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The Other Reality by FeltonLewis
Chapter 4 : Dinner With The Weasleys
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Chapter Image by Princess_of_Slytherin @tda :) 

HI READERS :) Sorry for the massive delay when I said it would be uploaded earlier :( My exams were this entire week plus we have our annual day day after so it's a really packed week and I barely had time to type out. BUT, finally Chapter 4 is done and here it is-
Enjoy xx


Half way through lunch at a muggle cafe (after a lot of protesting from a reluctant Draco), his phone began ringing. 

He looked at the screen,"It's says Ritch-what do I do?"

"Well,pick it up you moron", Hermione said,"Or she'll think something's wrong."

"Well,maybe,because something IS wrong", Draco said,"I have never spoken to this woman in my life!"

"Just pick it up and go with the flow of the conversation", Hermione said,"Put it on speaker."

Draco raised one eyebrow questioningly. She rolled her eyes and snatched the phone out of his hand,flipped it open and turned the loud-speaker on.

"Hello?" Draco said.

"Hey,Draco", A melodious voice rang out from the other end.

"Oh hey Ritch", Draco said uneasily.

"You didn't show up at work today morning-is everything okay?" She asked.

"Uh-" Hermione nodded frantically and mouthed 'make it up' -" Yeah,everything's okay. Hermione and I had kind of a mess-up with something so I wasn't really in the mood to come in early."

Hermione narrowed her eyes at him as Ritch chuckled.

"How long till the divorce papers?" She asked. Hermione gritted her teeth.

"Well,speaking of them-they arrived today morning actually. " Draco said,smirking at Hermione. She could have snarled-the nerve of him!

"Oh great!" Ritch said,"Hope it all works out. Then there's Aaron too."

"Yeah,we'll figure something out", Draco said.

"Anyway,you coming in to office today? We need to get a few designs finalized and then some other business to attend", Ritch said.

"Uh-yeah,I'll try my best to be there", Draco said,"Bye."

"Bye,hun", Ritch said and hung up.

Hermione almost gagged and spluttered,"Wasn't that sweet,HUN?" 

"THAT,Granger,was another girl gaga for me", He said.

"Gaga for you", She snorted rather un lady-like-ly.

"Anyway,I'd love to stay and chat but firstly,I have work to attend and secondly,I dont want to", He said,standing up,"You'll find your way home? Oh who am I kidding,like I care." He smirked.

Hermione growled and said,"And how exactly will you find your way to work?"

"I'll find a way", Draco said,his smirk faltering for a second but coming right back,"Anyway,hope to see you not so soon." He dropped a few coins on to the table and walked away.

Hermione watched him go and leaned back in her seat. This was NOT going to be easy.

After a few minutes,she got up and made her way back home. She dropped the keys on the coffee table and went upstairs to her bedroom. Slipping her shoes off and leaving them back where they were,she suddenly noticed a drawer that she hadn't seen before on the side of the cupboard. She opened it and found a couple of diaries and books. She pulled out the first one and opened it. 

Almost immediately she recognized her own writing. She flipped to the end of the book to her last entry. 

"Sometimes I feel like we still have that spark...when we touch,when our eyes meet...I feel like he still loves me...or maybe that's just my imagination. It hurts more knowing that I still love him and I can't even deny it to anybody but him. Not like he cares...seeing him with Ritch just-I don't know how much longer we're going to last... he refuses to move out because of Aaron yet he complains every other day and brings her home and she's always with Aaron and...god! I just don't understand! I feel like just screaming out. Telling him I love him. But I know I can't...because it'll hurt too much not hearing him say it'll hurt too much knowing that he says it to someone else. 

I can still remember the times he used to just look at me and...and just hold me close and kiss me like I was the only woman in this world for him. I don't know how much longer I can take this..."

With that,there was a transparent thin packet with a silvery thread inside it. She recognized it immediately as a memory. She looked into the cupboard and noticed a top shelf. There had to be one!

She pulled out her wand and said ,"Accio penseive" and a small bowl filled with a liquid came floating down to her. She placed it on the bed and carefully removing the memory from it's cover,she placed it into the bowl. Taking a deep breathe,she leaned down and let the memory engulf her.


There she was,Hermione Granger,know-it-all bookworm dressed in a gorgeous white dress. It hugged her curves and flowed freely from her waist to her knees. Her hair had been half-tied back and the rest was flowing down her back in sot waves. Her eyes were done with eyeliner and she had a light pink color in her lips and cheeks. In short,she looked more beautiful than 17 year old Hermione had ever seen.

The Hermione in the memory bent down and pulled on a shoe-it was a white strappy pair of heels. She fixed the shoe on easily and bent down to put on the other one. She strapped it on and stood up to walk out of the room but as soon as she did,her heel got caught on a carpet thread and she was falling over.

Seventeen year old Hermione watched as a strong pair of arms came around her future-self's body and held her up.

She straightened out with the help of Draco Malfoy.

"Why aren't you looking dashing?" She said,playing with his tie.

"Of course I am-you can't possibly expect otherwise", Draco smirked at her,still holding her around the waist,her body facing his.

"Idiot", She laughed.

"You're looking stunning", Draco said,looking at her.

"Of course I am-you can't possibly expect-" She was saying but got cut off by his lips capturing hers. She smiled while kissing him,her arms wrapping around his neck.

"Dont steal my lines", He said,resting his forehead against hers,"Or there will be consequences."

"If these are the consequences", She said,kissing him and pulling away,"then I have no objections."

He smiled and turned them both to face the mirror. He slung his arm around her shoulder and smirked at the mirror.

"What're you doing?" Hermione laughed.

"Just seeing how amazingly good we look together", He winked at her through the mirror.

"We do,don't we?" She grinned.

Seventeen year old Hermione stood rooted to the ground,her mouth hanging open. This couldn't be her and Malfoy! It was just such an..impossible situation! 


She was suddenly brought back to her reality as the memory got over. Well,as real as this "reality" could get anyway.

She breathed in deeply and then out again. As much as she hated to admit it,this future self of her's was obviously completely in love with Draco Malfoy and from what she had just seen,he had been as much in love with her.

She left the penseive where it was and took the book with her to the bed and sat down against propped up pillows. She flipped to the first page and realized that this was not the first diary she had written. The first page of this one described how Ritch had come along and ruined things for them. 

She continued reading,flipping page after page until she felt her eyes drooping shut.


Draco shoved her awake using a pillow.

"What the-" Hermione muttered,sitting up and rubbing her eyes.

"Get up,Granger", Draco's drawl was the first thing she heard.

"And why should I?" Hermione snapped,squinting at him.

"Because we have a ruddy dinner to attend in an hour", He answered. Now she just felt plain stupid. Flushing scarlet,she got up quickly and suddenly noticed the penseive on the bed and the diary too. She hurriedly picked everything up and returned them to their respective places. 

"What was all that?" Draco asked.

"Stuff", She said.

"Aren't you descriptive?" Draco said,sarcastically.

"It's stuff that will help me with what happened in the past seven years", Hermione said,"How was work?"

"It was okay-everything seemed pretty natural. I didn't do much. I have a massive office and I got my secretary to help me", He answered.

"And Mcenzee?" She asked.

"Oh Ritch! What a mouth-watering chick", Draco said. Hermione cringed and and he smirked at her," She's great! It's easy to see what she has and you don't." 

"You prick", Hermione said,"What are you wearing for tonight?"

"Probably just a shirt and jeans", Draco shrugged,"We'll probably look grander than the Weasleys anyway considering they'll all be wearing,what,rags?"

"Insult them again and I'll hex you!" Hermione threatened,pointing her wand at him.

"Now now,SWEETHEART,you don't want to hurt your DARLING husband now do you?" Draco drawled.

She snarled but put the wand down slowly and turned towards her cupboard to choose what to wear.

Draco grabbed a blue shirt and a pair of dark blue jeans and went to the bathroom to take a quick shower and change. He finished in ten minutes and stepped out,shaking water out of his hair. He huffed in frustration upon seeing Hermione still standing in front of the cupboard,frowning.

"What now,Granger?" He asked,standing beside her.

"I don't know what to wear", She mumbled.

"AGAIN? Honestly woman,how you became a model is beyond me", Draco said,pushing past her and stepping inside. He pushed around the hangers and finally extracted a blue dress. He was going to hand it to her when he suddenly realized that it was the same blue as his shirt. No way in hell... 

He replaced the dress and brought out a turquoise one instead. He handed it to her and told her to hurry up.

Showering quickly and brushing her teeth as well,she pulled on the simple,body hugging halter neck dress and tied it up behind her neck. She pulled her hair into a tight high pony-tail and applied a little make up.

Finally pleased with how she looked,she stepped out in time to see Draco drop a pair of turquoise heels next to the dressing table.

"I think you'll look fabulous in those", She said,sending him a sickly sweet smile.

"Ha-ha", He said,"I thought you'd take another hour picking out shoes so I just did it instead."

She walked up to the shoes and bent down and slipped one on and adjusted the straps. Her right foot was now in a rather uncomfortable angle. Ugh,she despised heels.

As Draco messed with his hair,she bent down to do her other shoe and stood up. She was now almost his height. She turned to leave but lost balance and fell to the right. Before she could collapse completely,a pair of strong arms grabbed her around the waist and held her up. 

She looked up from where she was and her eyes met silver-blue ones. She straightened up with his help and turned to the mirror as he did the same. Hermione swallowed hard,remembering a very similar scene from a memory. 

Draco was the first to snap out of it. He shoved her aside against the desk roughly and walked past her and out the door. She huffed angrily and followed him out,trying to get the hang of walking in the treacherous objects they call shoes. 

They walked out together and apparated to the burrow,all the while not saying anything. All the while,she had no idea that she wasn't the only one who had seen that memory in the penseive. Draco didn't plan on telling her either. 


"Behave yourself", She quickly muttered before knocking on the door.

"Whatever", He rolled his eyes and they waited. The door was opened and they faced a grinning Mrs.Weasley.

"Hermione,Draco! Thank god you could make it!" She pulled them both into hugs and Draco stiffened in her embrace but she didn't notice.

"Come on in", She said,ushering them inside.

"Hey you guys", A man with unmistakable jet black messy hair and lopsided glassed stood up from the sofa and hugged Hermione.

"Hey Harry!" Hermione said,smiling. He looked just the same as he did seven years ago. 

"'Mione!" Ron's voice yelled out,"Get in here,Im in the kitchen!"

"Thats something new", Hermione chucked before going to the kitchen. She turned back to see Draco giving her a desperate look and mouthing 'what do I do?"

She shrugged and left him behind.

She found Ron standing in front of the kitchen counter,stirring a bowl of paste of some sort.

"Merlin Ronald,what ARE you doing?" She asked,laughing.

"So APPARENTLY you can't make ice-cream with a wand without the paste. So I'm sitting and stirring the ruddy paste", Ron groaned. 

"And WHY are you making ice-cream?" Hermione asked,amused.

"Everyone had to make something in this ruddy house so I offered to make this ruddy desert", He said,stabbing at the paste with every word. 

She burst out laughing and after a moment he looked up and gave her a crooked grin.

She sighed,smiling. He looked much broader and taller and his hair was longer and tied up in a small ponytail at the the nape of his neck. He looked the same otherwise-red hair and blue eyes. 

"You need help?" She asked.

"I would love it except if mum finds out I've been helping..." 

"Oh,come off it!" Hermione said,picking out a stirring spoon from the drawer near her and sitting beside him. She suddenly wished she hadn't when he began asking her questions.

"So how's it with Draco?" He asked casually.

She almost dropped her spoon into the paste but quickly
composed herself and continued stirring,"We're okay. I guess."

"Hermione...I can see that you're not. Whenever you used to arrive at the burrow,we were warned of your arrival minutes earlier because of your ringing laughter outside. Always. He used to ALWAYS make you laugh. But was so silent it was insane."

When she didn't say anything,he continued," Mione,have you spoken to him about it?"

"I don't want him to do something he'll regret later...I mean,if he stays with me,he might regret it..." Hermione said,hoping she was on the right track.

"He will regret it! But he won't regret staying with you! He'll regret leaving you!" Ron said,putting the spoon aside,"I know you love him still and I know hat Draco loves you too...I don't know where Ritch even came from."

"He loves HER now.." Hermione said,avoiding his eyes and stirring the paste.

"That's what he thinks. He belongs with you. You belong together. " Ron said,"We're all really upset with whatever's been happening...him and Ritch won't last..."

"We don't know that...I don't know,Ron", Hermione said,"I don't know what went wrong."

"Maybe I should go 'get rid off' her", He said,whispering 'get rid off',"Problem solved!" He clapped his hands together and grinned broadly.

She hit him playfully on the arm and smiled a little,"I wish Ron. But that's not how it's going to happen. If they're meant to be,let them."

"I won't push the matter right now but if things get out of hand,I won't hesitate to go up and punch some sense into that guy's head okay? " Ron said.

Hermione nodded and leaned forward and hugged him tightly.

"Thank you", She whispered.

Always,Hermione", He said,returning the hug,"Always."


Draco watched Hermione retreat into the kitchen after Weasley called her. He looked around blankly, not knowing what to do or say.

"Sit,dear", Molly Weasley said,patting him on the shoulder and walking past him towards the stairs,"I'll go get Ginny."

Draco quickly sat at the edge of the couch infront of him and Harry sat opposite to him.

"So what's new,Draco?" He asked. Draco fidgeted with his fingers,wondering what to respond.

"Well,nothing really", He decided, was as safe as it could get.

"Listen,before Hermione gets back,I wanted to ask you again-are you sure about this? Ritch,I mean? Is it serious?" Harry asked,leaning forward.

Merlin's flowery pants,he was screwed. 

"Uh...yeah,pretty much", He mumbled loud enough for the-boy-who-refused-to-die to hear.

"Cause you don't sound so confident", Harry said,

"Listen,Po-Harry", Draco said,"I wouldn't do something if I wasn't confident about it. I'm a-"

"-Malfoy,yeah,I know", Harry completed for him. Draco's eyes grew wide with shock and Harry smirked,"Don't look so surprised. We've all heard you say that over a hundred times. But still,I know this is your decision. But think about how it's gonna affect Hermione and Aaron too. You're breaking a family apart so quickly. You've barely known Mcenzee for a month now."

"I know but I think I really love her", Draco said,hoping his little comments were enough to seem normal.

"You think,mate,you THINK. I don't want to see Hermione hurt and if you do this to her...she's gonna be shattered. If you were still the insensitive prick from Hogwarts before the war I would've honestly punched sense into you but unfortunately I can't even do that because we're friends now. Im not happy with your decision with Ritch but...I cant stop you. But Hermione..."

"I know,Harry", Draco said. Oh crap. What else was he supposed to say. Harry looked up,waiting for him to say more so he tried his luck,"I don't want to do this to Hermione either.'s Ritch. I don't know..Maybe Hermione and I don't belong..."

"I really think you do", Harry said,"You kept eachother so happy and I still remember the day things just started changing in Hogwarts-how you suddenly seemed so different,the day of the Summer Dance..."

"I know..." Draco said,hoping to Merlin he sounded convincing enough," but things change..."

Thank goodness for Draco,someone came down the steps.

"Oh hello,Draco" Ginny said,smiling only a little,"Where's Hermione?"

"Here!" Hermione's voice said through the doorway of the kitchen.

"Hey,you", Ginny smiled warmly at her and ran up to hug her tightly. Hermione smiled seeing that the comforting feeling she got in Ginny's arms stayed with her even seven years later.

"How are you?" Ginny whispered to her,breaking apart.

"Holding up", Hermione said giving her a sad smile. Ginny nodded and took her hand and dragged her to sit beside her on the sofa.

In a few minutes Angelina,George,Molly,Arthur,Ron,Percy,Bill and Fleur had all joined them in the living room. They all looked the same except for few adjustments like hair styles-but their personalities were exactly the same.

A knock came from the door and Ginny sprung up to open it.

"Hey you guys! We were waiting for you so it's about bloody time you got here", Ginny grinned at the people at the door and hugged three people in turn. Hermione craned her neck to take a look as did Draco. In walked first a tall,dark boy with spiky black hair who was extremely good looking and holding on to his hand was a pretty girl with green eyes and long black hair. She was dressed in a pretty black dress and him in a black shirt and jeans. Pansy Parkinson and Blaise Zabini had arrived.

"And as usual,you're wearing the same colour", Harry smirked,standing up to greet the two. Hermione noticed a third person walk through the door. She had straight black hair tied into a high ponytail. She was dressed in a maroon knee-length dress. She looked extremely similar to Pansy,her sister maybe?

Hermione was confused as Ron walked up to the girl first and pulled her into a tight hug which she returned whole heartedly. Ron's girlfriend?

Her thoughts were cut off as somebody hugged her. She awkwardly hugged the person back and once they broke apart,she was looking into the eyes of Pansy herself. 

"How are you?" She asked quietly,concern in her eyes. Why did everyone keep asking her that?!

Oh right,because Draco sodding Malfoy had filed for divorce against her.

"Holding up", She answered,repeating what she said in answer to Ginny.

"Hermione!" Blaise said,"Looking great,woman!" He grinned. He had a deep voice and was a head taller than her. He pulled her into a bone crushing hug.

"Can't.Breathe.Blaise", She choked out.

"Sorry", He said,pulling away. He winked at her and walked towards Ron,who was standing talking to the other girl.

"Hayley and Ron are getting really close", Pansy smiled,following Hermione's line of vision,"They look great together."

Hayley! She must be Pansy's sister then for sure.That would explain the similar looks. Hermione smiled. They DID look great together.

"Okay,enough of greetings! You'll see eachother often enough!" Molly's voice rang out through the living room,"Come outside you all! Dinner's going to be served shortly! Gin,call the kids down please."

Hermione still hadn't wrapped her head around the fact that she,Ron and Harry were close with not only Draco Malfoy but his two Slytherin best friends. Similarly, Draco was shocked that he,Blaise and Pansy had turned out so close with the ruddy Griffindors and hand-me-down-rag-wearing Wealseys.

"Teddy! Bring The kids down please!" Ginny called loudly.

In a few seconds, a young boy of around nine came bounding down the stairs-little Aaron in tow. Hermione felt herself smile as Aaron jumped into her arms.

"Had fun?"

"Yes! As always!" He grinned at her. She ruffled his hair and put him down. 

She looked at the young boy who had come with her son. He had purple spiky hair that was slowly turning yellow. A feature he had picked up from his mother. She almost felt tears well up in her eyes by the sight of Teddy Tonks. He had grown up so much... 

"Where are the other two?" Ginny asked Teddy.

"They refused to come down-they were fighting", Teddy answered. 


James and Lily Potter? Hermione thought. How...

Her answer came to her in the form of two little children of around 3 and 4 bounding down the staircase. Ofcourse! Harry and Ginny had named their kids after James and Lily! That was so wonderful... She smiled slightly seeing the two kids. Lily had bright red hair and green eyes just like Harry's and James had jet black messy hair like Harry's and dark blue eyes like Ginny's. 

"Next time you're late to greet your guests-no seeing eachother for two days!" Ginny scolded them.

Lily pouted but as soon as she saw Hermione,a huge smile spread across her face.

"Aunty 'Mione!" She squealed,running up to her. Upon instinct,she lifted the little girl into her arms and kissed her on the cheek.

"How are you,Hun?" She asked.

"Peachy!" Lily answered confidently.

Everyone in the room burst out laughing and Ginny said,"Lily! That's not the way you answer a question like how are you! God Harry,you have to stop saying that infront of her. Everytime you say "Oh just peachy" she hears you and repeats it!"

Hermione laughed and set Lily down on the floor again.

"Okay,you all-dinner now!" Molly said loudly and dad them all outside. 

Dinner went fairly well and Draco and Hermione didn't speak much unless necessary. Draco sat beside Harry at the end of the table and Hermione beside Ginny,who was on the other side of Harry. It turned out that Blaise and Pansy were engaged and to be married in a month and Hayley and Ron were in love too. Hermione smiled upon finding this out and was glad that Ron had finally found someone who looked perfect with him. Draco grinned upon seeing the engagement ring on Pansy's ring finger.

Finally after dinner,Hermione stood up and claimed that they had to be going. Aaron was to stay the night with James at Harry and Ginny's house. After hugging and a lot of "take care"s for Hermione,they left the Burrow and apparated home.

On the way towards the gate,Hermione hugged herself and said,"God,I wish I had brought my coat with me."

"Okay,Granger. Tell someone who actually cares", Draco said,walking ahead of her.

HOW she had ended up with him was DEFINITELY beyond her! She huffed on frustration and shut the gate behind her.

She wished this other reality was not with Draco sodding Malfoy.


So there Im done (:  I know that there were'nt really any Dramione moments in this one but be warned,this isnt a sappy Dramione-it's quite different from my EHFOA. EHFOA readers-you'll see that in this one Hayley is once again Pansy's sister and is with Ron :) And for you guys-Im sorry for the chapter 15 delay but I havent had time and Im balancing out these two stories as you know so forgive me please!

Anyway,extreme Dramione moments are only going to begin in maybe chapter 6-7 but before that will be hoards of memories and stuff so it'll basically be a Dramione hate/love story the first 6-7 chapters!

Please please please review everybody-it only takes a few seconds and it makes my day and encourages me to write faster! And for all this story's readers-PLEASE check out Everything Happens For A Reason,if you havent already and review that one too :) It would really make me happy.

Until the next chapter! xx

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The Other Reality: Dinner With The Weasleys


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