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Love Unexpected by Slytherinx7
Chapter 22 : Epilogue
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Five Years Later

The group all sit luxuriously around the table outside, relishing in the feel of the summer sun shining down on their faces. Harry and Ginny Potter watch as their three kids, James Sirius, Albus Severus, and Lily Luna, all play in the yard. Neville and Hannah Longbottom are excitedly discussing a recent Quidditch match with Ron Weasley. Draco Malfoy guides his wife, Hermione, to her seat, holding her arm as she lowers herself into it slowly. Her very pregnant belly seems to keep getting bigger and bigger everyday. It shouldn't be long now until their daughter is born. Their son, Scorpius Lucius, is quite thrilled to be an older brother. Draco always thinks about the day when he sits his son down to tell him about his grandfather, the wonderful man he's named after who died protecting the family he loved more than anything. Luna Lovegood carries out a tray full of drinks for everyone. The laughter of the children playing travels through the air to grace all of their ears. Draco sits down close to his wife and kisses her cheek thoughtfully, his hand on her stomach. They both smile as they feel their daughter kick against his hand.

"So, have you two chosen a name for your little girl yet?" Ginny asks the Malfoys, noticing the exchange between them.

"Antlia Lyra Malfoy," Hermione proclaims, a huge smile spreading wide across her tired features.

"Antlia Lyra? That's beautiful. Both constellations, I assume?"

"Of course," Draco confirms proudly. He always respected his mother's family tradition of naming their children after constellations. He was named after one. His son is named after one. And now his daughter will be named after two constellations. He felt quite lucky when Hermione was so gracious to accept this tradition. Afterall, they are her children as well and she should be happy with the names they pick out for them. As predicted by Harry during his toast at their wedding, Draco and Hermione have both come so far together. Hermione continued to adore her job working in her bookshop, which has been getting great business as always. It always puts a smile on her face to see other people enjoy reading as much as she does. She always said that books were a terrible thing to waste and people should read more. Of course, used to hearing this more times than numbers could express, Draco simply rolls his eyes at this time and time again. Draco returned to work at the Ministry of Magic, but this time as an aurour along with his new friends. The incident with his aunt, Bellatrix Lestrange, seemed to shake much loose in his mind. He hated the thought of letting that happen to anyone else. Things have been calm and quiet in the lives of the seven, finally giving them all a chance to live a normal life. Beck, preparing to start his sixth year at Hogwarts, never gave up on his admiration for Draco and is always eager to babysit Scorpius whenever asked. As Narcissa Malfoy and Molly Weasley continue to work with Charlotte Sinclair's organizations, they continue to build quite a strong friendship. And after convincing their son's to occassionally help with the causes, Draco and Ron were able to finally put aside their differences and maintain a fairly pleasant friendship.

"Daddy! Daddy!" Scorpius calls out to his father, running across the yard and jumping on to Draco's lap. Draco holds his little boy close, smiling as the boy looks up at him. "Albus says that he was named after a Hogwarts headmaster! Will I get to go to Hogwarts someday like you did?"

"Of course you will. And I can already tell you'll be fantastic. I bet you'll be top of the class, just like your mother."

"You really think so!?"

"What!? Are you kidding!? I know, so! A special boy like you - I have no doubt."

"I can't wait!"


"Yeah!" The child throws his arms up in the air to further express his excitement, then lets them fall down onto his father's shoulders. Draco chuckles to himself. Scorpius reaches over and touches Hermione's large belly. "Is my sister in there?"

"Yes, she is," Hermione says. Her voice is tired, but still dripping with happiness.

"Well, when is she coming out!? I want to meet her!"

"Soon, honey. Just be patient for a little bit longer. We all want to meet her."

"An-Anla-An-" Scorpius frowns as he struggles to properly say his sister's name.









"Yes, there you go." Hermione's eyes glow with joy. Her son pokes her belly with his index finger, then quickly pulls his hand away and cowers against his father's chest as if he expected something horrible to happen. When nothing happens, he leans back in and pokes at it again.

"Are you sure she's still in there?"

Hermione looks down at the size of her stomach. "I couldn't be more positive."

"Well, tell her to hurry up!" the boy whines before jumping off of his father's lap and running back to the three Potter kids to play. Draco and Hermione look at each other, exchanging a smile with their eyes. Harry laughs, understanding the feeling of having those types of conversations. He looks over at his own kids, then looks back at the strange little family sitting around the table with him. As bizarre as it seems, and as different as they are, that's exactly what the seven are - a strange little family. And that's exactly what they've always been. Harry raises his glass. Everyone else around the table does the same.

"To family," Harry says.

"To family."

~~~~~~~~~~The End!

Thank you to everyone who has been reading and to all of the wonderful people who left comments/reviews.

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