure how I was going to bring up why I knew, but we'll cross that bridge when we got there.)

“Anna I've never seen or heard that Ghost in my life.”

Then it hit me. It couldn’t be, could it? The girly phrases from Hermione, Lavender's over the top slutty personality, and no one knowing who bloody Peeves is. It all made sense. I was in a bloody Fanfiction; and a bad one at that.

I followed Hermione into the Great Hall, where things started to go downhill steadily. Keeping the astonishment of the actual Great Hall off my face, I looked around. Hermione was leading us to the Gryffindor table, to sit with Ron, Lavender, and Harry.

Harry freaking Potter. Is my first day too soon to ask for his autograph? Collin didn’t wait, do I have to?

I quietly sat next to Hermione and across from Harry, Ron, and Lavender. Harry nodded hello, and Ron seemed to try to say ‘hi’. However, he didn't take the time to stop chewing before saying it, so bits of eggs sprayed all over the table. I started to chuckle. It was the, ‘Ron Weasley can't stop eating’ scene. It was definitely Fanfiction.

“Hermione, do we have classes today?” I whispered over to her. If I was going to be here, I wanted to learn some stuff!

“Huh?” she asked, snapping back to the conversation. I quickly followed her line of vision over to where she was still glancing. Her eyes were fixed over to the Slytherin table. I squinted as my eyes landed on him; there seemed to be a golden glow radiating off the much-too-fit, over-the-top-handsome Draco Malfoy. That's when I realized it; I was in a Dramione. Bugger.

“But I ship Romione!” I shouted, looking up to the sunny ceiling. I sighed over-dramatically, dropping my head onto the table. “Why, why, WHY does it have to be Dramione!?”

“Bloody hell mate,” Ron gasped, sliding himself and Lavender down the bench. I tried to ignore the use of Ron's seemingly one and only catch phrase, and continued to vent my frustrations from my forehead to the table. Maybe if I could hit my head hard enough I’d go back home.

“She's the new girl, she's a mental case,” Lavender chimed in.

“You know what?!” I shouted, standing up and pointing to Lavender. “The best part of Deathly Hallows was reading Greyback mauling you! Go screw your sweetheart necklace, bitch!” I slammed my hand down on the table, before running out of the Great Hall. I could feel the warm tears begin in my eyes as I leaned up against the stone wall, and sat on the cold floor.

“Anna! Anna what the hell?” Hermione asked as she followed me out of the Great Hall. I wiped the tears away from my eyes as I let out a sarcastic laugh. Hermione swearing; in what universe, Author!?

“You like Draco Malfoy,” I sighed. I just wanted to go home. “You're supposed to love Ron!”

She furrowed her eyebrows and sat next to me. “I don't understand.”

“No, you know, I get it… I guess.” I reasoned, calming down to prevent further exposure. “Draco's cute, sort of…” Well… the guy who plays him certainly is. I continued, “He's got the whole, bad boy thing going for him. And the troubled childhood helps. But what about Ron?”

“He loves Lavender,” Hermione explained.

I thought about this for a second, trying to remember back to the sixth book.

“What day is it?” I asked.

“February twenty-eighth,” Hermione replied.

“Wait, so tomorrow is Ro—”

“Granger, what's going on out here?”

I looked up when I heard a much-too-sexy voice interrupt me. I squinted as the golden glow radiating off of him was too much up close. Draco's hair seemed to be reflecting the sun in a god-like sort of way. It had to be a Dramione. Draco is supposed to be spending his time trying to off Dumbledore; he should look like hell, not so bloody handsome.

“Draco, we're talking,” Hermione mumbled, her face growing pink.

She said Draco; she didn't call him ‘Malfoy’. Dammit, that's Dramione 101. I buried my head into my knees, and started to curse to myself.

They ignored me. “Come on, we have to go to Potions,” he said, offering his hand to Hermione. She shyly accepted, and let him help her to her feet. Draco and Hermione walked ahead, much too close for my Romione heart to handle.

“Anna Banana's bumped her head, How many days before she's back in bed?” Peeves suddenly flew by again, singing happily.

“Peeves!” I shouted. He stopped abruptly, spinning around.

“You know Peevsie's name?” He questioned, grinning happily.

“Yes, I know who you are,” I repeated, grinning. “Remember, Potty wee Potter, Loony loopy Lupin?”

His eyes grew wide and begun to water ghosty tears. If he wasn't transparent, it looked as if he may have hugged me. “Someone remembered Peeves!” He shouted, flying around in circles.

“Peeves, stop! What do you mean, how many days?” I asked.

“Anna Banana is stuck!” He grinned happily, flying away. I tried to call after him, but he flew away quickly, singing, “Loooooony loopy Lupin!

I stared down the hall as he turned the corner, realizing Hermione had left me. “Don't mind him; no one here really knows who he is.” I turned to the voice next to me, realizing Harry had appeared from the Great Hall. “I'm Harry, by the way, Harry Potter.”

“I… err, it's nice to meet you, Harry Potter.” I shook his hand. We walked to Potions together and he pointed out some of the things in the castle. If anyone out there reading this ever bumps their head while running around with a Harry Potter costume on, pray you come to Hogwarts.


After Potions, Hermione, myself, Draco, Ron, Lavender (Who was still pretty sour about my 'Greyback' comment earlier), Ginny, Harry, and… let's say Seamus Finnegan, (hey, he's pretty cute, and he's got the Irish accent going for him) piled out of the dungeons, and stood in a circle.

“What just happened?” I asked, looking around at my fellow classmates. I could have sworn we were just walking into the Potions classroom. I didn't even mention the fact that Ginny freaking Weasley was in class with us, I just made a mental note to hit my head against a table later.

“Um, Potions class, new girl,” Lavender snapped, scowling. She started to kiss Ron again before I could reply to her snide comment, so I just rolled my eyes and looked up to the ceiling. Classic jump, our Author didn't feel like planning a Potions lesson, so we just casually slipped over it without notice.

“It's Friday, you know what that means,” Draco drawled, before giving a nervous glance over to Hermione. I tried not to let out a sigh they could hear; I could only imagine what our Author had planned for a Friday after classes. I followed the group up the stairs, and after the fifth flight, not only was I red faced and out of breath, I figured out where we were going. After two more flights I watched as Draco stepped forward from the group, and paced back and forth three times. I had to roll my eyes and laugh at this scenario. A group of all Gryffindors and Draco Malfoy were all hanging out. I'd have to remember this the next time the thought occurs to try writing a Dramione. I shuttered at the mere thought.

As the doors appeared, I was tempted to conjure a wooden bat and beat myself over the head for not figuring it out sooner.

“Spin the bottle,” I mumbled, shaking my head.

“You have to new girl, it's Friday tradition,” Draco drawled, sitting on one of the eight pillows. The rest of the group followed, each sitting next to the obvious pairing the Author decided. I huffed, before sitting in between Hermione and Seamus.

“It's Harry's turn to go first,” Lavender announced, adjusting so her chest was sticking out further. Harry seemed to grow anxious and glanced quickly over to Ginny, before spinning the Butterbeer bottle. As expected, it landed on Ginny. Her face instantly matched her hair, which was a strange sight to actually see considering the coppery color of ginger hair usually isn't what a blush looks like. I made a mental note to never again write that, ‘Ron's ears matched his hair’. Harry gave her a quick peck on the lips, but it was quickly interrupted by a loud bang. In the rage of seeing his best friend kissing his sister, Ron had thrown the couch across the room.

“It's my turn next,” Ron fumed, and grabbed the bottle. I perked up as the bottle slowed at Hermione, but slumped down as it magically sped up and landed on Lavender. I was really beginning to dislike this author. Hermione let out an overdramatic sigh of relief, as Lavender climbed on top of Ron and snogged the living daylights out of him. They moved away from the circle, clearly as sick of spin the bottle as the readers of this Author's story will be.

“Your turn, new girl,” Draco drawled, pointing to the bottle.

“Why do you have to drawl everything you say, Malfoy?” I asked, squinting at him as I tried to look without blinding myself.

“Well, I'm not sure,” he drawled, looking over to Hermione and smirking. She blushed, thankfully the normal color. I grabbed the Butterbeer bottle and spun it, and as I expected, it landed on Seamus.

“Top o' the mornin', Anna,” he said, before giving me a quick kiss. I resisted the urge to tell him to give those kids the Lucky Charms, before sitting back on the pillow.

“Granger,” Draco drawled, as the corners of his cheeks twitched into a smile. Lavender and Ron joined us for this next part, clearly as a dramatic suspense attempt by the lovely Author. Hermione leaned forward slowly and spun. The bottle slowed as it neared Ron, before landing on… well I probably don’t have to tell you.

Draco pretended to give a disgusted look, and Hermione did the same. “You have to!” Lavender squealed; obviously she was the only one interested in the “Forbidden Love” idea. Draco leaned over and whispered something into Hermione's ear, to which she blushed even more. He brought his hand up to her cheek, and gave her a light kiss. Everyone in the room went, “Aww” and I tried not to throw up.

“Hermione, will you go to the Yule Ball with me?” Draco whispered onto her lips. Hermione looked into his eyes (God help me I don't know how, the glow was horrid) as a small smile formed on her lips, and she nodded.

“The Yule Ball!? It's March!” I shouted. The group all gave me confused looks, before shrugging their shoulders and continuing on with their conversations. It seemed as if anything I tried to say to ‘the Author’, was just pushed off as 'the mental new girl'.

I stood up with the rest of the group as we started to leave the Room of Requirement, clearly one kiss per couple was all the Author could bare to keep attention for. “Do ya fancy goin' ta the ball wit' me?” Seamus asked, tapping my shoulder.

“You don't need to write out accents… You wrote it wrong anyway,” I mumbled, before putting on a fake smile, and turning back to Seamus. “Yeah, sure, I'll go with you.” With any luck I should be back to Sam and Mary by the time the ‘March Ball’ came, so I wouldn't have to worry about this anyway. I couldn't bear to even think how poorly this author planned this out, a dance on Ron's birthday. Sorry, a Christmas dance on Ron’s birthday. As I stepped out of the Room of Requirement, the doors behind me disappeared. I sighed, this should be a dream come true to be at Hogwarts, but why Dramione?

“I know that feeling,” Harry sighed, stepping up next to me.

“What feeling?” I asked.

“Well, you really like Seamus, but with the war, it's not worth it because we're all going to die from You-Know-Who; we can't start relationships.” Harry sighed, shuffling his foot and looking towards the ground.

“Random Harry Potter angst, really!? Harry calls him Voldemort!” I shouted to the ceiling, before rushing away from the group. I heard Lavender say something about St. Mungos, but I didn't care. I had one thing this Author didn't, and I was going to use him to my full advantage. All I had to do was find him. I started down the hall trying to figure out how to summon the school’s poltergeist, and that's when I saw the suit of armor. I walked over to it, and after doing a quick glance around to make sure I couldn't be blamed, I shoved it over.

Instantly, Peeves flew through the wall, laughing madly as I pretended to look embarrassed.

“Peeves!” I snapped, waving him over.

“Anna Banana!” he shouted happily, floating over and stopping in front of me.

“Peeves, what do you mean I'm stuck here?” I whispered quickly, looking around before any teachers came to find out what the noise was.

“Anna Banana can't leave until she fixes the Weaselbee and the nerdy Granger!” Peeves sung, flying in circles around me. My eyes widened.

“Are you kidding me!?” I whispered loudly, “You're saying I can't leave until the Author stops writing Dramione?”

“Anna Banana's stuck! ANNA BANANA'S STUCK!” Peeves shouted, and flew away. My worst nightmare had come true. I was stuck in a cliché filled, poorly planned, plot-less, Dramione.


“Anna!” A voice whispered as it shook me awake. I groaned, trying to flail my arms around in order to push away whoever was trying to wake me up at this god forsaken hour. I moved my arm over to my face to look at my watch, and when I noticed the hour hand had not passed the four, I bolted up.

“What in God's name are you waking me up at three thirty in the morning for!?” I hissed, glaring at Hermione and Ginny.

“You should say, ‘what in Merlin's name,’” Hermione corrected me, before squealing. “We have to get ready for the ball!” I cringed at a few things. The ‘Merlin’ correction was going to get her hit, but more so the sight of Hermione getting excited to get ready for a ball. The worst was she seemed to have inherited the same golden glow as Draco, with her hair flowing in perfect spiral curls.

“Hermione, it's three in the damn morning, how is your hair so perfect?” I questioned.

“Oh I don't know, I think it's this new conditioner I'm using, ‘Mary Sue Curl Control’, it's really great for frizzy hair.” She said happily. “You should try it!”

I ignored the backwards insult as I attempted to pull my blankets back over my head. However, it didn't last long before I was attacked with Ginny's oh so famous Bat-Bogey Hex.

“Seriously, she knows more than one spell,” I muttered, trying to wave away the mucus covered bats away from me. Not really the greatest idea to set off in a dorm room, we all realized, as the bats flew and stuck themselves to the wall. I conceded in defeat, and got out of bed to follow Ginny and Hermione into the bathroom. Err, lavatory.

Immediately, Hermione and Ginny sat me down on a wooden stool sitting in front of a large mirror, and pointed their wands towards my hair. They both started poking, prodding, curling and cutting, trying to transform my bed head into something presentable for the ball, seventeen hours from now. As the hours passed and my butt fell asleep, I begun to sigh.

“Seamus will fall in love with you when he sees you. You're going to look so beautiful; all this time spent will be worth it,” Ginny squealed. I cringed as something goopy poured out of her wand and into my hair.

“I don't want Seamus to fall in love with me,” I replied simply, standing up. “My arse hurts. Hermione it's your turn.” I said, pointing to the stool. She nodded and sat. Ginny immediately took control, attempting an adorable up-do for Hermione's perfect curls. The time dragged by as I attempted to help, and was quickly swatted away by Ginny's busy work. I now understood why authors gave their female characters hours and hours to get ready for dances, because every individual piece of hair needed to be pinned up in a beautiful fashion to get the attention of their dates, and make them fall in love.

Bullocks! I need Draco and Hermione to not fall in love.

“Err, Hermione, don't you think you should wear your hair normally, so Mal— err, Draco falls in love with the real you?” I suggested.

“Isn't it romantic?” Ginny swooned, ignoring me. “Pureblood Draco Malfoy falling in love with the muggle-born Hermione Granger.”

I resisted the urge to mumble profanities about Dramione, and shot Ginny a fake smile.

“That’s the thing,” Hermione muttered, her cheeks growing pink. “Draco loves the curls like this, he hates my frizzy hair.”

I bit my lip, suddenly feeling bad for the perfect version Hermione. After all, it wasn't her fault she was in love with Malfoy. After spending another odd amount of hours on Ginny's already perfect hair, we took turns doing each other’s makeup, before exiting the bathroom and changing into our ball gowns.

Hermione's dress was a beautiful royal purple, covered in golden sparkl—

No. I will not spend fifteen paragraphs describing the aurora of beauty radiating off Hermione and Ginny's gowns. Hermione wore purple, Ginny wore green, and I wore blue. Done. moving on.

After slipping into my oh-so-uncomfortable shoes to match my dress, the three of us headed down the stairs to the Common Room. Sitting on the couch by the fireplace were Ron and Lavender, who was wearing sort of a pink… well it certainly couldn't be called a skirt – more of a belt – to match Ron's Yule Ball robes he wore back in fourth year. Seamus was waiting with a bouquet of roses he must have charmed blue, to match my dress. He was a sweet kid; I sort of feel bad that he was a figment of my passed out imagination.

Harry was sitting in the chair next to them, tapping his fingers nervously on the arm rest. When he noticed the three of us walking down, he grinned at the sight of Ginny. He stood up and walked over to greet her, giving her a small kiss on the cheek. However it was quickly interrupted once again by a loud bang. We all spun around to see Ron standing over the coffee table in front of the couch, holding out his arm and fuming heavily; he just karate chopped it in half at the sight of Harry kissing Ginny.

“That's my sister!” he roared, pulling out his wand and pointing it at Harry. Quickly, Ginny jumped in front of Harry and shot a Bat-Bogey hex at her brother. Covered in mucus, he receded to sitting on the couch and snogging Lavender.

“Here, these are for you,” Seamus said as he walked over. He handed me the bouquet of flowers. I smiled and thanked him with a kiss on the cheek. I ran back up to the girl’s dorms to put them away, before joining the group to head to the ball. Despite the fact that Seamus was looking cuter by the second, I had a mission tonight.

As we exited the portrait hole, I narrowed my eyes as the glow coming from in front of me was too much to bear. Draco's six-pack abs were protruding through his emerald dress robes and his hair had an even worse shine. As he walked towards Hermione she smiled, and blushed as he took her hand and placed a small kiss on it.

“Y'all right, Anna?” Seamus leaned over and asked. “Y'look like ya might be sick.”

“How is anyone supposed to have a romantic night when these two are glowing so much?” I whispered back. He furrowed his eyebrows, so I waved my hand in dismissal. “Never mind. I'll be right back,” I mumbled, letting go of his hand and rushing up to Hermione.

“Why Draco?” I whispered as I pulled her away. The other six gave us confusing looks, but I waved them off, telling them to go on without us. Draco shrugged, and caught up to Ron and Lavender. I repeated, “Why Draco?”

“He's smart, and handsome. He's really sweet when you get to know him, and he's passionate about the things he loves. He may have a tough outer shell, but he's a softie on the inside.” Hermione swooned; clearly she was intrigued by his Quidditch toned muscles. I tried, I mean really tried, to bite my lip and not scream at the author for describing everything Draco Malfoy is NOT.

“Hermione, don't you remember in second year when he called you the ‘M’ word?” I asked, fuming.

“Well, he said he was just kidding.” Hermione tried to reason, although I could see a small glint of sadness in her eyes.

“Come on,” I sighed, grabbing her arm. I felt bad again for the perfect Hermione, she didn't deserve this. “I've got an idea. Dance with Draco when we get inside.”

She nodded, and we rushed off to the ball. The Great Hall had been transformed exactly the way the Goblet of Fire had described it two years prior. I couldn't help but sigh at the unoriginality of our author; they couldn’t even pick a different dance theme. Immediately Hermione rushed over to Malfoy, and the whispers started as the two began to dance. Ah, the disapproval from their peers, how could I have forgotten! It’s classic Dramione. I saw Pansy Parkinson dancing with Blaize Zabini, scrunching up her pug-faced appearance at the vision of them together.

“I know that feeling, Parkinson,” I muttered as I took Seamus' hand. We moved near where Harry and Ginny were dancing, and I wrapped my arms around him as I moved to get a better look at Draco and Hermione, as well as Ron and Lavender. I had one shot to make this spell work, and I wasn’t going to waste it.

“Ginny, we need to talk,” I heard Harry say from by us. “I care about you, but we can’t be, because of Voldemort. Please understand.”

“HARRY POTTER!” I shouted, dropping my arms off Seamus. “This angsty crap needs to stop! Shut up and kiss her already.”

Harry started to cower, and that’s when I realized everyone in the hall was staring at me. Well except Ron, who was off breaking something because of Harry and Ginny. I sighed; it was as good of a time as any. I pulled out the toy wand that Mary had given me, pointed it towards the two couples, and shouted “Canonius Maximus!”

Instantly, Hermione’s hair begun to frizz, and Draco’s muscles began to shrink. Ron’s fuming temper instantly calmed, and thankfully for us all, Lavender’s dress lengthened. However, as this happened, I started to get light headed. As I watched the grin on Draco’s face turn to utter disgust when he realized he was actually dancing with Hermione Granger, I grabbed onto Seamus for support.


“Hermione? Hermione!” I shouted, quickly waving to her. She gladly left Draco, but not before slapping him. I smiled as I rubbed my temples. Seamus guided me to a table to sit.

“Anna, are you okay?” Hermione asked as she kneeled in front of me. Her voice sounded distant, even though I could see she was directly in front of me. The music became blurred, and everything looked lighter.

“What happened?” Seamus asked, his voice also blotchy.

“Hermione, when Ron wants to save the House Elves, you have to kiss him,” I whispered, before shutting my eyes. “Seamus… I’m going back to Montana, guys.”


“Girls, what happened?” I heard a voice with a thick brogue ask.

“Seamus?” I muttered, cringing at the bright light of the sun reflecting off the snow. Immediately, I heard the giggles of Sam and Mary, laughing over what I had just said.

“She fell,” Mary told the voice. “We were playing Harry Potter.”

“Harry Potter, ‘eh?” he asked with a small chuckle.

I peeked an eye open, and saw Sam, Mary, and… bugger… a really cute guy standing over me. Why did he have to be so handsome, and why did I have to be wearing Harry Potter robes?

“Who’er you?” I muttered, opening my eyes fully. “Sam, Mary what happened?

“You fell on the ice,” Sam reminded me, and continued into a fit of giggles with Mary.

“How long was I gone for?” I groaned, feeling suddenly bad that I had left the girls by themselves.

The boy smirked. “A few seconds. I saw… well I saw the magic happen.”

“Girls go play,” I ordered as I moved into a sitting position. I could feel my face get hot as the boy smiled at me. They giggled knowingly, before running off and shouting spells at each other.

“I can’t believe you saw me run out of their house in Hogwarts robes,” I muttered as I buried my face in my hands. I started to laugh at how pathetic I really could be in front of the opposite sex.

“Naw, you were just bein’ Tonks, right?” He chuckled and offered me a hand so I could stand up. I tilted my head and cocked an eyebrow at him. He elaborated, “Sorry, she’s clumsy in the books, right?”

“Yeah… you like Harry Potter?” I asked, as I took his hand and smiled.

“O’course, it’s my favorite! I’m Shane. Shane Finnegan. We just moved in yesterday,” he explained.

I grinned. Instead of shaking his hand, I pointed the toy wand at him and shouted “Oppugno!”


Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Harry Potter books, movies, or any other poorly placed pop culture references in this story. This story is dedicated to Peeves, because Warner Brothers may have forgotten you, but I never will! I hope you enjoyed this!

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Anna Banana: Black, and not Sirius


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